Are Minority Skateboards Good For Beginner? Is It a Good Brand?

are minority skateboards good:longboard vs scooter

The Minority skateboard brand has been dominating the skateboard industry for many years, and they have a great lineup. Minority longboards or skateboards are primarily known to consumers for their quality, design, flexibility, speed, and safety. However, there are also several other advantages. 

Before buying a minority skateboard, many people are curious to know whether are minority skateboards good for beginner? What is the good side of minority skateboards? Also many more related things.

We have created this guide for them, where we have covered almost all the aspects of this skateboard and discussed them in detail, which will help to ease your decision-making process.

Are Minority Skateboards Good For Beginner? In-Depth.!

are minority skateboards good:what kind of wood is Minority skateboard made of:minority skateboard review

If you are looking for the best skateboard on budget, then you can probably see many skateboard brands. But if you are looking for the best longboard or skateboard to start riding in a new condition, then undoubtedly, Minority is the most acceptable option.

There are many more reasons to call it the best skateboard. First look at its built-in quality, you can see that it is constructed with eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, sustainable materials.

Also, its elements are very durable; below, we briefly discuss these things.

Minority Deck

Every skater knows that the deck is vital to any brand’s skateboard. Basically, that is why the Minority has given particular importance in constructing this important part. The decks of most of their skateboards are built in a higher strength way, due to which it is able to handle almost all situations.

It also comes with over 200 pounds weight capacity, which helps most riders to ride comfortably.

Minority Trucks

The Minority has given equal importance to their trucks. Their trucks are made of highly resistant 5 inches long aluminum, which is not possible to be rusty, and that’s why you will safely ride in any condition. Also, the chromium steel axle is capable of carrying heavy weight and does not break accidentally.

The downside is that most minority skateboard trucks are metal, which makes them very squeaky. However, this is not a big issue; you can easily fix it. Get idea about what kind of wood is Minority skateboard made of?

Minority Bearing

Good quality bearing is very important to get a smooth and noiseless riding experience, due to which Minority has used ABEC bearing in most of their skateboards; however, you can now see most skateboard brands using this bearing.

You must keep in mind that there are many variants of ABEC bearing, which come separately in ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7, and ABEC-9. The higher number means, the greater the speed and efficiency.

Minority uses the best ABEC-9 bearing on the market for their skateboard, which is manufactured with hardened chrome steel that is extremely quiet and high speed.

Minority Wheels

To get a smooth riding experience, the Minority used 102A PU wheels that are similar to soft and rubber on most of their skateboards.

These wheels provide a fair degree of elasticity and are incredibly durable as well as they can operate smoothly on any surface.

Minority Grip Tape

Another great plus point of the minority skateboard is its deck grip tape. In addition, on the deck of minority skateboards, you will see different looks and artwork painted, which provides a lot of inspiration to many skaters’ cultures. 

Also, the art quality is much more durable after regular use for a long time; it does not come off or fade from the deck.

As well as being a tremendous adhesive grip tape, it is extremely strong and provides extra stability and grip to riders.

Riding Experience

Many users think that minority skateboarding is the best option only for newbies, but in my opinion, it is the best option for both experts and beginners. There are many reasons behind this, especially it’s good quality components that help make great cruising and impressive turning; you can also use it thought free in a versatile way.


Minority skateboards come in various price ranges, but you may be surprised when compared with other brands in terms of components and quality.

Because Minority Skateboard comes in an affordable price range, you can ensure that you will get the best output compared to what you are paying.

Are Minority Skateboards Worth It?

what kind of wood is Minority skateboard made of

Though no particular detail, you will find about the minority skateboard website or where they are made. However, if you have read all the above discussions, then you already understand whether the minority skateboard brand will be a worthy option for you.

Its attractive art deck and proper grade components make it much better and provide a safe and smooth riding experience with complete control.

Basically, want to comfortable riding, and don’t want to apply any additional skateboard tips and tricks, then undoubtedly a minority skateboard is going to be a worthy option for you.

Wrapping Up

As we said before, minority skateboard provides the best skateboard for the money; This is why in the beginning stage, you can start your journey with its help.

Which minority skateboard will be best for you, read our best minority maple skateboard review, it helps you find the most suitable one.

Hopefully, this ‘are minority skateboards good’ guide has helped you to get the answer to your question. So why are you delaying? Let’s pick the minority skateboard that will be suitable for you?

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