The Atom Drop Through Longboard Review [Right Now]


People who are looking for longboards, I have come with an atom drop through longboard review that is going to meet all your needs what you wanted to know.

Before buying a longboard, you need to have a concern about its generic components. Besides, the board is for either beginners or pro. Also, they need to get the exactness, reliability, and stability of the product.

In this article atom drop through longboard review, I will be talking about all the aspects of the board as well as advantages and disadvantages. As a result, you would have a better influence to buy the product or not. Besides, you would know the experience that I’m about to share below.

If you are pretty much interested in the detail of atom drop through longboard, so, without further delay, let’s dive below with step by step description.

Atom Longboards

Atom longboard is a mountain boarding company. They have achieved great success in making longboards in the market. Besides, they always have a passion for making longboards, especially for beginners. Moreover, atom longboard such a great name for their good quality product as well as its reliability and productivity.

The atom longboards have been passionate about since 2005, and they are still a good company providing longboards for both beginners and pro. So, as my experience with atom longboards, I’m pretty much interested in talking about the longboard by which I have been experienced.

Atom Drop Through 41-inch Longboard Reviews

Atom drop Through 41 inches one of my favorite longboards, comes with ultra-low-riding that ensures you the maximum stability. It is pretty decent for downhill carving. And, has the available deck with full maple laminated. Also, having a unique shape, the longboard gives you leverage into every turn. And, it has a durable truck with 245- millimeter axles.

Besides, the things which I have loved is coming with ease of pushing, larger wheels for stability, and ease of sliding, drop-through deck style, underside fantastic graphics, excellent bearings, reliable wheels, and solid trucks. Let’s look closer at the detail of the atom drop through longboard.


The deck is drop styled, which ensures you to have the right amount of flex. Even the flexibility might surprise you what you do not expect at all. Being said this, it is quite suitable for beginners.

Because it helps your foot to be strong on the deck, and the deck is adequate durable and can hold up 150 lbs to 200 lbs. All of these advantages ensure great riding, whether riding into downhill or rough surface. And it helps to control the balance due to having such a pretty decent deck. Moreover, it gives you vast feels while cruising around.


The trucks are fine. Though I’ve noticed that it is a little bit soft but, it wouldn’t give a lousy reflection with a beginner. You might need to loosen the trucks to get better cruising around quickly. Overall, I didn’t notice any problem that can ensure you the better riding and have a great longboarding experience.


The most important thing to consider about the wheels while buying a longboard. The atom drop through longboard wheels is nice and grippy while rolling. It helps increase the speed up and smooth riding.

Something that surprised me that the wheels are 7mm, 78a, it means the wheels are enough larger to get better stability and smooth sliding. The rounded edge of wheels makes a secure connection with the pavement, and it feels comfortable though high speed in riding downhill.

Moreover, they are pretty soft and able to give you the ultimate better feels while riding, sliding, cruising, and whatever you want it with. It can go through any rough surface, road, and grass. And if you use it over long periods, you would notice that you wouldn’t have to clean it at all. Because it does not contain dust, always make it fresh.


The atom drop through longboard comes with fantastic ABEC-9 bearings that are good at all. As a result, these do not make any noise while spinning, because a noisy wheel means it has friction. And, you will notice the wheels are sturdy that ensure you the safety riding, cruising around the town or downhill riding. Overall the bearings are suitable for what I experienced with this longboard. Though you do not need to replace the bearings, however, replacing with some zealous bearings, the atom drop deck longboard rides like a dream.

Why you should buy atom drop through longboard

The atom drop through longboard is the most convenient longboard in the market. If you are a beginner and want to buy a longboard which perfects for practice, and cheapest, then you should buy this one.

The deck has the right amount of flex, that is the reason you can choose it because the deck has everything that it should have for the beginners. The larger, and well-made with wood and full maple laminated will ensure you the flexible riding, sliding, and cruising around though you go through any problematic road, grass, or into the downhill.

Most importantly, trucks, wheels, bearings, and all the significant components came with excellent features and made with the right materials. As a result, you will be able to use it for over 3-4 years.

Moreover, the longboard is lightweight and easy to carry out. And have the awesome graphics image or sticker underside the board. The picture might be wasted by some friction or scratch though. It is quite good to control the balance for its convenient deck, softly rounded wheels, and sturdy bearings so, it can be a great choice at all.

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Atom drop through longboard is the board for people who are looking for a longboard which is cheapest, drop through style, well-styled underside graphic, and all the high-quality components to get a better experience in riding, sliding, and cruising around the town.

I described all things that you should know before buying this atom drop through longboard and sorted it step by step with detail that might help you to get the best longboard. I hope this atom drop through longboard review, has included all the things that meet your needs, and better experience when it comes to buying a longboard. Happy riding.



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