Can You Put Longboard Trucks on a Skateboard?

can you put longboard trucks on a skateboard

Customizing a skateboard is a great way to increase its functionality and support while riding at higher speeds in any terrain or performing advanced moves. However, doing sometimes illogically can cause worse consequences. So the question is can you put longboard trucks on a skateboard?

There are plenty of aspects that influence the answer, making it difficult to give a short suggestion. Read on to get the details on the possibility of this modification, its potential consequences, and deep ideas about these two types of boards.

Can You Put Longboard Trucks on a Skateboard?

how to put trucks on skateboard

No, and yes. Typically, longboard truck hangers are wider to accommodate the difference in deck size. Most longboard trucks are around 150mm or 180mm. As a result, you can’t use longboard trucks and skateboard trucks interchangeably.

Even this setup can make it harder to perform tricks. The wheels may also scrape against the deck’s bottom during turning. Hence, you will only be able to make a slow turn instead of a sharp one.

Since the hanger makes all the difference, modifying or using the compatible type may allow you to put a longboard truck on a skateboard. In this case, you can choose Popsicle or slalom-style decks.

Randall and SurfRodz produce 125mm hangers, whereas Fyre produces various width hangers ranging from 100mm to 200mm in 10mm increments. Considering these, you can say, longboard trucks and skateboard trucks can be used interchangeably. However, the changes will still provide a dramatically different feel during riding.

Potential Consequences of  Putting Longboard Trucks On a Skateboard

Mounting a longboard truck on a skateboard brings some pros and cons. In terms of benefits, this modification will add balance and speed, making it better and safer for commuting. This also helps you do cruising and longboard tricks, as well as sharp turns, more efficiently.

Because of the combination of a longer wheelbase and a wider axle, you’ll have a smoother ride than before. If you want to ride downhill or at high speed, this modification will be a great decision for you.

Another benefit is that this customization will lower the longboard truck’s center of gravity, making it easier for practicing skateboarding and improving turning ability.

In contrast, after this modification, you won’t be able to perform standard skateboard tricks anymore, especially not as easily as before. This upgraded version will also increase the chance of causing wheel bite. Hence, you may need to slow the board down during turning, otherwise, you can throw it off.

Putting Longboard Trucks On A Skateboard

Your skateboard should have a truck mounting hole to allow you to put longboard trucks on it. If the board doesn’t have it, drill the holes. To accomplish this, place the board on flat ground and the truck on top of it. Then line up the further holes perpendicular to the trucks along with the deck’s furthest holes.

If all four holes line up perfectly, you are ready for the next step. If you don’t, mark the place that lines up with the truck’s hole using a pencil and fill the existing holes using wood glue and sawdust. Remember, if you need to fill older holes, you have to replace the grip tape, and then you can mount longboard trucks.

When connecting a longboard truck to a skateboard, make sure the truck does not face in. However, kingpins on longboard trucks can face outward. After you’ve secured the trucks to the stake board, add your favorite longboard wheels that will protrude over the board’s edge.

If your skateboard has wheel bite, then you have to attach riser pads and smooth down the place over the wheels. For a better result, add ¼ inch riser pads and smooth the deck over the wheels. In this case, you can use either a hand-held sander or a belt sander. Wiping sandpaper will also work, but it will take more time.

Difference Between Longboard Trucks and Skateboard Trucks

longboard trucks vs skateboard trucks

Though you already get some possible side effects from putting longboard trucks on a skateboard, knowing their differences is very important. This way, you’ll be aware of the possibility of change and can decide whether to proceed or change the plan based on your skill level.

Kingpin Angle

The main difference between longboard trucks and skateboard trucks is that the longboard has a 45° kingpin angle, while the regular board has a 75°. Due to the deeper angle, a longboard is perfect for a deep carving ride.

You can also tilt this board at a significant angle for big, sweeping turns. Its brushing is also quite soft, resulting in an easier lean over the board. Even some longboards have two kingpins for added flexibility.


No matter how wide the trucks are on your skateboard, longboard trucks are still wider than those. A truck with a longboard can handle excessive lateral force more efficiently than a skateboard truck.


Typically, skateboards come with trucks mounted to the bottom. By contrast, longboards have trucks mounted through the board.

Hanger Width

The thickness of the Longboard’s hanger ranges from 150 mm to 180 mm. Since these boards require plenty of space to maneuver, the thickest longboard pair has a 9-inch deck. On the other hand, the wheels of the skateboard become around 100mm to 145mm wide. So, riding a 7.5-inch deck to the 120mm hanger can let you perform many freestyle tricks.

Axle Width

In general, a board should have the same width as a truck and axle, as well as the same size deck and axle. Though longboard trucks have the same width of axles like decks for better stability and lower maneuverability, skateboard trucks have wider decks than axles. This design makes the state board beneficial for freestylers to improve their control and agility. But skateboard trucks aren’t as stable as longboard trucks.


1. Can you put longboard wheels on a regular skateboard?

Longboard wheels can be put on skateboard trucks. However, extra riser pads are required to avoid a wicked wheel bike. Actually, reverse kingpin-style longboard trucks aren’t essential, and you can avoid using them unless you want to ride a longer board.

2. Will any trucks fit on any skateboard?

No, the truck needs to be compatible with the skateboard’s width to fit perfectly. In addition, the truck should be much wider than the skateboard’s deck. Otherwise, it’ll shift the center of gravity to the deck’s side, which can affect the flip tricks and the general board feel.

3. Is it tougher to skateboard or longboard?

Though it’s easier to learn the basics of a longboard, you can easily learn the tricks of the skateboard. Longboards are also more stable due to their larger board and wheels. Hence, it requires less balance to ride, making it perfect for beginners.

Final Words

The answer to whether can you put longboard trucks on a skateboard is largely dependent on the skill and needs of the rider. This means you can make this modification if you have a beginner and want more stability for easier turning.

Otherwise, a skilled rider might not need to go through this complex customizing process. If you want to carry on, consider those aspects and carefully handle the steps, as one mistake can cause you severe injury. But after completing the project successfully, you’ll have a cool and unique-looking board to have fun with while riding.

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