How Long Does an Electric Skateboard Battery Last?

The battery is basically like the heart of an electric skateboard. The more durable, ideal battery backup means you will get outstanding performance from your electric skateboard. Any newbies or advanced skaters who plan to replace an electric skateboard battery or purchase a new best electric skateboard want to know how long does an electric …

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Are Leather Shoes Good For Skateboarding

Are Leather Shoes Good For Skateboarding?

You can skateboard with any shoes, but you won’t be comfortable while skating. That is why skateboard shoes come in to give you extra room for comfort and protection. Here the question arises, which types of shoes are suitable for this sport? There are different types of skate shoes with various materials for the best …

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Retrospec Skateboard Review

How Much Does a Retrospec Skateboard Cost?

This article is all about how much does a Retrospec skateboard costs. From classic designs to modern-day innovations – Retrospec offers all at prices that won’t break the bank! A Retrospec Skateboard is perfect whether it’s just something fun on weekends with friends and family or as an addition to competitive skating leagues such as …

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how to attach skateboard to backpack

How to Attach Skateboard to Backpack – The Best Ways!

Skateboarding is an enjoyable activity that people engage in during travel. You can use a nice backpack during the skate session or just use it daily to carry your skateboard or longboard. Hey, you have a beautiful backpack to attach to your skateboard, but you don’t know How to Attach Skateboard to Backpack. Depressing, right? …

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How Fast Can You Go On A Longboard

How Fast Can You Go On A Longboard?

Among young people, skateboarding is a popular action sport. People skateboard while they balance and stand on a board with wheels. A different kind of skateboard that most of us like to ride is the longboard. We can move around considerably more quickly with longboarding than with walking. This day we are writing an article …

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why won't my skateboard turn

Why Won’t My Skateboard Turn?

Learning to skate is a tricky task at the beginning as you need to balance yourself! The first stage is mastering skating techniques and learning how to balance the board when practicing or riding it. After that, the turning round comes! Hey, you might be learning to skateboard, but the board is not turning! What …

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