Does Rollerblading Build Muscle? A Super Guide!

You’ve probably seen a lot of people swishing left and right on the streets effortlessly with a pair of rollerblades on. 

Watching that makes you want to hop on those rollerblades again, but you also need to hit the gym since you’re trying to build some muscle. In such a scenario, what do you do? 

The answer is simple. Get those rollerblades on and start rollerblading again. But you might ask how does rollerblading builds muscle and why it’s recommended.

If you don’t go to the gym for a couple of days a week, rollerblading can be a fun and enjoyable alternative to working on your muscle building.

Does Rollerblading Build Muscle

Does Rollerblading Build Muscle?

Is rollerblading a good workout!

Rollerblading is a fun and healthy recreational sport that many people take as an alternative to their fitness routine. The reason is that rollerblading keeps your mind refreshed and makes your body stronger as it strengthens muscle.

So yeah, you can still build muscle performing this sport. But the effectiveness won’t be similar to your gym sessions.

Roles of Rollerblading in Building Muscles

is rollerblading a good workout

Rollerblading, aka Inline Skating, is a form of exercise that engages you in both cardiovascular and muscle-building training. Many former gym-goers use rollerblading as a substitute for gym equipment to build muscles for this very reason.

It targets some of the most prominent muscle groups like your glutes, hamstrings, quads, thighs, and even your back muscles. If you actively perform rollerblading, then it’ll build muscles in the following muscle group –

  • The Glutes 

Glutes are the muscles that are commonly known as ‘buttocks.’ It comprises three of the largest gluteus muscles: the gluteus Maximus, Minimus, and Medius.

The gluteus Maximus effectively helps you extend and rotate your hips, while the gluteus Minimus helps you in hip movements.

Unless you engage these muscles in muscle-building activity, your glutes will remain underdeveloped and make your movements sloppy.

This is where rollerblading does its magic. When you’re on those roller blades paving your way to the roads, you actively engage these three muscles that comprise the glutes.

While rollerblading, your hip extension activates when your thigh moves backward. And when you push your way through from the ground with your foot, your thighs move laterally. This activates your hip abductions.

Due to this, the outer hip also gets worked on. As a result, your whole glute stays in action, which later on increases the glute muscles.

  • The Quads 

Quad is a nickname for the commonly known muscle group named quadriceps. Mainly, four muscles form the quadriceps: the Rectus Femoris, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis, and Vastus Intermedius.

These are some of the most important Quadriceps muscles, which play an active role in your lower leg movement.

Since quadriceps are located in the front of your thighs, it immediately gets activated when you’re rollerblading. That’s because whenever you flex your hips and extend your knees, the muscles of the quadriceps are engaged.

So, every time you move your thighs forward, the hip flexion gets activated. Similarly, when the lower leg is straightened, your knee extension is activated.

This activation of the quadriceps is constant when you’re rollerblading. Hence, it’s great for building your quads.

  • The Hamstrings

The muscles located at the back of your thigh, between your knees and hips, are called the hamstrings. It’s responsible for your knee and hip movement.

This muscle mainly consists of semimembranosus, semitendinosus, and femoris. While rollerblading, these muscles get worked on profusely.

As these muscles are just below your glutes, you automatically engage these muscles into motion when you’re rollerblading. That is because while lifting your foot off the ground, knee flexion takes place.

Besides, three of these muscles are fully activated when you flex your knees and extend the hip. Thus, the hamstrings get fully worked on while rollerblading.

  • The Abductors 

There are small muscles in your inner thighs which are called the Abductors. It has three muscles- Abductor Magnus, Brevis, and Longus. These muscles mainly help your legs to rotate from the hip joints.

So, when you’re rollerblading, your inner thigh constantly moves. This act triggers abduction and works out all three muscles. As a result, your abductors will get worked on, which also prevents joint pain.

  • The Core 

The core is commonly known as abs. Your abs comprise two muscles – rectus abdominis and obliques. The rectus abdominis is the six-pack bit, whereas the obliques are the side parts besides your stomach.

When you want to build these muscles, you need to work to make these muscles and lose fat. And rollerblading is one of the best ways you can do both of these at once.

Rollerblading takes a lot of energy as it’s also a cardio-infused exercise. You need to constantly move your whole body, which burns a lot of calories; thus, it burns fat.

On the other hand, when you rollerblade at full speed, you push your legs out by bending forward and automatically hold your torso in for stabilization. A deep abdominal muscle is also worked upon named the Transverse Abdominis.

This gets worked on when you hold in your stomach for breathing. Thus, it works your abs out and engages your obliques, which makes your core stronger.

Now that you know how these important muscles get worked on by just rollerblading, you can now go rollerblading without a second thought.

What Muscles Does Rollerblading Work? : Smart Ways to Stay Fit.

Rollerblade Suggestions

If you haven’t purchased your first rollerblade yet or want to upgrade your current ones, here are our recommendations.

  •     For Women

Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Inline Skating – best for affordability

  •     For Men

Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 90 Men’s Inline Skates – best for stability

  •     For Beginners

Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Adult Fitness Inline Skate – best for beginners

  •     For Intermediate

Rollerblade Twister Edge Skates – best for intermediate level

  •     For Advanced

Atom Luigino Inline Skates – best for advanced level

  •     For Speed

Pasendi Speed 4 Wheel Skates – best for speed

Accessories for Rollerblading

Wearing safety gear is a must for this sport. Be sure to get the following gear online or from a local sports store to make sure you are well equipped before rollerblading.

You can read this article to know the types of skateboards and how many types of skateboards there are and the difference.

Does Skateboarding Build Leg Muscle?

Skateboarding is a sport that’s a lot similar to rollerblading and needs a lot of coordination and balance. It requires the active participation of your lower body to keep you moving through the roads.

Plus, it works as a great exercise since all of your leg muscles are in constant motion. Your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings constantly get to move while skateboarding. So yeah, similar to rollerblading, skateboarding also builds leg muscle.


Be it for having fun with your friends or a substitute for your exercise regimen, you can do it all with rollerblading.

Now you won’t be confused regarding does rollerblading builds muscle or not, and hop into those pairs of rollerblades and build muscles throughout your way of flying down the road. Practice, have fun, and don’t forget to challenge yourself with a proper road trip downtown while building some of those muscles.

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