Flybar Skateboard Review : Best For Beginners?

If you grew up watching Tony Hawk, you have definitely wanted to invest in a skateboard at some point in life. Being one of the most popular youth activities, skateboarding has a great fan following, especially among adrenaline junkies. If you are looking for a skateboard to buy, look no further read our complete Flybar Skateboard Review.

This article will bring to you the top 2 Flybar skateboards available in the market now. Whether it is a personal hobby or a new method of getting some exercise done, skateboarding can be a great way to go. If you are a beginner, checking the following products can get you a step closer to the world of skateboarding.

Why Choose Flybar Skateboard? 

Flybar has been in the skateboard industry for decades now. They are known for their variety of premium-grade products popular among the youth. Their vast array of models will have something for people of all skill levels.

This company has constantly researched and brought to the people varieties of new boards almost every year. Each year it is something different, something new with a bit of an edge over the previous year’s model. Flybar is the choice to go for most professionals and is a must-have for any beginner.

Top 2Flybar Skateboards Review

It can be difficult to choose one specific skateboard from the plethora of brands available right now. Here are a few top picks that you can check out.

1. Flybar 31” x 8” Complete Beginner Skateboards 

Made from a solid seven-ply maple wood slab, this beginner skateboard is a must-have for anyone looking to purchase their first skateboard. Having a solid and durable build means your board will be able to withstand a beating. All those high jumps and ollies will feel like a walk in the park with this board.

The aluminum trucks used in this skateboard are a solid addition, as they are very tactile. Coming in at 5 inches, they are very lightweight and are painted white to contrast with your slick new board. Don’t worry about them wearing out as you will seriously need to go hard to actually break them.

Flybar Skateboard Review

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Set on 4mm riser pads, the trucks will give you adequate ground clearance to prevent wheel bite during hard turns. They are complemented with hard bushings, which allow your movements to be quick and precise. These attributes are crucial for a beginner as you must get a raw feel of a skateboard.

Polyurethane is the choice of materials for the wheels which have proven themselves in the market. The 50mm wheels are smooth and hard enough to withstand most bumps on roads and daily skateboarding. Chrome bearings are added to seal the wheels to the board.

Special Feature:

  • Quality & Durable
  • Smooth & Speedy
  • 5″ Aluminum Trucks
  • Wheels: 50 mm HR 99A PU wheels
  • Chrome Bearings: High-speed ABEC 7


  • Perfect size for beginners
  • High-quality maple wood
  • Comes per-assembled
  • Durable aluminum trucks
  • Polyurethane wheels come in the stock


  • Limited to a certain age group
  • Wheel diameter could be higher

2. Flybar Penny Board: A Complete Cruiser!

This is another great example of a great first-time board for your child. Mainly aimed at children, this plastic skateboard is made from extremely durable impact injection molded plastic that is capable of taking quite a beating. The use of plastics is a great choice in order to keep it light.

For beginners, plastic boards can be used if you want something affordable. Yes, they are not the best choice of material, but for your child, it is more than enough. It has a non-slip deck with a low rate of flex, thus making sure that long-term use does not bend the frame.

Flybar 22” Skateboard Review

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Special Feature:

  • Fully Assembled Board
  • Custom Non-Slip Deck
  • Quality Flybar Parts
  • Easy for Travel and Commuting
  • For Skaters At All Levels

In order to give you the best ride possible, all the materials used on the board are of premium grade. Aluminum trucks are used with medium bushings to give you a smooth and bump-free experience. Also included are soft 85A PU wheels, which further enhance the ride.

This plastic cruiser is a great board to have for anyone who is not really looking to perform crazy tricks. For a casual journey around the block, this board is a great one to take along. Although aimed at children, anyone can use this board, given you know its limits.


  • Premium plastic build
  • Custom non-slip deck
  • Aluminum trucks
  • Great entry-level skateboard
  • Insane value for money


  • Certain weight restrictions are applicable
  • Plastic is not the ideal choice of material

Should you Buy a Penny Board?

When buying a new skateboard, there are a few things you need to keep in consideration. Not all boards are the same as different ones have different attributes to them. Here is a checklist of things you can look out for.

Choice of Materials

The choice of material used in a deck’s construction plays a big role in the performance and longevity of a skateboard. Although they vary in price, they do have some positives and a few negatives.

  • Maple

This is the ideal material to use for a skateboard due to its strong structure and longevity. Most boards nowadays come with maple wood. These are much stronger than other standard single plank boards.

  • Bamboo

For a lightweight and durable skateboard, you can also check out bamboo wood boards. These are intended for tricks mainly due to their low weight. They are usually cheaper than maple.

  • Plastic

The use of plastic in skateboards has increased in recent years due to them being so cheap to produce. For cruisers and daily skating, plastic boards are highly recommended as they are low-priced and pretty durable as long as you take it easy.

  • Fiberglass

Lightweight and strong fiberglass can go a long way if molded properly. A tad bit better than plastic, this material can withstand more abuse than its plastic counterparts.

  • Shape

The shape of your deck will give you the ability to perform certain tricks better than others on your skateboard. Here are a few shapes that you can look out for.

  • Short-boards

As the name suggests, this board is the shortest of them all and is aimed solely at performing tricks and getting air.

  • Cruiser

Again, these boards are for those casual skateboarders who like to ride around casually. These are not intended for tricks due to their weight and size. However, you can get by performing a few non-strenuous tricks on these.

  • Trucks

Having a solid truck system for your skateboard can make you go a long way when it comes to performing tricks. A lot of abuse is thrown at these boards, and you need to invest in a solid metal truck that can hold its own under pressure.

When grinding on rails and walls, this is the part that takes all the hits. If you cheap out on this, it may lead to frequent changes and high long-run costs. Thus, it is recommended to buy the best board with the best truck out there.

  • Bushings

The bushings in a truck are the PU rubber pieces that aid you in turning. The softer the material is, the faster you will turn. When purchasing your first skateboard, you can adjust the hardness according to your liking.

  • Wheels and Bearings

Most skateboards nowadays have hard polyurethane wheels fitted by the standard bearing. These wheels absorb some of the bumps on the road while you are on your skateboard and make for a smooth ride. The rougher the terrain is, the softer your wheels need to be.

Size also matters when it comes to the comfort provided by your wheels. The bigger the wheels are, the smoother your ride will be. However, for tricks, smaller and lighter wheels are recommended.

Bearings allow you to spin the wheel with ease. Most mid-range boards come with ABEC 5 bearings, which will give you the best of both worlds –durability, and agility.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

1. What Kind of Grip Tape Does the Flybar Use?

Flybar skateboards use a specially designed grip tape that is designed to provide a strong grip and long-lasting durability. The tape is made from a durable, yet flexible, material that is resistant to water and oil. This makes it ideal for use in all weather conditions. The grip tape is also easy to apply and remove, making it a breeze to keep your board looking new. Read Details…

2. What skateboard is best for cruising around?

Cruisers and Drop Through boards are best for cruising around. They are stable and wide enough to give you the highest level of control.

3. What is a good beginner skateboard?

For a beginner stuck on a budget, try to look for fiberglass or plastic boards. These are usually cheap and moderately durable.

4. How do I stop squeaking noises from my board?

When a bearing inside the truck lacks lubricants, such noises may start to occur. Simply oiling the bearings regularly will solve this problem.

5. What is the best skateboard for tricks?

As recommended by pro skaters, Short boards are the best for performing tricks. They are lightweight and small and will allow you to get great airtime.

6. How do I fix low deck grip issues on my skateboard?

Over the course of time, you may lose the gripping power on top of the deck of your board. Replacement grip tapes can be found online, which are pretty easy to change on your own.


This flybar skateboard review was our comprehensive list of the best flybar skateboards available in the market today. These boards range from beginner to pro-level products suitable for almost any age of skateboarder. Choosing any one of these from the list will make sure you get the best experience.

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