How Long Do Longboards Last? – Average Lifespan!

How Long Do Longboards Last

Longboarding is a popular sport that youngsters love to play in their leisure time. If you love to ride for long distances and want to cruise for a long period, we often pick a longboard.

When we go out to the market to buy a skateboard like a longboard, we merely ask, “How Long Do Longboards Last?” Basically, a variety of things affect the longevity of a longboard. Well, if you can take proper care of your longboard, it will remain exactly the same as a new longboard.

Usually, the length of time for riding a longboard will depend on the quality of the materials, how often you use the skateboard, how skilled you are as a rider, and the surface you pick for skate. This article will tell you how long a longboard can be used for rides, and after that, we will go into detail on how you can lengthen the time of a longboard. 

The Longevity of Longboard

When you buy a longboard of outstanding quality, the quality says loudly that it’s a great skating board! As they are more durable and provide a lot more fun to ride than cheap longboards. When you have a good quality longboard, you might notice the performance is not good enough according to your expectations. 

Your longboard can last longer if you routinely check for damage and maintain it, like tightening loose trucks and replacing worn-out bearings. You’ll get a comfortable and trouble-free ride on a longboard for a long period of time if the board is well-maintained.

Generally, skilled longboarders can go up to 50 miles a day by riding for 12-14 hours. The average lifespan of a skateboard is 1 to 2 years. Some of us can use the board only for five months because of the lack of maintenance. Let’s talk about some major facts regarding the lifespan of longboards.

Bearings2 years
Wheels3-4 months
Trucks2-4 years
Deck2 weeks – 6 months

What Factors Affects Longboard Lifetime – How to Maintain?

How long do longboard wheels last


Why did our longboard lose its strength and performance? Longboard longevity is influenced by factors such as the rider’s skill, the surfaces they ride on, the frequency of use, and the quality of materials, which also determine why the longboard lifetime has decreased.

Maintain Longboard When Required

Maintenance is the first priority! Make sure you take good care of your longboard when you get one to ride every day. To enjoy the ride, maintain the board and other materials to keep them durable. The best possible way to increase the life of the longboard is to focus more diligently on maintaining it.

The Quality of Longboard

Your longboard’s quality has a significant impact on how long it will last for the ride. The quality of the manufacturing process and the materials will determine the longevity. Before purchasing, you can read the rider’s review as well.

Occasionally, urethane and some other wheel materials can slow the longboard down. Deflated tires plod along and can’t sustain enough momentum to offer great speed, while hard tires roll much more quickly. Keep in mind!

Usually, because of the less pressure and stress on the equipment from regular use, longboards last longer. The larger, softer wheels on longboards make them smart for travel. Also, it helps to remove annoying rocks and fractures on the roads. Longboard wheels are easily adjustable and can maintain high speed for longer.

The Riding Skill 

Then, how often you skate, your riding skills, and how you use the longboard will also determine the lifespan of your skating board. Use it daily and maintain the longboard when necessary.

Use Longboard For Ride Only

If you pick the longboard only for the purpose of skating, it will undoubtedly last longer. We can ensure that the longboard will be available to ride at least for two years. However, most daily skaters use the longboard for greater rapidity in their riding experience.

Riding Requires Skill

We suggest using your skills when riding the longboard. If you use the sports skate unusually or roughly, it will definitely lose its strength no matter what the quality of the longboard is! Use some tricks when skating. Also, you can check out some YouTube videos of skating. 

Be a Pro Skater

A beginner or an average rider does not have enough skill, so they damage the materials of the longboard. But sometimes, when you utilize the board for stunts on a regular basis, your skateboards have a great risk of being damaged and will wear out more quickly. So, be a pro skater who knows how to properly ride without damaging the board.

What to Avoid to Make the Longboard Last?

Avoid Rough Roadside Conditions

Always try to avoid riding on rough terrain where you face a lot of obstacles. Make the ride more enjoyable by taking the proper precautions and picking the right roadside. 

Avoid Riding in Rain

Never go on a cruise in the rain. Since longboards are made of wood, soaking up water makes the deck weaker and, ultimately, it leads to a cracking experience. When riding on wet or slick roads, there is a chance that your wheels could slip, which is risky and might injure you.

Moreover, you should avoid wheel bites by only making turns at speeds that allow you to quickly recover from a poor decision. However, we suggest never letting it dry next to the heater! Therefore, avoid skating in the rain or near any watery area.

Avoid High Temperature

Your board becomes damaged in high temperatures and from sun exposure. When you overheat your longboard, the resin that holds its layers together may begin to get interrupted. It is not advised to keep the longboard on surfaces that are not too hot or cold. Therefore, try to keep your decks in dry, shaded, or clean places.

Check the Weight Limit of the Longboard

The longboard is designed for users of a certain weight. Typically, a longboard can support a maximum weight of between 200 and 250 lbs. If you weight significantly more than this, the longboard might break or you might have a serious accident while riding. So, choose a longboard based on your weight.

Determine When to Change the Longboard

You have to determine when you change the longboard. Make sure you get the right time for replacing the longboard. Check out the condition of your boards and other parts to know what needs to be replaced or repaired.

The majority of riders will often need to change their boards every couple of years. Maintain it with care so that you can keep it for a long time. However, using it frequently and forcefully can require a change after a short while. You can also sell the old one before getting the new one.

How to Extend Longboard Lifespan: 10 Effective Tips

To ride safely, the longboard must be taken care of properly. Let’s discuss some of the best ways to lengthen the longboard lifespan.

  1. Know the right skateboarding techniques. Learn how to ride properly so that you can keep it for a longer period of time.
  2. Try to clean the board on a regular basis. Wash it thoroughly with soap and water and then entirely dry it. 
  3. Waxing is another excellent tip to keep the board weatherproof and looking new. Lubricating bearings is a good idea to run the wheels smoothly and cleanly. You can also slightly apply vaseline or petroleum jelly to the wheel’s surface.
  4. Give a look at the durometer, which is actually the hardness or softness of the longboard wheels. Also, check out the security of the wheel bolts on your truck. 
  5. Check the bearings, trucks, and wheels frequently. We suggest taking a look at the wheels for rotation every few weeks. 
  6. You can brush and clean the deck and grip tape. For this purpose, you can use rubber blocks to rub against the grip tape.
  7. Avoid riding when it’s wet, muddy, or raining, and keep your bearings clean. Longboards should only be used on smooth, specialized surfaces like skate parks, wide, level roadways, or other places where riding is fun.
  8. Avoid leaving the board out in the sun for an extended period of time, as there is a possibility of moisture-induced deterioration. In this situation, you can use a longboard case or bag.
  9. You should also take a look at the damage on your board to repair it. If you find any type of crack or split, make sure you mend the damage before it causes more fragility. Add super glue to repair it.
  10. The rider should wear appropriate skateboarding shoes.


1. How long do longboard wheels last?

The average length of common longboard wheels is 3 to 4 months when maintained properly. For a smoother ride along the roadside, we advise changing it every 2 to 3 months.

2. How long do longboard bearings last?

Generally, bearings can be kept dry and properly maintained for several months. Therefore, you might need to clean and lubricate your bearings when you ride in muddy or rainy conditions. 
You can keep it for a lifetime if properly cared for, kept out of the wet, and properly fixed. We advise using entirely protected bearings.

3. When Should You Get a New Longboard Deck? 

It actually depends on your usage of a longboard. If your deck is damaged, you’ll need to repair it. They often last between a few weeks and a few months, but it depends on how often you skate. The surface or the roadside condition also determines when to change the deck.

4. Do longboards get ruined in the rain?

It is recommended to maintain the longboard outside of wet or rainy conditions because the water often damages the longboard bearings.

Final Verdict

Well, we are done talking about How Long Do Longboards Last? Now, you can understand how much time your longboard will give you to ride safely. This article also gave some effective ideas for expanding the length of the longboard. 

So, when you buy a longboard, make sure you focus on the quality of the product and materials, as well as keep your eyes on maintenance. It’s a must! Enjoy your skating experience and make it last longer by following our given advice. 

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