Is CCS a Good Skateboard Brand? Reveal The Truth Behind It!

is CCS a good skateboard brand

Many people do not want to skate because they think skateboarding is probably an expensive hobby. Here the CCS logo skateboard complete is a great option to replace their minds.

The whole meaning of the CCS skateboard brand is California Cheap Skates; their skateboards are specially made for beginners, adults, kids, and tight-budget consumers.

However, they are providing you with skateboards at an affordable price range, which does not mean that they provide you with poor quality. Many consumers have different observations about their built-in quality in this price range; the most common question is CCS a good skateboard brand?

That’s why we think that in this guide, we will discuss the whole features of about CCS brand.

Why Is It So Cheap?

is CCS a good skateboard brand

Compared to other best skateboard brands, CCS brand provides their skateboard at a much lower price.

If you are a beginner, or if your budget is very short, then it will be challenging for you to buy the best pro skateboard at your price. It is an outstanding alternative option considering the quality of the low price range.

However, if you want high components with quality boards, then I think it would be better to spend 40 bucks more and choose another better option.

However, if you want to gift your kid, or if you’re going to learn new skateboarding. Then I will suggest that choosing a CCS skateboard would be a smart option without going into the high price range.

CCS Skateboard Overview!

In this section, we will analyze every component of the skateboard part by part and write the complete ccs skateboard review.

So that you can easily acknowledge whether ccs boards are good for you.

Is CCS a Good Skateboard Brand


  • Great and reasonable price range
  • Lightweight and user-friendly design
  • An excellent option for kids, adults, and beginner skateboarders
  • Significant bearing, great quality deck, and other tools included
  • When you need more experience, you can easily upgrade it.
  • Consumers recommended the best skateboard brand.


  • The wheels size is so small
  • A not great option for advanced skating
  • You always need to maintain the wheels and bearing.

CCS Deck

CCS a Good Skateboard Brand: ccs deck

If we first look at the ccs deck part properly, then we can see that it is made of maple wood materials, which has eliminated the warping problem as well as provided outstanding toughness.

In the field of design, comfortability and longevity have been given equal importance.

Its deck has been given 32 inches long as well as 6 inches width to improve its stylish side. It also has a perfectly shaped nose and tail, specially designed to get a great riding experience in street skating with proper stability.

According to the feedback from consumers, the blank deck of ccs is not heavy as the other brand skateboard, so you can easily flip with great control during the ride. 

CCS Trucks

ccs complete skateboard: ccs trucks

The truck is an integral part of any skateboard board that is connected between the deck and the wheel, as well as balancing the whole part. Consumers highly praise CCS trucks for their stability and solidness. Its kingpin is built very sturdily, so it doesn’t have to be twisted in any way.

Another great aspect is that if ccs trucks are lost in any way, or if you want to buy one separately, you can buy it separately from CCS.

CCS Bearings

CCS Skateboard Overview: CCS Bearings

CCS has used great quality bearing to give their outstanding skateboard performance, receiving 7 ratings from ABEC. Though its performance does not decrease easily with time like other regular bearings, you must clean it properly at least 2 times a week. But if you want to get smoother and faster results, you can buy more high-grade skateboard bearings.

CCS Wheels

Is CCS a Good Skateboard Brand:CCS wheels

In terms of quality, they have designed their pair of wheels with outstanding strength. They have designed the wheels in a soft way to get faster and smoother performance on any rough and slippery road.

The soft wheels are 52 millimeters in width, which provides better flipping and popping performance.

The wheels are much smaller in size, the manufacturers have given it a very durable quality tag, I don’t think the quality of the wheels is so excellent quality, but it is in the average. So later, if you want, you can use large size wheels of any other brand.

Finally: Is CCS a Good Skateboard Brand?

Is CCS a Good Skateboard Brand

Undoubtedly CCS is one of the most highly graded best skateboard brand, which does not compromise their quality and performance. They have a large customer base, which is constantly growing.

The CCS skateboard brand is widely acclaimed for its affordable price range. Their skateboards and accessories are much stronger in terms of quality as well as built quality is extremely great. If you are looking for the best complete skateboards on budget, then undoubtedly, the CCS skateboard is a great option.


In this guide, we have tried to thoroughly discuss everything you need to know about the CCS brand. I think after reading this guide; you got the answer to your question, is CCS a good skateboard brand? As I said before, I would highly recommend the CCS boards to all ages. However, if you want to get advanced skating performance, it is better to avoid the lower price skateboard of the CCS brand.


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