Retrospec Skateboard Review

How Much Does a Retrospec Skateboard Cost?

This article is all about how much does a Retrospec skateboard cost? From classic designs to modern-day innovations – Retrospec offers all at prices that won’t break the bank! A Retrospec Skateboard is perfect whether it’s just something fun on weekends with friends and family or as an addition to competitive skating leagues such as …

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how to push and carve on a Yocaher longboard

How to Push and Carve on a Yocaher Longboard?

Pushing and carving are longboarding basics. Want to know how to push and carve on a Yocaher longboard? Yocaher longboards are an excellent option for anyone looking for a longboarding experience that is both affordable and environmentally friendly. However, due to its unique structure and design, it is common for beginners to be unsure of …

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types of skate shoes

List of different types of skate shoes!

It is hard to categorize all the Types of skate shoes available. When it comes to narrowing down your choice from within unlimited options of cupsoles and vulcanized shoes, it becomes a daunting task indeed. But do not worry! Below, we speak about everything that you need to get started. If you were wondering about …

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Are Leather Shoes Good For Skateboarding

Are Leather Shoes Good For Skating?

You can skateboard with any shoes, but you won’t be comfortable while skating. That is why skateboard shoes come in to give you extra room for comfort and protection. Here the question arises, which types of shoes are suitable for this sport? There are different types of skate shoes with various materials for the best …

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