Puente Skateboard Reviews With Buyer’s Guide

The size of the skateboarding community is increasing substantially day by day. One of the reasons of this ever-so-growing interest is because the excitement and enjoyment that the activity can offer is incomparable. Here we put up Puente Skateboard Reviews to discuss the longboards made by Puente.

No matter how your mood is at any particular time of the day, skateboarding will surely be able to lift it up.

Due to this increasing interest in this specific recreational sport, lots of manufacturers are offering various types of skateboards in the market.

And, if you have made up your mind that you are going to opt for Puente and are searching for Puente skateboard reviews, then you have come to the right place. We are going to give you an overall idea about the boards.

Puente Skateboard Reviews

Whether it is for casual riding or for freestyling, Puente has been one of the go-to options for boards among the skateboarders for a long time now. The reason behind all this popularity is because of having an extensive lineup of solid offerings.

They operate in Puente, Chile. The name came from the place of origination. This affiliation with the place along with the reliable performing boards, has made them get ample space in skater’s hearts in Latin America.

Among all the manufacturers, they are one of the ones that are offering a wide range of boards for not only newbies but also professionals.

To get the best idea about all their offerings, we have decided to introduce you to one of their best selling skateboards. It is the Puente Complete Skateboards 31 inch Pro. You will have a general idea about all their products after going through the review of this one only. So let us begin with the review section.

Puente Skateboard Reviews

The Overall Construction of the Deck

In the case of skateboards, the deck is the most crucial part. The deck is where riders are going to put their feet on and control the overall ride. Most of the manufacturers tend to skimp on this crucial part, but that is not the case with Puente. They have opted for one of the most durable materials for the construction of the decks.

Taking this board as an example, Puente has gone for maple wood. They have layered the material into seven individual layers. This overall construction of the deck makes the boards extremely durable.

They will be able to withstand most of the rider’s body weight with ease and will be able to offer a smooth riding experience for an extended amount of time.


Puente Skateboard Reviews

The Upper Surface of the Deck

Alongside the construction of the deck, the upper surface is also an important factor in the case of skateboards. And, Puente delivered up to expectation in this regard too.


The board comes with highly dense emery upper coating. This surface is not only non-slip but also is waterproof. That means riders are going to have a firm grip on the board with their feet even on rainy days.

Besides that, this coating on the top will allow you to maneuver the board on the roads quickly. You will be able to control the board with ease.

Puente Skateboard Reviews


Just like most of the boards that the manufacturer offers, this comes with wheels that are a solid performer. It features the 53 millimeters anti-shock super smooth 90A PU wheels.


They are quite large in size and will be able to dampen the road vibrations to quite an extent. That means you are going to get a stable ride in most of the road conditions. Also, the wheels are quite durable too. They will be able to last for an extended amount of time without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Puente Skateboard Reviews


Only having a good set of wheels does not make a skateboard good. The wheels should come with a decently performing bearings, or else the ride quality will not be smooth or enjoyable. And, Puente made sure of that.

The wheels of the skateboard come accompanied by high-quality ABEC-7 precision bearings. These bearings feature PU brushings that are super soft, which eventually leads to super smooth performance at high speed. You will have a redefined riding experience with this.

Also, because of implementing these bearings, you will not have to worry about downhill terrains too. These will be able to withstand the load that is exerted in high-speed situations with ease.

Puente Skateboard Reviews

Freestyle and Stunts

If you are one of the skateboarders that like to do some freestyles and stunts every now and then, the boards from Puente will be a perfect fit for you. Just like most of the boards, this comes with a concave double kick design. This design makes it extremely easy to do stunts.

Basics stunts such as OL action, 360s, and many other ones will be just like a piece of cake with this board. Alongside that, because of the stability that it can offer with the concave design, professional stunts will be quite easy too.

That is why all boards from the manufacturer, just like this one, are ideal for both newbies and professionals.

Puente Skateboard Reviews

Ships Fully Assembled and Ready to Ride

Unlike most of the skateboard manufacturers, Puente ships all their boards fully assembled. This one will ship to you being fully ready to ride too. You will not have to worry about figuring out where the screws go or which part attaches where.

All you have to do is rip the packaging out, tear the plastic covering, and you will be ready to ride the streets and amaze the people with your skateboarding skills.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to learn skateboarding by myself?

Yes, learning skateboarding by yourself is possible. It is quite easy to get used to, and you will be able to learn it easily by yourself. The learning journey will be full of trials and errors, and you will have to learn from your mistakes.

To learn it efficiently, we would suggest you take things slow and not to push yourself that much.

  1. What are the safety gears that I should wear while skateboarding?

First and foremost, you should wear a helmet. It would be best for you if you do not ride with a helmet. Alongside that, you should also wear knee and elbow guards. These will ensure your overall safety on the roads.

  1. Why is it illegal to skate in public places?

Skating in a crowded place is illegal in some states. The reason behind this is because there is a high chance that skaters might collide with pedestrians on the street at high speed and cause some severe injuries. That is why some states made it illegal to skate in public places.

  1. How much weight can Puente Skateboards withstand?

Most of the boards will easily be able to withstand up to 220 pounds of body weight. But before you make a purchase, you should check the weight limit of the specific board that you are shooting for.

  1. Can I change the wheels of my skateboard?

Yes, the wheels of the skateboard are replaceable. Wheels do tend to wear and lose traction over time. When you see that your wheels are not rolling properly or the board is off-balanced, you should change the wheels.

Final Verdict Of Puente Skateboard Reviews

With that, we hope that we are able to give you a basic idea of how the skateboards from Puente are in general with our take on Puente skateboard reviews. We would like to end it here by wishing you good luck and hoping for your utmost safety on the roads.

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