Top 10 Skateboard Brands In 2023 | A Deep Guideline.

Best Skateboard Brands

Freedom is feeling the board beneath your feet as you race with the wind and roll downhill or perform tricks. Skateboarding is not just an action sport; it’s a form of art and a lifestyle. Let’s go through with top skateboard brands.

Whether you are just getting started as a skateboarding newbie or you are a pro in the game, your board could get in the way of growing to your best potential.

A good skateboard will offer you enhanced stability for better safety. It will also be engineered to roll at optimal speed, take smooth turns, and make maneuvering a breeze.

Dive in, and let’s analyze the top skateboard brands. We took the time to do intensive research to unveil legendary brands that have continually produced top-notch skateboards that warm the hearts of skaters, both young and old.

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Best Skateboard Brands

Top Skateboard Brands

The skateboard industry is equally as competitive and colorful as skateboarding action sports. Top brands in the field bring in crazy levels of free expression, artistry, and boldness that uniquely portray daredevils’ attitudes within the skateboarding community.

When it comes to producing the best skateboards, it’s not all fun and play. Our listed brands have done some heavy lifting to provide models that contain so much more than just sturdy decks and dope graphics.

Their passion for the sport and unwavering dedication has seen them produce extensive selections of practical, durable, and reliable skateboards. Irrespective of your skill levels, these brands offer products that tick in terms of their:

  • Quality of construction
  • Affordability
  • Eco-friendly manufacture
  • Visual appeal

List of Top Skateboard Brands

  1. Element Skateboards
  2. Punked Skateboards
  3. Enjoi Skateboards
  4. Blind Skateboard
  5. Birdhouse Skateboard
  6. Plan B Skateboard
  7. Powell Skateboard
  8. Globe Skateboard
  9. Zero Skateboard
  10. Alien Skateboard

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1. Element Skateboards!

Element Skateboards Review

Take a look at all element skateboards on amazon

The Element Skateboard brand is making waves in the skateboarding world—literally. Based in Irvine, California, this brand has made a name for its mastery in the art of skateboard production. You can expect new exquisite designs with each passing season.

This brand also produces a range of skateboarding accessories and apparel, including grip tapes, bearing lube, skate wax, and even pivot cups. One of the key reasons it has won the hearts of many is because its products are of top-notch quality, yet they are competitively priced.

Here are other features of Element skateboards:

Deck Design:

The decks are typically made from driftwood 7-ply Maple. While the decks have an extra thickness for enhanced stability, this hardly impacts their flexibility. They are still able to support smooth turning, allowing seasoned skaters to perform tricks.

You can get Element boards in a range of graphics and colors. Each board comes with an Element brand symbol engraved in it— a signature of quality and prestige.


From the trucks, wheels, and bearings, Element Skateboards are uniquely engineered to ensure smooth rides. The tuning and stability of the boards are unheard of at the price range.

Irrespective of your riding style, you can expect these products to give you hours of safe enjoyment. As a result, Element skateboards are one of the Top Skateboard Brands in the current market.


  • Top-class construction materials
  • Branded for a prestigious look
  • Customizable
  • Affordable


  • Users claim that the wooden decks of some models chip off after a while

Element Skateboard Complete (Quadrant, 7.5″)

Special Feature: 

  • Sturdiness
  • For beginners
  • Value for money

Element Quadrant 7.5″ is one of the best skateboards for beginners. It is designed to be perfect for vert, pool, park, and street skating, and this also makes it ideal for sports equipment for advanced skaters.

This board is ready to hit the tracks right out of the box, and it comes with pre-assembled hardware, wheels, bearings, and grip tape.

As expected, this model has a top-quality 100% maple deck that is crafted using the best technologies to offer you an unmatched blend of functionality and longevity. The slight concave design makes turning a breeze, and you don’t have to be a seasoned navigator to remain in full control.

This is a well-made skateboard with a range of reliable features, including 98A all-terrain wheels, raw-polished trucks with 90A bushings, and top-quality ABEC-5 bearings.

Whether you want to cruise smoothly down the streets or you desire to perform complex kickflips and ollies, this board is designed to take the hit with remarkable grace.

Top Skateboard Brands Element Skateboards Review

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  • Lightweight
  • 100% maple deck for enhanced durability
  • Designed to promote excellent balance
  • Easy to control
  • A perfect option for beginners
  • Affordable


  • Not the best option for hardcore skaters

2. Punked Skateboards!

Punked Skateboards Review

Take a look at all punked skateboards on amazon

Punked is another leading brand known for its high-quality boards. Like Element, this brand also produces other skateboarding accessories like wheels, stickers, trucks, and bearings. What makes it truly outstanding is that each of its models is designed to be a breathtaking work of art.

A good number of skateboard companies use single-deck material on all their models. Punked uses different materials to give each model a unique edge that makes it appealing to a specific group of skaters.

Let’s have a look at the most notable features of Punked skateboards:

Deck Design:

Punked skateboards have hybrid decks made of 9-ply maple wood and a bamboo board construction for maximum flexibility. Blending Maple and bamboo provides outstanding stability levels while ensuring the boards are lightweight enough to allow riders to perform tricks with ease.

It’s hard to deny that skateboards from the brand are catchy and visually appealing. They have alluring graphical illustrations making them ideal for riders who also want to show their unique personal taste.


Punked skateboards are designed with smooth turning and cruising in mind. For speed freaks who love the thrill of moving at an incredible pace, it’s hard to go wrong if you choose products from this brand.

The boards come in a range of sizes and shapes, so it should be easy to find a model that matches your riding preferences.  Irrespective of the board you choose, it will have large trucks and wheels of a suitable hardness to give you more freedom to ride on different surfaces.

Generally, Punked boards are durable and can hold up to the demands of hardcore riders. Models come with varying hardware to cater to the needs of different riders. It is crucial to pay close attention to the specs of a product before purchase.


  • Built for unmatched durability
  • Ideal for hardcore skaters
  • Lightweight for the easy performance of tricks
  • Catchy and unique graphics


  • Not the ideal option for beginner riders

Punked Drop Thru Complete 9×41 Skateboard!

Special Feature: 

  • Complete Skateboard from Punked Skateboards
  • Deck Size: 9″ x 41″
  • Factory assembled by Punked Skateboards and ready to skate
  • Includes trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and grip tape
  • 100% guaranteed authentic

If you are searching for a nice and inexpensive board, the Punked Tropical Drop-Through longboard is a perfect choice to consider. Its main selling point is the drop-through design that offers enhanced stability when riding at high speed down steep hills.

For the price, this is a pretty decent product that can serve you for years.

Another feature that enhances stability is the cutouts on the tail and nose. They allow the installation of top-mounted trucks for a lower center of gravity and better balance. The deck’s slight concave design and low flex keep you in control when carving or speed cruising.

The deck is made from 9-ply Canadian Maple for unrivaled durability. This skateboard is pre-assembled and ready for use out of the box. Its flash tropical colors and graphics make it an ideal toy for enjoying your outdoors, especially during those warm summer days.

Punked Skateboards Review

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  • 9-ply maple construction for unmatched longevity
  • Medium concave design for enhanced control
  • Good balance and stability
  • Premium grade 80A grip tape
  • Visually appealing colors and graphics
  • Relatively affordable


  • The ABEC 7 Chrome Bearings are not the best — consider changing them.

3. Enjoi Skateboards!

Enjoi Skateboards Review


Take a look at all Enjoi skateboards on amazon

Enjoi is a relatively new brand in the market that began in 2000. It has, however, managed to gain a grand following of fans because of its amazing products.  We can all agree that there is something they are doing exceptionally well to enjoy the spotlight in an industry where the competition is cut-throat.

One of the main reasons why Enjoi enjoys a seat at the table of accomplished skateboard manufacturers is because it targets riders of all skill levels. Whether you have been skateboarding for decades or getting started in the sport, this brand is bound to have a product you will love.

Deck Design:

Enjoy uses Canadian Maple to construct its skateboard decks. Epoxy resin glue is then used to keep everything firmly together. The build of these decks makes them stronger than those of competitor brands. Moreover, they are wide and feature a concave design that makes them ideal for all levels of riders.

Products from the brand are available in a range of animated graphics and shades. They all have a panda logo that makes a statement of the unbeatable quality of Enjoi skateboards.


Performance-wise, Enjoi boards take the crown home for having top-class features that promote smooth, stable, and safe riding. All models come with ten sets of ABEC 7 bearings and strong, durable wheels that ensure sleek rolling on various surfaces.

Overall, Enjoi products brag about high-quality decks that attract skaters at first glance. These versatile decks have an alluring pop and mild concave for comfortable rides and impressive street performance. As a result, Enjoi skateboards are one of the Top Skateboard Brands in the current market.


  • Smooth and stable rides
  • Canadian maple deck construction
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Top-notch components for enhanced overall performance
  • The concave design allows different riding styles


  • The appealing prints on the deck fade away over time

ENJOI Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

Special Feature: 

  • Resin 7 Construction
  • 100% Canadian maple
  • Core trucks are light weight
  • 52mm 99A are the perfect wheels
  • Amphetamine bearings

The Enjoi Whitey Panda is designed for younger or small-size skaters. There are two sizes available which include the 7.75″ x 31.2″ deck with a 13.88″ wheelbase and the micro version that measures 6.75″ x 28.5″ with a 12″ wheelbase.

This micro model is suitable for kids aged 5 or younger, and it features a soft top and sleek construction.

These models boast of a sturdy 7-ply 100% Canadian maple construction put together using strong water-based glue. This gives the deck unmatched strength and ensures the single-pressed decks have a more consistent concave design.

There are different setups of the Whitey Panda. The most popular setup ideal for riders with average skating skills comes with core trucks, 52mm 99A wheels, and ABEC-5 bearings. You can also get a high-end setup ideal for hardcore skating styles. It comes with independent trucks and 51mm 100A Bones wheels.

However, this skateboard arrives unassembled. This allows for customization and gives you an opportunity to scrutinize different parts and bond with them. Don’t worry; the assembly process is pretty simple.

Enjoi Skateboards Review

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  • Durable deck with resin-7 Canadian Maple construction
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Soft wheels for decent speed and excellent grip
  • Comfortable cruising
  • Perfect for performing simple tricks
  • Affordable


  • Too small for taller skaters

4. Blind Skateboard

Blind Skateboards Review

Take a look at all blind skateboards on amazon

Blind Skateboards brand was founded in 1989 by Mark Gonzales, a pro skateboarding fanatic. It’s no wonder that products from the company boast superior quality, excellent construction, and unrivaled durability.

If you need skateboards ideal for hardcore skateboarders, this is one of the best brands you can count on. The best part is that while these products are designed to hold up to the wrath of hardcore riding, they are also stable, making them ideal for beginner riders.

Deck Design:

Blind skateboard decks are made from eight layers of Maple joined together using epoxy resin. They offer crazy levels of abuse resistance, making them excellent equipment for just about all riding styles.

I genuinely love the Grim Reaper logo on all the boards. They also have a catchy design, artistic illustrations, and an overall fantastic look. You are also bound to love the vertical laminations on the decks that make it easier to perform different tricks and stunts.


Blind skateboards come in different truck sizes. The wheel specifications also vary, depending on the model you choose. In short, it’s pretty simple to find a board ideal for your riding skill levels.

These boards are engineered to allow easy maneuvers and smooth turning. The deck and wheels’ perfect dimensions provide enhanced balance and stability, even when cruising at relatively high speeds.

This brand offers a wide range of wheels. You can customize by choosing the wheel colors, dimensions, and hardness that tickle your fancy.


  • Designed for hardcore skateboarders
  • Top-quality deck construction for unmatched abuse resistance
  • Customized graphics and wheels
  • Excellent balance and stability
  • Available in a wide selection of truck sizes


  • Customization is considerably expensive

Blind Boo Johnson Old School Skateboard Deck!

Special Feature: 

  • Deck Size: 9.87″ width x 31.9″ length
  • Suitable for every skill level from beginner to pro
  • Predrilled holes for easy skate truck assembly
  • Grip tape not included 
  • 100% guaranteed authentic

Old-school decks have an undeniable appeal. If you want to honor skateboarding fanatics who came before you, there is no better way to do so than to invest in an OG model like Blind Boo Johnson.

It boasts a sturdy 9.87″ wide x 31.9″ long deck with an alluring Heat Transfer Graphic that can instantly turn you into the hood’s cool boy.

This is a versatile skateboard ideal for pool, vert, and cruising. It is designed for riders of all levels, from beginners to advanced skaters. Its deck has an 8-pile maple construction joined using epoxy resin for enhanced strength and durability.

Such a robust construction has numerous prime benefits over thinner decks. First, it offers excellent stability, allowing skateboarding newbies to feel confident and balanced when riding.

Additionally, the extra thickness provides more landing padding, improving impact resistance when doing flip tricks.

Everything about this skateboard is decent, including its durable trucks and large wheels with an excellent grip. The bearings are reliable and promote the smooth rolling of the wheels. However, we noted that a grip tape is not included, and you need to order it separately.

Blind Skateboards Review

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  • Appealing OG design with a street-cool graphic
  • Top-quality maple deck
  • Ideal for riders of all skill levels
  • Perfect for performing tricks
  • Decent components for smooth rides and enhanced longevity


  • Grip tape not included

5. Birdhouse Skateboard

Birdhouse Skateboards Review

Take a look at all birdhouse skateboards on amazon

The Birdhouse brand was founded in 1992. It has gradually grown into a name to reckon with for its products’ top-quality construction and reliability. Birdhouse skateboards have unrivaled stability. At the same time, they are incredibly flexible and durable.

Deck Design:

If a deck with punk designs, goofy figures, and scenic pictures would impress you, you would undoubtedly love products from this brand. Apart from their outstanding aesthetics, these skateboards have a 7-ply maple deck that ensures dependable strength and longevity.

Additionally, these decks have a universal concave that makes them an excellent fit for all riders. The design offers better control and also tames the learning curve when practicing tricks.

What makes Birdhouse decks genuinely exceptional is that black six technology makes them heavier for enhanced balance and chipping resistance.


Birdhouse focuses on producing skateboards ideal for all riders. This makes it vital for them to ensure that each part of their products offers excellent functionality and durability levels.

Each model is fitted with wheels, trucks, and bearings that ensure flawlessly smooth rides. Even though the board is heavy, these components’ smooth functioning makes it easy for advanced riders to perform tricks like up-kicks. Birdhouse Skateboard is another Top Skateboard brand in the current market.


  • All models are available for customization
  • Strong 7-ply maple decks
  • Top-class components
  • Designed for smooth cruising
  • Perfect for riders of all skill levels


  • The trucks are of decent quality — they may need replacement after a while

Birdhouse Tony Hawk Complete Skateboard!

Special Feature: 

  • 7-Ply North American Maple
  • every skill level from beginner to pro
  • Rubber Serviceable Shields
  • Easy to assemble

Here is one of the best Birdhouse Skateboard models focused more on street skating than freestyle or vert. The Tony Hawk skull 2 is an old-school 10.25″ wide x 32.75″ long model designed to suit all skilled riders. Its wider deck makes it perform reasonably well, irrespective of your riding style.

This skateboard has a 100% North American maple deck construction. Being a model from the complete series, it comes packed with core trucks, Amphetamine ABEC 5 bearings, and 58mm 97A wheels. The best features, however, are the US-made pivot cups and bushings.

Beginners find this skateboard ideal because it is designed for smooth cruising and practicing new tricks. Its wheels are perfect for both park and street skating, and the bearings ensure flawless riding and turning.

If you want a skateboard that can help you reach new heights, this is a model we highly recommend. Advanced skaters appreciate the fact that the product arrives unassembled, and this allows for easy customization.

Birdhouse Skateboards Review

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  • Best skateboard for street skating
  • Performs well when practicing tricks
  • Allows for customization
  • Wide deck for enhanced stability
  • Top-quality ABEC 5 bearings promote smooth rolling
  • Lightweight trucks with grade 8 steel axles and kingpins


  • Not ready for use out of the box

6. Plan B Skateboard

PlanB Skateboards Review

Take a look at all PlanB skateboards on amazon

Plan B came to life in 1991. It specializes in manufacturing top-of-the-line skateboards and skateboarding apparel. While this brand enjoys the spotlight for the excellent quality of its products, it has managed to steal the hearts of many for its fair pricing.

Deck Design:

Plan B offers skateboards with innovative designs. They serve as treats for both newbies and skilled skaters. While beginners love the boards for their stability, experts appreciate the decks’ precise concave that makes performing tricks a breeze.

It’s also worth mentioning that the boards’ dimensions play a significant role in ensuring reliable shock absorption.

Decks from the brand have a thick 7-ply maple construction that allows reasonable flexing. They come with cool graphical illustrations and allow customization for those who want to give their skateboards a more personalized appearance.


Plan B skateboards come in different wheel sizes. Typically, the material and hardness of wheels pairs well with the fitted trucks. The standard quality bearings also aid in enhancing the strength of the boards and ensuring smooth cruising. Plan B is a wonderful Top Skateboard brand at present.


  • You can choose customized graphics
  • Shock-resistant decks
  • Perfect for beginners and advanced skaters
  • Wide range of wheel sizes
  • Carefully engineered to ensure a smooth cruising experience


  • Expensive customization

Plan B United White Complete Skateboard!

Special Feature: 

  • Model: United
  • Deck Width: 7.75in
  • Construction: 7 ply Maple
  • Height: TOP MOUNT
  • Sport type: Skateboarding

The plan B United skateboard has a 7.75-inch wide deck made from pure Canadian Maple. It is assembled with top-quality and high-performance components, including 52 mm urethane wheels, 14-inch trucks, and ABEC 5 bearings.

While this is a standard skateboard, it is designed to make your riding experience fun and thrilling.

One of the best features is the 6.875″ nose and 6.25″ tail. The slightly larger nose catches your foot when doing an Ollie, and the smaller tail is closer to the ground for better popping and faster response. This is an ideal skateboard to consider if you want to cruise at high speeds or perform tricks.

Even with a 7-ply maple deck construction, this is still a reasonably lightweight board. It weighs a mere 5.3 pounds, and it’s therefore easy to carry by hand. Whether you want a skateboard for use in the park or cruising around town, this is an ideal model to consider.

According to users, this is a well-made product, although it is not immune to wear down over time. In case some parts begin to show signs of tear and wear, you can always get them replaced to extend your skateboard’s lifespan.

Plan B Skateboards

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  • Durable 7-ply Canadian maple deck
  • Ideal for cruising and tricks
  • Lightweight (5.3 lbs)
  • Visually appealing graphics
  • Simple design for enhanced user-friendliness
  • Best skateboard for beginners


  • Nothing worth mentioning

7. Powell Skateboard!

Top Skateboard Brands Powell Skateboards Review

Take a look at all Powell skateboards on amazon

Powell is one of the most long-standing brands on our list. Founded in the ’70s, this brand has a long history of producing models that top on charts season after season. It has made a reputation for its dedication to improving its boards in line with technological advancements.

Deck Design:

The strength and durability of Powell skateboard decks are unrivaled. Some of its most recent boards are thinner, lightweight, and more flexible, yet their fiber-reinforced structures give them excellent durability and strength levels.

Typically, Powell decks have a mid-range concave design. This offers you plenty of space to learn to balance and practice tricks. Even though these decks are lightweight, they hold up well to the rough use of pro skaters.


The performance of a skateboard depends on so much more than just its deck design. Powell models also come fitted with top-quality bearings and wheels that make them endure heavyweights with remarkable grace.

Generally, these are smooth-riding boards that make skateboarding fun and thrilling. It’s safe to say that the quality of most parts is a bonus, considering the affordable price tags of most Powell models.


  • Designed to allow customization
  • Excellent quality decks and components
  • Lightweight, flexible, yet strong enough to endure rough use
  • Built to ensure smooth rolling
  • Affordable


  • Customization is not cheap

Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard

Special Feature: 

  • Width 7.5″ / Length 28.65″ / Wheelbase 12.25″

The Powell Golden Dragon 2 is a high-quality skateboard with an entry-level price. It is sized for smaller skaters and can be used by riders up to 5 feet, and 5 inches. One thing that stands out with boards that have smaller lengths and widths is that they provide optimal control, irrespective of your riding style.

This stands as one of the most popular trick boards in the market, and it is well-shaped to allow easy toe-grabs and kickflips. Even with the small size, it boasts a robust 7-ply maple deck construction that is tough enough to hold up to abuse. The ultra-durable deck can support 200 pounds without a problem.

Other components that enhance the board’s toughness include the grip tape and the 5″ magnalium trucks. Young skaters can confidently master how to drop, turn, roll, and do tricks without getting overly worried about their stability or balance.

Overall, this is a perfect skateboard for beginners with construction quality and prices that are hard to beat. It is also a good option for advanced skaters who love doing tricks and stunts using smaller boards.

Powell Skateboards Review

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  • Best skateboard for tricks
  • Ideal for young and advanced skaters
  • Quality 7-ply maple deck
  • Tough and durable components
  • 200 lbs weight capacity
  • Attractive overall quality and price
  • Smooth and sturdy wheels


  • Not the best wheels to use on rough surfaces

8. Globe Skateboard!

Top Skateboard Brands Globe Skateboards Review

Take a look at all globe skateboards on amazon

Next is a brand known for not just its top-notch skateboards, but also it is premium sports equipment. Globe is a globally recognized brand that started small and now enjoys dizzying heights of international popularity for the outstanding quality of its products.

 Deck Design:

Globe decks are manufactured in DSM Factory. This is a company endorsed by pro skaters for its highly resistant and durable boards. Individual pressure application techniques and epoxy resin glue are used to ensure that Globe decks are sturdy and stable, yet relatively lightweight.

Decks from this brand have a concave design. They are hence perfect for beginners and skilled riders.


Everything from the wheels to the trucks is designed to withstand all manner of abuse during rough use. The deck’s quality plus the grip tape keeps you steady and comfortable, irrespective of your preferred riding style.

Thanks to the careful engineering of the skateboards, handling and steering are easy-peasy. Beginners have an effortless time practicing new stunts and tricks.


  • Made from top-class materials
  • Flexible, lightweight, and strong decks
  • Top-quality wheels, trucks, and bearings for smooth rides
  • Ideal for beginner and advanced skaters


  • The wooden decks tend to chip off after a while

Globe  Complete Skateboard

Special Feature: 

  • Factory assembled by Globe and ready to skate
  • Deck Size: 7.25″ x 26″
  • Factory assembled by Globe and ready to skate
  • Includes trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and grip tape
  • 100% guaranteed authentic

Globe blazer complete boards come in 3 sizes. This is the standard cruiser that measures 26″ x 7.25″. While it is smaller than most cruisers and street boards, it brings the added advantage of being more lightweight and easier to carry, even in a backpack.

Even though this is a small cruiser, it is a beast with a 13.75″ wheelbase. This assures you of a pretty comfortable ride when commuting to school or running other errands around town. It runs on .25″ 130mm kingpin Tensor trucks and soft (78A) 62mm cruising wheels for maximum balance and stability.

At a glance, it’s not hard to tell that this is a high-quality skateboard. It has a robust appearance and feels, thanks to its 7-ply Canadian maple deck that is fixed together using durable epoxy resin.

We also liked the classic-looking diamond tail shape and decent 4.875″ kicktail ideal for making those curb hops and kick turns.

The rides are surprisingly quiet and smooth, thanks to the relatively soft and big-sized wheels. If you are searching for a skateboard for nice and leisurely rides, this is a highly recommended product.

Globe Skateboards Review

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  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Sturdy deck with 7 layers of Maple
  • Designed to provide smooth, comfortable rides
  • Perfect for tricks
  • Optimal balance and stability
  • Good value for the money


  • The paint job gets scuffed easily when performing kick tricks

9. Zero Skateboard!

Zero Skateboards Review

Take a look at all zero skateboards on amazon

Zero Skateboards was founded by pro skateboarder Jamie Thomas.  He focused on producing skateboards that are unique and versatile. No wonder boards from the brand have made their mark in the industry for their ability to offer riders unmatched control and stability.

Something that gives Zero skateboards an edge is that skateboarding pros influence their designs. The brand works with experts like Dane Burman, Windsor James, Chris Wimer, and Tommy Sandoval as part of its team. These experts join forces to ensure that each model is a true user-oriented masterpiece.

 Deck Design:

Not so many brands are known for producing one user-friendly skateboard after another. Among the key reasons why products from Zero are easy to use is because they feature an 8-inch wide deck with a mid-range concave. This makes them perfect for street skating.

Moreover, these decks are made from 7-ply Maple joined using epoxy glue for excellent shock resistance levels. Something else that makes them score high is their appealing graphics. You can choose from a wide array of prints to find a model that perfectly matches your preferences.


Because Zero skateboards are designed with user-friendliness in mind, they feature exceptionally flexible truck materials and wheelbase. This flexibility makes them a perfect choice for performing street skateboarding tricks.


  • A team of skateboarding gurus designs Zero models
  • Robust 7-ply maple decks
  • Designed to outperform when street skating
  • Perfect for all kinds of riders
  • Cool visual


  • It’s considerably expensive to get customized designs

Zero Skateboard Complete Wimer Zombie!

Special Feature: 

  • Deck Size: 8.25 width x 31.9 length
  • suitable for every skill level from beginner to pro
  • Predrilled holes for easy skate truck assembly
  • 100% guaranteed authentic

If you are looking for a youth-friendly, well-designed, simple and dope-looking skateboard, the Zero Wimer Zombie deck is for you. It is an 8.5″ board built using 7 layers of top-quality Canadian Maple.

This is just the board you need if you are searching for a product that can stand up to heavy punishment.

Everything about this skateboard makes a statement of unrivaled quality. From the heavy-duty core trucks with grade 8 steel axles and kingpins to the US-made pivot cups and bushings, this is a product you can expect to last for years, even with frequent use.

Other great features include the 52mm 99A wheels that promote smooth rides when parked and street skating and the Amphetamine ABEC 5-rated bearings that serve as perfect stimulants for the wheels. Irrespective of your skill levels, you can cruise and perform tricks with confidence.

Something else first-time skaters are likely to appreciate is that this skateboard arrives professionally assembled. Right out of the box, you can take to your nearest park and ride!

Zero Skateboards Review

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  • Simple design with dope Zombie graphic
  • Solid Canadian Maple deck (7-ply
  • Excellent quality wheels, bearings, and trucks
  • Ideal for all levels of riders
  • Ready to ride out of the box


  • Nothing worth mentioning

10. Alien Skateboard!

Alien Workshop Review

Take a look at all alien skateboards on amazon

Last but not least is a US-based brand that has been around since 1990. The alien workshop specializes in producing top-quality, yet affordable pre-assembled skateboards. This is one of those brands you can depend on to give you excellent value.

With this brand, you get a wide selection of skateboards designed to suit riders of different skill levels. You simply need to choose a model designed for your riding style and expertise.

Deck Design:

This company embraces the changes in technology and adapts to new ideas to ensure its boards appeal to modern users. Currently, each of their boards comes with vertically laminated top and bottom surfaces for enhanced stability.

They also have uniquely ingrained graphics that give them an outstanding aesthetic appeal.

All models are made from 7 layers of Maple that make them relatively shock resistant. The thickness of the deck also promotes wear resistance for enhanced longevity. Don’t get me wrong, even though the decks are thick; this does not make them bulky. They are lightweight for ease of use.


  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Available in a range of deck sizes
  • Allows wheel customization
  • Ingrained graphics for enhanced visual appeal


  • Alien Workshop products are average performers with average customer reviews

Alien Workshop Complete Skateboard

Special Feature: 

• Construction: Classic 7ply Canadian hard rock maple
• Height: TOP MOUNT
• Includes AWS logo trucks, 85a soft bushings, AWS ABEC 7 bearings and AWS 53mm 99a wheels

If you are ready to step out and make heads turn for reasons beyond your skateboarding skills, you should consider getting the Alien workshop Visitor Tourist board.

This is a large 8.25″ skateboard ideal for any average-sized rider. Don’t get it twisted; while the model has an entry-level price tag, it is by no means an entry-level board.

This product boasts a stable deck made from 7 solid layers of pure Canadian Maple. It is a pro-level deck designed for ease of use, and this also makes it ideal for beginner skaters. Featuring lightweight core trucks and 52mm 99A wheels, this beast is ready to roll when parked or street skating.

There is something about the Amphetamine bearings that caught our attention during our tests. The ABEC 5-rated bearings allow the wheels to roll smoothly and fast. In case you love getting an adrenaline boost by riding at high speeds, this is undoubtedly a skateboard you should consider buying.

We tested a decent number of models from different brands, and we can confidently conclude that this is a decent skateboard that performs a little better than average.

It has a solid feel and look, and is designed to stand up to heavy abuse. What we loved most is the Alien graphic that gives it outstanding badass aesthetics.

Top Skateboard Brands Alien Workshop

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  • Quality construction and components
  • Durable deck with 7-ply Canadian Maple built
  • 8.5″ wide for enhanced riding stability
  • Rolls smoothly and fast
  • Perfect for pro and beginner riders
  • Excellent value for the money


  • The deck starts chipping off after a while


Allen skateboards are designed to make balancing easy for newbies and learning new tricks a breeze for pro skaters. They also tick for other components such as their bearings that provide optimal stability and control levels.

Then again, you can choose from a selection of wheel hardness and sizes depending on your riding needs.

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How to Choose the Best One?

The hunt for the right skateboard is just as exciting as it is daunting. Even if you decide to stick to models from our recommended brands, you are still likely to have parades of options at your disposal.

So, how do you find a board that is ideal for your riding needs?

Different skateboards have different features that make them ideal for cruising, tricks, or competition practice. These features also dictate whether they are ideal for street skating, park skating, or cruising on rough terrain.

This guide takes a deep dive into facts about the most relevant features and how they affect how you feel or move on your skateboard.


Feeling good, confident, and cool on your board is important. We can all agree that action sports are all about feeling yourself enough to push beyond your current skill levels.

That said, different brands offer skateboards with different patterns, designs, and trademarks. For instance, Enjoi products will always have a panda logo.

Finding the kind of design you naturally gravitate toward is easy. Simply settle for something that has a beautiful artistic flair that matches your taste. Forget what others think is badass and focus on finding a design that genuinely elevates how cool you think about yourself.


Skateboards come in a range of sizes. Some are ideal for teens, while others are perfect for kids, adults, or persons of a specific height or weight.

For instance, if you are an average-sized person, regular boards measuring 7.5″ x 31″-8.5″ x 32.5″ are perfect for you. On the other hand, a skateboard sized 7″ x28″ is perfect for kids. Be sure also to consider the weight limit of a product, especially if you are a heavyweight rider.


The endurance of a skateboard will depend highly on its materials of construction. For you to get the best value for your money, it is essential to choose products that are sturdy, durable, and constructed for unmatched endurance.

Some of the materials used to make top skateboard brands decks include Maple, bamboo, fiberglass, and plastic. These are all durable materials, depending on your riding style. Just ensure that your skateboard of choice is built to take a beating depending on where you ride and your skateboarding styles.


Here’s the deal, if you love doing hard falls and skateboard tricks, it is better to choose a skateboard with harder wheels. Soft wheels are, on the other hand, perfect for cruising on uneven surfaces.

Skateboard wheels are different when it comes to their color, durability, and size. However, the right wheel diameter and durometer to choose will highly depend on your skating style and personal preferences.

Here are the 3 main options you have when choosing a Top Skateboard Brands wheel size

  • 50-53mm Wheels

These are the smallest wheels. They are slower but offer the stability needed when performing tricks or riding in skate parks.

  • 54-59mm Wheels

Average-sized wheels are perfect for beginners. They also provide just the balance heavier riders need to remain on the board firmly and safely. Such wheels are also perfect for vert ramps, street skating, and park rides.

  • 60mm + Wheels

Wheels with a 60mm+ diameter are mainly ideal for specialty riders. They are designed for speed and riding on rougher surfaces.

Truck Profile:

The distance between the deck and the hanger is known as the truck profile. Let me help you understand how the truck profile affects your riding performance.

  • Low

A low truck profile offers extra stability. It pairs well with small wheels of 50-53mm and allows you to do flip tricks.

  • Mid

This is the best truck profile for most riders and is perfect for street and park riding (recommended wheel size 53-56mm).

  • High

If you like carving and cruising, then a high truck profile is ideal for you. It is designed for larger wheels that measure at least 56mm.


All bearings are of the same size, although they vary in their quality. Cheaper bearings may get the job done, but they are more vulnerable to breaking or getting deformed under pressure when skateboarding.

Moreover, inexpensive bearings are often not sealed. This results in dirt and debris accumulation, which can dramatically slow down your board. Expensive bearings are made from top-quality metal. Their precision machining keeps them fast and precise for longer.

Pro Tip:

The ABEC rating system has different grades, including 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. Bearings with a higher ABEC rating are perceived to be sturdier and more precise.

Even though bearings with an ABEC rating of 9 are alleged to be of the best quality, this rating system does not specify factors such as the ball precision, load handling capabilities, or Rockwell hardness of a bearing.

This means that sometimes, a bearing classified ABEC 3 may perform better than a bearing rated ABEC 7.


We are all guilty of making buying decisions based on the extras a product has to offer. Skateboards come with all kinds of unique sets of extras, from alluring warranties to extra wheels, grip tapes, or cleaning kits.

While there is nothing wrong with loving freebies, make sure your primary focus is on finding a skateboard that is truly worth its weight in gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What skateboard size is ideal for advanced riders?

The standard skateboard size used by pro riders is 8.5. However, it is best to choose a skateboard also based on your riding style, height, and weight.

2. Is my kid too young to start skateboarding?

From a professional perspective, the best age to begin skateboarding is between 5 and 10 years. Just ensure that your child gets reliable guidance to flatten the learning curve. Adequate adult supervision is also a must.

Additionally, invest in the right safety equipment such as knee pads and a helmet.

3. Where do I look when skateboarding?

Good question. When skateboarding, you need to learn to take quick glances at different things. Check your footing just as frequently as you watch for obstacles on your trail. In case there is an oncoming obstacle, focus your eyes on the direction you want to take. Also, check your feet when landing.

4. What is the best skateboard for beginners?

A decent number of skateboards on our list are ideal for entry-level riders. However, we have a soft spot for the Element Skateboard Complete for its user-friendliness. Additionally, this is a 7.5″ board designed to help beginners gradually grow their riding skills.

5. Which skateboard is perfect for advanced riders?

If you are searching for the perfect skateboard for pro riders, we recommend the Alien Workshop Skateboard 8.25″. It features a sturdy maple deck and is engineered to roll smoothly at incredible speeds. This is just what advanced riders need once they hit the tracks.

For hardcore riders, one of the best models to consider is the Punked Tropical Day Drop Thru Complete.

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Final Words

In the skateboarding world, brands come and go. This allows different companies to enjoy the spotlight with each passing season. Our list contains top skateboard brands that have time and again won the public eye’s attention for their overall quality and reliability.

Here are my parting words; no two brands are identical. Each brand has its unique flair that makes its products perfect for some riders and an ill fit for others.

Fortunately, we have offered detailed information about products from each brand to make your selection easier.

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