What Size Hardware For Skateboard?

what size hardware for skateboard

The skateboard’s main operating component is its hardware. Skateboard trucks are attached to the skateboard deck via mounting skateboard gear. Basically, skateboards of the highest quality should have the ideal decks, wheels, trucks, and bearings.

The type of skate deck you have and the quality of the other parts will determine how long the screws you need. Generally, bolt packs, fasteners, nuts, and bolts often connect the skateboard deck to the trucks and are therefore crucial for skateboard setup.

Selecting the correct size skateboard hardware is crucial, which is why we’re here to share some information regarding your query as well as try to look at the common issues regarding skateboard hardware and how to resolve them. If you are trying to find the ideal hardware size for a skateboard, you will have to dive into the entire article.

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Tools to Use on Hardware of Skateboards

skateboard hardware size

Before we start talking about hardware sizes, you need to know what hardware items we frequently use. Also, you need to change and set up your skateboard frequently. The hardware for skateboards consists of screws, bolts, grip tape, ratchets, t-and-y tools, and Phillips screwdrivers. Therefore, the crucial items for skateboard setup require:

  • The Allen hardware is the ideal pick.
  • Use only flathead screws, but never use button heads.
  • For skate trucks, use a 9/16′′ wrench.
  • A 3/8″ wrench is needed for the deck’s nuts.
  • For wheels, get the 1/2-inch wrench.
  • A screwdriver with a Phillips head for skateboard deck bolts.

Does Skate Hardware Matter?

Yes, skate hardware is important until you experience an issue caused by a missing piece. Your hardware must have threads reaching out enough for the lock-nut to securely thread onto the bolt and also be long enough to pass through the truck baseplate and deck. But when you have missing bolts, things start to get really problematic.

Also, the truck component must be attached to the skateboard deck using skateboard hardware, which is a set of eight bolts and eight nuts. Additionally, they fasten your wheels or bearings to the axles. However, use rubber protection for a long-lasting experience.

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What Size Hardware Should I Get For My Skateboard?

best hardware for skateboards

If your feet become trapped when flipping your skateboard, then hardware sticking can help you out. Sometimes there is grip tape between the hardware and deck, making it difficult to insert them fully.

Before placing the hardware on, be careful to make holes. To get rid of the leftover grip adhesive, get a screwdriver and flip it around a few times. Simply tighten the nut while stopping the head on the opposite side of your deck from turning with a screwdriver using the appropriate skate tools. How to know what size hardware is for a skateboard? Check below!

  1. To measure the proper hardware size for most skate decks, add 1″ to the riser size, and for larger boards, add 1 ¼”. 
  2. For ordinary 7-ply decks excluding riser pads, the proper size hardware for skateboards is 7/8′′. 
  3. The 1′′ option is preferable when a truck’s baseplate is thicker. As a result, 7/8′′ countersunk flathead bolts were used.
  4. Hardware, which comes in sets of 8 bolts and 8 nuts, is required to secure the truck assembly to the skateboard deck itself.
  5. A 3/8-inch hex nut, or 24 UNF, is a common kingpin nut for skateboards.
  6. The purpose of the grip tape is to keep your tricks in place and stop your feet from slipping.
  7. Professional skaters frequently utilize Jessup Grip tape.
  8. Axles require jam nuts that are 5/16″-24 Nylock.

Skateboard Hardware Size Chart

Wheel size (mm)Riser size (inches)7-Ply Deck Length8-Ply or 9-Ply Deck Length
49-54 mmNo risers7⁄8″1 1⁄8″
55-56 mmWhen the ride trucks are tight, this isn’t necessary.7⁄8″1 1⁄8″
55-56 mm1⁄8″ (Loose trucks)1 1⁄8 – 1 1⁄41 1⁄4 – 1 1⁄2″
57-58mm1⁄8″1 1⁄8 to  1 1⁄41 1⁄4  to 1 1⁄2″
59-60mm1⁄8″ to 1⁄4″1 1⁄8″ to  1 1⁄4″1 1⁄4″ to 1 1⁄2″

Skateboard Deck Size

It should be noted that even if you skate on an 8.0-inch deck, you can use 7/8-inch hardware without risers. The length of the deck has no connection to the size of the hardware.

  • 7.50-8.00″: A medium deck width for teen and adult skaters for street surfaces or those who perform more skilled tricks.
  • 8.00 – 8.50″: Ideal for different surfaces, transitional terrain, pools, rails, stairs, and parks.
  • 8.50″ or more: These are wider decks, perfect for transition skating, more difficult street slides, swimming pool slides, or best for cruising.
  • A better choice would be trucks with a baseplate that is 1 inch thick. The same is true for 1″ and 7/8″ flathead countersunk bolts.
  • Bolts are commonly 10 to 32 in size. 32 threads per inch and ANSI B1 standard sizing are often 10 & 10.

How to Choose Skateboard Bolts

Bolts are an important factor in skateboard hardware. The size of the skate wheels essentially determines the bolt’s size. You will need risers for picking up and up to 57mm wheels for extra clearance or space to prevent wheel bite.

You will never require more than 7/8″ to 1″ bolts if you skate without shock or riser pads. Skateboards with wheels less than 57mm perform best with 7/8′′. However, if you love to skate on loose boards, you must attach risers.

When your bolts are too long, there is no way you can pull off a slanted grind on the ledge. The bolts can break on strike if they are extremely lengthy and stick out excessively. Furthermore, grinding curbs or copings sometimes get you caught and cause some serious slips.

What Should We Pick, Allen or Philips Bolts?

allen or phillips skateboard hardware

What size is an Allen key for skateboard hardware? Generally, zinc-plated hardware is the best that almost 90% of skaters use! We recommend using the 1/8-inch Allen key. Philips bolt heads always oxidize or cause rust when trucks are mounted, hence Allen bolts are frequently found to be highly advised. Allen keys, when used with hexagonal fasteners, prevent unintentional fastener stripping. Therefore, Allen’s hardware is great!

What Size Wrench For Skateboard Hardware?

The skateboard’s kingpin bolt, which connects the trucks, can be adjusted using a 9/16″ wrench or socket wrench. You can easily tighten or loosen them according to your needs.

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How Do You Put Hardware on a Skateboard?

In order for the lock-nut to fully thread onto the bolt, your hardware must be long enough to pass through the deck as well as the truck baseplate. It would be best if you looked at the chart above. However, let’s talk about the installation or setup.

  • First of all, get Phillips or Allen-head keys. If you decide to use Allen hardware, be sure to use a 1/8-inch Allen wrench. You can also pick some dome-shaped hardware referred to as pan head, button head, or truss head hardware. However, they do not beat Allen Key in quality.
  • Maintaining tightness is the best way to make sure your hardware lasts. As a result of the ride’s vibrations, hardware frequently becomes looser on its own.
  • Then, secure all 4 bolts.
  • Use your hands to block the bolts on the grip tape side so that they cannot move.
  • It’s crucial to secure the truck and grip your deck.
  • Installation of Wheels and Bearings
  • One by one, attach the nuts.
  • To tighten your tools, gather them.

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1. What size hardware is standard for a skateboard?

The typical 7/8″ or 1″ hardware is essential to install a skate deck. However, hardware comes in standard sizes of 7/8″ for no risers and 1″ for risers of 1/8″.

2. What size screw is skateboard hardware?

For the majority of installations, we usually use bolt sizes in the 1-2 inch range. Also, 10-32 is the normal bolt size. Remember that 32 threads per inch are provided by the ANSI B1 specified sizing of 10.

3. What size is the bolt that holds the hanger on a skateboard truck?

The truck kingpin bolt is 3/8′′ in diameter and has 24 TPI (threads per inch). So, a 3/8′′ wrench for the nuts of the deck. Also, a 9/16″ wrench for skate trucks and a Phillips screwdriver for skateboard deck bolts are great to hold the hanger on your skate truck.

4. What size hardware do I need for an 8.5 deck?

8.5-inch decks require longer hardware. A seven-ply deck and more with 1/8 inch risers require at least 1 inch of hardware and 1/4 inch risers to adjust for the additional width.

Final Words

If we conclude this whole section, we definitely want to say that every skater should have enough knowledge about skateboard hardware size, shape, and style. Also, when you have a skateboard, make sure you properly install all the hardware items.

Every part is crucial, so we have completed an informative part about What Size Hardware For skateboards. Now, you can pick your perfect skateboard according to the appropriate size of skate hardware. Therefore, if you have any further queries, feel free to ask in the comment box. We will try to solve it as soon as possible.

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