Does Skateboarding Help Lose Belly Fat Or Not?

does skateboarding help lose belly fat

Skateboarding has been a trendy sport taking off for the last couple of years, and more and more people have started to become interested in it. Since losing fat and gaining muscle are associated with almost any kind of sport, you may wonder: does skateboarding help lose belly fat or not?

In simple terms, yes, just like any other physical activity, skateboarding also helps to lose belly fat and overall body fat. But getting noticeable results will depend on your weight, skating techniques, time, and several other factors which you need to consider.

Here we’ll be talking about all of those and how to reduce belly fat optimally while skateboarding efficiently.

How Skateboarding Helps Lose Belly Fat?

To really get the most out of your skateboard session, you need to understand how you are going to be losing fat. If done right, you can work out your belly, legs, upper body, and even your arms if you can do some tricks.

How Skateboarding Helps Lose Belly Fat

  • Burning Calories

It is the most straightforward and common approach to losing weight and fat. While skateboarding, you are essentially pushing your entire weight. So naturally, you burn a lot of calories from doing it.

  • Working out the Belly

Doing flip tricks or involving jumps while skateboarding will engage your belly and lower abs. As such, your tummy feels pressured, and you will lose belly fat. It also develops your abs.

  • Sweating

Long-term and continuous skating sessions will make you sweat out a lot. Sweating contributes directly to losing fat around the entire body.

Ways to Effectively Lose Belly Fat by Skateboarding!

As mentioned previously, skateboarding will help you cut down your belly fat, but do not expect surprising results just from regular skateboarding. To get noticeable results, you must consider the time you put in and various skateboarding techniques.

Does Skateboarding Help Lose Belly Fat

Efficient Calorie Burning

Basic skateboarding for about an hour will burn you about 300-400 calories, which is pretty decent. But as we know, to cut down on fat and get results, you need to burn more than you eat. A typical person consumes more than 400 calories per meal, so basic skateboarding is not enough.

  • Using Harder and More Resistant Wheels

Swapping out your wheels for more rigid and more resistant wheels will make you use more force while skating, and that will result in more calories burnt per hour. Your legs might get a bit tired from it, but it is worth the effort.

  • Rough Bearings

Getting a skateboard with rough bearings will result in more friction between the bearing and the wheel. Thus, more force is required to skate. You will be pushing a lot more weight than before. It will substantially improve your calorie burning.

Skateboarding Techniques!

Just pushing the skateboard with your legs will only burn calories and work out your legs no matter how hard you push. To effectively reduce belly fat, you must target the belly while skating. Here are some techniques and tricks you can use –

  • Crouching/Squatting

It is something you will see almost every skater do. Crouching is done to achieve more momentum and control over the board as you lower your center of mass.

Aside from gaining balance and control, it puts pressure on your abs.

  • Simple Tricks

Doing simple tricks that engage your abs will go a long way in cutting down belly fat.

Even easy tricks such as jumping on the board or a simple flip will do just fine. Some easy tricks engaging the belly include kick-turn and kickflip.

  • Mini Ramp Skating

This is the most fun and engaging way to skate efficiently. A mini-ramp makes the skater crouch, squat, jump, and do various other belly-targeted activities. So, it’s a great place to start your skating sessions.

Skateboarding Schedules and Time

Time and regularity are perhaps the two most crucial factors when it comes to any exercise. You can’t just skate one day for hours and don’t do anything for the next two days. Overdoing and irregularity will seriously hamper your results and performance.

  • Sessions

Since skateboarding is quite inferior to running and other activities in terms of burning fat, you will have to run continuous sessions to get the expected results. Do several ramp runs while keeping short intervals in between.

Rather than running super long sessions, do short and more intensive runs. Don’t take long breaks as we are trying to sweat out your body as much as possible.

  • Schedule

Try to skateboard every day if you are not feeling tired. The more calories you burn in a week, the faster the results you will notice. Don’t miss out on too many days in the week as you will build up the lost calories, and your condition will not improve.

Skateboarding As an Exercise

Skateboarding Help Lose Belly Fat ?

Both teenagers and adults consider skateboarding a fun sport. It has a learning curve, and learning a new trick feels super rewarding and satisfying. This also helps you achieve greater body balance and reduces your tendency to fall.

If done correctly, it produces excellent results regarding body fat. Unlike most other exercises, skateboarding takes less toll on your body (unless you fall off quite a lot). It also doesn’t feel repetitive or boring, so you can keep going at it for a lot longer.

Your weight plays a vital role in skateboarding as you are essentially pushing your weight. So if you weigh more, you will burn more calories. Consider this while balancing out your workout sessions.

Risks Involved with Skateboarding

Skateboarding Help Lose Belly Fat: Risks Involved with Skateboarding

As you already probably know, skateboarding can be a bit risky since you’ll be falling quite a bit while learning it. Normally, it won’t be an issue, but it is not recommended to ride skateboards if you are overweight. This is because your body will be tough to balance.

Try to lose some weight by doing other exercises, and then return to skateboarding. If you can control the board well, though, weight might not be that big of a problem.


To wrap things up, does skateboarding help lose belly fat? It certainly does. In fact, it is one of the most fun ways to lose belly fat.

Aside from the physical benefits, skateboarding also relieves stress, monotony, and other mental dilemmas. Hopefully, any confusion has been cleared up, and you can start your skateboard journey right away!

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