How Many Calories Does Skateboarding Burn: You Need To Know!

How Many Calories Does Skateboarding Burn

If you are willing to lose weight by burning calories, everyone around you might suggest jogging, running, doing exercises, and much more. Lets know  how many calories does skateboarding burn step by step!

But all these workouts are traditional methods that can make you bored and possibly cause a lack of interest. In this case, skateboarding can be a game-changer for you.

Skateboarding is something more exciting and more thrilling than your regular calorie-burning workouts. It will encourage you and push you through the process of burning calories so that you never feel punctured.

Then how many calories does skateboarding burn? You need to stick to this article to know everything about calorie burning by riding a skateboard.

Why Consider Skateboarding?

Essential Skateboard tips and tricks

Your curious mind might want to know why you should consider skateboarding as a calorie-burning exercise over many other activities.

Is it worth giving a try and adding to your regular workout routine? Yeah, it’s pretty normal to ask if you are not a regular skateboarder.

Skateboarding is like a complete package of workout methods for your body. Not only for kids and youngsters, but adults can also be benefitted from this street sport.

Let us go through the key points about why you should practice skateboarding to burn calories.

  1. Complete Workout

Skateboarding offers a full-body workout, including every part of your body where you can have excessive calories. Primarily, you need to use the lower part of your body while riding on a skateboard.

But the hands and upper part are also affected while turning, doing an ollie, kick-offs, and other stances.

  1. Working on Muscles

Movements while skateboarding enables you to strengthen your leg muscles and burn extra calories. You will have toned legs by which it will be easy for you to balance your body weight.

Besides, it also works on your back muscles to maintain a healthy blood flow all over the body.

  1. Balance and Flexibility

It is hard to find such activity that increases body balance, and flexibility like skateboarding does. Riding on a skateboard is all about balance.

Having complete control over your own body is not a big deal if you have a well-balanced and flexible body.

  1. Works as Cardio Exercise

Calorie burning process often includes cardio exercises to keep your heart rate up and maintain well-being. Skateboarding is great as a cardio exercise.

It works on your body fat, increases the metabolism rate, maintains motion control, and increases agility so that your heart works fine and healthy.

Parameters of Measuring the Amount of Burned Calories!

how many calories does skateboarding burn

You can’t just burn a noticeable number of calories at once; when you start skateboarding. It depends on how much time you spend on skateboarding per day according to your skill level.

If you are an average regular skateboarder, you can burn 300-400 calories per hour. But in the case of intensive riding, you might burn up to 800 calories in an hour.

How many calories you can burn through skateboarding is mainly affected by the following factors.

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Frequency
  • Intensity
  • MET value
  • Heart rate
  • Duration of skateboarding

Researchers worldwide have presented various methods and formulas to calculate the amount of burned calories through different exercises and activities. But they differ from person to person.

One has to understand that an average person can’t burn the same number of calories that a sportsperson or athlete can.

Here we will discuss an approximate calorie-burning calculation according to a survey done by Harvard Medical School.

During a one hour of skateboarding session-

  • A person of 125 pounds weight can burn 300 kilocalories
  • person of 155 pounds weight can burn 372 kilocalories
  • A person of 185 pounds weight can burn 444 kilocalories

These three measurements can be used as parameters to calculate the amount of burned calories of any person practicing skateboarding.

Formula for Calculating Burned Calories!

The following formula has been developed for the exact calculation of burned calories.

  • Calories burned per minute = (MET × body weight in kg × 3.5) ÷ 200

MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) describes the amount of energy used at a specific time while doing any physical activity. But the MET value is not the same for every person. Age, weight, sex, body mass, efficiency, and many other factors affect the MET value. But the average MET value of skateboarding which is measured for a healthy and adult person, is approximately 5.6.

Getting Started

If you are not a regular skateboarder but want to get started with it, do not get stressed out. You can definitely progress with skateboarding along with burning some calories efficiently.

  1. Going through a Plan

As you start skateboarding to burn extra calories in your body, it is essential to set a goal and plan. How many calories do you want to burn? Decide and calculate approximately.

Do not just go with the flow of what others say; think about your body’s needs, strength, height, and weight.

  1. Taking Safety Measures

Before starting over, take necessary precautions and use safety gear so that this cardio exercise doesn’t lead to an accident. If you are just a beginner or an average skateboarder, go on with the basics first.

Don’t just try to perform professional acts and stances before being mastered with them. This could be life-threatening.

  1. Practicing

Take it slow to get developed in skateboarding. Practice according to your skills and ability. Do not just practice for hours because you think there is no change in calories in your body.

Make time for each session the same as doing any other exercise or workout. If you just stick to practicing skateboarding with proper steps and procedures, you will feel your body fat sweating and burning the excess calories. 

Final Words

For training every part of your body along with burning calories, skateboarding is an effective activity that adds more excitement, thrill, and fun to your daily workout sessions.

Reading this article, I hope you got a clear idea about how many calories skateboarding burns to practice skateboarding to stay fit and burn your calories effectively.

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