what size skateboard do pros use

What Size Skateboard Do Pros Use?

Picking up the perfect-sized skateboard is not that easy. So we look for What Size Skateboard Do Pros Use as they won’t make any mistakes to choose the ideal skateboard for them. The majority of experts chose an 8’5″ deck, whereas street skaters choose 8.0″ to 8.125″, all-around pros prefer a deck size of 8.25″ …

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what is a revert skateboarding

What Is A Revert Skateboarding?

If you have good skating techniques, such as reverse skating, skateboarding is an enjoyable game. However, What Is A Revert Skateboarding? A revert is a swift 180-degree turn performed while riding a skateboard. A spin is performed while dragging the wheels across the surface. You can perform it either front- or back-side, or you can …

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where to put your feet on a longboard

Where To Put Your Feet On A Longboard?

A primary and fundamental part of the how-to-longboard learning curve is where to put your feet on a longboard. To be a longboard rider, knowing stance is essential. Stance refers to how you place your foot on the longboard and how you position your body when you ride.  There are several ways you can stand …

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