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Different Types of Skateboards Explained In Detail


Talking about skateboard reviews & Longboard wheel reviews is doing only a bit. It is a different article today. Today are you going to read our different types of skateboards.

Skating is a fun game. It attracts both youth and children. The number of skateboarders is increasing day by day. Skating is an attractive and addictive sport. When you enter its world, it is difficult to exit. No matter how much you skate, it is sure that you will skate more the next day. There are some drawbacks to injuries in this sport. Skating is an amazing sport. It helps a skater refine its abilities. In the early days of skating, there were not many options for skateboards. Only clay wheels were available. They did not run with the board. Steel wheels were also practiced. With time there have been great changes in the skateboards. The industry of manufacturers is evolving the skateboard with time.

Before you get into this sport. You should know about the different types of skateboards available. This will make it easier for you to understand the style and the sport of skating. Here are some popular types of skateboards.

Mini Boardsminiboards

There was a time when these boards were famous. Now, these boards are for kid’s play. If your child wants to be a pro skater one day. You should get one and help him practice it. These mini boards are fun to use. You can also give it a try in a park or at your house. Children can have fun with them and also learn how to ride it. They will certainly outgrow it, but it will be easy for them to learn the sport properly.

Downhill SkateboardDownhill skateboard

It takes the skater to 45 miles per hour. Even at that speed, the skater has a good grip on the surface. Due to the unique design, it is easier for the skater to do stunts without any problem. It is a high-quality product. This skate is like the flow of water. It feels smooth to play on it. It makes the skate experience memorable without any disruption. You will need special training for the use of this skateboard. You need to learn certain skills to use this board. You should know how to control air breaks, drifting and making a strong grip. These boards have a somewhat concave shape to prevent slipping of feet. An Electric Skateboard Would be the best choice for Downhill Skater. Check some good Electric Skateboards review at Topouter

Vert SkateboardVert skateboard

This skateboard is large. Both wheels and deck are large. It is used to skate on the vertical paths. You will need to ride it on the plane as well as a vertical path with some tricks involved. Most people start learning the basics of skateboarding. After perfecting the basic moves you can enter the advanced level. When buying this board you should take care of the deck especially. Its shape and alignment will help you to perform better. You can perform different stunts in the park with this board. It requires a vertical wall and it should be smooth. Any disruption can cause serious harm to your body. Perform the stunts under supervised conditions. Before starting the stunt make sure the surface is smooth.


The deck of these boards is slightly narrow and longer than others. They are mostly with the soft wheels. They are more reliable than other skateboards. They tend to increase the speed in no time. It can be the best option for cruising and long racing. Many people also use this board for freestyling and dancing. It has a well-balanced structure this provides the skater more confidence. The skater will perform his stunts more confidently.

Old School BoardsOld school boards

These boards are typical fishtail. They are around 8.25 “or wider. The wheels are also soft. These boards are more stable than new ones. The cruise quality of these boards is solid. You will find more fluent boards in this category. They are ideal for the stunts in pools, and ramps. In every board, there is a specified quality but this old school board has many qualities. There are sustainability and the ability to ride long. There are three categories of old school boards.

  • Vintage boards: These boards were made back then. They belong to the former skaters.
  • Remake: some new manufacturers work for ono old decks and make their look alike.
  • New versions: these new old-schooler boards are the newly made boards. These were not present at that time. They are made now with measurement of the old school boards.

Slalom SkateboardSlalom Skateboard

It is a form of downhill racing. As a racer, you have to follow a path assigned with chalk and cones. Each cone will determine the specific time increment in the total time. You have to finish the race in the least time. If you knock down a cone it will add time in your runtime. The wheels of this board are softer and bigger. Their shape and size ensure a better grip.

Off-Road SkateboardsOff-Road Skateboards

These skateboards are heavy. They are designed to use on the rough surface as well. Most of the skateboards require a smooth surface. This board can run on a rough surface as well. They have big wheels that give them more sport on rigid surfaces. The only drawback of this skateboard is the absence of breaks. With the installation of breaks, it can be an ideal board to use on and off-road.

New Invention

Recently there is an invention of the single-wheeled skateboard. On this board, there is one wheel in the center. It is an advanced technology. It is an almost self-balancing skateboard. It will help to take skateboarding to another level. This skateboard is easy to use even for the beginners. A professional can excel even further with this new invention.


You should explore all the possibilities before choosing the skateboard. If you are a beginner then choose a wider skateboard. After learning the basics and all the tricks, you can turn to an advanced skateboard. For starters try cruising in any skateboard. At first, you should learn to have a grip on the deck of the board and balance on a moving board. Try cruising on some boards and then choose the one you felt right for you.

Yocaher Longboard Review With Pros & Cons!


Longboarding is an exciting and fun sport to do. Many people enjoy doing it whenever they get time. It’s trendy among youngsters. Longboarding is another variant of skateboarding which is a more commonly used term for the sport.

Yocaher is one of the best manufacturers of longboards out there. They are well known for their high-quality boards for skating, surfing and longboarding. Here we put up Yocaher longboard review to discuss the longboards made by Yocaher.

The focus here is to know about some longboards produced by Yocaher. Get to know about their features, pros, cons and go through some questions raised by the users.

Our best picks from Yocaher longboards

You know how hard it is to choose from the lineup of one of the best longboard brands. But we wouldn’t be writing it for you if this was so easy.

So, here you have our best picks for Yocaher longboard review.

1. Yocaher Complete Lowrider Skateboards Longboard Cruiser Black Widow Premium

Style matters when you are buying a longboard. And the black widow was the panache we were looking for. Apart from the looks, this longboard is jam packed with the best features in the industry.

Grip Tape Design

The grip tape design provides significant traction for the rider. It helps the skaters to have better control of the board. Moreover, this feature comes in handy for the beginners as skating is all about balance. Furthermore, the traction also helps pro riders to perform stunts easily.


You will have 9.675” heavy duty trucks with a 190mm hanger. All of this is made with  flexible and durable aluminum alloy.

Value For Money

The kind of quality Yocaher provides on this one is worth the money. Especially if a beginner is looking to buy a longboard for learning, then this can be an ideal option. With some slight modifications, the professional skaters can also get the most out of these boards.

Great For Beginners

This board is made for beginners. Anyone willing to learn skateboarding can get one of these without any questions. The bearings of the board are a bit slow. This makes it easy for beginners to gain control over the board.

Perfect Concave Design

The concave shape is an essential factor in buying a longboard. It varies from user to user based on their preferences. This one has a uniform concave shape which helps the beginners to get used with a skateboard. Later on, they can shift to any concave design to their preference without facing issues.

High-Quality Wheels

You will have 10x52mm wheels. They are pretty durable. They perform well enough on streets and hills. Great for daily uses.


  • Better grip on the board
  • Looks great
  • Perfect shape for maintaining balance
  • High-quality wheels
  • Value for money


  • Bearings are not that good
  • Requires modifications for better performance

2. Yocaher Blank/Checker Complete Drop-Down Skateboards Longboard Black Widow

Yocaher is undoubtedly one of the best longboard brands for beginners. They surely proved that with this Drop-down board.

Better Grip

It has a premium grade 80A black grip tape design, ensuring a better grip over the board. A mandatory quality for any decent longboard. Especially the beginner-friendly ones should have this feature for providing the beginners with better balancing capability. Moreover, it also helps with stunts.

Wheels and Trucks

This board features high-quality sharp-edged Q-Ball 70x52mm wheels with a hardness of 78A. The base of the wheel is 33 inches. They ensure better grip on the surfaces. No matter where the board goes, it will grab on to the surface with these wheels. This makes the board great for riding downhill.

The heavy duty HD7 trucks and 180mm hanger is made of a special aluminum alloy which gives the best durability. The 7 chrome bearings give you the best smoothness in the market.

Dropped Down Deck

This is a unique feature of this board. With a dropped down deck, the maneuverability increases to quite a reasonable extent. This eventually enables the board to get to high speed and helps to ride downhill.

Good Stability

This board gives the rider better stability at high speed. Which makes cruising along a lot easier to do. It makes the board less risky to ride as skateboarding can sure be risky.


This board is, without a doubt, a board for beginners because of its ease of usage and all the beginner-friendly features. Moreover, the price is not much higher for the features it offers.


  • Better control
  • Capable of high speed
  • Sharp-edged wheels
  • Tub concave shape


  • Build quality is not satisfying
  • Not professional quality

3. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard Skateboard

Because of its substantial build quality and capacity of carrying a vast amount of weight this is the most durable board in this list. It is packed with great features without costing a vast amount of money.

Enjoy its full review below

Capable of Great Speed

This board is capable of getting to a top speed of 35mph in some cases. Even in that state, this board can hold up pretty good. This feature makes the board great for downhill riding. Anyone looking for a fast skateboard will surely fancy this one.

Better Build Quality

The build quality of this one is pretty excellent. It is made of Canadian 9-Ply maple wood which gives it a sturdy construction. This board can carry up to 275 lbs. Usually, other boards are not capable of carrying that much weight. It also has a longer lifetime.

Wheel base is 33 inches here. These wheels contain 7 Abec chrome bearings with Yocahers premium grade 80A black tape grip design. You will have HD7 heavy duty trucks with a 180mm hanger. All of this comes in with an aluminum construction.

Budget Friendly

The kind of features this board provides could have been costly. However, this is not the case here. It does not cost much at all. Compared to all these top-notch features the price is quite low.  

Control and Stability

It has a drop-down deck with a high build quality. This makes it really easy for the rider to have total control over the board and gain stability. That is a crucial feature for any beginner longboard. Professional skaters also like to have this option.


  • Can achieve high speed
  • Capable of carrying up to 275 lbs
  • Good control and stability
  • Affordable
  • Ensures Durability


  • Bearings are not good enough
  • Needs some alterations


There were some questions from the users and future customers regarding these longboards. We have taken some of them which seemed to be quite a common question among a lot of them.

It might seem a bit difficult in the beginning. Nevertheless, once someone gets the hang of it, it is very easy and enjoyable.

There is no specific age for using this board. But longboards as a whole are not for kids.

It can carry up to 275 pounds. If you are bigger then that you shouldn’t be riding a longboard at all.

These boards are entirely manufactured in the US. But some parts come from China.

The build quality of these boards is quite good. They can last up to a year even after regular usage. In some cases, more than 2-3 years as well.

Yes, any modification can be made in them except for the deck. The wheels and bearings can be easily changed to the user’s preference.

The one key feature of these boards are, they are friendly for beginners. Their build quality and all the other features help the beginners quite a lot.

These boards do not wobble that much. As they are beginner friendly, they run very smoothly. Even at the speed of 35mph, some of them do not wobble.

Final Thoughts

Wow, you are still here.

If you have read the whole thing, you know that Yocaher falls in the conservative side of the longboard industry. They are concerned to give you the best quality and make your ride as safe as possible. This is perfect for beginners.

It think that’s a wrap up to our Yocaher longboard review.

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