How To Lock A Longboard: A Step-By-Step Guide!

How To Lock A Longboard

How to lock a longboard? To lock a longboard, you will need to have an appropriate bike/skateboard lock. First, loop the cable of the lock through one side of your longboard’s trucks and secure it with the key or combination on the other side. Then attach the other end of the cable to a solid object such as a fence, bike rack, or tree that is near where you are parking your board.

Make sure that this object is sturdy enough so that someone cannot easily break it apart or cut through it using bolt cutters. Finally, double check to make sure everything is secured before leaving your board unattended for an extended period of time.

5 Essential Steps To Locking Your Longboard Safely!

Locking your longboard safely is crucial to prevent theft and ensure its longevity. Here are five essential steps to lock your longboard securely:

Choose the Right Lock:

Select a high-quality lock. U-locks and cable locks are popular choices. U-locks offer more security but are less flexible, while cable locks are more versatile but can be less secure.

Find a Secure Object to Lock To:

Lock your longboard to a sturdy, immovable object like a bike rack or a metal post. Avoid objects that can be easily cut or broken.

Position the Lock Effectively:

If using a U-lock, position it to encircle a part of your longboard that can’t be easily removed, like the trucks. For a cable lock, thread it through more than one part of the board for added security.

Lock in a Visible, Well-Lit Area:

Choose a spot where your longboard is visible to passersby and preferably under a light. This can deter thieves since there’s a higher chance of them being seen.

Consider Additional Security Measures:

If you’re frequently locking your longboard in public spaces, consider additional security measures like motion-activated alarms or registering your board with a serial number for identification.

Remember, no lock is completely theft-proof, but taking these steps can greatly reduce the risk of your longboard being stolen.

How to Lock a Skateboard With a Bike Lock

One way to ensure that your skateboard is secure when you’re not using it is to lock it with a bike lock. To do this, first find an immovable object such as a fence or post and wrap the bike lock around both the skateboard and the object. Make sure that the shackle of the bike lock passes through one of your truck’s axles so that it cannot be removed without cutting off the locking mechanism.

Once secured, use two keys to unlock and remove your bicycle locks for later use.

How to Lock a Longboard


How Do You Prevent Longboard Theft?

To prevent longboard theft, there are several steps you can take:

• Secure your board when not in use. Lock it to a secure fixture such as a bike rack or deck railings with an appropriate lock.

• Utilize anti-theft devices like GPS trackers and alarm systems that will alert you if someone moves the board.

• Mark/engrave your board with an identifying mark so that it is easily identifiable as yours should it be stolen.

• Store the board inside when not in use and out of sight from potential thieves.

These steps can help protect against longboard theft and give peace of mind knowing that extra measures have been taken to secure your valued possession.

How Do You Lock a Skateboard?

Locking a skateboard is an important security measure to ensure it’s not stolen. Here are the steps to take:

Place your skateboard on a flat, level surface.

– Insert a U-lock into one of the trucks and fasten around something secure such as a bike rack or pole.

– Make sure you’ve locked up both the front and back wheels in order for your board to be secured completely.

By following these simple steps, you can lock up your skateboard securely and keep it safe from theft!

How Do You Carry a Longboard at School?

Carrying a longboard at school can be challenging. Here are some tips to make it easier:

• Choose smaller, lighter boards for better portability.

• Invest in a comfortable backpack with straps or compartments specifically designed for carrying skateboards.

• Use a board sling, which is less bulky and helps protect the board from scratches and dings while you’re on the go.

• If possible, use public transportation or ride your bike instead of walking.

This way you won’t have to worry about carrying your longboard around all day. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy riding your longboard to school without any hassle!

Can You Lock Up a Boosted Board?

Yes, you can lock up a boosted board. Here are some tips to keep it safe:

• Invest in a good bike lock – Look for one that’s strong and durable.

• Secure the frame – If your board has a removable battery, make sure you secure both parts together with the same lock.

• Lock the wheel too – You may want to use two separate locks if possible; one on the frame and another on the wheel.

• Be aware of your surroundings – Always be aware of what’s going on around you when locking up your board in public places.

These steps will help keep your boosted board secure from theft or damage!

How to Lock A Skateboard With A Bike Lock

FAQs Of How To Lock A Longboard!

What kind of lock should I use for a longboard?

  • Use a sturdy cable lock or a U-lock. Cable locks offer flexibility and can easily wrap around the longboard and an immovable object. U-locks are more secure but might be less versatile in terms of what they can lock around.

How do I choose a good spot to lock my longboard?

  • Look for a well-lit, public area where there is regular foot traffic. Avoid locking your longboard in secluded or poorly lit areas. Make sure the object you’re locking your board to is immovable and sturdy.

Can I lock my longboard to a bike rack?

  • Yes, locking your longboard to a bike rack is a good option. Ensure the rack is securely anchored and located in a visible, high-traffic area.

What part of the longboard should I lock?

  • Ideally, pass the lock through one of the wheels or through a part of the truck. This makes it more difficult for someone to take the board without damaging it.

Is there a specific type of lock that is best for longboards?

  • No specific type of lock is designed for longboards, but lightweight cable locks or U-locks used for bikes are usually sufficient. Choose a lock that provides a balance between security and portability.

How can I make my longboard less attractive to thieves?

  • Avoid leaving your longboard unattended for long periods. Use a conspicuous lock, as this can act as a deterrent. Additionally, you can personalize your longboard, making it more recognizable and less desirable for thieves.

Are there any additional security measures I can take?

  • Consider registering your longboard with a local or online database for stolen sports equipment. Some people also use GPS trackers that can be attached discretely to the longboard.

What should I do if my longboard gets stolen?

  • Report the theft to local authorities and provide them with any identifying features of your longboard. Check online marketplaces and local selling platforms, as stolen items are often quickly sold there.

Can I lock multiple longboards together?

  • Yes, you can lock multiple longboards together using a longer cable lock. Ensure that each board is secured to an immovable object.


In conclusion, locking a longboard is an important safety measure to take in order to protect your board from theft. There are a variety of ways to lock your longboard such as using a U-lock or cable lock, and you can even opt for specialized locks like the LongBikeLock if you want something more unique. Ultimately, no matter what type of locking mechanism you choose, it’s important that you always remember to properly secure your longboard when not in use so that it remains safe and sound.

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