What Is A Revert Skateboarding?

what is a revert skateboarding

If you have good skating techniques, such as reverse skating, skateboarding is an enjoyable game. However, What Is A Revert Skateboarding? A revert is a swift 180-degree turn performed while riding a skateboard. A spin is performed while dragging the wheels across the surface. You can perform it either front- or back-side, or you can make a fakie revert.

Many skateboarders attempt to develop the ability to revert because it is a popular tactic. In this article, we will be talking about revert skateboarding along with how to become a master of this skill. So, before we make it any further late, let’s discover the proper way of revert skating.

How to do a revert skateboard?

how to revert skateboard

One of the first skills a newbie should pick up is Reverting after getting the push and riding their skateboard. Reversing the skating technique is not a difficult feat; rather, it’s a stylish way to skate. Let’s have a look at the way to revert skating technique.

  • There are numerous ways to try the revert style. front, back, regular, and switch positions.
  • You must master the kick-turn movement before learning to revert.
  • By setting up your feet, moving your shoulders, following with your hips, and rotating, you can create a revert skill. We will come up with the steps below in detail.
  • A revert is essentially a 180-degree spin that pivots the backside of the skate toward the front side while you are moving, switching the backend to the front side or vice versa.
  • Remember, the wheels of the skateboard must be moved to the opposite side while you are moving in order to perform a reverse skateboard.

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What you will need to do before reverting to skate

revert skateboard

A Perfectly Adjusted Skateboard

  • Make sure your wheels are wide because you will be dragging a skateboard through their wheels. These rollers need to be powerful or they may be worn out.
  • You can always pick a wheel size of about 60mm to feel more secure while pivoting.
  • An excessively tightened or too loose truck is not good for making revert skateboarding. Additionally, a fixed set of trucks creates a risk, so you must adjust the skate truck suitably.
  • Make sure the deck is strong enough and light enough. It would be better if you choose a thick but not overly weighty deck.

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Safety Gear

  • Wearing all the safety gear and practicing the 180-degree rotation skill can help you gain confidence.
  • Your grip tape is another skating safety accessory that deserves attention. Watch out that they don’t lose balance when you play with the revert style.
  • Scratch-resistant grip tape is preferable.
  • To practice skating moves like the revert, you will need a pair of comfortable shoes or sneakers.

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A No-Crowd Silent Area

  • Never practice reverting where the place is totally crowded with people and vehicles.
  • Pick a safe and silent place to skate as there is less risk of an accident.
  • A skate park will always be great for practicing tricks on a skateboard.
  • The best location to switch and rotate the skates regularly can be an empty street.

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Step-by-Step Revert Skating Technique

180 revert skateboard
  1. Your wheels must be balanced, rotated 180 degrees, and then slid along the terrain.
  2. A good reversion will have screeching wheels and be heavily reliant on timing and technique.
  3. Put your legs apart comfortably.
  4. Ensure you turn your shoulders in the right direction.
  5. Use your hips to finish the rotation while counter-rotating the shoulders.
  6. Get kicked and turned down perfectly.
  7. Get those wheels to make a lot of noise and slide them.
  8. Also, keep yourself comfortable enough so that you can unweight yourself when necessary.

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Don’t leave the site! We have more details below. Keep going!

Reverting Style VS Normal Stance

Reverting StyleNormal Stance
To add style points to your tricks, try a reversal or revert style.When you “ride normal,” you push your board with your right foot while skating with your left foot as your front foot.
When performing a revert, the skateboard’s back wheels must be dragged to the opposite side.We use our dominant foot to run and slide.
Reverts can be performed from the front side, the backside, the regular stance, or even by the switching style.The four postures are fakie, switch, nollie, and natural. About 75% of skaters try the standard posture. For both skills, the fundamentals are largely the same.
A revert, which is effectively a 180-degree turn, can also be performed backside, switch 360 flip, rear set, or back.No 180-degree rotation is required.

How Long Does It Take to Learn to Revert?

It takes a while to master some skateboarding skills. However, learning to reverse is considerably simpler. Usually, it takes a skater just one day to successfully complete their first revert within a few weeks.

If you are comfortable riding your board and already know how to make kick turns, you can master the beginner technique known as a revert in a single afternoon.

Some Skateboard Revert Trick

revert tony hawk

Frontside Revert Skating

  • Put your feet closer to the front of your board first. As you turn, it will make it easier for you to shift, weigh up, and drag the back trucks along. You can eventually master the reverse skill while in the ollie posture.
  • Make sure to wind up your shoulder by slowly twisting the other direction as you use it to control the maneuvers.
  • To sort of leap up so that your entire weight isn’t on your skateboard, bend your knees before you loosen your shoulders. You’re not jumping all the way.
  • You might accidentally kick 180 degrees. Other times, you could overload your trucks and prevent them from rotating completely. Unbend your knees so that you slightly rise as your board spins, and turn those shoulders into a full 180-degree turn.
  • Your legs and board will move once your shoulders do. So pay attention to the shoulders. To become a pro, you can study Nyjah or Andy Anderson’s skating technique.

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Backside Revert Skating

  • Backside reversion follows a general process that is nearly identical to frontside revert. You will be compelled to use your shoulders to lead.
  • It has to do with the back set of wheels rotating more. To put your weight in a good position, lift the wheel off the ground.
  • Gain some speed, bend, and shift your head and shoulders to look backward.
  • The Backside Revert is a pretty good way to get ready for the Backside 180, which is basically a challenging trick. 
  • It can be a good idea to start with Fakie Backside Reverts.

Nose Stall Revert 

  • It’s about the front foot on the nose and the back foot over the bolts.
  • Make sure you lengthen the front leg and bend it as you shift your weight over the front foot.
  • Push the skateboard’s nose ahead of you when you’re ready to return.
  • The shoulder is where you should begin the turn or spin. Once you have completed 90 of a 180-degree turn, shift your weight over the board.

Fakie Reverts

  • You may compare the Fakie Revert to a Fakie Kick Turn. 
  • Fakie Reverts usually wind up becoming 180-degree kick turns since they are harder to pull your wheels on.
  • Fakie refers to the position in which you are standing normally but are only going backward. Some professionals set them up carefully.

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What is a revert in tony hawk pro skater?

As soon as your leg touches the ground in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, you must hit the input button to go backward. Reverses can add an extra layer of complexity to the game and can be very enjoyable when performed effectively.

Reverts are one of the threads that enable players to change between techniques and locations prior to breaking a combo. This skill is similar to a rapid 180 on a skateboard. Players may also connect vert techniques into longer combinations using the revert, which is a simple technique.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I learn to revert?

You must stand with your feet securely and separately, then rotate your hips and shoulders counter-clockwise to complete the move. Continue by turning your shoulders in the appropriate direction.

2. How do you revert a fakie?

A Fakie Revert is a Revert performed while riding a Fakie. Fakie indicates when you are in your regular position but are only moving backward.

3. How do you do a 180 revert?

Once you’re ready to roll, pull your tail behind you while keeping your weight over your back and turning the shoulders to enable you to swing a full 180 degrees with your focus.

4. How do you revert on a ramp?

With your front foot planted firmly on the nose of the board, come up the ramp in your normal stance. Then, perform the nose stall while spinning your shoulders and head to allow the board to re-enter the ramp.

Final Words

Revert skateboarding is an easy but stylish skill for a skater. So, this article has included what is a revert in skateboarding and how to do front, back, nose stall, or fakie reverts. Additionally, you have learned a step-by-step process of doing revert style.

However, if you can follow our given guidelines, we hope you will succeed in performing the revert skating. Or if you find it tricky, feel free to ask for any queries on revert skateboarding. We will come back with much easier tips for you!

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