When to Replace Your Longboard Wheels?

when to replace longboard wheels

If you are interested in cruising or downhill racing, there will be no competitor of longboards for providing faster and smoother rides.

They are more efficient than regular skateboards because of their larger and softer wheels. But these wheels also need an upgrade after providing you with a full-on service for a certain time duration.

The wheels of a longboard can last for many days with proper use and maintenance. If you are a longboarding enthusiast, it is necessary to know when to replace your longboard wheels. This will enable you to ride with full efficiency and avoid unwanted situations.

When to Replace Longboard Wheels: Why the Replacement Is Necessary?

when to replace longboard wheels

Wheels are the most vital component supporting the longboard on the road surface by providing speed and traction. But if they get damaged or lose their consistency, it will affect your speed negatively, and you won’t get to experience the highest efficiency while riding.

Using these wheels for several years, especially when they become worn out, will increase the chance of getting yourself in any mishaps and end up having minor to serious injuries.

When to Replace the Wheels?

How long your longboard wheels will last or when to replace them completely depend on your using purposes and maintenance. But usually, these wheels can last for several months and even for 1-2 years if used with proper care.

After using several days and months, you will definitely feel a difference while riding your longboard. If you notice the following changes, it is obvious that you really need an upgrade to the wheels.

Worn-Out Wheel Surface

As longboard wheels are made of soft material, they can get worn out while riding on rough surfaces aggressively. This is the most common sign you will notice after some months of longboarding.

But there are minor to severe levels of this type of damage. If you see some small cracks on the wheels, don’t freak out. You can still use them for several days. But in case of long and deep cracks, replacing wheels is definitely needed.

Besides having cracks, longboard wheels can get flat and thinner, having plot holes in certain areas. You should be careful about this and replace them as soon as possible as it might cause an accidental fall while riding.

How to loosen skateboard wheels without tools? Let’s know the technique!

Decreased Speed

After using any longboard for a long time, the wheels can’t rotate smoothly against the bearings. As a result, they can get slow at any point while riding on the track and make you fall behind your competitor.

The wheels provide a longboard with the necessary speed while riding downhill tracks. If you notice that your speed is not the same as before, it is high time you should think about replacing the longboard wheels.

Feeling Vibration

With new longboard wheels, it feels like you are just sliding effortlessly on paved tracks. But you will definitely have a feeling of vibration if the wheels are too old. Even if you are going through a flat and plain surface, you might feel that you are tossed at some points.

After a certain limit of rough using the wheels, they don’t ensure effortless riding and sometimes create vibration while rotating. This is definitely a sign that your wheels are showing you to get an update.

Broken or Damaged Bearings

Bearings work as a connector between the wheels and the deck of a longboard. Often, they become damaged due to frequent aggressive riding that thus affects the wheels as well.

If the bearings are broken and left unnoticed, the wheels try to back up this flaw by providing enough speed. This results in huge damage to the wheels and needs an immediate replacement for both the bearings and wheels.

Losing Bearing Grip

For a safe and fast ride, it is essential for the longboard wheels to have the necessary grip over the bearings. Otherwise, they might slip over the bearings and cause serious accidents.

The soft rubber of the wheels gets stretched, and the elasticity reduces over time. As a result, the wheels lose essential grip to hold on to the bearings. Check on a regular basis how tightly the wheels stick on the bearings — replace the wheels if you see them getting loose,

How to Make Your Longboard Wheels Last Long?

replace longboard wheels

Like every other material, it is natural for your longboard wheels to get damaged. Replacing is a must if the wheels don’t work well like before. But we can definitely maintain them well so that they live a little longer and you don’t need to think of replacing them frequently.

Here we have come up with some tips to help you maintain your longboard wheels properly so that they may last longer than their average lifespan.

Complete Cleaning

If you are a regular rider on your longboard, you definitely know what your board goes through all day while riding over different surfaces. Dirt, mud, and other debris can easily make the wheels dirty and damaged.

Make sure to give them a complete cleaning whenever needed. Clean the wheels by separating them from the bearings and attaching them back after drying perfectly.

Wheel Swapping

While you ride, the same pressure doesn’t go all over the tail and nose part of the board. Sometimes, the front and back wheels don’t have the same stability after using them for some days.

Swap them to maintain equal load and pressure so that they don’t just get worn out too quickly.


Different lubricants and grease materials work great to increase the speed and performance of your wheels. You can use them on wheels along with bearings and related bolts. The lubricant will ease their work and ensure you a smooth ride on the wheels of your longboard.

Final Word

Even after proper care, your longboard wheels might need a replacement if they get damaged over time. Hope this article got you some help, and that you now understand when to replace longboard wheels. Make sure to maintain them well so that you won’t have to find a replacement anytime soon.

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