A Complete Guideline Of How To Clean A Skateboard!

Being a regular skateboarder, you know what your skateboard goes through all day amid mud, dirt, and other debris. Without proper cleaning, you can’t access the full efficiency of that skateboard and even end up experiencing unwanted situations.

Then, how to clean a skateboard? We have come up with some really easy methods and procedures so that you don’t find any difficulty while cleaning your skateboard.

How to Clean a Skateboard

Skateboard Cleaning: It’s A Easy Thing!

A skateboard is not something that you need to clean regularly. But if you notice that something is not right with the speed, traction, and consistency, you should think of cleaning it out.

The following steps will help you with that.

1. Cleaning the Grip Tape of the Skateboard.

Cleaning the Grip Tape of Skateboard

We will start with the grip tape, which is easier to clean compared to bearings and wheels. Often some people peel off the grip tape or exchange it with a new one as they think cleaning that one is a tiresome and difficult task. But not really. Here’re some easy steps to clean the grip tape of your skateboard.

Things You Will Need –

Removing Mud Lumps

If you have chunks of mud or other debris stuck on the grip tape, then you should remove them first.

Use a metal stick like a screwdriver to pull off the thick chunks and brush it off with a stiff cleaning brush. After removing the big ones, use a soft brush to blow off the dirt particles.

Deep Brushing

Use isopropyl alcohol or any other cleaning solvent to clean the surface of the grip tape. Dip the stiff brush in the liquid and start cleaning. Avoid using water to clean the grip tape as it can create malfunctions to your skateboard.

Rubbing Off Excess Liquid

Wipe off the greasiness with any cleaning wipes or cloth. Repeat this process if there are several layers of debris on the grip tape.
cleaning wipes

2. Cleaning the Skateboard Trucks

If you have gone skateboarding in the midst of forest, mud, and water-covered areas, the trucks will probably become the dirtiest part of your skateboard.

You may think that the cleaning process of deck and trucks are the same, but actually, it isn’t.

Things You Will Need –

Brushing Off Mud Chunks

It is better to get the wheels and bearings off the trucks as they hinder proper cleaning of the rusty truck surface.
After detaching them, brush off the dirt and mud chunks from the trucks and remove the excess small dust particles with a soft brush or dry cloth.

Soft brash

Removing Rust

Usually, the trucks become rusty after using the skateboard several times. White vinegar could be a savior to remove rust.
If the rust is not so severe, wipe them with a cloth after applying the vinegar. But you need to soak the rusty surface with vinegar for several hours if it is way too deep.
white vinegar

Wiping Off the Vinegar

When you see the rust dissolving, wipe them off with cleaning wipes or a piece of dry cloth. After cleaning, attach the wheels and bearings back to the trucks.

Cleaning Skateboard Wheels

Cleaning Skateboard Wheels

The wheels of a skateboard stay in direct contact with the unpaved surfaces you go on skateboarding. These will definitely get dirty over time, even if the trucks and grip tape remain the same as before.

By following some methods, you can clear off the dirt from these wheels, but it is nearly impossible to remove the yellowish stain from them. In this case, exchanging the wheels is the only option.

Things You Will Need –

Separating Wheels

Separating Wheels

Remove the wheels from the trucks with a screwdriver and a wrench. You will also need to separate the bearings as they require different methods for cleaning.

Soaking in Water

Generally, using water while cleaning a skateboard can be harsh, but it is all good if you use water for the wheels separately. As wheels attract dirt the most, soak them in warm water to get the dirt loose so that you can clean them with ease.


Use a stiff brush to clean the wheel surface covered with mud and clingy particles. It is better to use a thin bristle brush to clean the curves as a regular brush can’t reach those thin edges.

After brushing, rinse off the wheels with water, or you can wipe them with a wet cloth or cleansing wipes.

Natural Drying

After you get those wheels dry, attach them back to the truck. Please do not use the wheels before they become completely dry. For better rolling, you can use any lubricant on the wheels.

Cleaning Skateboard Bearings

Bearings are usually a sensitive and crucial part as they ensure the smooth rotation and necessary speed of the skateboard. So, you must be extra careful about cleaning those.

If you want to make sure whether you have cleaned the bearings properly or not, roll those before and after the cleaning process to notice the difference.

Things You Will Need –

Removing the Wheels

Separate the bearings from the wheels for better cleaning. If the bearings have protective shields, remove them before you start the cleaning process.

Soaking in Lubricant

Pour the lubricant into a small cup or bowl and soak those eight bearings in it for 2-3 hours. You will notice rust and dirt on the lubricant solution coming out of the bearings.

Get the bearings out and soak them again in a fresh lubricant-filled cup. Repeat this step until you see clear lube on the bowl.

Speed cream or bearing grease


Take out the bearings and wipe them with cleansing wipes or cloth. Let them dry completely. You can use a few drops of speed cream or any other bearing grease to make them work better.

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Attaching Back with Wheels

Wait for some days so that the bearings can get smoother to work efficiently. Finally, attach them back on the truck along with the shields over, and you are ready to go.

Things to Remember

Now that you have learned about cleaning your skateboard, you should also consider the following things before and after cleaning this valuable treasure of yours.

  • For better cleaning, separate each part of the skateboard so that other parts don’t get affected by the different cleaning processes.
  • You can only use water to clean the wheels separately but don’t ever think of soaking the whole skateboard into the water to rinse off the dirt and mud. This will damage the skateboard losing essential consistency and efficiency.
  • While using lubricants to clean the skateboard parts, avoid using WD40 as it attracts more dirt, and your skateboard can easily get dirty in a couple of days.

Final Words

Proper cleaning can increase the lifespan of your skateboard so that you don’t have to replace it frequently. We hope this article has helped and you have already learned how to clean a skateboard with some home remedies and methods.

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