11 Best Longboard Brands in 2021!


Best Longboard Brands – As the years went by, skateboarding became a lifestyle for thousands of people, chasing the adrenaline rush and riding through life. Many brands adopted their long traditions of skateboarding as their main craft.

They built some masterpieces that changed the whole game, so today, we bring you the Best Longboard Brands list that provides the skateboarding community some of their best crafts.

Brands such as the ones on our list gave a new name to cruising. They enlightened many skating enthusiasts to go for the best since they build their products for maximum satisfaction and a revolutionary skating experience.

11 Best Longboard Brands in 2020

List Of Best Longboard Brands

Our recommended 11 best longboard brands are really great for all intermediate or advanced levels riders. Check out the list of these 11 best longboard brands from our long research and check out the stores of these brands on Amazon. And also below we discussed details about these brands and a specific best model of this brand.

  1. Landyachtz
  2. Playshion
  3. Loaded Boards
  4. Volador
  5. Magneto
  6. Atop
  7. Rimable
  8. Quest
  9. Yocaher
  10. Arbor
  11. Sector 9

11 Best Longboard Brands Review

When you’re scavenging the internet to find something that fits your preference, you need to know what aligns the product with your style, and for that, we’re here to show you the way. So read 11 Best Longboard Brands review

1. Landyachtz Dinghy 28" Complete Skateboard

One of the most well-known skateboards out there is Landyachtz Dinghy; it’s a trademark for any mini-deck boards available. It has everything a full-fledged stunt machine requires.

Landyachtz is known for their incredible passion and technology towards producing a complete skateboard; they take inspiration from experience. That’s how they brought forward this fantastic skateboard. 

Dinghy skateboard is a 28-inch light-weighted productthat’s perfect for portability and subtlety. Well, it’s not entirely subtle since its eye-catching aesthetics are something that will get people’s attention.

With many designs, this item will have everything that describes you and give you a sense of “self” that’s so deep-rooted that you won’t even think of going for something else.

The Dinghy slalom deck gives it more maneuverability and flexibility for all those sharp turns without compromising the speed. Since the slalom decks are slightly short, it allows riders more control.

Due to its medium flex capabilities, the Dinghy is capable of allowing more flips and tricks. You can go flying off an obstacle and make those fantastic flips; moreover, the unique flex will efficiently absorb all that pressure.

Also, with the wheel flairs, which work to give your wheels more clearance, you won’t get any wheel bites since they might cause you to crash or cause sudden brakes. 

Another exciting thing about this product is the well-structured trucks; it uses the Reverse Kingpin trucks, that are much more flexible and agile than the usual trucks. So, that allows more inertia and smooth transitions downhill.

Moreover, these agile trucks can reduce any speed wobbling that causes control problems. This feature will protect any untrained rider from losing control at a higher speed.

Let's watch the best longboard brands Landyachtz Dinghy 28" Complete Skateboard video review



2. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Another big name in the industry is Playshion; everything about this company screams quality and durability. They offer the best of the bests for the adrenaline enthusiasts and the novices starting their journey.

Playshion Drop Through is a fantastic longboard for beginners; it’s built for maximum functionality and cruising with ease, for people of any shape and sizes, since It can hold up to 250LBS of weight.

Therefore, the design of the product influences durability and flexibility. Moreover, it has a flex of 7 out of 10, allowing you to have more control when speeding downhill since the board doesn’t bend with pressure.

So, it is ideal for cruising and freestyling through the streets with excellent efficiency. Additionally, the ABEC-9 bearings ensure remarkable smoothness, combined with soft PU wheels.

The softer PU wheels can absorb more impact on rough roads, so you will not lose control when you’re speeding through lanes and making tight corners; it will all feel like a breeze.

These features are combined to ensure safer riding for anyone starting their skating lifestyle. Additionally, the larger area on the deck allows them to get comfortable with their position.

Moreover, the freeride decks allow riders to have more flexibility to explore the road’s full width while having great control and have the most fun. These decks are the most recent addition to longboards.

Due to their twin-tipped design, there’s no designated nose or tail, which is advantageous when you’re sliding and cruising since you can ride it any way you want.

Additionally, the item weighs only 7 pounds; therefore, it is easier to carry around and ride. Moreover, the 4-inch clearance from the ground is due to the drop-through mounting technology, which reduces wheel bites. As a result, we can say Playshion is one of the Best Longboard Brands.

Let's watch the best longboard brands Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard video review



3. Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard

Everything about Loaded Boards comes from pure passion; they build their passion. That’s a strong word to describe a brand but Loaded easily fits in this category.

Among many longboard companies, you should check out Loaded; they bring forward some of the most psychedelic design with maximum functionality to give you a fantastic experience. 

The Dervish Sama can easily showcase the expertise of this brand in embodying uniqueness. Its deck has a drop-through curving design, which ensures maximum stability at high speed.

Reducing the center of gravity through that system allows riders to experience a much more stable ride. Therefore, it’s much easier to push the product so that you can reach maximum speed faster.

Moreover, the reverse mounted trucks, combined with the lowered gravitational pull, allows you to pull swift tricks and turns without any lack of control. The large cutouts for the wheels also influence control.

The wheels get more clearance due to the larger cutouts, which avoids wheel bites or sudden brakes and maybe risky at higher speeds. Moreover, this feature is great for freestyle tricks.

An interesting thing about the items’ construction is that snowboards inspired it. Therefore, with a mixture of laminated bamboo and fiberglass, the brand structured the product.

This build ensures the board’s fantastic form; therefore, it allows more versatility for riders in cruising. But it is also remarkable for large jumps and stunts since the durability will ensure safety.

Additionally, its bold build allows flex variation. It comes at high flex for light riders to experience a much more responsive truck, whereas, for heavier riders, it is easily adjustable.

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Let's watch the best longboard brands Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard video review



4. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

If you’re asking where to buy longboards suitable for entry-level riders, you shouldn’t look any further than Volador. They specialize in their build to enhance the learning experience of skateboarding.

Volador is a famous name when it comes to a product that is durable and built to last. Interestingly, their strength is their confidence in their premium build; they focus their efforts on giving you more safety.

The 42-inch Volador freeride is on the larger side when it comes to longboards. They use some of the best materials to construct the most functional product with unique flex capabilities.

Its 8-ply hard rock maple construction combined with epoxy glue for maximum durability. This construction makes the item suitable for jumps and allows it to have a higher flex rating.

With the higher flex, you will get more flexibility during free rides, allowing better control and maneuverability, and not get a stiff experience when you’re in the game for freedom.

The reverse kingpin supports the deck of the item, which allows more agility and strong turning capacity. Tight corners are made more comfortable with this build, along with a better responsive pitch.

Another interesting thing about its kingpin trucks is the adjustability; you can choose what kind of response you require to have more freedom with your movement. Thus it allows us to change the settings as per the streets as well.

It is adjustable up to 50 degrees, so more excellent responsiveness and smoother corner transitions for you. Moreover, the softer 78A wheels influence on that too, allowing you to get a much smoother ride in rough terrains.

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Let's watch the best longboard brands Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard video review



5. Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Magneto, now that’s a name we know in two different contexts but in the case of this, let’s go for the fantastic cruiser longboard brand. They are known for their premium build at affordable prices.

It is undoubtedly one of the best longboard brands for cruising; they brought forward some of the most influential boards that changed the sight of cruising with a longboard.

One of their most famous board would be the Kicktail cruiser. This 44-inch masterpiece is perfect for beginners for the best skating and cruising experience since it’s safe and easy to ride.

Moreover, the 44-inch board allows more space for comfortable footing and enough space to adjust your control. The slalom deck design will enable you to achieve more power, and it’s more adjustable for entry-level riders.

Due to its slalom deck design and stiffer build, the cruising experience is phenomenal. The reduced flex makes it relatively stable so that you don’t experience any wobble during high speed.

For better safety and flexibility, this item uses the Paris style trucks with a 7-inch hanger. The kingpin angle is 50 degrees, which allows you to take tighter turns and smoother cruise.

Since it has a standard truck system, it will influence the inertia and flow better when riding. Moreover, the wider wheelbase decreases the number of wheel bites to prevent deterioration of your board.

Another fantastic addition to the board is the soft wheels; the 78A wheels are unique at shock absorption and control. It will allow you to tackle rougher terrains without even feeling any bumps.

Moreover, along with these additional features, simplistic aesthetics makes it a choice for anyone who’s a minimalism fan.

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Let's watch the best longboard brands Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard video review



6. Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch

Atom is one of the most popular longboard brands; known for some of the most aesthetic and revolutionary builds out in the market right now. If you want an atomic longboard, look no further than Atom.

One of their best longboards is the Atom Drop Through; this product has everything excellent about the brand. Its unique structural planning makes it quite impressive for beginners and veterans.

An interesting thing about the structure of this board is that it is a low riding longboard. It allows more stability and control due to the downward pressure and the lowered gravitational pull.

The drop-through design is adopted by most boards nowadays to ensure more control for the riders, no matter how professional they are. It gives more security and control over their board.

It is always a fantastic entry when the board can handle more tight corners and turns, giving it an edge in versatility. Because of the unique perimeter shape, it gets an additional 9.6-inch turning advantage.

Additionally, due to the board’s body’s high cutouts, the wheels get more freedom for movement. This feature reduces wheel bites and unsafe brakes, so it makes the cruising much more smooth.

Moreover, the reverse kingpin trucks’ usage, coupled with the wheel’s high clearance, allows the riders to experience the most stable ride. This component is significant for long commutes due to hassle-free transportation.

This board has a lot more to offer when it comes to functionality. The deck has a medium flex, which allows the board to have more flexibility for stunts and smoothly handle rough terrains.

Therefore, anyone looking for a complete package that offers the best for a beginner and a veteran will find everything in; Atom drop-through is the way to go.

Let's watch the best longboard brands Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch video review



7. RIMABLE 41 Inch Drop Deck Complete Longboard

RIMABLE is one of those unique brands that offer some of the best boards with the most affordable pricing. With just a handful of boards, they’ve touched the hearts of many skateboarding enthusiasts.

The 41-inch Drop deck board is a unique item for you to own, and you won’t regret any second with it. One of the fascinating things about this skateboard is the structure of its deck.

This product uses the downhill deck type for maximum speed. These decks are known for their low gravitational pull, and due to that, they can achieve high speed without any extra effort.

And if you are looking for a board that can achieve that kind of speed, you only need to look for the Rimable Drop deck. Moreover, the fantastic 7inch 160 aluminum trucks reduce the wobble effect the deck might have. 

One of the most disadvantageous things about downhill was the wobble effect. Still, Rimable quickly tackled that problem without any issue, allowing the riders to have maximum control even at high-speed.

Moreover, the 70X51MM wheels are excellent at absorbing any pressure and impacts. Its soft nature will allow people to take advantage of the build to tackle rougher terrains.

By taking advantage of the build, it emphasizes the board’s exceptional structural integrity. It is built from top quality maple to ensure high-quality break protection and durability.

These features combined can give you some of the best cruising experience due to its smooth transition from speed to precision. You get everything you need to have the full riding experience.

Additionally, the item is more flexible in portability; you can carry it around without any effort due to its weight of only 7.95 pounds.

Let's watch the best longboard brands RIMABLE 41 Inch Drop Deck longboard video review



8. Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (34-Inch)

This fantastic brand specializes in building some of the most influential boards that possess some of the most praiseworthy build and structural integrity that changes your whole experience.

Among a broad array of boards from Quest, the Rorshack is one of the best. It’s a unique board that makes all other longboards look less, with its high functionality and quality build.

This board’s incredible thing is its small build that allows riders to have maximum flexibility and full control over everything it offers. It will give you complete freedom of your movement.

On top of that, to ensure your freedom, the longboard is built with multi-ply hardwood maple and bamboo, which gives it a strong composition and high shock absorption capability.

It will allow you to do any kind of stunts and tricks; the higher flex will allow you to have more mobility in that scenario. But for you to get the full experience, you need heavy trucks.

Rorshack longboards achieve that with its amazing rugged 6inch aluminum trucks; these trucks are excellent in giving you full control and maneuverability. These are agile enough to allow you to take sharp turns even after stunts.

Moreover, the ABEC-7 bearing is impressive at ensuring smoother wheel rotation and allow you to have the best cruising experience. Without getting restrictions, you will be able to achieve higher speeds with these bearings.

Due to those bearings, you will also require less push to achieve more acceleration, crucial for successful stunts. Moreover, the 70mm PU wheels are soft enough to absorb the most impact.

Additionally, higher impact absorption allows you to tackle rougher terrains without losing control, combined with a higher flex rate; you won’t feel any impact.

Let's watch the best longboard brands Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard video review



9. Yocaher Blank/Checker Complete Kicktail

This brand is one of the oldest competitors in the market for the best skateboards, and they are one of the best. They started in 1997, with a wish to make the top boards out there.

They make some of the best boards to give the people what they want. For years they have delivered their promise, and from that comes the fantastic Yocaher Complete kicktail Longboard.

This product is the go-to choice for skateboard enthusiasts who wish for a more subtle and minimalistic design. These boards come only in solid colors with amazing gradient effects.

The board also upholds some of the top technology this company offers with a complete slalom deck and enhanced mobility. This item is capable of maximum maneuverability.

These decks are excellent for any cruiser since they allow you to harness maximum mobility from the trucks and smoothly cruise around the town without flexibility issues.

This item has one of the sturdiest builds in the industry. Everything about this board screams durability, made with 8-ply maple with the highest quality and aluminum trucks. 

It can handle riders of many shapes and sizes; therefore, anyone can experience its outstanding performance without restraints. Moreover, the heavy-duty trucks play a role in that too.

The HD7 heavy-duty reverse trucks allow the deck to have more stability and control; it can handle any tight corners and turns without any restrictions.

Along with that, the 78A wheels combined with ABEC 7 bearings work flawlessly to give the smoothest acceleration and maximizes wheel rotation so that you don’t experience any kinds of mobility issues.

Let's watch the best longboard brands Yocaher video review



10. Arbor Longboards Complete Longboard Dropcruiser

Arbor surpasses every other company in this sports industry in case of professionalism. Since 1995, they’ve followed their roots to bring forward innovative products and with sustainable materials.

They focus their craftsmanship on exquisite design coupled with functionality, and from that perspective comes Arbor Dropcruiser. This longboard leads the list of every complete longboard in case of quality.

The deck of the Dropcruiser is carving, which doesn’t specialize in speed; it focuses on better control and flexibility. They allow you to flow through downhills with maximized turning capabilities.

Moreover, the cutout segments above the wheel allow for more clearance. In this way, you have reduced wheel bites, which can prevent dangerous stops. This deck is suitable for beginners for its increased safety while cruising.

Additionally, the bearings are ABEC-7, which are excellent for ensuring more smooth rotation in the trucks, allowing you to get an intoxicating experience in cruising and long commutes.

Along with the bearings, the 78A PU wheels can take in rougher impact from the streets, which will protect you from experiencing any uncomfortable bumps.

The softer wheels are also fantastic for handling weight since they are more flexible. Moreover, reverse kingpin trucks are more agile and perfect for a downhill longboard.

That is due to the excellent efficiency reverse kingpins offer in case of maneuverability. The 180mm trucks are the cause for more stable turns; the higher the value, the more you feel its stability.

When it comes to aesthetics, Arbor works on keeping the originality of their design, coupled with inspiring artwork and photographs from renowned artists. For those reasons, you can always admire the beauty of an Arbor product.



11. Sector 9 Unisex Macking Mini Lookout Complete Longboard

For everyone interested in skating products, this is one name that has always stuck for years. Upholding their tradition of bringing forward some of the best skateboards, Sector 9 never disappoints.

They specialize in all kinds of items made with the best materials and constructing high-quality skateboards that last for a lifetime. All the components focus on giving you the best skating experience.

The Macking Mini Lookout is a beautiful product that easily fits in the group of good longboards that are amazing for beginners and veterans alike. It has some of the most eye-catching designs done by talented Nate Reifke.

He is known for some of the most inspiring artwork and influences most of sector 9 boards. Moreover, along with all the aesthetics, this productpossesses every technicality you need for the best experience in skateboarding.

Its construction is with a mixture of bamboo and maple that assures its fantastic durability. It can handle enough weight for people of all ages and sizes so that everyone gets the intended experience.

Another exciting thing about this is its size; well, considering it’s a longboard, it is supposed to be significant. But that’s the exciting part; it has a much smaller build than the regular longboards.

This fantastic product from “the lookout” series is the smallest longboard. It carries all the advantages and features of a complete longboard. And it has a length of 37.5 inches and a width of 9.25-inch.

Therefore, it makes the item easy to carry around. It gives you great control to cruise around and handle every corner. Additionally, the drop-through design lowers the center of gravity for maximum stability.

They combined 78A wheels with ABEC 5 bearings for more stability and control. These softer wheels make your cruising experience smooth, and the bearings allow for more wheel rotation for sufficient speed.



Best Longboard Brands For Beginners

As well as the skills required to run longboards, the best brands of longboards are targeting beginners in the market. This longboard brands have some special boards for beginners. When a beginner looks for a longboard, he does not have time to analyze and look at the price. And for this we will give you some accurate information which is very necessary an dimportant.

Considering its durability, speed, comfort to operate and various designs we will suggest some of the best longboard brands that are known as ideal for beginners.

I would suggest Volador’s 42-inch freeride longboard which is a perfect and unique board of this brand. This board is a beginner friendly longboard. This longboard is perfect for any tricks and point-to-point game and learning longboarding for beginners. And this Volador 42-inch longboard is made for beginners.

Best Longboard Brands For Dancing

Longboard dancing is a technique that does not happen on all types of longboards. A visual, flowing highly skilled experience and discipline that combines cross step and balancing techniques. And these are Flatland, Freestyle Jumpy, Oli, Clickflips, Shawite and Slide Tricks which are very familiar and different.
Riders have been dancing with longboards for a long time. On various social media, you will see what a beautiful dance the kids are doing with longboards. In general, I would like to give you a suggestion for the best longboard brands for dancing. I will talk about some dancing longboards that will be ideal for you.

1. Loaded vangra v2: Still The Best Dancing Board

At present all longboard riders still agree that the loaded Bhangra V2 is the best dancing board of all time. Although it’s been 10 years since it came on the market and is still known as the Best Dancing Longboard. And no one disagrees.
There are a few reasons behind it being the best dancing longboard such as many large foot platforms, made with very strong and high quality bamboo, beautiful design, smooth ride and great concave.
A very nice and the best dancing board is this loaded bhangra v2 longboard. This 48.5 inch board is very nice for some reasons which are free-style, smooth footwork for tricks and Perfect for dancing in all aspects but a little weak in technical aspects but the combination of Great Double Kick.

Magneto Bamboo Dancing Longboard: Best Dancing Board

Magneto is a good option for you when it comes to budget. They specialize in making good quality longboards. However, they make boards for low budget riders and which is perfect for dancing. And they are bringing good quality boards to the market by reducing the cost of their components.
The length is 48 inches and 9 inches is the size of the deck of the longboard. This magneto bamboo dancer longboard is made of bamboo and fiberglass. This board can carry a weight of 200 pounds. Lots of beautiful and shiny boards this magneto bamboo dancer longboard.

What Makes a Perfect Longboard?

“Perfect” is not an easy word, considering the number of brands out there offering their best. So today, we’re going to help you find something that you require and point out precisely what you need to find perfection.


The first and essential thing you need to consider is “what type of deck will suit you.” This matter may seem like a topic that can’t be easy to answer but let us simplify it.

Decks are one of the essential parts to assess when you’re choosing a longboard for yourself. First, you need to know is what you favor the most is its speed? Is it control? Or is it the stability?

There are several decks such as downhill, freeride, carving, cruising, slalom, and dancing. Let’s start with the most used, the slalom deck, which specializes in maneuverability.

Suppose you prefer maximum control of your movements and take turns precisely the way you want. Then this board is what you’re looking for; it favors control over speed.

However, suppose you’re planning on racing, and you need something that will feed your opposition your dust. In that case, you should go for downhill boards, which focuses on achieving the fastest speed of 100 km/h or even more.

Among all these, there’s Freeride that is the newest addition to this list of decks, but it is a whole package. This deck is not precisely for speed, rather than rate; this focuses on taking advantage of the streets.

Freerides are amazing for stunts and tricks due to its lighter build and higher wheel clearance for reduced wheel bites. Moreover, the cruising deck is what you need if you’re looking for the best cruising experience.

Additionally, the carving decks are for steeper downhill curves and turns. These are much more flexible and capable of having higher flex, which some light-weighted riders love.


This part is crucial for you to experience the board’s full flexibility; one of the most important are the trucks. It is also the part that people complain about the most.

The reason behind that, getting a board with bad trucks can completely ruin your experience in the worst possible way since it will compromise your speed and control.

There are precisely two types of trucks, the standard truck (TKP) and the reverse kingpin trucks(RKP). You’re maybe thinking, what are the differences? Well, let’s start with the bad one.

In the case of trucks, the standard trucks are of the lowest quality. Most budget boards may use this to reduce their board’s cost, but that’s not always the case; some use reverse kingpins.

Among all the problems the standard trucks have, one of them is the lack of mobility and agility. It does not allow the same type of control and maneuverability you require.

But in this case, the reverse kingpins are astonishing at giving you more flexibility and better safety; it’s the newest edition when it comes to trucks. It has more agility and allows you to cut sharp corners even with the slightest of turns.

Therefore among these two, getting a reverse kingpin is the better choice since it will ultimately enhance your riding experience and give you full control. 


First-timers may overlook this part about longboards, but this is very important if you wish to have the perfect flex considering your weight and the type of flex you prefer.

Flex is the board’s flexibility, now this may vary depending on the type of deck the board has, but this is also an adjustable feature. Therefore, you need to consider what kind of flex you require.

The ones that offer the most flex are incredibly bendy. They are great for stunts and other controlled activity, but that is considering your weight. 

That’s not all; when you choose an item with maximum flex, it will not perform when you require high speed. Since they will bend quite often, you will have lesser control at high speed, making it risky for you.

In that case, medium flex usually works the best. The medium flex is flexible enough to give you proper control, even at high-speed conditions. That’s why most people prefer medium flex. 

Although you’re considering race or prefer high speed, the stiff boards are the best choice for you; they will give you great control at high speed. Still, they may not be suitable for comfortable gliding and cruising.


“The softer the wheels, the better” well, that’s not always the case. It entirely depends on the user board; therefore, everyone has a preference in wheels.

Although wheels are easily replaceable when you’re considering getting something that will suit your comfort right off the packaging, then wheels are something you should check.

78A PU wheels are usually best to absorb impact and offer more excellent stability in rougher terrains. But stiffer wheels are fantastic at getting you better acceleration and control.

Therefore, you need to choose what makes a more significant difference for you. Still, in cruising and casual riding, softer wheels work the best.


Having a better clearance in the wheels is essential for several reasons. One of the most obvious reasons would be for your safety. Why? If you’re wondering, well, most of the accidents that occur are because of wheel bites.

Now, what are wheel bites? Well, that’s a skateboard terminology to describe the impact of wheels touching the deck. It causes a violent reaction and even sudden breaks that may even injure you badly.

This situation is one of the most common things that occur while riding downhill or when you’re making sharper turns. The effortless way to get rid of it may be to have a larger wheelbase. 

But only having the most extended wheelbase isn’t the solution. Sometimes, the deck’s height also has an influence. The higher the tier, the better clearance you have for the wheel rotation.

So, having a more significant clearance will allow you to take a sharper turn. For that, you need to consider a wheelbase that will enable you to have that complete freedom. Your turns and sharp corners will be much easier to take that way.


This component may seem like one of the most common things to consider. Still, they make a big difference when you’re riding for pleasure or whatever reason. It can completely ruin your experience.

Most longboards use ABEC 7 bearing, which is known to be the best, but not always people say they are the best. But this depends on the situation of the bearings already installed.

You need to check for the best performing bearing since that will positively influence your riding experience. The bearings can smoothen the rotation of your wheels.

This rotation will allow you to have more incredible speed with lesser push, since having to push too much may completely ruin your experience. You need something that will maximize your wheel spin and give you full efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Longboard Brands

Not all boards have similar wheels; it entirely depends on the preference of the rider. The durometer of the wheels determines its softness. Some boards might have a higher rating and some lower, and it is entirely adjustable.

In most packaging for longboards, they come fully assembled so that you don’t have to do anything or attach any external components. The packaging is done with the best care and for maximum protection.

Some of the longboards might have defective trucks. If the trucks are loose or the connections rust, then the trucks will make such noises. You should get replacements for then for maximum performance.

It entirely depends on the type of experience you’re looking for; if you’re looking for something that favors speed, then you should go for downhill decks. Otherwise, for maneuverability, try slalom decks.

Suppose you are looking for a longboard that offers more flexibility for stunts and tricks, then yes. In that case, higher flex is advantageous, but in the case of higher speed, having a higher flex will reduce your control and might be risky.

The most common material used for longboards are maple, but with a mixture of high-quality bamboo or even fiberglass. Different brands take different steps to ensure the durability of the board.

It has a lot of effect on the board, while boards too heavy will make it much harder to control or make proper maneuvers with it. The lighter the board is, the better, but the higher weight doesn’t mean better material. Value depends on the construction and the materials used. It doesn’t influence the quality.

And if you have any interest in electric skateboards, you can see our this article, where you will see some of the best electric skateboards review in the current market under $500. That really awesome.

Final Words Of Best Longboard Brands

Hundreds of brands out there will offer things that may seem like exactly what you want, but you need to know what suits you the best.

Therefore, this article for the best longboard brands will help you know what you want and where you want it from.

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