Top 2 Best Rimable Longboard Reviews In 2020


There is a multitude of different type of skateboard, longboard, and shortboard in the market. Different types of boards are suitable for different kinds of players. Also, there is a huge company who have been making a skateboard, longboard, and a vast number of boards for years after inventing the skateboarding sports. Today you are going to read our complete rimable longboard reviews.

If you are someone who loves to play with a skateboard and don’t know how to buy the best skateboard or longboard considering all the components and materials, there’s nothing to be worried about. Here I’m to talk about the details of rimable skateboard, longboards, and shortboards.

In this article, I will be talking about the rimble longboard, including all the aspects and details. Besides, you will know the rimble brand how better it is. Because, knowing about the brand before buying products is crucial, and get you rid of unsatisfying. That’s why I m about to talk about the brand first. And then I will be explaining all the details step by step. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Rimable Longboard Reviews

Rimble Company

Yongkang Ydream fitness equipment co., Ltd is one of the biggest trade markets in china belonging rimble for skateboarding components. The company makes a different type of products, including skates, scooters, fitness gear, and toys. However, rimable skateboards, longboards is quite suitable. They make rimable skateboard a familiar name for including all the useful components and quality materials. 

Now I m going to talk on of their longboards named pintail which is in our list cause to gain quality and satisfaction. The brand is a fact while buying the board; however, all the quality materials and components make sense though you do not find the brand. So, I’m significantly talking about all the ingredients, materials and much more. 

Rimable Pintail Longboard Reviews

The traditional shape looks like a surfboard. Perfect for cruising and carving. slick graphics applied, a slight amount of concave, flatter  

Rimble pintail longboard is the excellent choice of rimable. All of its right quality materials and high-quality components make it stand out and gives productivity. 

The board comes with a traditional shape looking like a surfboard. I think who loves surfing; the rimble pintail longboard might be the right choice for them. The board is equipped for perfect cruising and carving.

The rimable pintails seemed lightweight. It measures less than 7 pounds, so, I think think this perfect as a longboard. So, it can be carried out while going shopping, restaurants and so on, and makes sure that you will never be tired with this excellent board.

The applied graphics are slick and impressive. If you go out to cruising around the town, it will look pretty much better. And the rimable pintail longboard has a slight amount of concave shape which helps you to turn around very quickly. Though it comes with a small amount of concave shape, it’s flatter. And all the useful components, including deck, trucks, wheels, and bearing, might surprise you. Le’s get more detail.


The rimable pintail longboard comes with a comfortable deck. It measures 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. That is a perfect size who loves longboards. It’s equipped with Canadian maple which is quite good and high- quality wood. And it ensures the durability and enhances the smooth-riding experience. Also, it has pintail over the back layer of the deck to add flexibility. It comes with an amount of slight concave shape to turn around comfortably.  


The rimable pintail longboard included a high-quality 7 inches aluminum best trucks ensuring the durability and flexibility while riding. Though the size is perfect, however, it could be bigger as 9.5 wider board to get more comfortable riding. Also, the trucks allow you to turn the board more controlled and balanced.  

Wheels and Bearings

The rimbale pintail longboard has 70 mm wheels with a durometer of 85A. These wheels are quite smooth and give flexibility while riding. And they are also loosed enough to get better curving experience in riding to downhill and cruising around even on rough surfaces, roads, or sidewalks. The wheels are perfect enough what they have added, however, if you are someone who wants to get a better experience in riding, than you might change the wheels and get the market-leading wheels. 

Moreover, the rimble pintail longboard comes with smooth bearings with high-speed lubricant. They have eleven ratings of ABEC that ensure you comfortable riding experiences as well as the quality.

Besides, there is quality grip tape on top of the board, which seems quite right. You will feel like locked your feet in. And it feels more controlled while riding even downhill with high speeds. 

And, there’s one more thing that I liked is the graphic design and images underneath the board looking fantastic while cruising around the town. The rimble added different types of color so, you can choose based on your choice.



RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

RIMABLE skateboards are fairly popular for their unique style and top-notch quality. This particular 22 inches longboard is also no exception to their renowned designs. With a strong and tough material and attractive pattern, this skateboard is a great option for beginners.

The exterior of the skateboard has a glossy pattern, which makes it look captivating. It has a slightly concave angle, which gives it a more defined shape and also provides comfort.

This concave angle also helps you to run and look around at the same time without losing rhythm. Patterns on the board are perfectly suited to the summer ambiance, so it is a perfect beach accessory!When it comes to the essential parts, there are the deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings, which are made of durable materials.


Rimable Longboard Reviews

The trucks of the skateboard are made of pure solid aluminum. These aluminum trucks are three inches in diameter and provide a good amount of flexibility.The deck of the longboard is 22-inches in length and 6-inches in width and made of high-quality, tough wood.


Rimable Longboard Reviews

Measurements of the deck allow you to turn around safely during riding. This longboard also comes with smooth PU wheels and high-speed bearings, which ensure a better experience during riding.

Wheels & Bearings

Rimable Longboard Reviews

Moreover, the quality of the smooth wheels and their bearings allow you to ride even on rough surfaces and downhill directions without any difficulty.

RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard Review



Conclusion Of Rimable Longboard Reviews

There are many causes behind it to be a perfect longboard. I have shared all the things what I noticed from my personal experiences. I think the most significant part is what makes it stand out is the quality materials which give productivity in riding experiences. And at the and of the rimable longboard reviews, I want to recommend this product who consider the price and quality and better components while buying. I think this rimable skateboard is for the price. 

I hope this rimable longboard reviews included all the things that you wanted to know about, besides you wanted to make sure which one is the best for you. So, I think my recommendation and experiences with this board is going to be helpful and makes sense while buying a new rimable skateboard & longboard. 


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