List Of Different Types Of Skateboards

different types of skateboards


No matter whether you want to refresh your mind or want to involve yourself with physical activity, a skateboard is an excellent tool for you that not only gives you amusement but also ensures physical involvement and easy transportation. However, it may be tricky to choose particular types of skateboards as markets are loaded with various kinds of this instrument. Actually, there are almost as many skateboard types as there are different types of roads, hills or surfaces to skate. Furthermore, your skating surface will also decide the types of skateboards. So, let’s check some of the main type of skateboards that you may use to roam around the city, or trekking the hills or sporting on a vertical surface.

Types of Skateboards -

Skateboards have gone through various transformations to come to this modern form. Earlier type of skateboards are primarily made with steel and clay wheels which are now replaced with glue and wood. Besides, skateboards can be split into various categories based on the size (like full size, mid-size, mini size, and micro size) while you can also divide the skateboards types into three basic shapes and neck size – short boards, longboards and cruisers (mid-size boards). Apart from these, all the individual brands are made for different purposes.


types of skateboards shortboard

The size of these boards is short and perfect for skateboarding in the street or park. It allows for getting air and tricks.

Generally used in: Street or park.



Though longboards come in different sizes and shapes, the rule is thumb is – it will be longer in length, sizing 33 inches or above. The well-balanced structure of the board with narrow and longer necks and soft wheels make it perfect for the beginners, providing good speed for the pro. Longboards are of various kinds, starting from the downhill board, cruiser boards, twin-tip board, pintail board, to many more.

Perfect for:

Not so perfect for:

Generally used in: Flat downhill roads. You may also use longboards for freestyling and dancing.

Downhill boards:

Downhill skateboard

These skateboards are designed for professionals and suitable for freestyling, dancing, long-distance traveling, and many other advanced forms of skateboarding. Generally this skateboard comes with a symmetrical shape and gives higher speed (approximately 45 miles per hour) without any wobbling. The wheel cutouts on the other hand, allow you to use larger wheels for your comfortability. Professional stunts and turning have never been so easy because of the use of enhanced balance and the facility to positioning close to the ground. However, skills like air breaks, drifting and creating a good grip are essential for doing stunts with this skateboard.

You can choose electric downhill boards for extraordinary move and stunts.

Perfect for:

Not so good for:

Generally used in: Downhill roads. Make your free-styling and stunts to the next levels by choosing the perfect types of skateboards for you.


Cruiser skateboard

Want to cruise around the city? Cruiser types of skateboards is a perfect choice for kicking around the roads confidently. The deck size is medium in length, neither short nor too long. Currently, all the cruisers come with kicktails or upward bent tips of the skateboards that ensure safe maneuverability. Additionally, you can convert any type of skateboards into a cruiser- just replace the existing wheels with bigger and softer wheels that will ensure faster movability, let alone fun and amusement.

Perfect for:

Not so great for:

Generally used in: City roads and street flat roads.

Mini cruiser – the most popular skateboards nowadays

Different types of skateboards

As you are thinking, it is the miniature version of the cruiser, designing only for cruising. If you are planning something for tricks, the mini cruiser is not for you. The size of the mini cruiser is similar to that of mini boards. However, the only difference is the use of softer and wider wheels and made with wood or plastic.

Good for:

Not so good for:

Generally used in: Downhill flat roads, park and bowl.

Mini boards:


As from the name, you can easily understand that the skateboard will be short compared to other types of skateboards. At the beginning of the skateboarding era, people created 2×4 roller skateboards for skateboarding. Later, inspired by this roller skate, people crafted mini boards which are currently used by only the kids. Sometimes, they are also called mini cruisers and come with skatepark wheels.

Don’t misunderstand mini boards with shortboards. Both are different types of skateboards.

Perfect for:

Toddlers and kids.

Different Types Of Skateboards based on purpose:

Apart from the above-mentioned major categories, you may divide the different kinds of skateboards based on their purpose and the place where the skateboards are used.

Vert skateboard:

Vert skateboard

Vert skateboarding is an advanced form of skateboarding which is really thrilling and exacting. Therefore, these type of skateboards are specially designed for use in the vertical walls or incline surfaces. For vert skateboarding, you need to master some of the advanced tricks as you may need to skate from horizontal to the vertical surface. However, before trying vert skateboarding, achieve the basic riding tricks including pushing, carving, and cruising.

Pick a vert skateboard that has a wide neck and wheels as these two are vital for ensuring stability.

Slalom Skateboard:

Slalom Skateboard

It is a form of downhill skateboarding that raised its popularity in the 2000s though it was invented in the years 1960s and 1970s. In this type of skateboarding, you need to go through various plastic cones that are positioned in a variety of ways, sometimes straight, and sometimes scattered. Skaters will penalize for touching the cones and time will be deducted for touching the plastic cones. You need to finish the skating as early as possible. Therefore, you need to increase, decrease or maintain the speed. Fortunately, modern slalom skateboards come with the features to control speed and turning.

Freestyle skateboard:

freestyle skateboard

Undoubtedly, it is the best option for you if you are trying skateboarding for the first time. It is one of the oldest styles of skateboarding where you need to apply tricks and footwork. For professional performance, you may need choreography and music. A small and narrow board will be good for flipping the board while the longer and wider board will be best for footwork. On the other hand, controlling smaller boards are easy than the wider while larger boards provide more stability than that of the shorter. So, pick the size based on your requirements.

Generally done in: Flat ground.

Street skateboard:

street skateboard
  • You must have been seen skating on guardrails, at least in the Hollywood movies. Yes, we are talking about street skateboards that are often used in public places such as industrial areas, city streets, plazas as well as guardrails, stairs, handrails, park benches, retaining walls and more. This style focuses more on tricks and transitions other than normal skating for transporting.

Choose street skateboard with smaller wheels (approximately 48-55 mm) and narrower deck for achieving easier flip. Be sure to pick street skateboard made with polyurethane material as you need a sturdy skateboard for applying tricks and flipping.

Park skateboard:

park skateboard

Also known as Popsicle, Park skateboard is a form of modern skateboarding which is specially designed for the parks. It is a sub-style of regular skateboard types where skaters use various tricks. Street obstacles including rails and stairs are often used for this type of skateboarding.

29-inches board will be perfect for a person whose height is under five feet and four inches while if you are more than this height, you should choose a board that is at least 32 inches. Not to mention that try to pick long wheels (approximately 51 to 55 mm) as longer wheels provide stability.

Pool skateboard:

pool skateboard

From the name, you can easily understand this skateboard is specially designed for pool. Pool skateboarding is not only a great amusement but also thrilling and challenging. Therefore, you should choose a pool skateboards wisely.

Pick pool skateboards with wider width ( at least 8.5 inches). Try to find a wheelbase with approximately 15 to 18 inches while the shape should be like a vert skateboard types.

Off-road skateboard:

Off-Road Skateboards
  • Off-road skateboard is another challenging task that requires heavy-duty skateboards as you will not always find smooth surfaces like city roads, parks or pool. This specially designed skateboard is so sturdy that you can use the skateboard on gravel, let alone hard-packed sand and dust. Additionally, features like brake offer easier stopping when necessary, especially when you need to pass dangerous terrains.

Convert your regular skateboard with larger wheels that are made with rubber, ensuring smoother ride experience in the rough surface. 

Modern vs. old school skateboarding:

  • Modern and Newly invented skateboards: Skateboard manufacturers, as well as individuals, are currently introduced various new styles in skateboarding. Some of them are given below:
    • OneWheel skateboard: Like its name, the skateboard has only one big wheel in the middle. This self-balancing s electric skateboard, is invented by the CEO and founder of Future Motion Inc. Kyle Doerksen. Not only does it give recreation experience but it also ensures easy trans-portability.
    • Stow board: it is a fusion of commuting and skateboarding. You can also fold the board and even put it on the bike rack.
    • Freeboard: It is specially designed for snowboarding and comes with an additional wheelset that ensures stability.

Old School skateboarding:

Old school boards

The popularity of skating dates back to the to 1890s. You can easily identify an old school skateboarding by judging its deck. Typically old school skateboard has a fish-tail shape, bigger tail, larger wheels, and a smaller nose. You can convert old school skateboard to a cruiser by replacing the larger wheels with a softer one.

More Kinds of Skateboards

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a few other kinds of skateboards. They are mentioned below:

Double Kick Skateboard

Double Kick Skateboard

Double kick skateboards are designed to keep performers in mind. Both ends of this skateboard have kicks on them, allowing you to flip and do tricks easier.

Because you will be using these longboards quite well and rough, the construction is designed to be sturdier. Therefore, this kind of skateboard is a great option if you want something to ride and practice without worrying about damaging the skateboard.

Besides performing, you can also use the skateboard for casual commuting. But you can’t travel long distances with these boards.



Carve Skateboard

Carve skateboards have specially designed trucks installed to make tilting easier. The trucks also make the wheels more flexible so that they can change their direction easier. Unlike typical skateboards, carve skateboards pivot their front trucks better and faster.

All these features combined give the rider great control over their speed. You can pump both backward and forwards. Carving skateboards are so smooth that they are often compared to the feeling of surfing.



Different Types Of Skateboards

What Size Skateboards Should I Buy?

what types of skateboard should i buy

Whether you’re a child or an adult, you need a skateboard that is the right size for you. To buy the right size of a skateboard, you need to consider your height, weight, and also your shoe size.
People who are above 5’3 in height need a skateboard that has a deck size of 7.5 inches or larger. And people between 4’5 or 5’2 could go for skateboards of 7.3 inches. Mini skateboards of size 7-inch and mini skateboards of 6.5 inches are available for children or toddlers.

Final Verdict for different types of skateboards:

So, your purpose of skateboarding will decide the types of skateboards that you need. For instance, if you are planning downhill racing or cruising, a downhill skateboard is a perfect choice. If you have a kid in your home and want to give the toddler a new experience, you should go for Mini boards. Additionally, there are plenty of options for different types of skateboards with advanced and pro users who need excitement.



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