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We have all seen that metal shaped architecture on the frontal area of a truck. They are important, they need to be durable and they need to be adjustable at the same time so that you have a pleasant trucking experience. So I suggest you pick the Best Longboard Trucks. Once you take a look at this blog post, it will be easy for you to choose the best one

That’s what this Best Longboard Trucks article is all about. We wanted to make sure that you receive the perfect information to buy the next longboard truck.

What have we done to help you take that decision? We simply went out, looked at the current market and picked 7 of the best possible products. They all are durable and they have their unique characteristics.

Before we get into the details of the units, please make sure that you understand that all these 7 options are equally good for the right person. They are not ranked in a particular order.

They are better than the rest out there but you can go with any of these 7 options and you will be happy with the decision.

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks

  • Getting right to the issue, this particular truck is available only in pairs of 2. Seeing as you’ll need a pair of wheels in both the front and the back, this should be a conventional thing for most skateboard trucks. If this wasn’t the case, I am sure a lot of really poor saps would end up ordering just one and not being able to get their boards working until the next one came by!
  • A choice of seventeen different color schemes to choose from that lets the user choose a color that goes well with the board that they currently own. There are some general colors and even some rather unorthodox and brave color combinations I should say!
  • This particular model, the caliber II, is even stronger than its predecessor, the caliber I and according to manufacturer claims, is as much as 40% more likely to endure stress. I know percentages are a bit difficult to quantify but it is fair to say that it is going to be a decent performer when it is put under the cosh.
  • You are unlikely to end up buying just one when you would need them in pairs. As unconventional as that might seem, it is definitely a measure that will prevent users from getting into quite a bit of a mess indeed!
  • The design of the truck is quite stable and several dimensions of the truck are adjustable so that you, as a user, can make changes as per necessary in order to get the truck to fit tightly to your skateboard or longboard.
  • The paint brushing on it, although something the manufacturer highlighted, was not oh good quality and some users complained about the paint getting removed very easily.
  • There are two options to purchase with bearings and one without and users without bearings, often, mistakenly ordered the ones without any and experienced quite a bit of inconvenience.

Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Trucks

  • Has an included double kingpin setup, unlike most longboard trucks which have just the one pin. The double kingpin setup lets the handles rotate quite a bit more than usual ones and this should let you steer with a much narrower curvature than you would be able to on a regular longboard.
  • In addition to the supernormal steering, the double kingpin is quite efficient in getting the most out of your kickbacks. A staple of riding skateboards is to use your feet to take turns or gain more speed and this efficiency lets your board get more speed with every kick and turns do not slow you down nearly as much either.
  • For installation purposes, the product comes packaged with some nuts that you need to use to attach the wheels to the handles of the truck. That means that you have to separately get the screws to attach the truck itself to the board. However, the manufacturers are nice enough to send some of these screws if you do not have them and let them know in advance.
  • It makes for a very smooth ride, much smoother than you would usually get with a regular truck. The rotation mechanics are very fluid so it should also make for very smooth and easy turns, even the sharp ones.
  • While we are on the point of turning, the turns can be made with very little movement of the body, allowing users to curve in very little time and with little distance covered. You can probably do 180s like it’s nobody’s business at this rate!
  • A lot depends on the type of deck you are using. You get all of the aforementioned benefits if you have a suitable deck only. Unfortunately, due to the expansive list of skateboards that are longboards and available to the general consumer base, you are unlikely to find specific compatibility for a particular type of deck.

Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks

  • Build quality is quite a prominent feature of this truck and is somewhat apparent in the aesthetics as well. The Paris V2 is welded with T6 heat treatment, the steel axles of the truck are rated at 8 grade and the kingpins were pressed in to add to the strength and durability of the truck.
  • Available directly in a set of two so that you don’t get just one. I hope the problem with that is quite apparent by now! Maybe install it in the middle and keep juggling your weight on it!
  • The carving of the truck is among the best and indeed, this is one of those trucks that will let you make sharp turns and swerves with little effort and this should let you get in and around objects very seamlessly.
  • It uses a vintage mounting plate in the bottom and therefore, you can mount it to a lot of both old and new boards too. The breastplate of the truck is compatible with both older and newer mounts and therefore, mounting is not usually an issue.
  • The manufacturer guarantees the truck for a lifetime so you should be getting service from this truck for a really long time or get help from the manufacturer in case that wasn’t the case at any time.
  • The universal mounting capabilities will almost certainly guarantee that it is going to fit your board as long as it meets the size recommended for it. It saves you some trouble of finding a compatible truck for your trusty longboard.
  • Although the track itself is quite sturdy, a lot of users complained about the truck not fitting well with the longboard. If the ride isn’t stable, understandably the sturdiness will count for much less.
  • The bushings of the truck are also softer than what a lot of users anticipated and in some instances, it was too much to allow for a smooth ride even.

BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks

We also have a detailed review on Bear Grizzly Trucks Review in case if you want to check that out.

  • This particular model is the latest in a group of 5 longboards from this particular lineup of skateboards from the manufacturer and has some improvements on the fourth Gen. According to the manufacturer’s claims, improvements were made to improve the build quality and improve the versatility of the usability of the board.
  • The truck is improved with a new mounting system that is going to be a baseplate with eight mounting holes and this should let you fit it to both vintage and newer longboards.
  • Coming in only at 2 pounds, it is one of the lighter trucks. It helps maintain a good speed and keeps the center of gravity towards the center of the board and this helps maintain better stability on the board. Trucks that are too heavy might put on a lot of weight on the two sides and increase the likelihood of it getting hinged on one side.
  • It is quite a versatile truck to use for beginners. It might not be as good at taking really sharp turns but if you’re just getting into learning skateboarding or getting it for someone just starting off, this might be the right compromise to get a better weight and build quality.
  • The design of the longboard is very suitable for maintaining speed and moving in straight lines and paths and therefore, will be something you’ll enjoy if you go down ramps and hills. Beginners can get comfortable with the speed with this for sure!
  • Simply trying to take a longboard out with this truck can be inconvenient for general use, due to the linear nature of this truck. Not great for instantaneous direction changing at all.
  • The bushings of the board seem to be a problem point, with the bushings slipping out a couple of times during use for several users.

SCSK8 180mm Longboard Truck Set of 2 Reverse Kingpin

  • With a reverse-kingpin design, this particular truck isn’t the most premium made, with the body made of aluminum alloy. Build quality isn’t the best, needless to say, but this does make this truck very accessible for budget-oriented users.
  • The truck does come in pairs like the best of them so at least that won’t be a problem. It wouldn’t be beyond possibility that in order to keep prices down, only one would be provided!
  • The reverse kingpin is not the tightest and most fitting of all truck mechanisms and therefore, you might be slightly unnerved by the truck when you are using it at first. However, it is mainly a feeling of discomfort at best and users did not report to any problems that arise from this.
  • This comes in a fully metallic build with no paint job or anything of the sort. Therefore, you might not enjoy putting this on your board. You definitely won’t like the looks of it much I can tell you!
  • It is super cheap. If anything happened to the original trucks of your skateboard and you aren’t really looking forward to spending money to get a replacement, this will be okay enough to do a job. Hope you’re not too demanding though!
  • Sadly, the lack of color means that it is going to look quite bad and the truck is going to really stand out but for all bad reasons!
  • The build quality is rather poor and is not likely to sustain much in the way of stress or pressure on it. You’ll need something a lot sturdier if you like doing tricks and bits.
  • It is also not the smoothest in terms of making swerves and turns. Again, it’s the price you pay for cheap prices but that is life sadly!

Gullwing Charger Longboard Skateboard Trucks

  • With a sleek design and aesthetics that look quite premium, the Gullwing Chargers, a staple in the longboard industry for quite a while now and continue to be prominent players in the industry thanks to superior performance, build and aesthetics than most competitors.
  • A selection of 9 different color combinations should let you select one that goes nicely with your current longboard. The colors also have quite a polished look to them and add to the premium feeling of this brand of trucks.
  • The trucks are actually quite wide and considerably add to the stability of the longboard. It is stable enough to be suitable for drop-through decks that specialize in going downhill or down slopes.
  • It does not come included with bolts and screws to attach the truck to the board so you’ll need to have them on your or get them separately. On the plus side, specifications are provided so you will know what hardware to get to make it operational.
  • Definitely among the more premium brands of skateboard trucks on the market, reinforced by the feel of the truck and the polished brushing of the paint job.
  • One of the more versatile trucks on the list with suitability for a number of different types of skateboarding, including going down slopes, general instantaneous movement and motion at speed. This is going to cover the lot! The usability is also quite good in this regard because you can pretty much put it on any board and get about your usual motions with relative ease.
  • The baseplate isn’t perfectly centered so you might need to adjust it to your suiting if you prefer to have in the middle. Beginners should be wary of this because they might get the balancing wrong and take a tumble!

Havoc Longboard Trucks Reverse Kingpin

  • Made with aluminum alloy, this longboard truck has compatibility with most longboards and should be enough to do a job good enough to meet the requirements of the average user but not shine at anything in particular. It won’t be the most expensive truck you ever buy so some cutbacks have to be made somewhere!
  • The pure metal construction comes with no paint jobs on the body so it is going to have the standard aluminum coating that you normally see with your household’s cooking utensils! If it is any respite, it could go with a silver-colored board if that’s your jingle!
  • A reverse kingpin design, which is a feature that most longboard users tend to prefer. There are reasons for this too; longboards with the reverse kingpin design in their trucks tend to curve and turn much better than the conventional design.
  • The build, although not the best, is definitely going to be lighter than most other trucks. If you want to keep your boards as weightless as possible and indeed, at 1.8 pounds, it is really light!
  • It’s cheap and it’s going to give you some features and functionality at a fraction of the price of more premium truck. Even though it isn’t the greatest, it is not bad value for money in every sense.
  • The lack of weight should make this quite a good truck to combine with a light board to allow you to carry it around to places with little effort. Sometimes, if you’re not a serious skateboarder, you will want to have a board that is as light as possible to move around with.
  • Lack of variety in color will definitely put a lot of people off!
  • It’s not going to be the most durable of trucks, as I have already said. It’s not going to stand too much punishment so you’ll have to be cautious at least.

Longboard Trucks Buying guide!

What are the things you, as a user, need to factor in into buying a pair of trucks for your trusty longboard? Given that the products that we’ve looked into have had a variety of features and physical dimensions, we can incorporate a number of them into our own buying decisions so we can look into potential good products outside the list.

First of all, the actual physical weight of the truck is something you’ll want to take a look at. The weight is going to influence how stable your skateboard is on a particular slope and more importantly, too much weight might be a deterrent in terms of portability of your skateboards.

As much as having more weight will usually be as a result of very well-built product body and perhaps even have some added features, it might not suffice the tradeoff in terms of the convenience of the weight. If you don’t really skate in a very advanced level and would just have something to go around for a stroll, not having an advanced albeit bulky won’t be something you rue.

The design of the kingpin is perhaps the immediate factor that comes into notice for a lot of users nowadays. And if you’re someone who has ever done any investigation into anything related to longboards, you’ve heard the kingpin mentioned. The kingpin is put into the socket to hold everything else in place.

It is literally a pin! So what is the consideration to be made in regards to the kingpin?

The kingpin has two designs, the conventional design and the other design called the reverse kingpin. It works just like it sounds; the kingpin goes in but in the opposite orientation. It has several advantages and benefits over the standard kingpin design.

Reverse kingpins are known to hold everything together tighter and is made in a way that adds to the durability of the truck without adding extra weight to it. It’s something implemented in a lot of longboards nowadays but you ought to be particularly concerned with this if you are going for something that is poorer in terms of build quality and is on the cheaper side.

Color combinations, or rather, the availability of them, is also going to be something to ponder for you aesthetically aware consumers. There are people for whom, the best longboard trucks should be extremely pretty to the eye and should look premium. Most of us aren’t like that I am sure!

However, even the casual users among us would like our trucks to look good I like to think and especially fit well with the design of the skateboard.

However, one reason why you might be willing to forego it is if you are in a really tight budget. And if that is your case, then sure! Get one with the standard metallic body. Anything that lets you get riding is much better than anything that just looks pretty!

Finally, you’ll want your truck to meet the specific needs of how you want to ride around. Some longboard trucks are there that lets you go down slopes at good speeds while maintaining a low center of gravity and remains stable in all these circumstances.

You’ll want to take a look at whether the build of a particular truck emphasizes more on the ability of your truck to curve or on the stability of the board during movement.

By the same token, there are other boards that will let you move around with relative ease and is going to be something you use to get around town while catching a breeze. Going a step or two beyond that, you might be quite a serious skater and you want to breeze in and around objects in the blink of an eye.

Having a truck with that kind of movement smoothness is likely to mean that the board itself is going to be slightly less stable when going down slopes, for example. So look into the specifics and user reviews of the truck you are looking at and spend a while or two thinking about it before you make a purchase.

Benefits of Buying a Longboard Trucks

While you might be more than satisfied with how your regular truck is performing, you should definitely consider all the benefits of getting an aftermarket truck to make your skateboard experience much better.

Aftermarket trucks come with a host of color options in the more premium grade so you have the choice of making your skateboards stand out quite a bit over that of others.

Color combinations also look sleek and the premium finishes on the paint job might earn you an admirer or two!

The more premium trucks also have better durability than your conventional truck. There is a pretty good chance that you are in for an aftermarket truck simply because the original trucks of your skateboard gave away!

If you aren’t there yet, you might be in the club anytime and it definitely won’t hurt to have one at hand or to know what to get before something does, in fact, happen to your trucks and you need them replaced. Can’t be too cautious now, can we!?

Finally, just the ability to swerve like a madman and zoom in between objects on the road and the sidewalk is something you’ll appreciate.

While your board’s vanilla trucks may let you do this, getting a premium truck will let you step your game up to the next level and help you do even crazier movement and be more stable at even higher speeds. The possibilities are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

It isn’t necessarily something you can tell just by appearance because the top and bottom of a pin often look the same. Going by the instructions is probably the best idea.

Although most trucks will work with drop-through decks, you might want to check on the instructions to make sure that they will remain stable at good speeds and while going down a slope.

Not all compatible decks will necessarily be a good option for all decks of this type.

That will really depend on the thickness of your board. Trucks do not usually affect the size of the bolt to a significant degree because physical dimensions of trucks tend to be uniform.

Most products come in sets of two so one order will be enough. However, do keep an eye on whether it actually specifies that it comes in a pair. The odd manufacturer might ship it in the singular.


That was a lot of products and features to go over. I know most people don’t really want to overthink about the simple decision of buying trucks and all but there are clear perks to getting good ones. And hey, I am not here to make the buying decision for you after all.

That’s on you! You might very well be the type who doesn’t care for these trivialities but if you ever have the thought, at least you know where to get a start.

It’s not that complicated and I’m sure with this guide, you’ll be able to navigate your way around the market for longboard trucks easily!



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