Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser Review


One of the most popular recreational activities is longboarding. People of all ages tend to enjoy spending their time while doing this fun-filled and exciting activity. Also, as it’s relatively easy to learn, more and more people are getting into it.

And because of how popular it has nowbecome, more and more brands are pushing out new boards. Among all of them, the most reliable and high-performing onescome from PlayShion.

And even though they have an extensive lineup, the go-to options for many is the playshion 39 inch drop through freestyle longboard skateboard cruiser.

It is so much popular that you might have already heard about it. And if you are wondering why it is that popular, you have stumbled upon the right source. We are going to answer that by offering an in-depth review of the board.

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playshion 39 inch drop through freestyle longboard skateboard cruiser

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Who doesn’t want to make friends with a good longboard cruiser? If you want to know about the experience of the best riders in the city by reviewing the playshion drop throw free style longboard skateboard cruiser which is a standard longboard of 39 inches. If you want to know more about it, you can read our review which will let you know about this playshion longboard review. This brand is a famous longboard brand and it specializes in making good quality longboard, skateboard and some related products. Today we will talk about the playshion drop throw longboard which is one of the best longboards in the market. This playshion drop throw longboard is very popular for riding style and is one of the best longboards for tricks.

Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

The main reason behind the longboard being this famous is because of boasting all-rounding features that are well-balanced. Alongside that, it does not make that much amount of sacrifice in any of the factors.

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Before we talk about the crucial aspects of the board,let us give you a brief overview of each of the components first:

• The Deck

Let us start things off by describing one of the most critical features, which is the deck. Considering how muchmost of the riders in the longboarding community like drop-through decks, Playshion has decided to implement the same type of deck in this model that they are offering.

In the case of dimensions, it is 9.1 inches wide. That means you are going to get a load of space to stand comfortably on top of it. For the nature of the deck, it remains fairly closer to the ground. The distance that would be between the deck and the ground is just 4 inches.

It also has reasonably less space between the deck and the ground. That means you will be able to easily implement the push and brake riding style. Also, this design makes it easier for beginners to learn longboarding. And it will also ensure that the center of gravity is low, which will make it easier for the riders to stay stable when riding it.

On that note, the deck’s overall construction is of 8-ply hardwood maple, which has high flexible characteristics. It combines a flat and symmetrical form factor. The middle is slightly concave, which will help to secure your feet on the board.

And as PlayShionimplemented a flexible and sturdy construction, the unit’s overall weight capacity is a staggering 250 pounds. That means most of the riders will be able to ride this without facing any stability issues.

• Trucks

Now that the board’s uppers side is taken care of, let us talk about the bottom components. The trucks that it comes sporting with are made of high-quality aluminum.

And as the trucks are of aluminum, it does not only achieve a high level of durability but also remains minimal in weight. As a result, you would not feel like something is dragging you down when you are riding this board.

Lengthwise, the trucks are 7 inches long. They are the reverse kingpin type, which is equipped with a soft bushing. That soft bushing will enhance the overall riding experience. And they are powder coated as well, which will lower the chances of the paint chipping away.

Alongside that, because of having that powder coating, the possibility of it catching rust and getting corroded will be exceptionally low. You will also have the option to adjust the trucks according to your preference.

If you are a fan of making tight turns, then you should make it loose. On the other hand, if you want high speed and better stability, you can make the trucks reasonably tight.

Also, the bushing that these trucks feature is made of polyurethane. Because of being of that high-quality material, these bushings are not going to chip away that easily. This means you will be able to ride this board for a long amount of time.

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• Wheels

One of the vital factorsin this Playshion longboard review is the wheels. A board that does not have a good set of wheels will never be able to offer you a redefined riding experience. And Playshion knows that exactly well. That is why they have implemented polyurethane wheels for this board. Want to more about longboard wheel? Check it out.

They are 70×50 mm. And the core of the wheel is soft, while the exterior of the wheels is hard. The exterior is comparatively hard, which makes it exceptionally sturdy. And for the soft core, it will be able to offer you a smooth riding experience.

As the wheels are reasonably wide, which is 50 mm, you will not have to worry about the stability either. Alongside that, the wheels’ wide nature willoffer you a superior amount of control over the directions.

To add a cherry on the top, they are ideal for most of the terrains. So, whether you like to ride on roads or in the indoor skating roads, you are sure to have a redefined longboarding experience for these wheels.


• Bearing

The bearing is one of the things for which the Playshion longboard reviews are so positive. If you are somehow familiar with skateboarding, then you know how well-performing the ABEC-9 longboard bearings are. And yes, Playshion has implemented the same great-performing bearings on this board.

First of all, these bearings are made of steel. As it is not of other materials, such as aluminum and iron, the durability that these have is quite higher than the other bearings. So, no matter how rough the terrain you usually ride is, the stability of the wheels will not degrade over time.

And the steel balls that are inside the bearing have nylon cages. That means the overall friction will be considerably low. The rate of wear will be lower than the other available bearings.

Lastly, they also make a reasonably low amount of noise. You will be able to experience a smooth overall ride regardless of the terrain that you are on.

Other Essential Factors of the Board

Now that the board’s components are out of the way, let us move on to the other essential factors that make this board worthy. They are:

• Color Options

Considering how well put out their color options are, we can say that the Playshion did not skimp one bit regarding the outlooks. They wanted their longboard to stand out in both aesthetics and performance.

You will be able to pick one from seven different color options. Among them, there are three simple patterns, and the rest four have graphical designs. In our view, the simple patterned ones looked the best. However, if you want to stand out among the rest, we would highly suggest going for the graphical patterns.

• Shape

Not all of the longboards that you will stumble upon will have the same shape. The same thing goes for this board as well. This one has a unique shape that makes it stand out among the crowd.

And the shape that it implements is beginner-friendly. So, if you are just beginning your longboarding adventure, you would have no trouble getting accustomed to the way it rides.

• Durability

The durability is something that this board has nailed. Every one of the components that the manufacturer has utilized is of the highest quality, which makes the board achieve a durability level that it has is considerably higher than most of the other boards. You can expect it to remain in one piece for a long amount of time.

• Riding Experience

As we have mentioned in the component part, the wheels and the bearings it utilizes are top-notch. Also, the wheels that it boasts is ideal for most of the terrains. So, no matter in which terrain that you wish to ride this, you are sure to get a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

• Control

This is the factor that solely depends on the wheels and the deck. And as you know by now, the deck that it comes with is flexible. For the flexible nature of the deck, you will not have any hassles regarding braking it. In fact, with practice, you will be able to stop the wheels in split seconds.

And, as wheels being reasonably wide, you will also get full control over the directions.

• Adjustability

Unlike some of the boards that are out there, the trucks of this unit are fully adjustable. Depending on your riding style, you will be able to make the trucks loose or tight.

This adjustable mechanism is something that is not that common on the other boards.However, as this board has it, you will be able to fine-tune the riding experience according to your preference.

• Comfort

As we mentioned earlier, the deck that it comes with is pretty wide. For the wide deck, you are going to get enough foot space to keep your feet comfortably. And It is reasonably long too, which means you will not have any trouble in the case of adopting different riding styles.

• Maneuvering

As the deck of the board is flexible, it will be pretty easy for you to maneuver it. With a bit of time invested on the board, you will be able to carry out most of the intricate tricks. For being that easy to maneuver, most of the beginners tend to start their trick adventure with this board.

• Skill Level

Considering the build quality and how all of the components work, it is safe to say that this board is specifically designed for beginners. However, if you are in the intermediate skill zone, this one would be a bit less ideal for you. There are plenty of other boards out there that are ideal for your skill zone.

Now, if you are in the advanced skill group, we recommend youlook for other boardsas this board will not meet your criteria.

• Weight Capacity

As PlayShionutilizedhigh-quality components, the level of sturdiness that this board achieves is quite high. And as a result, it can hold more weight than the other boards that are in the same segment. As we mentioned in the component section, it is capable of holding riders that are up to 250 pounds in weight.

• Weight

The boards feature a lot of high-quality components. Considering that, you might think that the weight of the board would be reasonably high. Well, that is not the case at all. The board is reasonably lightweight. It weighs only seven pounds, which means carrying it around will be pretty easy for you.

You can even easily keep it inside your backpack and carry it on your back. Even though fitting the whole thing might be an issue for you because of the large size that it has, you will not feel like you are carrying a weighty item on your back.

• Price Point

By considering all of the high-quality components that this board packs, we would say the price of the unit is pretty reasonable. Aside from that, all the features that it comes with make this one worth the money you would have to spend on it.


After going through the review section, you must be looking forward to knowing about the pros of the board, right? Well, without further ado, these are the pros of the board:


Just like any other product, this one also has some drawbacks. The most crucial ones that you should keep in your head before buying are as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions

The brand Playshion has an extensive lineup of longboards. And each of the offerings they have is built with durable materials that offer overall competitive performance. Keeping that in mind, we would say that yes, Playshionlongboards are good enough for the money that you would have to spend on them.

Yes, you will be able to change the grip tape of the longboard if you want to. There are plenty of grip tapes available that have different patterns and are of different materials.

First of all, you need to make sure that you are wearing a helmet. You should not ride a skateboard without wearing a helmet. Secondly, you need to ensure that you have protection pads on. Those can lower the chances of serious injuries if any accidents do occur.

Yes, you will be able to change the wheels of the skateboards. All you need to do is get the ones that are compatible with the board that you have. Also, do factor in the durability of the wheels when you are buying an aftermarket set.

Final Verdict

The Playshion 39 inch drop through freestyle longboard skateboard cruiser is one of the most versatile longboards that are out there. Regardless of your riding style, it will take a short amount of time to get used to it.

To conclude, we hope that we were able to provide a brief overview of each of the aspects you were looking for in a skateboard review & get knowledge about different types of skateboards.





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