Best Orangatang Wheel Review & Buying Guide In 2021!


I’ll take a wild guess and say that you like skateboarding. You do? Knew it! And I also know that if you are into skateboarding, you’ve gone over some of the technical details and found out about the different things that you need in order to make a skateboard deck functional. Today you are going to read our complete Orangatang Wheel Review.

My focus for the moment is on the wheels and more specifically, wheels of a particular kind. Here, I will be giving you an overview of the Orangatang Heat skateboard cruising wheels and let me tell you, you’ll want to pay attention to this orangatang wheel review.

Orangatang Wheel Review

Features of Orangatang Wheel:

Though this unit didn’t make it to our best longboard wheels guide, it still has some quality features. Let’s have a look.

Orangatang Nipples Longboard Skateboard Truck Bushings

Cruise around town with these handy and sturdy rubber urethane wheels. As these are resistant to acids, chemicals, abrasions, and any kind of solvents, you can expect these wheels to stick around for a while. Although the material is quite squishy and bouncy you won’t notice any defects too soon.

Rubber wheels with high rebound such as this one allow a more energetic carving, cruising, and free riding with a highly responsive bushing.

In this pack, you get two taller bushings and two shorter bushings. The pack of fours replaces all the wheels on your board. For ease of use, sturdy flat washers are also included. By being slightly taller the bottom bushing barrels the difference is loading is taken account of.

These can be a perfect fit for your Paris Trucks. When it comes to Randal’s you might face some problem getting the wheels to fit in completely in the bushing seat but they do work. Try to avoid these wheels if you own a Caliber, Bear Grizzly or Gullwing Chargers.

While these are a great option for pumping and carving if used for high-speed riding, especially on e boards you will notice a lot of wobbling. To fix this you could try and get a tighter fit but riding at a moderate speed is recommended.

If you are a heavy rider, these will be a great cheap alternative. Even if riders are more than 250 pounds, the wheels stay stable and strong.

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Orangatang Knuckles Longboard Skateboard Truck Bushings

If you have used Orangatang’s nipple bushing and are now looking for a change, this is the one to get. This wheel has all the good qualities of that model with some extra added features but available at a similarly affordable price. 

Just like the Orangatang nipple bushing, this one too was poured into a high rebound randy thane formula. This means you get wheels that are bouncy, squishy, and responsive.

For energetic riding, making sharp and tight turns with the most stability and control, nothing can beat this model.

In this set of 4, you get 2 gumdrop bushings, 2 barrel bushings. With that 2 small and 2 huge cup washers are also included.

As the two sets are not similar in shape. This allows for a more customizable turn and responsive board. The gumdrop wheels are a mix between the traditional cone shape and barrel shape.

This unique shape is what allows you to move quickly with full control. Interface with the washer and turn initiation is also improved, thanks to this.

Setting up these wheels won’t take you much time. Installation is similar to any other kind of board wheel. There’s just one little step you need to take to fill out the gap between the hanger hole and the kingpin. Even with that extra adjustment, the installation process won’t take more than an hour.

Orangatang Onsens 58 mm Freestyle Park Skateboard Wheels

Wheels that you buy for a skateboard that you use for commute won’t perform so well when used for performing tricks. For that, you need wheels that can go through tough terrains, and handle a lot of impacts; such as this one. 

Designed especially for people who like free styling, skateboard dancing, technical sliding, or just riding in the park, these wheels won’t let you down.

The wheels are designed to sort of blend and hide into the boundaries of the skateboard. A unique sanded finish eliminates the need to break these in. You can start using them just as you used your previous wheels right out of the box.

58mm wheels such as this one are at the perfect size for increased acceleration. As these are quite lightweight, as well they don’t interfere with your performance.

The lips and edges of the wheels are rounded and bouncy increasing your safety and increasing rebound. So that you can always be prepared and predict your moves, a stone-ground contact patch is added.

Made with a perky thane structure, these wheels make sure your ride is smooth and vibration-free while giving you a good grip so you don’t fall. The perfect balance of these two factors is what makes this the best wheels for freestyle.

Besides all that these wheels are also flat spot resistant and formulated with a core that increases roll speed and makes the wheels more durable. 

Orangatang Skiff 62 mm All-Terrain Skateboard Wheels

All terrain-wheels have to be stronger and more durable. As these skateboards are used to ride up steep hills and rocky roads, the wheels need to be indestructible.

The Skiff 62mm is the perfect size wheel for medium-sized all-terrain skateboards. This size promotes acceleration along those rocky roads and gets over any obstacle. Increased maneuver ensures that you have enough flexibility to move according to your requirements and not feel too many bumps along the way.

These wheels are also capable of handling any weight without being crushed into the ground. Although these are strong and have a tough core, they do not weigh too much meaning you can use these for practice and tricks.

They will be compatible with most all-terrain skateboards and help you with longer and smoother rides. No matter what kind of road you are on, these wheels will give you balance and comfort.

A strong core like this also means that the wheels will last a long time. Even sharp objects can’t make any indentations on these wheels.

Other basic construction qualities that Orangatang follows are available to increase the durability. A special Orangatang urethane formula keeps these wheels plush and squishy for the longest time possible.

Besides longboards, you can also use these on roller skates. These provide a smoother ride so you might need to be careful about grip and traction.

Orangatang Fat-Free 65 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels

If you live in a hilly area or an area that is not plain, these wheels will be the best option for your longboard. Designed to have a good grip on the road you get a better balance while riding up or down a hill.

Unlike traditional longboard wheels, these help you ride faster and longer. A perfect size of 65mm helps increase acceleration at a safe rate. 

Besides using these for mountain riding, you can also consider these if you like tricks and slides. The lightweight build never gets in the way.

There’s no need to break these in. You’ll get great performance straight out of the box.

To ensure that the slides are predictable and smooth the wheels have a stone-ground contact patch and rounded lips. Your longboard won’t get startled with sudden movements and so accidents will be prevented.

Orangatang has a special urethane formula that is known to be plush, smooth, and buttery. The same formula has been used in these wheels as well. A perfect combination of squishiness and grip is what makes this flush but tough.

Although the wheels are soft and supple to hold they do have a strong core. This core works with the stone-ground contact to increase the wheel prediction. Having a strong core also means that the wheels won’t bend or lose their shape even with regular use. Firm shape promotes faster rides and longevity.

Orangatang Keanu 66 mm Free ride Longboard Skateboard Wheels

If you have some experience with free riding, you know that typical longboard wheels just won’t work with your style of riding. You need wheels that are different and can handle this kind of pro riding tricks without bursting open.

This model has the perfect balance of size and design to ensure that the wheels stay in one piece during all your technical downhill rides. This 66mm wheel ensures that you have controlled speed when riding both uphill and downhill.

With acceleration, you also get mobility to help during performances and tricks. The weight of the wheel does not affect your performance.

Just like any other longboard wheel designed to work in hilly areas this one too has stone-ground contact and rounded lips. This is so that you get a good grip and don’t slide off but have a smooth bump-free ride as well.

Thanks to the strong core, these rounded lips are protected at all times. With this extra protection, you can brush up your free riding skills without having to worry about your wheels.

You get this supple urethane model in multiple durometers. The blue wheel is 77a, yellow is 86a, purple is 83a, and orange is 80a. If you’re looking for speed the yellow wheel that is 86a will be the best choice. But keep in mind this wheel does give you less grip and you might fall or slip if you’re not a professional rider.

Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels

While the 66mm or smaller free ride wheels are better for tight turns and speed, a 70mm wheel allows you a more diverse cruising path.

Slightly larger wheels such as these give you speed as well as strength. You can ride over rocks, pebbles, and even broken glass without putting any effect on your wheels. No significant vibrations are felt either.

As the difference in size is slight, there is not much change in speed. If you want a plain sailing ride, this size will be perfect for you. Wheels this size can be added to the medium to large-sized longboards and can be used for dancing, tricks, and racing as well.

Get the perfect amount of grip to stay in control but cruise through freely without anything holding you back. The stone-ground grip on this one is designed to work with larger wheels. So you get smoother but safer rides.

Extra smooth wheels like this one are great for skill-building. They have lesser restrictions and allow you to move with less friction.

You also get 4 different durometers to choose from in this model. The purple one which is an 83a is best for sliding. These are tough but easy to slide on. For more grip go for the orange 80a version, this is the softest and most controllable. If you don’t want to feel any harsh jars from riding over obstacles, go for the 77a.

Orangatang 4 President 70 mm Cruising Longboard Skateboard Wheels

Orangatang Wheel Review

Orangatang president wheels are made for racing, pumping, downhill riding and general commuting as well. A versatile wheel like this one is great to have on your longboard as you never know where the road might take you.

All four wheels in this set are the same size so wheel rotation is made easier. This way you can cruise through plain roads to get to work in no time at all. Besides improving acceleration, these wheels also make it easier to take sharp turns. Carves and slides are also hassle-free.

Four durometers are available to choose from, each with a strong core. This is just one of the factors which make these wheels so versatile. A stronger core protects the wheels from getting holes and dents when riding in hilly or rocky areas. On plain roads, the wheels ride over any debris without making you feel the thud.

Take your longboard to get to work or school in the day time and swing the board out for practicing tricks in the evening; all with one kind of wheel. If needed, you can also use the wheels for racing.

Unique square lips on this one are designed to give you maximum grip. A strong grip allows you to ride over any kind of road without slipping. Don’t let his feature fool you though; although you get a tight grip the ride is smooth. No need to push any harder than you would with any other kind of longboard wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Bearings are sadly not included but you do have the option of ordering them along with the wheels on whatever side you order them on. Loaded Jehu v2 bearings will be provided in that case.

No, these wheels do not have stickers bundled into them. That is the case for the higher end models made by orangatang.


So there you have it, the Orangatang Wheel Review, with all its perks and drawbacks, which were few and far between. Despite the concerns with the build quality, they hold up well and should be good enough for the use case of an average user and you can get these without a second thought unless you’re some extreme skateboarder and you’re out here stunting on the rest of us! Give it a go and enjoy using this pretty nifty little set of wheels! Thanks again for reading our Orangatang Wheel Review.

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