Best Orangatang Wheels Review & Buying Guide In 2020


I’ll take a wild guess and say that you like skateboarding. You do? Knew it! And I also know that if you are into skateboarding, you’ve gone over some of the technical details and found out about the different things that you need in order to make a skateboard deck functional. Today you are going to read our complete Orangatang Wheel Review.

My focus for the moment is on the wheels and more specifically, wheels of a particular kind. Here, I will be giving you an overview of the Orangatang Heat skateboard cruising wheels and let me tell you, you’ll want to pay attention to this orangatang wheel review.

Orangatang Wheel Review

Features of Orangatang Wheel:

Though this unit didn’t make it to our best longboard wheels guide, it still has some quality features. Let’s have a look.

Orangatang Nipples Longboard Skateboard Truck Bushings

Cruise around town with these handy and sturdy rubber urethane wheels. As these are resistant to acids, chemicals, abrasions, and any kind of solvents, you can expect these wheels to stick around for a while. Although the material is quite squishy and bouncy you won’t notice any defects too soon.

Rubber wheels with high rebound such as this one allow a more energetic carving, cruising, and free riding with a highly responsive bushing.

In this pack, you get two taller bushings and two shorter bushings. The pack of fours replaces all the wheels on your board. For ease of use, sturdy flat washers are also included. By being slightly taller the bottom bushing barrels the difference is loading is taken account of.

These can be a perfect fit for your Paris Trucks. When it comes to Randal’s you might face some problem getting the wheels to fit in completely in the bushing seat but they do work. Try to avoid these wheels if you own a Caliber, Bear Grizzly or Gullwing Chargers.

While these are a great option for pumping and carving if used for high-speed riding, especially on e boards you will notice a lot of wobbling. To fix this you could try and get a tighter fit but riding at a moderate speed is recommended.

If you are a heavy rider, these will be a great cheap alternative. Even if riders are more than 250 pounds, the wheels stay stable and strong.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Bearings are sadly not included but you do have the option of ordering them along with the wheels on whatever side you order them on. Loaded Jehu v2 bearings will be provided in that case.

No, these wheels do not have stickers bundled into them. That is the case for the higher end models made by orangatang.


So there you have it, the Orangatang Wheel Review, with all its perks and drawbacks, which were few and far between. Despite the concerns with the build quality, they hold up well and should be good enough for the use case of an average user and you can get these without a second thought unless you’re some extreme skateboarder and you’re out here stunting on the rest of us! Give it a go and enjoy using this pretty nifty little set of wheels! Thanks again for reading our Orangatang Wheel Review.



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