69mm Orangatang Kilmer: Wheels For Longboard & Skateboard!

So, you’ve got the perfect deck for your skateboarding needs and even the right track to going along with it. Only one step is remaining; getting those sweet, sweet wheels and you’re ready to get going! Today you are going to read our complete Orangatang Kilmer Review. If you are indeed on the hunt for the right set of wheels for your skateboarding campaign to get up and running, I might be of assistance to you.

Here, I bring to you, the 69mm Orangatang Kilmer review to help you decide whether this set of wheels is the right option for your skateboarding adventures.

Orangatang Kilmer Review!

Orangatang Kilmer Review

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Special Feature:


69mm Orangatang Kilmer Wheel:

Though this unit didn’t make it to our best longboard wheels guide, it still has some quality features. Let’s have a look.

  • With wheels rated at 69mm in diameter, you will get a set of wheels that are about the right size to let you accomplish a variety of things; a jack of all trades if you will. It is not exactly small and you are going to need some size to get enough rotation in those wheels to really move at a substantiate speed and to send debris out of the way. At the same time, maintaining a small size is important in terms of keeping the weight low and keeping your board light, and keeping the center of weight as close to the middle as possible.
  • The core of the wheels is quite sizable and makes up the bulk of the wheel, 38mm in diameter. A large core lets the wheels support a number of things, including keeping the slides strong and firm and making sure that the slides wear out more evenly.
  • The edges are rounded and smooth and the slides, being very thin, also kind of make sure that the wheel won’t experience serious deformation that may lead to it rolling in a very wobbly manner. You definitely won’t want to have your wheels worn down only on one side! It’s basically like having flip-flops instead of wheels if your wheels end up like that.
  • The cross-section of the core has a valley-like shape with the outer walls supporting and holding the core up and thereby, ensuring that the structural integrity of the wheels remains intact. Holding up the core and by extension, the slides need the support of the cross-section to be very sturdy and in this wheel, you get that.
  • If you don’t have a specific use case and want a set of wheels that are good for general use with skateboards and can let you do a bunch of stuff like moving down slopes and also zigzagging and swerving around to a decent degree, these wheels are going to be quite ideal for your use case. These are free-ridden wheels after all so you should be able to ride around freely on a number of different surfaces with them.
  • The design of the wheel is such that it does in fact, provide very smooth motion, the kind that is suitable for free movement. They glide well and don’t provide more friction than necessary with the surface of the ground so you will be in for smooth sailing with a set of these wheels underneath the board.
  • It comes in a selection of colors; specifically, orange, purple and yellow. It isn’t a lot of colors but it does let you, as a user, find wheels that match or go well with your truck’s and board’s color schemes.
  • The wheels do not rattle or make too much noise and although it usually won’t even be something you worry about, in case you are practicing at home or someone is taking a nap nearby and you would rather not wake them up, this is definitely going to help out in that aspect. The lack of much is also an indication of a well-oiled gear running well and thereby, you can use the sound as a clue regarding whether the wheels are functioning properly. A built-in problem detector of sorts!
  • Given the general use case suitability, this, unfortunately, won’t be for you if you want your skateboarding to specialize in doing something. Usually, this will mean that you’re a freestyle skateboarder or you go down insane ramps or anything of that sort. Quite unconventional yes! However, it is something that needs to be mentioned as this means that it won’t be the perfect fit for everyone, no matter how good these wheels are.
  • Unfortunately, the wheels do not come with bearings. Usually, you will get bearings with the truck of your skateboard but that isn’t always the case and it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that you might not have some on you. Again, not a big problem by any means but this can definitely be quite an annoyance!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

1. Do these wheels come with bearings?

Sadly no, these wheels only have the set of wheels installed. The wheels are center set and they’re shaped in a way that will let you use 608 bearings to hold them in place.

These bearings are not particularly uncommon and come bundled with a bunch of different trucks so you could check if you already have compatible bearings.

2. Are these wheels going to be ideal for downhill movement?

Yes, they are quite smooth and the core of the yellow ones, in particular, come with the hardest surface that is offered by the manufacturer so you shouldn’t experience much in terms of unwanted resistance.

It could only be problematic if you are going downhill at really high speeds.


So there you have it folks, the Orangatang Kilmer Review of one of the best all-around and free-motion wheels that you can get for your skateboard. Yes, I know, you’re quite impressed and might have placed orders even before you were done the reading Orangatang Kilmer Review!
Orangatang Kilmer is definitely up there among the best of the bunch and if you are looking for a good general-purpose set of wheels, I can safely recommend this set to you. Give it a shot and I am fairly confident you will be more than satisfied with what you get for your money!

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