69mm Orangatang Kilmer Review & Buying Guide!


So, you’ve got the perfect deck for your skateboarding needs and even the right track to going along with it. Only one step is remaining; getting those sweet, sweet wheels and you’re ready to get going! Today you are going to read our complete Orangatang Kilmer Review. If you are indeed on the hunt for the right set of wheels for your skateboarding campaign to get up and running, I might be of assistance to you.

Here, I bring to you, the Orangatang Kilmer review to help you decide whether this set of wheels is the right option for your skateboarding adventures.

Orangatang Kilmer Review

Features Orangatang Kilmer Wheel:

Though this unit didn’t make it to our best longboard wheels guide, it still has some quality features. Let’s have a look.

Let’s Watch a Video Orangatang Kilmer Review!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Sadly no, these wheels only have the set of wheels installed. The wheels are center set and they’re shaped in a way that will let you use 608 bearings to hold them in place.

These bearings are not particularly uncommon and come bundled with a bunch of different trucks so you could check if you already have compatible bearings.

Yes, they are quite smooth and the core of the yellow ones, in particular, come with the hardest surface that is offered by the manufacturer so you shouldn’t experience much in terms of unwanted resistance.

It could only be problematic if you are going downhill in really high speeds.

Conclusion Of Orangatang Kilmer Review

So there you have it folks, the Orangatang Kilmer Review of one of the best all-round and free motion wheels that you can get for your skateboard. Yes, I know, you’re quite impressed and might have placed orders even before you were done the reading Orangatang Kilmer Review!

Orangatang Kilmer definitely up there among the best of the bunch and if you are looking for a good general-purpose set of wheels, I can safely recommend this set to you. Give it a shot and I am fairly confident you will be more than satisfied with what you get for your money!



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