The 6 Best Longboard Bearings Review In 2021[Updated]!


The bearing is one of the most crucial components of a skateboard and to have successful skating experience, it’s a must that you equip your board with a good one. Today you are going to read our complete best longboard bearings review. The best longboard bearings will be an absolute game-changer, so if you want to upgrade your skateboard then make sure you make an upgrade with the bearing first.

There are numerous skateboard bearing in the market but not all provide the same performance. A great bearing will enable you to enjoy a smooth long ride every time. The construction of the bearing is very important when it comes to performance. A well-constructed bearing will give you that speed rush you have been looking for with utmost precision and control.

Well, choosing the right bearing isn’t easy. There’s a wide array of options available so it’s quite a daunting task to pick the right one. To help you with the task, we have gathered the best longboard bearings that will help you have the time of your life.

What is bearing?

A bearing is a round metal component that mounts the wheel to the axles. The bearings have one universal size and they fit any skateboard regardless of its size and shape. The construction of the bearing is quite simple. The universal measurements for bearings are 8mm for the core, 22mm for the outer diameter, and 7mm of width.

6 Best Longboard Bearings Reviewed!

In this section, we reviewed 8 of the best longboard bearings for you. What are these? Let’s see the list:

  1. Bones Reds Bearings for Skateboards, Longboards, Scooters, Spinners
  2. Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards
  3. Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings
  4. Spitfire Cheapshots
  5. 90mm Longboard Flywheels Wheels + ABEC 7 Bearings Spacers
  6. Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings
  7. Oldboy Premium Ceramic Skateboard Bearings
  8. Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

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Even though there are countless bearing in the market, the bones reds bearings surely stand out in the crowd. These bearing offer phenomenal performance and top-notch durability making them quite a steal for the price. The high-quality has made it one of the best-selling bearings in the US.

If you’re a sucker for speed but the built-in bearings on your skateboard are just not the one for you then do give this bad boy a try. The Bones Red is made with stainless steel and the super speedy ball retainer is constructed using removable nylon.

The reason behind such huge popularity of these bearings is that they are made using high-quality material with top-notch craftsmanship. These bearing come equipped with a rubber shield that keeps the bearings safe from all the harsh elements. The removable shields also aid in the easy cleaning process as well.

The nylon cover ensures that the board rolls down smoothly with little to no friction. Since it’s constructed with heavy-duty materials, it can withstand a large amount of impact without compromising the quality of the bearings.

The Bone Red comes with the universal bearing size and they weigh only 8.2 ounces. Each of the bearings features a 9/16″ kingpin, a half-inch axle, 3/8” hardware sockets, 1/8″ Allen and two Phillips driver made with hardened steel with chrome finish.

These bearings come lubricated out of the box that makes it more convenient to use. Overall, it’s a great bearing for that price that offers impeccable performance with superior durability.



2. Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards

The Zealous bearings are one of the toughest bearings available in the market that do absolute justice to your money. This bearing is equipped with 0.4045″ built-in spacers and 0.5mm built-in speed rings which prevent the tiny parts from losing away while changing the wheels or bearings.

These bearings have a butter smooth operation process. They are pre-lubed with custom Nano-ceramic grease that comes in play every time the bearings slow down due to impurities. The grease enters the affected area and smoothens out so that the bearing can roll with a faster speed.

They have an extremely low friction rating of only 0.003% that creates almost a friction-less surface when you’re rolling with your skateboard. They’re made with super durable steel and ceramic that make them extremely durable and long-lasting.

When it comes about looks, Zealous bearings have nailed this section as well. They have a two-toned color selection. The green portion is made out of ceramic and the silver is made using steel. The colored part of the bearing helps to keep out dirt particles.

The size of these bearings is the universal bearing size. These bearings come in a package of four pairs which is enough for all the four wheels. They fit in nicely in all kinds of wheels as they come in a standard 608 size.



3. Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings

If you’re tired of the steel bearings expanding and hampering your performance then it’s high time that you invest on ceramic bearings. What could be a better choice other than the Bones Super Red ceramic bearings, right?

These bearings are waterproof and they last for a very long time as they are made with extremely high-quality material. They are pre-lubricated and when you get dirt or dust inside these bearings, they’ll automatically clean themselves up.

The looks of the Bone Super Red is pretty simple. They come in a basic silver color which ceramic balls inside. They weigh only 3.2 ounces so they’ll not be adding any extra weight to your board.

They feature a removable rubber shield that enables the bearings to be cleaned easily and also offer less friction. The ceramic balls have self-healing properties as they are much harder than steel and other materials. On top of that, you’ll not face any rusting issues even when you skate through water or snow.

The Bones Super Red is equipped with high-speed Nylon retainer that provides superb strength as well as speed. So, you’ll be getting a flawless and smooth performance out of these bad boys. Also, Bones offer a warranty with their products so even if you face any issues with the bearings, you can always as for a refund or replacement.



4. Spitfire Cheapshots

The best longboard bearings is a must-have in order to get a smooth ride on your board. However, sometimes it’s not possible to splurge on the bearing so in situations like that the Spitfire Cheapshot comes to your rescue.

Doing justice to the name, the Spitfire Cheapshot does come with a very reasonable price tag. The Spitfire Cheapshot has a very sturdy look. It has a matte black color that will surely enhance the beauty of your skateboard. It comes in a tiny compact box and they weigh only around 3 ounces.

Along with eye-catching looks, these bearings are made with quality material that helps to increase the durability. It comes in a pack of eight which is sufficient for all the four wheels of your board. They are pre-greased so they provide a better smooth rolling action in all sorts of terrains.

A good bearing is a must to have a smooth ride on your board. However, sometimes it’s not possible to splurge on the bearing so in situations like that the Spitfire Cheapshot comes to your rescue.

The Spitfire Cheapshot comes at the standard 608 bearing size. These bearings easily fit any standard skateboard wheels as they have an 8-mm core, 22-mm outer diameter, and 7mm width. They are pretty easy to clean and considering the price they are quite a steal.



5. 90mm Longboard Flywheels Wheels + ABEC 7 Bearings Spacers

These bearings come with a package of a 90-mm wheel that is suitable for all kinds of terrains. These come in a bunch of vibrant colors such as orange, red, blue, and white. The bearings come as a pack of eight to go with these four wheels.

The bearing is made with the standard 608 size measurements. So, if you want to pair these bearings with other wheels, you can do that as well. These bearings have ABEC 7 rating which means they are able to ride at very high speed without hampering the quality of the ride.

These bearing are quite sturdy for the price and they can withstand a large amount of impact. They are pre-lubed by the manufacturer so that they can run for a long time without any nuisance. The bearings are quite lightweight and sturdy considering their steel made build construction.

The rubber seals inside the bearing offer easy access during maintenance and protection against dust and pollution. The bearing is waterproof and weatherproof meaning they can endure through harsh weather conditions.

One of the drawbacks for these bearings is that they are only suitable for longboards. If you’re planning to get these for your rollerblades or inline skates then are not a good option. However, ABEC 7 bearings will enable you to stay at your top speed while ensuring that you experience the least amount of friction.



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6. Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings, Pro Longboard Bearings, 608, ABEC (Pack Of 8)

The Yellow Jacket premium bearings are meant for all skateboards, roller skates, longboards, electric skates, training wheels, inline skates, and so on.

And the reason these bearings are so popular in the market for skating sports equipment is that they offer the most precision and speed to the parts for the skating equipment. These bearings manufactured by the company Yellow Jacket are also found with pre-lubrication.

Moreover, the lubricants used on the bearings are high speed or ultra-fast racing lubricants. This lubricant helps you get the best speed and helps you avoid too much friction. The company does this pre-lubrication by having its shield seal the ultra-fast lube inside the wheel and the bearing.

Since these Yellow Jacket bearings are meant for sportive activities that mostly involve racing and skating tricks with either skateboards or roller skates, the bearings will definitely be strong and long-lasting.

Furthermore, the materials used in the manufacturing of these bearings include chrome steel, nylon, and stainless steel. The balls of the bearings are made from premium chrome steel, the roller cage from stainless steel, and the bearing cage from high-speed nylon. And all of this is available at an affordable price.



7. Oldboy Premium Ceramic Skateboard Bearings (608RS ZrO28 x 22 x 7 mm)

This bearing is perfect for any general skateboard, longboard, rollerblades, scooters, bicycle training wheels, street hockey skates, and many others. The company Oldboy Labs has made these bearings with quality materials that are better than regular steel.

There are about 7 balls in the bearing, and they are made of white ceramic,which is polished like glass. These bearing balls will not break easily; neither will they rust or attract dirt.


The balls are fixed with a surrounding ring made of chrome steel. All this comes with a casing made of nylon. The shield on the outside is made of a hard polymer. This makes it easier for you to maintain it.It is way better than buying poor metal bearings that end up getting rusty or acquire scratch marks on the metal.

Also, this bearing has lubrication on it and has protection against water. This way, the nylon casing will not crack or chip off with time despite how roughly you ride or skate.

Moreover, the lubrication also helps the bearings resist drag. It might take a while to break the new bearings in your wheels, but once it gets used enough, you will be able to feel how smooth the riding is.



8. Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

This set of bearings has a single shield that is made of rubber. The shield is non-contact and can be removed and replaced easily. This makes it easier to clean and creates less friction. The bearings are also pre-lubricated with a sort of speed cream to help the wheels run smoother and faster.

There is a ball retainer made of nylon and helps to create more strength and speed. The balls in there are a bit bigger than usual. This also helps with increasing speed. Instead of the usual bearings containing 7 balls in their casing, this company makes bearings with 6 balls.

However, the diameter of the balls is wider than the average. Each ball is about 8 millimeters, and this makes the 6 balls take up the same area that 7 balls usually take. The reason for this strategy is to ensure more acceleration and more durability.

The manufacturer Bones has made this Super Swiss bearing set model for riders who like having smooth and fast rides with their skateboards, longboards, rollerblades, etc. This model is also known as the Swiss 6 Competition bearings.

If any riders were to compete in any event for skating, then these bearings will play a great role in supporting the needs expect from the wheel bearings during competitions.



Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before the Purchase

This little thing has such a great impact on your skateboards performance so it’s very crucial that you make the purchase considering all the relative factors. Try to gather as much information as possible about the most promising option that you can find for best longboard bearings.

Bear in mind, not every bearing provide the same level of performance. So, here’s the buying guide that will help you with the factors that are necessary to take a look at before making the ultimate purchase.


Nowadays, bearings come in two different materials: steel and ceramics. Bearings are circular objects with flat sides. Each of the bearings holds six to seven bearing balls which evenly distributes the weight load and ease up the tension between the wheels and the axles.

Steel bearing is quite economical and they provide quite a great performance. However, sometimes due to heavy friction the metal gets heated up and expands in size. This expansion eventually affects the performance of the bearings. Make sure you take proper care of the bearings and clean them regularly to prolong their longevity.

Ceramics bearings, on the other hand, houses nine ball bearings. The need for ceramic bearings arose when the manufacturers saw that the performance of the steel bearing is rendered due to the expansion.

The ceramic bearings are made with Silicon Nitride and they don’t expand as much as the steel bearings do. So, even during friction the bearings don’t heat up and increase the size. However, as they offer premium service, they also come at a premium price.


As we mentioned earlier, the bearings have a standard universal size that can fit into all kinds of skateboards. The standard 608 size bearing comes with an 8mm bore with 7-mm thickness and 22-mm outer diameter.

However, there’s always an exception when comes about rules. There are some wheels where the bearings with industry-standard wouldn’t fit. So, in rare scenarios like these, you can find bearings that are different than the regular 608 version.

Style and Construction

All bearings are usually constructed in the same way. Bearings are equipped with an inner and outer race that can hold six to seven ball bearings. There’s a removable rubber shield that protects the bearing from outside elements and impacts.

The bearings are commonly made with steel or ceramics. However, there are certain exceptions when these are made with other materials such as tungsten.

Lube Quality

Before making the purchase, it’s important to consider the type of lube used for the bearings as they have an immense effect on the overall performance of the skateboard. Always pick the one with lube that reduces the friction as much as possible. The preference for the type of lube usually varies from person to person. Some

Also, make sure the bearings that you buy come pre-lubricated by the manufacturer. Bearings that are pre-lubricated offers better performance with more effectiveness. However, the pre-lubrication is not always sufficient. To prolong the life of the bearings, you also need to lube it yourself. This process is very crucial for maintaining the performance of the bearings.

Installation Process

The installation process of the bearings is also an important feature. The easier the installation process the better. An ideal bearing will have a hassle-free installation process so that you can enjoy your riding time without wasting much time with the installation process.

Tolerance Rating (ABEC Rating)

The tolerance rating of a bearing is measured by the ABEC rating. The higher the ABEC rating the better and smoother performance it will provide. The rating system is classified in grades with numbers.

ABEC 1: Bearings with ABEC 1 ratings are the most flimsy ones. They come at a cheap price and they are made with poor quality materials.

ABEC 3: These bearings are an upgrade of the previous ABEC 1 bearings. However, these are also quite inexpensive and the quality isn’t good either.

ABEC 5: This skateboard bearings have standard quality. These are nothing fancy but they offer good performance considering the price. They are made with decent quality material and rolls quite nicely.

ABEC 7: These bearings are made with high-quality material and they offer great performance as well. They have very fast and smooth-rolling speed. However, the price is a bit on the higher side for these bearings.

ABEC 9+: The ABEC 9+ bearings are nothing short of awesome. They are made with top-notch material that provides amazing performance and durability.

Bearing Shield

The bearing shield is the wall of the bearing that restricts the dust and dirt from gunking up inside of it. It’s crucial that you select a bearing that offers good bearing shield so that it stays protected and provides you the same level of performance throughout the years.

Bearings usually come with metal shields or rubber shields. The metal shields offer durability, but, they are a nightmare to clean as they are not removable. On the other hand, the rubber shields are generally removable so that you can clean it properly to retain the performance.

Bearing Spacer

The bearing spacer is the tiny component that lies between the wheels of the skateboard and the bearings. They enable the skater to have a better and smoother turn.

They are extremely important to the performance of the bearing as they reduce the weight and helps with even weight distribution. Choose a bearing that comes with aluminum or steel spacers as they offer incredible durability and longevity.

Bearing Washer

Bearing washers are the component that is slipped over the axle. They lie between the bearing and nut, also the bearing and hanger. The washer helps to tone down the friction when the board is going at a very high speed thus enabling the rider to have smooth riding experience.

The bearing washers help to quickly turn and rotate the wheels. They also ensure that the face of the bearing is fully protected from any outside damage.

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What are the Components of a Skateboard Bearing?

Despite being small, the best longboard bearings have quite a complicated construction and they have a massive effect on the overall performance of the board. Let’s take a look at the components that make up the bearing.


The shield is the ring-like outside layer of a bearing that plays a vital part in retaining its performance. The shield is usually made with rubber. It prevents the dust and dirt from storing up inside the bearing.


The balls are one of the most vital components of a bearing. A bearing wouldn’t be complete without the balls. The number of balls varies with the material of the ball. The steel bearings usually have 6 to 7 balls whereas the ceramics bearing have around 9 balls.

Ball cage

The ball cage is another important feature of the bearing which is also known as ball retainer. Its job is to keep the balls separated from each other and it makes sure there’s even spacing between each of the balls.

One of the most crucial functions of the ball cage is to hold the bearing in place. It also acts as the oil reservoir if the bearings come pre-lubricated.


The C-ring is the ultra-thin layer that settles into the grooves on the outside so that the shield is locked in its place.

Outer Ring

The outer ring is the exterior metal surface of the bearing where all the parts of the bearing are stored.

Inner Ring

The inner ring is the tiny metal rings that are stored inside the outside ring. The inner ring is the part that fits up to the axles when we slide the bearing onto the axle.

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How Do I Remove the Bearing Shields?

The bearing shields are usually made with rubber or steel. Removing the rubber shield is fairly easier compared to the metal ones. If the bearing has a rubber shield then poke the inner ring slightly with a paperclip.

Then, gently lift the paperclip up along with the inner ring and remove the rubber shield. After you’re done with the cleaning, put the rubber shields back in its place and give a slight push to make sure it has properly fitted back in.

Opening a metal ring is more complicated compared to the rubber ring. Metal rings are usually intact and can’t be removed. However, some of them are removable. Use a needle poke the small opening inside the outer ring. Once the needle reaches the seal ring, it will start turning.

After removing the seal ring, give it a little tap and the shield will come out. After you’re done cleaning put back the metal shield as well as the seal ring.

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How to Take Care of the Bearings?

Skateboard bearings tend to get jammed inside due to dust and debris in the atmosphere. The impurities gunk up inside the bearing and eventually deteriorates the performance level. After continuous usage of the board, you can have water, dirt and all sorts of impurities build up inside the bearings.

However, the good news is, you can easily clean the bearings and there are some cleaners that are designed to be used for this specific purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Bearings are usually made with steel or ceramic. Steel bearings provide great performance, however, these bearings tend to expand in size as they heat up due to friction. This expansion has an effect on the overall performance of the bearings.

On the other hand, the ceramic bearings don’t know get heated up due to friction therefore, their size and performance remain unchanged.

Steel bearings are cheaper than the ceramic ones. Ceramic bearings are made Silicon Nitride which is an expensive material. As the ceramics offer better performance compared to the steel ones, therefore they also charge a more premium price.

The ABEC rating determines the quality and precision of the best longboard bearings. The higher the rating goes the better performance it delivers. The rating ranger from ABEC 1 to ABEC 9+. Bear in mind that the price also increases with the higher rating as they’re made with better material and have better build quality.

The best possible way to clean the bearing is to give them regular thorough cleaning and lubricating them properly. If there’s impurities build up on the bearing, it will not rotate properly. Thus, clean them as often as you can to ensure good performance.

There’s no certain rule on cleaning the bearings. The cleaning regime depends on how much you use the skateboard and in what weather condition. If there’s excessive dirt build-up then try to clean the bearing as soon as possible to ensure that the quality of the bearing remains the same.

Wrapping Up Of Best Longboard Bearings

Bearings are one of the most essential parts of a skateboard and no matter how expensive or high-quality your skateboard is, it will not roll down or turn properly if it’s equipped with lousy bearings. Also, a good bearing is a must if you’re a speed enthusiast.

The bearings also help you to reduce friction and help you to ride smoothly and comfortably. The market is filled with countless bearings. However, not all of them deliver the same performance. In this article, we have reviewed the best longboard bearings available in the market so that you can get the best for your board.

We have listed the pros and cons that will guide you to make the ultimate decision for best longboard bearings. We have also incorporated a buying guide with tons of details about best longboard bearings that will enhance your knowledge about them and help you with the decision.

Make sure you take proper care of the bearings and clean them properly to prolong their life. So, go get yourself the best longboard bearings in the market.

Happy skating!

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