Which Side Of The Skateboard Is The Front? How to tell?

which side of the skateboard is the front

You will find skateboards of different sizes, shapes, and colors in the market. A regular skateboard tends to have a shape that somewhat resembles a popsicle stick. So, some may find it difficult to understand which side of the skateboard is the front.

Don’t worry, there are a few ways that help you figure out which is the front and which is the back of your skateboard.

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Check out the graphic

This method is not applicable to a blank skateboard deck. Often you will see some typography or the brand name underneath the skateboard that makes it easier to understand which side is the front of the skateboard. Usually, you will see a heat-transferred graphic and it goes from the back of the skateboard to the front.

Lay down your board and you will likely see the graphic head-on. And the right side will be the front of the deck. But if the graphic appears to be up and down then the back is at the bottom and the front is at the top of the graphic.

However, if there is no typography or logo, you can identify the back and front of the skateboard from the orientation of the graphic.

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Identify the nose

which side of the skateboard is the nose

Most of the time, a skateboard’s nose is steeper or narrower. The tail is closer to the ground and smaller to provide a faster response. So, the tail of your skateboard should be wider and have a bit more pop compared to the front of the deck. Look at your skateboard from a side profile and see which side isn’t sticking up as much as the other. This will help you identify the tail.

Inspect both ends for angles and length

If both ends of a skateboard are inspected, you will notice differences. The nose should be longer and slightly elevated. Often, the front will be longer and come with a steeper upward curve. On the other end, the back should be shorter and has a less steep angle.

The back and front are shaped differently. This is not true for the twin-shaped decks. The front of the skateboard tends to be longer and away from the ground than the back.

You should notice the difference once you put the skateboard on an even surface. You can use this method to identify which side of the skateboard is the front even if you don’t have a graphic underneath the deck.

Why does a skateboard have a tail and nose?

Different skaters have different preferences for skating their boards. Some prefer to skate the tail of a skateboard while some prefer the nose. It is all about personal preference.

What’s a twin-tail skateboard?

A twin-tail skateboard refers to a skateboard that has two symmetrical tails. This means it has two tails of the same size and doesn’t have slightly different-sized noses and tails.

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Identifying which side of the skateboard is the front is simpler than seems. If you are not sure about the difference between the front and back, just remember that the front is a bit steeper and the back is more gradual. This should make it easy for you to understand which one is front and which one is back.

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