How to Loosen Skateboard Wheels without Tools?

Any regular skateboarder uses a skateboard tool kit to set up, repair, and maintain a skateboard whenever it is necessary. But if you are a beginner in the world of skateboarding, it might seem like a new experience using skateboard tools. Besides, new users often don’t feel the necessity of having these tools.

This article could be a lifesaver for anyone struggling to adjust and maintain the skateboard wheels. If you know how to loosen skateboard wheels without tools, things can get much easier as you don’t have to be confused while working with the wide range of various tools.

Why It Is Necessary to Loosen the Wheels?

How to Loosen Skateboard Wheels without Tools

Skateboard wheels should indeed be fitted tightly with the trucks, so they don’t roll over and detach from the trucks while riding on your skateboard. But sometimes, you need to loosen them a bit to get the most efficiency from the skateboard.

Let us go through a brief discussion about why you need to loosen the wheels of your skateboard.

  • If the wheels are over-tightened, it will prevent the natural spin of the reels. As a result, you won’t be able to ride at a higher speed than a skateboard should.
  • Often tight wheels can encourage unwanted brakes of your skateboard. They can get stuck from time to time and cause sudden brakes, which will increase the chances of getting into accidents.

Generally, the main reason behind such accidents is the motion inertia produced while you ride the skateboard. When the wheels suddenly stop, the inertia pushes your body forward even when the skateboard comes to a standstill. As a result, you fall on the ground through a small air leap.

  • If you loosen the skateboard wheels at a standard angle, they will maintain the necessary mobility that you need for riding smoothly on your skateboard. It also provides you with a light feeling while riding, which helps you run at high speed without much effort.
  • Skateboards with tightly fitted wheels become less durable and might need an early and unexpected replacement because the wheels can get cracked after a few uses due to the high tension. So, it is better to loosen them up to an optimum point for long-term use.

Loosen Skateboard Wheels

How to Loosen Skateboard Wheels without Tools?

To loosen the wheels of any skateboard in a balanced way, you are always welcome to use any tool from a skateboard tool kit. Without any tool, it might seem a bit difficult for beginners. But with the proper procedure and techniques, you can master it within a few days.

  1. Checking on

First, you have to check whether the wheel is over-tightened or not. Because if you start to loosen them without proper checking, they can roll over because of being extra loose.

  1. Noticing the Wheel Rotation

Shake the board with your hand and notice if the wheels vibrate or not. If they don’t vibrate even a bit, try to roll them to check whether they run smoothly or get stuck sometimes. In case of getting stuck, it is confirmed that they need to be loosened to ensure smooth rotation.

  1. Loosen the Wheel Nuts

Now you have to loosen the nut which is attached to the wheel. In case of not having any skateboard tools, you can use a regular wrench. But you can also loosen the nuts of the wheels even without a wrench. Use your hand to hold the nut and rotate it counterclockwise.

  1. Finding the Exact Spot

Once you loosen the nut, the rotation of the wheels needs to be checked from time to time. Loosen it to some extent and inspect the turning if it is well enough or getting stuck in the middle.

In case the nut becomes too loose, rotate it back. You have to find the exact spot where the nut is perfectly balanced and turns freely without getting trapped or being too loose.

  1. Final Adjustment

After you have loosened the wheels correctly, adjust them back on the trucks if you had them separated. Check if the bearings are placed perfectly or not. You can also use any regular lubricant to get the most efficiency from the skateboard wheels.

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Things to Consider

There are some tips and tricks, along with several key points which you need to consider while you are up to loosening your skateboard wheels without any tools. Those are stated below for making the task hassle-free and more convenient.

  • Don’t loosen the wheels too much because it can create several problems along with sudden accidents while you ride over the skateboard.

To check whether they are too loose or not, shake them holding in your hand and notice if they make any sound. Extra loose wheels make unwanted rattling sounds while moving.

  • While you use your hand for loosening the wheel nuts, be careful if the nuts are too tight because you might get hurt with those. You may use hand gloves for protection but remember to use gloves that provide essential grip so that you can easily rotate the nuts.
  • If you notice that the wheels don’t run well even after making the nuts lose, check on the bolts of the trucks. Because these bolts often get too tight, that prevents the wheels from revolving at the highest speed.

Adjust those bolts in the same way as the wheel nuts. Now rotate the wheels and check whether the rotation is well enough.

  • Do not use the skateboard without testing first in case of any repairing work, including loosening or tightening wheels, because this can lead to accidents and injuries if it doesn’t get tested properly.

If you think that the wheels are running well without any disruption, then you are ready to go.

Final Words

With the help of the techniques, tips, and tricks discussed above, it should be clear to you how to loosen skateboard wheels without tools. I hope this article will make things easier for you.


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