how long do skateboard bearings last

How Long Do Skateboard Bearings Last?

Skateboarding is a form of art, a lifestyle, and a sport that we young people love to do. In this article, we will talk about skateboard bearings, which are magical and essential hardware for a faster and smoother ride. For your kind information, skate bearings are essentially metal objects with a donut shape that lower …

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Bear Grizzly Skateboard Trucks Review & Guide!

Skateboard trucks have an immense effect on the performance and quality of the board. The market is filled with numerous skateboard trucks, however, not all of them offer the same quality. Today you are going to read our complete Bear Grizzly Trucks Review. Bear Grizzly is one of the top skateboard trucks manufacturers and their products …

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13 Best Longboard Trucks Reviews In 2022!

We have all seen that metal shaped architecture on the frontal area of a truck. They are important, they need to be durable and they need to be adjustable at the same time so that you have a pleasant trucking experience. So I suggest you pick the Best Longboard Trucks. Once you take a look …

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Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Trucks Review 2022!

Who knew that a little T-shaped thing can have such a huge impact on our skateboards, right? Well, trucks are a must-have accessory for every skateboard. They’re mounted on the underside of the skateboard to protect the wheels and bearings. Today you are going to read our complete paris v2 trucks review. Trucks are quite vital …

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types of skate shoes

List of different types of skate shoes!

It is hard to categorize all the Types of skate shoes available. When it comes to narrowing down your choice from within unlimited options of cupsoles and vulcanized shoes, it becomes a daunting task indeed. But do not worry! Below, we speak about everything that you need to get started. If you were wondering about …

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skateboard vs bike helmet

Can I Use A Skateboard Helmet For Biking Or Not?

Can I use a skateboard helmet for biking? A helmet is considered one of the essential safety gears for different outdoor sports activities, including skating, biking, cycling, and many more. Regardless of the types and shapes, a helmet is supposed to protect your head from impact in case you fall on the surface while riding. …

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Types Of skateboard Ramps: Skate Park Equipment Names!

From the 60’s, skateparks went through different changes across all these years and developed their design, environment, location, and quality of the equipment. There are some common pieces of equipment which you will find in every skatepark. But the design, size, construction, and quality of the equipment differ in each place. If you are a …

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