Types Of skateboard Ramps: Know Skate Park Equipment Names!

From the 60s, skateparks went through different changes across all these years and developed their design, environment, location, and quality of equipment. There are some common pieces of equipment that you will find in every skatepark. But the design, size, construction, and quality of the equipment differ in each place.

If you are a regular skateboarder, you will find skateparks really amazing as they offer different skating equipment so that you can practice with the same thrill and excitement you wish to experience.

Here in this article, you will know about different skate park equipment names and their methods so that you can just go there knowing all about those and rock the park.

What Is a Skatepark?

For passionate skateboarders, a skatepark is a place where they can actually speak their minds. Skateparks were not so popular in the early 70s because a handful of people at that time practiced skateboarding only as a recreational activity.

But soon after that, people started practicing more, and it became a competitive street sport, arranging various tournaments all over the world.

Usually, a skatepark is where you will find all the essential equipment and objects that will help you practice skateboarding. These are often referred to as multi-used areas where non-skaters can also roam around for recreation.

In previous days, skateparks were built indoors with different limitations of using them. But nowadays, modern skateparks are seen in open spaces outdoors with various features that allow skateboarders to broaden their skills.

Skate park Equipment Names: Types Of Skateboard Ramps!

There are tons of different elements and equipment in a skatepark. In each park, this equipment’s design and construction methods are different, and you will often find variations in their using procedures.

Let us briefly discuss some common skatepark items that you will find while practicing in a skatepark.

Skate park Equipment Names: Funbox and Pyramids

skate park equipment names: Funbox and Pyramids

Probably, the most versatile element of a skatepark is a funbox that works well with every other piece of equipment you practice skateboarding with. It can be attached to rails, ramps, copings, spines, and many other objects that are available in a skatepark.

On the other hand, pyramids are great for practicing ollies and kickflips. It is shaped like a flat cone that has transitioned all around it. A ramp pyramid allows multiple skateboarders to use it at the same time.

Check here the Pyramids we recommend below-

4-Sided Pyramid Skateboard Kit with 4 Ramps and 1-Deck

Skateboard Starter Kit with 2 Ramps and 1 Deck

Generally, the surface of any funbox or pyramid is made of wood or concrete. There might be ramps, rails, or stairs surrounded by them to allow various stances and tricks. Generally, they are built in the middle of any skatepark.

Skate park Equipment Names: Quarter and Half Pipe

Skate Park Equipment Names: Quarter and Half Pipe

There are two types of pipes you will find in a skatepark for skateboarding and line-skating. The quarter pipe is a semi-circle driveway where the surface transitions from flat to vertical. As they usually need a small area to be constructed, you will see these pipes in almost every skatepark around you.

Check here the quarter pipe we recommend below-

  1. Ramptech 3′ Tall x 4′ Wide Quarterpipe Skateboard Ramp
  2. Ramptech 2′ Tall x 4′ Wide QUARTERPIPE Skateboard Ramp
  3. Ramptech 2′ Tall x 4′ Wide Spine Skateboard Ramp
  4. Ramptech 4′ Tall x 4′ Wide Quarterpipe Ramp

A half-pipe is basically a U-shaped and half-circled runway that never ends vertically. Standard half pipes are 3.5 feet tall and 8 feet wide. But the height can be up to seven feet. Half pipes can be called mini ramps.

  1. Ramptech 3′ Tall x 8′ Wide Outdoor Halfpipe

Skate park Equipment Names: Bowl and Pool

Skate Park Equipment Bowl and Pool

Skating bowls are seen in almost every skatepark, whether indoor or outdoor. But if there are any skateparks focused on street skating, there might not be a bowl.

Bowl skating is like the heart of skateboarding, which will make you experience a huge rush of excitement. In the past, people used to practice skateboarding in empty swimming pools, and the bowl of modern times is an enclosed area that looks like any pool. The surface is usually made of cement or concrete.

Skate park Equipment Names: Handrail and Flat Rail

Skate Park Equipment Handrail and Flat Rail

Skateboarding on rails is quite a difficult practice, and it is trickier in the case of handrails. A handrail is often called a stair rail as it is usually attached to stairs in most skateparks. It is a steel-made rail that goes downward starting from a peak so that you can slide over it on the skateboard.

Flat rails are comparatively easier than handrails to slide over. These are also made of steel and generally attached with two base stand platforms. As the flat rails are straight and don’t have any slope, it’s easier to balance them while riding on the skateboard.

Skate park Equipment Names: Kicker and Jump Ramp

Skate Park Equipment: Kicker and Jump Ramp

If you are fond of getting at a higher height and spending a little more time in the air, then you should definitely practice skateboarding on kicker and jump ramps in your nearest skatepark.

Generally, the surface of any kicker ramp is made of cardboard or wood banked at 15-30 degrees without any curve on the slope. Wood provides a skateboarder with more elasticity and flexibility while riding. The speed near the angle throws you up in the air and allows you to enjoy some airtime while standing on the skateboard.

Skate park Equipment Names: Stairs

Skate Park Equipment Stairs

In general, stairs are for climbing up or walking. But they are used for performing various tricks of skateboarding in skateparks. Stairs are made of cement or concrete and can be of different sets like 3 stairs set or 5 stairs set.

They are great for practicing ollie, short jumps, and different flat ground stances.

Advanced skateboarding tricks are practiced on stairs as they can be dangerous for beginners. During practicing an ollie on stairs, you need to tuck your feet up after popping the board up in the air. Besides ollies, you can also practice pop-shove it on stair sets.

Skate park Equipment Names: Bank

Skate Park Equipment Names: Bank

A wall having sharp edges can be defined as a bank in any skatepark. It works great for all the flat ground tricks and flip tricks. If any skatepark attaches rails to a bank, it can be used for sliding also. With edges and tilts, you can do ollies, kickflips, and pop-shove it on a bank.

Usually, plywood or wooden frames are used to make banks. Whether for a beginner or a professional, banks are flexible and suitable for practicing skateboarding. The standard height of a bank is 3 feet, and the width is up to 8 feet.

Different Types Of Skateboard Ramps Detail Video

Final Words

It is absolutely okay to practice skateboarding in your backyard or on the streets. But skateparks offer every type of element that can help you know your skateboarding skills’ efficiency.

Hope these skatepark equipment names, along with the descriptions, helped you to learn more about skateparks so that you can sharpen your skills and progress thoroughly by practicing there.

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