Why Do Skaters Wear Baggy Clothes?

why do skaters wear baggy clothes

If you are new to skateboarding and wondering why do skaters wear baggy clothes, then you are not the only one.

Clothes play a big part in your skateboarding experience. While riding your board, you want to feel confident and comfortable, and the proper clothing can help you feel that. And wearing these types of clothing will make you feel like you are a member of the skateboarding community. Not only that, but baggy clothing will also allow you to easily learn how to skateboard

In this article, you will find out more about why skaters wear baggy clothes and what should they wear. Stay tuned.

What do skaters wear?

Preferences are distinct between skateboarders in terms of clothing. When it comes to what you should wear when skateboarding, there is no wrong or right answer. All kinds of clothing go with skateboarding. The most important thing to remember while choosing your clothing is to consider what you feel comfortable wearing.

Why do skaters wear baggy pants?

Why Do Skaters Wear Baggy Clothes

Some people may take baggy pants as a symbol of laziness, but in reality, there are many advantages to wearing baggy pants. Baggy pants are quite popular among skaters because wearing them can make the experience of skating more enjoyable. This is because skaters can find comfort and freedom of movement by wearing baggy pants.

These pants are also the ideal choice for someone who has a problem sitting down or finds it difficult to bend their knee joints because baggy pants are loose-fitting.

History of baggy pants

Baggy pants have been a part of the culture for decades. It is not clear where these pants originated from, however, there are a few theories regarding their origin.

  • Theory 1: Skateboarders of the 70s started wearing baggy pants as a style.
  • Theory 2: Baggy jeans became popular in the 80s and were seen as a symbol of mutiny against mainstream society.
  • Theory 3: The popularity of baggy jeans began in the 90s as a symbol of frustration and anguish against mainstream society.

Why skaters don’t wear helmets?

Skaters are quite passionate about the sport they represent. Thus, they are also avid about what they wear. A study was conducted at the University of North Caroline discovered to learn why don’t skaters wear helmets. The discovery was that only 2% of skateboarders wear a helmet, and the majority of them were children.

There are a number of reasons why skaters don’t wear helmets. For some, it restricts free movement and for others, it isn’t cool. Some even think they won’t be able to see well if they wear a helmet.

Skaters should take wearing a helmet as a must because safety should always be the number one priority in any sport. And skating is no different. Not only helmets, but skateboard riders should also wear all the protective equipment to prevent getting injured.

Why do skaters prefer wearing Vans?

Most skaters wear the brand Vans. The company is here for over 50 years. They try their best to make sure that the customers are satisfied and happy with their products. Skateboarding is a huge part of Vans company. That is why skaters also prefer wearing their shoes.

Vans shoes are made for skating, that’s why skaters wear Vans. Skaters want to wear comfortable shoes that will also allow them to do stunts and tricks on the boards, which is what Vans shoes enable.

Vans specially design shoes for skateboarders. These shoes are made to endure the relentless friction that comes from the pushing when a skater pushes the skateboard.

Why do skaters prefer wearing Dickies?

Dickies are durable, affordable as well as comfortable. That is why it is preferred by skaters. They can wear it for a long time and still not feel any discomfort. A blend of polyester/cotton is used to make dickies, which also make them breathable and comfortable.

These materials also provide protection from abrasions, scratches, and scrapes.


Q: Why do skaters wear baggy clothes?

A: Skaters wear baggy clothes for various reasons, primarily centered around comfort, functionality, and style. Here are some frequently asked questions related to this topic:

Q: Is there a practical reason for skaters to wear baggy clothes?

A: Yes, there are practical reasons. Baggy clothes provide skaters with greater freedom of movement. The loose fit allows for more flexibility when performing tricks and maneuvers, making it easier to control the skateboard.

Q: Are baggy clothes more comfortable for skaters?

A: Many skaters find baggy clothes more comfortable than tight-fitting ones. The loose fabric allows for better airflow and breathability, which can be crucial during strenuous physical activity like skateboarding.

Q: Do baggy clothes provide better protection for skaters?

A: Baggy clothes can offer some level of protection by providing extra padding between the body and potential impacts. However, skaters often rely on protective gear like helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads for more comprehensive protection.

Q: Is there a style or culture associated with baggy clothes in skateboarding?

A: Yes, baggy clothing is closely associated with skateboarding culture. It’s seen as a way to express individuality and rebellion against mainstream fashion norms. Many skateboarders embrace a “do-it-your-own-way” mentality, and baggy clothes are a part of that identity.

Q: Are there specific clothing items that skaters commonly wear?

A: Skateboarders often wear loose-fitting jeans, oversized t-shirts, hoodies, and baggy shorts. These clothing items not only offer comfort and freedom of movement but also provide a canvas for skateboard-related graphics and logos.

Q: Do baggy clothes affect skateboarding performance?

A: Baggy clothes can have both positive and negative effects on skateboarding performance. They offer more freedom of movement but may slightly hinder aerodynamics. However, the impact on performance is often subjective, with personal preference playing a significant role.

Q: Do professional skateboarders wear baggy clothes too?

A: Professional skateboarders often wear a range of clothing styles, including baggy clothes. Their choice of attire can be influenced by personal preferences, sponsorships, and trends within the skateboarding industry.

Q: Are there any safety concerns related to baggy clothing while skateboarding?

A: While baggy clothing itself is not a safety concern, skateboarders should be mindful that loose fabric can sometimes get caught in the skateboard’s wheels or trucks, leading to accidents. It’s essential to ensure that clothing doesn’t pose any hazards during a skate session.

In summary, skaters wear baggy clothes primarily for comfort, freedom of movement, and as a form of self-expression rooted in skateboarding culture. While there are practical benefits to baggy clothing, it’s essential for skateboarders to strike a balance between style and safety.


If you were wondering why do skaters wear baggy clothes, then now you know why. It is because these clothes are comfortable, breathable, durable as well as affordable. They also withstand a lot because of their baggy nature. And more importantly, baggy pants allow skaters to do as they wish while skating. It doesn’t hold them back while they try to do tricks.

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