Can You Do Tricks On An Electric Skateboard? Know in Detail!

can you do tricks on an electric skateboard

Many people think that there are many differences between electric skateboards and standard skateboards. But in my opinion, there are no significant differences except for some advantages and motors of the electric skateboard. If you want, you can make your regular skating a little more colorful by applying a few tricks, which will help you to prevent monotonous skating.

Though many people enjoy riding in different ways by using tricks on regular skateboards, many of us are a little bit confused about electric skateboards and whether it is possible to apply tricks on an e-board or not. We have arranged this guide about whether can you do tricks on an electric skateboard or not, and many more related things have been shared.

But before understanding the tips and tricks, there are some basic things to know about electric skateboards, so let’s get to know them first.

Can You Do Tricks On An Electric Skateboard? Basics Things You Should Know.!

First of all, before applying any tricks, you must know how to balance on a skateboard properly. In this case, try to keep the foot as accurately as possible to get the ideal balance; your foot can not be separated from the board; push with the front foot to give the direction you want to go, and try to balance yourself with the back foot.

Though skating is a lot of fun but put your safety first, take the necessary accessories with you before skating.

Before You Skating:

  • Properly wear all safety gear and helmets.
  • Test the e-skateboard braking systems.
  • Test the e-skateboard speed range.
  • Keep the remote of the e-skateboard in your hand.

Many people suffer from nervousness in skating. Try to keep yourself as peaceful as possible, and believe in yourself that you can. Electric skateboarding is very easy, especially for beginners, so there is no reason to worry or be afraid. First, stand on the skateboard in the correct position as shown above, then keep the speed of the skateboard as low as possible at first, then slowly increase the speed by keeping an eye on your surroundings.

Read the user manuals for skateboarding well, especially the part about remote controlling, so that you do not click on the wrong button in the immediate situation. Also, practice regularly in any secluded park or garden to adjust yourself to the board. In the first case, you may fail again and again, but do not give up. This will help you learn how to ride an electric skateboard step by step, and you will get comfortable motorizing the e-board.

When skating, you should not look away or be distracted because you may have to stop suddenly at any time. In other words, when you stop, you must stop slowly or jump off the skateboard in a good position.

5 Easy Electric Skateboard Tricks: You Should Know!

After adequately maintaining all the above things, you can use the electric skateboard tricks shown below.

1. Shuvit

This is a viral trick, the name of which initially came from a popular skater page. Its original name was Ty Hop. You do not have to do anything to master it, first put your front foot towards the front and keep the back foot slightly wide along the center of the deck.

Then apply arm-twisting on the e-skateboard nose, and push the skateboard with the back foot. It will make the skateboard lean forward and rotate over the truck. Then swivel up to 180 degrees and go back to the previous pose.

2. Ghostride Kickflip

The name says scary, but it’s a lot of fun skating tricks and a very easy trick; just hop off when you are riding. When you are in motion, kick hard under the deck of the electric skateboard so that you can turn your skateboard around, and the skateboard will land back on the wheels.

3. The Lookback

The lookback is called the most stylish trick; you can basically apply it to impress someone or surprise your friends.

To apply the lookback trick, you need to shift your body a bit so that you can ride at a backward angle. Also, before you pull back the skateboard, you can step off the skateboard with your foot. When your skateboard turns and comes back to you, bring your feet back to the top of the deck and rotate forward.

4. Tiger Claw

Though tiger claw is considered a complicated technique for beginners, but as it is a very attractive electric skateboard trick, everyone wants to do it. You can do this with the traditional deck and the electric skateboard. You need to use your hands as well as your feet for this technique.

You need to learn to skate faster than usual. Since tricks are a bit difficult, we will suggest avoiding it at first. After learning everything about skating then you can apply this trick. 

5. Stand Up Slide

You can apply stand-up slide tricks when you reach downhill speed; I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it. For this, when you go downhill, first create momentum, then rotate your legs a little so that you can keep your body sideways and face forward.

Keep weight on your leading leg for as long as you want. Then typically return to the previous position.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions!

What are the differences between the best electric skateboards and regular skateboards?

There are no major differences between an electric skateboard and a regular skateboard; the most significant difference is that an electric skateboard has battery-operated motors and can easily control speed, mode, level, and other things with a remote. There are also some additional features.

On the other hand, there are nothing advanced features in the regular skateboard; it operates manually through the user’s skill.

How hard is it to ride an electric skateboard?

Though it may seem difficult to many, in my opinion, it is much easier to ride a battery-operated electric skateboard than a traditional skateboard. However, at first, it is a bit difficult to adapt; you can easily master all the tricks to manage it in a few days.

How to fall correctly on a skateboard?

There are some precautions to be taken in the case of falling from an electric skateboard, especially if you fall incorrectly. There is a risk of serious injury and terrible damage to the skateboard. So first reduce the speed ultimately with remote, then get down from there.

Can You Do Tricks On An Electric Skateboard?

The short answer is “Yes.” If you want you can learn some special tricks which are suitable for electric skateboards, then you can do tricks on an electric skateboard.

Final Verdict

If you want, you will not be able to learn the tricks in one day; you will need some time to learn everything. We have tried to share simple, fun, and interesting 5 electric skateboard tricks; you can master these, and then if you want, you can also learn advanced tricks to present yourself as more pro skaters. Hopefully, you have gotten the detailed answer of ‘can you do tricks on an electric skateboard.’


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