How Far Can Electric Skateboards Go?

How Far Can Electric Skateboards Go

When you decide to buy the best electric skateboard, then like other questions, how far can electric skateboards go also becomes an essential question, especially when you want to choose an e-skateboard that is suitable for you? You need to know everything about in detail.

You can see in the market different models of electric skateboards are different ranges. Also, the ranges depend on many factors on how far they can go. In this guide, we will discuss all these aspects in detail. So let’s start our expedition.

How Far Can Electric Skateboards Go?

how far electric skateboards go
how far electric skateboards go


As we have said earlier, electric skateboards come in different types, sizes, prices, and other features, depending on the users. As a result, it is difficult to say exactly how far an electric skateboard can go. But on an average e-board, one charge can go up to 8 to 20 miles. Also, many expensive long-range electric skateboard models can go 45 miles or more.

Also, electric skateboard range depends on the user’s weight, uphills and downhills roads, electric skateboard average speeds, motors types and power, outside temperature, electric skateboard batteries performance, and many more factors.

How to Increase Electric Skateboard Range?

There are many easy ways to increase the range of electric skateboards; if you simply maintain these, you can increase the range. Let’s know a few points.

Choose Large Wheels

Many of us do not know that bigger electric skateboard wheels can easily keep distance, as well as provide faster performance. However, this does not mean that you should choose huge large wheels because too large wheels can prevent friction, which can affect acceleration.

Avoid Heavy Weight

When you carry overweight or near the carrying capacity of your e-skateboard, it will be much more difficult for the e-skateboard motor to run, and also will require more energy; at some point, the extra charge of the battery will decrease. Heavyweight e-skateboards also restrict speed, so choose e-skateboards as much as possible, which are made of lightweight decks and light materials, which are able to give better performance.

Avoid Difficult Roads

Many times in thought situations, your e-skateboard battery starts consuming a lot, which is a big obstacle in the field of more extended range. For example, if you travel on bad roads, upper hills, and muddy roads, your e-skateboard chances to damage and negatively impact the battery. So try as much as possible to move the flat surface.

Ride With A Single Motor

This is an effective method, which has a very effective impact on range increase. If you do not need immediate movement, you can use single motors, which will provide a maximum range with minimal power consumption from the battery. As well as protect from overworking and help get a higher lifespan.

World’s Fastest Electric Skateboard!

how far can electric skateboards go
how far can electric skateboards go

There are many people who are interested in knowing about the most powerful electric skateboards because the fastest e-skateboards are much higher in terms of speed and range. So basically, we tried to collect a short chart for them, and we shared some of the most powerful e-skateboard models and speed ranges.

Electric Skateboards NameTop Speed (MPH)
NGV Next board68 mph
Carvon EVO 4WD50 mph
BajaBoard Pantera40 mph
Fiik Spine30 mph
Enertion Raptor 2.130 mph
Exway X1 Pro   29 mph
XTND28 mph
Meepo NLS26 mph
Boosted Stealth24 mph
Evolve GTR22 mph

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions!

1. How long does an electric skateboard charge for?

It is very difficult to say precisely, but on average, a full-charged electric skateboard can last up to 2.5 to 5 hours or more. But depending on the battery capacity, charger’s output, and many other things, it can be more or less.

2. How fast does an electric skateboard go?

You can see various types of electric skateboards in the markets with different speed ranges. The average electric skateboard is 15 to 30 mph faster. Many e-skateboards are built exclusively for PRO riders with super fast motors, which speed at 40 mph or more speeds. But because of safety, we suggest regular riders do not use these types of super fast e-boards.

3. What is the fastest boosted board?

Boosted recently launched their new e-skateboard, ‘Board Stealth,’ they claim that it is the fastest and most powerful electric skateboard ever; it is capable of running at 24 mph. Besides, this model is the most expensive electric skateboard, which is priced at $1599.

4. Can you overcharge an electric skateboard?

The short answer is “No.” Do not overcharge the e-skateboard; try to refrain from it. As a result of overcharging, the battery cycle is destroyed. That’s why the battery life is gradually reduced. At one stage, the battery charge does not last long. At present, some e-skateboards have overcharging protection, which means that after charging is complete, if you do not disconnect the charge for a long time, even then, there will be no damage to the battery and charger.

5. Is an electric skateboard worth it?

Undoubtedly electric skateboard is a worthy selection for anyone. There are several reasons behind this; if you want to contribute to the protection of the environment, then you must choose an e-skateboard. Not only that, it is easier than driving a vehicle, it can be moved easily to any small-sided area, as well as gas, oil, and no extra cost is required for repairing. Also, it is much safer and more reliable because of its slower speed.

Wrapping Up

Though the range of an electric skateboard is extensive at first, if you do not maintain it properly, its efficiency will decrease day by day. So pay special attention to the proper maintenance of electric skateboards. As well as how fast electric skateboards go or how far can electric skateboards go, depends on the inside elements of your e-skateboard and how you run the e-skateboard. I think you have cleared a lot from our complete guide.


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