What To Do With Old Skateboard Wheels?

what to do with old skateboard wheels

Skateboarding is a sport that youngsters enjoy, but after a while, the broken or old skateboards start to wear out. If you don’t prefer to throw the skate wheels away, we have some excellent ideas in today’s article.

No part is permanent, and after a certain period of time, your skateboards will wear out. You might be wondering, “What to Do With Old Skateboard Wheels?” But the truth is, your damaged or worn-out skating wheels can be used for a variety of different things.

Don’t let your skateboard wheels end up in the landfill. Usually, when the wheels break, we attempt to fix them or perhaps replace them. Optionally, you can sell, recycle, or use them for any DIY project. Let’s discuss more creative uses for used skateboard wheels or repurposed skateboard points.

What Are Skateboard Wheels Made of?

how to clean skateboard wheels

The material used to make skateboard wheels is polyurethane, which is a versatile plastic created with hardness and strength. This material is best for making skateboard wheels, and the different polyols and polyisocyanates are used to change the substance’s mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties.

Skateboard wheels made of polyurethane are easy to move and spin and won’t wear out easily. Therefore, the urethane wheel’s durability is that its resistance to friction also keeps the wheel protected enough for a long time.

What Kind Of Wheels Are Used For Skateboards?

There are three different types of skate wheels that are typically available: street wheels, longboard wheels, and cruiser wheels. The polyurethane (PU) skateboard wheels’ durometer values generally vary mostly from 75a to 104a.

Additionally, any wheel in the 78a to 90a range is referred to as a “soft wheel,” where 90a to 98a is fixed to be in the midrange, and 99a+ is regarded as a “hard wheel.” Keep in mind that soft wheels are great for skating on rough surfaces, whereas hard wheels are excellent for skating on smooth surfaces.

We have found a query: what are standard skateboard wheels? We found that the typical skateboarding wheel size ranges from 48mm to 60mm. Anyway, you can also use plastic, aluminum, or wooden wheels.

Do Skateboard Wheels Wear Out?

When the skateboard has to carry too much weight, it damages the skateboard’s wheels and other components. The wheels may wear out more quickly due to friction during skating time.

If you ask, how do I know if my skateboard wheels are worn out? You will notice the board is vibrating and making noises while riding as it’s a worn-out wheel.

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Can You Recycle Skateboard Wheels?

You might not have heard about Satori Wheels’ Re-Life Wheel Recycling Program, which was developed in collaboration with skate shops, manufacturers, and skaters. By gathering them for the Re-Life program, you can stop the waste in the trash.

70% of the completed project is manufactured from recycled post-consumer materials. They basically gather used skateboard wheels, clean them, and then cut the cores into standard sizes. Then they use fresh, premium urethane and then mold and coat.

How Can I Recycle Skateboard Wheels?

how to recycle old skateboard wheels

This confirms that your skateboard wheels will eventually wear down. There are several ideas you can use to recycle your old skateboard wheels. Let’s discuss the topics.

Melt Down The Wheels

Skateboard wheels are made of urethane, which can be melted down and utilized to manufacture new ones as well as possibly other items. The old skateboard wheels can also be ground into a powder and used with a binding agent to create brand-new ones.

Employ Wheels as Abrasive or Plastic

Using them as abrasives is another option to recycle skateboard wheels. Skate wheels are fantastic for cleaning and sanding because of their strong and long-lasting construction. Alternately, you can make toys or buckets out of the old, torn plastic from the skate wheels.

How About Making Trolleys or Rollers?

Making trolleys is so important for carrying anything from one side to another. But you’ll need old wheels, mounting hardware, trucks, and wooden crates.

Simply, begin by creating your truck bolt holes at the crate’s bottom side. Make sure the wheels are constructed to roll in a parallel form. Drill holes in your wooden crate after that, and mount a bolt there from the inside of the cabinet. Additionally, set the wheel on the bolt’s length and tighten it with the nut. Done!

Collect Your Old Skateboard Wheels

If you have old skateboard wheels, don’t throw them in the trash; instead, gather all the worn-out parts to build interesting concepts. You can build chairs, seats, park swings, barbecue tables, skateboard hangers, wall shelves, or aesthetic interior decorations with an old skateboard and its wheels. Hey, how about producing doorknobs and lazy susans? They are amazing! So, collect all the old stuff and show your creativity.

The benefit of Recycling Skate Wheels

  • Skateboards are eco-friendly and made of wood, a material that can be replenished.
  • Additionally, the wooden wheels from broken skateboards can be recycled and used to create new skateboards.
  • Resources are kept by the recycling method. New skateboard wheels are made, which produce greenhouse gases and other contaminants.
  • By following the recycling method, you can make a lot of materials that are great for everyday use.
  • Also, the collection and processing of recycled skateboard wheels require labor, which opens up job opportunities for unemployed people.

What To Do With Old Skate Wheel Bearings

Although the duration of skateboard bearings is typically between one and two years, what should you do if the wheel wears out? When you have the intention of reusing the bearings of a bearing puller to disconnect with your tool, only grip the edges of the bearing rather than its surface.

Take a piece of paper towel. Additionally, you might indeed clean the steel. And just clean it completely of all dirt. And you will enjoy the bearing spinning perfectly.

What Aesthetic Crafts Do You Make With Wheels?

  • DIY Skateboard Book Cubby with Wheels
  • Drawer Pull Made with Recycled Skateboard Wheels
  • Tabletop Lazy Susan built on skate wheels
  • Paper skateboard with a wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do skateboard wheels get old?

Indeed, it does. When you see it has an unusual form, it shows coming or has big flat sections. Make sure you change it.

2. How do you refurbish skateboard wheels?

Pick a safe place to work in, dismantle the wheels and bearings, clean them, soak them in soapy water, brush the gunk away, dry the wheels, and reassemble them.

3. What are some of the best skateboard wheels?

Typically, park or street wheels work best since they are sturdy, light, roll quickly and smoothly on the ground, and slide with ease. These wheels are fantastic for practicing various abilities, including flip tricks, ollies, or power slides. For street skating, a wheel with a lower millimeter value is typically preferable.

4. What kind of plastic are skateboard wheels made of?

We generally utilize a synthetic rubber known as polyurethane, which is made up of very small elastic chains of substances. This material is available in various colors, hardnesses, diameters, and shape options.

Final Words

So, it’s time to conclude the article about What to Do With Old Skateboard Wheels. So, you have plenty of things to do when the wheels are old or broken. Recycling is the best option!

However, never trash the wheels as you can make aesthetic objects as well for home decor. If you find the article informative, you can leave a comment on any topic related to skateboarding. We will dive into talking about your required topic. Till then, make beautiful crafts with the wheel and share a picture in the comment box.

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