Electric Skateboard Battery Replacement: Step by Step Process!

electric skateboard battery replacement

Electric Skateboard Battery Replacement: Step by Step Process! If an electric skateboard is properly operated and maintained, its battery can last for many years. However, many skaters often want to replace their e-skateboard’s default battery with a higher capacity battery. So that they can get a long-time battery backup for skating; on the other hand, many people change their old battery and install a new skateboard battery.

If you want to replace the battery yourself, you must know how to change electric skateboard battery properly. The electric skateboard battery replacement process is almost the same for nearly every model. So there is no reason to worry. Our guide is basically made keeping in mind the skateboard of all models. So let’s start our guide.

Step by Step: Electric Skateboard Battery Replacement

In this section, we will share the complete process of e-skateboard battery replacement part by part, which will help you a lot in understanding. At first, we need to know what we might need. Then we will start our journey.

How do I change the battery in my electric skateboard?

Before Starting You’ll Need

  • A New Battery
  • A Hairdryer
  • A Stanley Knife
  • A Phillips Screw Driver
  • An Allen or Hex Key

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Step 1: Prepared the E-Skateboard

Electric Skateboard Battery Replacement: Prepared the E-Skateboard

First, place the skateboard upside down on a workbench, and see if there are any screws around. If you find any screw, then you can follow our next steps directly. And if you didn’t find it, then the screws are hidden under the sticker in any part of the deck. So if there are any stickers or tapes on the deck, then you have to remove it.

Step 2: Take the Grip Tape Off

Electric Skateboard Battery Replacement: take the grip tape off

Now we have to remove the tape, but in this case, we must remove the tape in such a way that there is no adhesive on the deck. In this case, we will use a regular used hairdryer.

First, turn on the hairdryer and lightly warm the entire part of the grip tape or sticker. After warming up for a while, you will lift up the edges of the tape with the help of a Stanley Knife, then pull the tape by hand and remove it safely. If any part’s adhesive level is very hard and tough to lift up, then warm that part again for a while with a hairdryer, and then remove it.

Step 3: Remove the Battery’s Holding Cover

e-skateboard battery replacement: take the cover off

If you see any screws, then remove the screws using a suitable sizes Phillips screwdriver. Then remove the screws and bolts that hold the battery cover in that place; use the right size Allen or Hex Key. Then you can see the battery case is being removed. You can see a rubber gasket with it; remove the gasket safely. Keep in mind the screws, bolts that you have removed; keep them together safely so that they are not missed.

Step 4: Unplug the Cables Ports

Now you can see yellow, red and black colors many cables and connectors arrived; you must remember the cables when unplugging them safely. First, unhook the big yellow cables which are attached to the battery, then unhook the red cables. (You may not get the cables of the same color, in this case, must be kept in mind the colors of the cable, which you’ve to unhook from the connector area) Then you will see the battery is completely separated.

Step 5: Install New Skateboard Battery

After removing the old battery:

  1. Take the same electric skateboard model battery and place it properly on the battery holding cover.
  2. Place the protective foams on the battery sidewall so that the battery does not move.
  3. Adjust the battery cables properly, and in the same way, connect the wires with the right wires.

After connecting all the cables, then hide the wires in the blank part on the battery sidewall, and then place the gasket in the right place again. Remember that the gasket protects your battery from various situations.

Step 6: Connect the Battery

Then with the help of a screwdriver and hex wrench, reconnect the battery to the electric skateboard deck. Then you connect the cables of the battery to the right place on the skateboard. Properly connect the red cables 5(+) with the other red cables.

Step 7: Test the Skateboard

Before placing the whole battery box, check once to see, the skateboard is actually correctly attached to all the battery’s cables. 

In this case, first, with the help of a remote, start the skateboard. Try to individually increase and decrease its speed. And watch all the activities. Then charge the battery and see it is charging or not. If you observe any difficulties, recheck the cables are correctly connected to the skateboard and place the right wires in the right place.

If you see that everything is OK, then place the cover on the main cables, and do not tighten the screws too tightly. Then re-apply the skateboard sticker or tape on the deck.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions!

1. How long do electric skateboard batteries last?

It depends entirely on the type of battery. If you use a Li-Ion battery on your electric skateboard before it reaches 80% of its capacity, it will last up to 400 to 1000 charge cycles. It means your battery will last at least 1 year to 3 years. However, as a result of proper maintenance, an e-skateboard battery lasts longer.

2. Why are electric skateboard batteries so expensive?

Each electric skateboard battery has different types of cells, which increases the efficiency of the battery. However, most battery packs usually hold 10 to 30 battery cells, which greatly increases the performance and price of the battery.

3. Can a skateboard battery catch fire if mishandled?

The short answer is “Yes.” If you place the battery incorrectly, the electric skateboard will not turn ON, as well as it can catch fire immediately, so be very careful when replacing the battery. Also, if you do not have basic knowledge about electronic components, then it is better to avoid doing anything of an electric skateboard.

Also, if the temperature of the battery of your e-skateboard increases excessively, then there is a possibility of fire catching from here too. In this case, you should stop using it whenever you feel excessive temperature and see smoke coming out.

4. When does an electric skateboard battery stop working?

Water damage or battery damage can cause your skateboard to stop working. In this case, you first check the charger, then systematically check the battery, wires, and motherboard. You can read why electric skateboard won’t turn on guide to get a complete idea here.

5. How do I change the battery in my electric skateboard?

It is a very simple process; first, with the help of an Allen wrench and screwdriver, separate all the screws around the battery box of your skateboard properly. Then safely unplugged the attached cables on the battery box.

Then reconnect the cables of the new electric skateboard battery in exactly the same way. Test with the help of a remote, see if the skateboard is working properly. After seeing that it is working properly, attach the screws again with the help of a screwdriver as previously.

Final Verdict

Electric skateboard battery replacement is a very easy task; you don’t need to know any kind of rocket science or take the help of an electrician. However, it is very important that you have a basic knowledge of electric connectors. If you are a complete beginner and have no idea about electric cables and connectors, then it is better to avoid it yourself because if you accidentally tear any wires, it can be counterproductive. In this case, take the help of a professional mechanic.


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