What Kind of Wood is Minority Skateboard Made of?

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Skateboarding is an awesome sport, and it has become even more popular recently, more so among the youth. If you are reading this, you, too, might be considering it. Although just like every other task — getting started is the hardest part.

As a new skateboarder, you might lack the idea about which board to buy. You might find yourself to be dubious. But Minority skateboards can be the ones you can put your trust on.

Today you will know why Minority skateboard is great for beginners and what kind of wood is Minority skateboard made of.

They are known for their array of styles and durability. And the main agent of its strength is the wood it is made of. And we’ll be talking about that today.

What Kind of Wood Is Minority Skateboard Made of?

what kind of wood is Minority skateboard made of

The minority skateboards are made of maple wood. And this is one of the reasons why the skateboards are so dependable. Maple wood provides the strength and durability to the boards that most other wood cannot. Overall, it is qualified for constructing sturdy skateboards, and Minority takes full advantage of the wood.

Features of Maple Wood for Minority Skateboard

Its features are:

  • Flexibility

We know, skateboards are not plain and flat, rather they are concave. And Maple wood can easily be shaped into the structure of a skateboard without sacrifice.

Besides, Minority skateboards made of maple wood packs a great amount of resistance. It basically means it provides you with better handling than boards made of other woods.

  • Safety

Due to the stiffness, the possibility of you tripping over losing control is minimized by a great degree. This will benefit you a great deal, especially if you are a beginner since you probably would not have a lot of experience riding a skateboard.

  • Durability

Now when it comes to durability, maple wood is unparalleled. The wood is as strong as you would expect it to be, keeping the price reasonable.

If maintained properly, a Minority skateboard can last you for many years without even having to think about getting a new one. It does not matter how fast you skate, neither does it matter how long you skate for — you can always rely on the skateboard.

  • Affordability

With all its perks and qualities, it has, it comes at a surprisingly reasonable cost. Therefore, despite being top-tier in quality, Minority skateboards go really easy on your wallets — which just makes everything so much better for you.

You have heard a lot about Minority skateboards from me, but now you should ask:

What Do People Think About Minority Skateboards?

Most people who have used it have had positive experiences with the skateboards. And the majority of the people would suggest the brand to someone who is just starting out.

But instead of taking my word for it, you can check the minority skateboard reviews for yourself and find your answer.

Top Minority Skateboards Reviewed

Minority skateboards are very easy to recommend because of their user-friendliness. Any learner can hop on one of these and start their journey through them. We recommend you get started with one of these below, as they are literally the best skateboards out there.

  • Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard

Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard

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The minority 32 inches maple skateboard is one of the best complete skateboards for beginners out there.

The skateboards are perfect for anyone who is starting out, be it someone young or an adult. Just know that the board is strong and tough enough to hold you. The skateboard has the 102A Durometer Hardness certification to assure you that it really can hold the weight it promises to.

Some credit for the durability also goes to the 52 millimeters polyurethane wheels. This plays a great role in increasing the capacity of the skateboards to bear a lot of loads effectively.

On top of that, it preserves the benefits of rubber wheels. It has noise reduction and shock absorbing qualities, which come in handy while skating on uneven surfaces.

The wheels also provide a considerable amount of grip, which assists in handling the skateboard—which can help the rookies greatly.

  • Minority Downhill Maple Longboard Skateboard

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard Skateboard

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This is the best cruiser skateboard for beginners. It’s made of aluminum, maple, alloy steel, and polyurethane. The board is 40 inches long, 10 inches wide, and has a wheelbase of 37 inches. And all these make the downhill platform stable.

The 70 millimeters wheels here are also made of polyurethane, which has all the qualities. The maple wood of the skateboard contributes to the durability of the board. It has the Durometer Hardness of 78A and can bear 200 pounds.

Overall, both skateboards are durable and user-friendly. But to top it off, they also come with great designs, which lets you be selective with the style. There is one for everyone which will help you reflect your style and persona through your skateboard.

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Minority skateboards are very popular and available. You can find them in any skateboard shop or even at your nearest Walmart. You can also find them on Amazon or any skateboard shop online.

Now you know what kind of wood is Minority skateboard made of. And since you know which skateboard to buy, why to buy, and where to buy it from, you should be able to get the best bang for your buck.

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