Are Punisher Skateboards Good: Know Before Buying!

are punisher skateboards good

So you are planning to buy a skateboard, but after hearing about the Punisher skateboard, now you are curious to know about are punisher skateboards good for you? If your answer is Yes, then this guide is only for you.

I have seen many discussions about the Punisher skateboard in several forums, and many people want to know in detail about this skateboard’s facets! I also see that many consumers are a little bit of confusion about which is the best Punisher skateboard for them.

After a lot of analysis, we have made this guide where we have separately discussed all the elements of the Punisher skateboard, as well as suggested which one might be suitable for you. In addition, we offer 2 top-quality Punisher skateboards so that you can easily select and purchase. So let’s see.

Are Punisher Skateboards Good: Know Everything

You can see different types of styles and designs of Punisher skateboards in the market, which are basically designing for experts to beginners.

In this section, we will highlight the deck, wheels, bearings, trucks, grip tape, and all the essential aspects in different ways to easily understand their built-in quality.


The deck is a vital part of any skateboard; the perfect size deck helps you to learn different skateboard tricks more easily. Basically, Punisher keeps this aspect and comes with various size decks.

Their skateboard decks are made of deck 7 layer Canadian maple plywood, which is relatively high strength and durable. Also, the unique shape and design provide a comfortable riding experience. There is also excellent weight capacity which helps you to get smooth riding.

Bearing and Trucks

Like other parts, they give the same importance to the bearing and trucks part; this part uses high-quality materials which are much faster and last for many years. However, according to many experts, most of the punisher skateboard bearings are of medium quality comparing to other high-quality bearings, especially on the ABEC scale; their bearing score is 7.

Also, these skateboards come with a logo printed Riser Pads, which are made of Polyurethane Cushions and PE. It uses heavy-duty 5 inches alloy kingpin trucks and bases to ensure excellent functionality and durability, also which is extremely lightweight and stable.

Wheels and Grip Tape

The Punisher skateboards use heavy-duty grip tape on their surface to make riding safer and more secure; this will also provide more control over the rider as well as safety.

In addition, polyurethane material is used to make their wheels extremely durable. It measures 54 by 36, which gives smooth riding and a super elegant touch. Its great durometer rating helps you to be more confident. If you want, you can buy a different wheelset and assemble it for a more smooth performance.


The price range of standard skateboards starts from a minimum of 50 bucks, and the price of good skateboards starts from more than 100 bucks. But will be happy to know that the price of the Punisher skateboard is very budget-friendly.

If you are a newbie rider, then it is better to not go on a higher price skateboard in the first stage! The price of a punisher skateboard starts from 50 dollars; their most expensive skateboard is also within budget. If you are a beginner, then you can choose any one skateboard from our Best Punisher Skateboard Review recommendations.

Should You Buy It?

If you consider the overall features, you will find very few reasons to avoid a Punisher skateboard.

One of the best features of the Punisher skateboard is its highly efficient design, which ensures the safe and stable riding of riders. Also a great option for beginners, especially those who are trying to conquer various new skateboard tricks.

I can assure you that the quality of this skateboard’s components will not disappoint you. Considering all the aspects, the punisher skateboard is one of the best skateboards for beginners and experts.

Though Punisher has many skateboard models, below we are presenting the two top quality and expert-recommended best punisher skateboard models. Let’s see.

Expert’s Recommended Punisher Skateboard

 1. Punisher Boys Skateboard Complete

We are introducing the Punisher Boys Skateboard Complete skateboard, which is very well known for its quality riding. Mainly it provides you great riding experience at a minimal cost.

This Punisher skateboard has usage the highest quality material for all parts, especially if you first look at its concave deck; you can see that it comes with 31.5 inches × 7.75 inches made with 7-ply Canadian maple, which is very durable and higher in grade.

Its mild concave deck profile provides super control overriding, so you can easily apply different types of riding, turning, and tricks. It offers multiple aesthetic styles that suit anyone’s personality, due to which you can have a lot of worry-free.

This Punisher skateboard uses high-speed ABEC 7 wheel bearing, along with 5-inch heavy-duty alloy trucks and base, which provides safe and smooth riding.

It also has exceptionally high-quality graphics, which adds to the attractiveness of the skateboard. Overall considering everything, this is a perfect selection for both professionals and beginners, and I’m pretty sure you will not disappoint with it.

Punisher Boys Skateboard Complete

are punisher skateboards good: Punisher Boys Skateboard Complete

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 2. Punisher Girls Skateboard Complete

If you are a girl’s rider and looking for a skateboard for girl beginners, you must see this Punisher Girls Skateboard Complete. This is another skateboard from Punisher which comes in a budget-friendly price range.

This punisher cherry blossom skateboard is constructed with all higher quality components. Most components are similar to our previous selection, due to which you can be delighted with the performance.

You will see that the deck of standard skateboards is 28 to 33 inches, but the Punisher cherry blossom skateboard comes with a unique deck shape, and its deck size is about 31.5 inches × 7.75 inches, which is from 7-ply Canadian maple.

Due to the lovely blend of graphics on the deck, the skateboard is very attractive, especially for female riders. Its bearings and trucks are made with good quality material.

It uses ABEC 7’s high-speed wheel bearing, plus 5 inches of heavy-duty alloy kingpin trucks, which are incredibly lightweight, as well as heavy-duty grip tape, and 54 by 36 mm PU wheels make your riding more stable and smooth. Overall, considering all things about this skateboard, it will put a smile on your face.

Punisher Girls Skateboard Complete

are punisher skateboards good: Punisher Girls Skateboard Complete

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Wrapping Up!

Punisher skateboard is a very popular name among riders for solid built quality. You will be worry-free and ensure their quality elements; these will provide you excellent riding experience.

Hopefully, after reading our complete guide, you can finally decide are punisher skateboards good for you or not. However, in my opinion, because of its incredible style, attractive deck, shape, and design, it will be a perfect option for newbies and beginners level riders.

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