Punisher Skateboard Review in Current Market


Skateboarding is a high activity that I  experienced for years. Skateboard is one of the excellent equipment for playing, entertaining, and exercising. The board is designed for skating, and having a smooth ride with unlimited fun. If you want a skateboard that is quite good in quality from all aspects, then you must consider the brand to get a better one. For that reason, you can read this punisher skateboard review.

Being a quality skateboard, you can have the best adventure with. And you will be able to control smoothly on any surfaces such as parks, roads, and sidewalks. 

So, first of all, I would love to talk about the brand which you are searching for. You will have all the information’s, details, pros, and cons through my punisher skateboard review. 

Let me tell you about the punisher brand, that might surprise you while tending to buy a skateboard. So, without farther delay, let’s dive below.

1. Punisher 9001 Cherry Blossom Skateboard

This is one of the top brands in the skateboard set up in 2008 in Pennsylvania. Punisher comes with a unique vision, that is the reason which makes it stand out. On the other hand, people search for unique skateboard to identify them. You’d love such products while buying Punisher skateboards.  

Another reason what makes it stand out is the fact is coming out with highly artistic graphic images. People loved the design and images of the Punisher skateboard. because the designers from all over the world make images to get commissions from punisher. For this purpose, designers have competitions to give it the best image that featured in punisher skateboard. 

The most beneficial aspect of the board is it has made with the highest quality materials. Generally, people can notice their quality materials by lasting an extended period. So, it can be an excellent choice for skateboards lovers. 

Punisher featured their products with Canadian maple decks and heat-sealed foam pads which are their unique specifications. Besides, they also provide comfort helmets with skateboards, which makes it stand out.

Also, there are so many aspects which specialize their skateboard. And punisher has a wide range of high-quality longboards and skateboards. So, you can choose their boards without any doubt. I highly recommend their products as I reviewed one of my favorite punisher skateboards review below.  So, without further ado, let’s jump in.

Punisher Cherry Blossom Skateboard

Punisher cherry blossom skateboard is one of the best quality skateboards in the market. It is high-quality kickboard skateboard made from 7-ply Canadian maple. Also, comes with a mild concave skateboard deck profile for superior control. And, punisher has included high-speed wheel bearings, PE riser pads, and polyurethane cushions with punisher skateboard logo printing. Punisher is styled with full-color attractive graphics and heavy-duty grip tape that makes it a great skateboard. 

Let’s talk about the details of the skateboard step by step. And get the best review that you were searching for.

Punisher Cherry Blossom Skateboard Deck


The punisher cherry blossom is sized in 31.5-inch in length and 7.75-inch in width, and it has been made with durable and hard 7-ply Canadian maple using the highest quality materials. The skateboard is quite suitable for beginners. Also,  it can be well-performed skateboard for pro players. 

Punisher cherry blossom skateboard profile a mild concave skateboard deck for superior control. As a result, you will have a better riding, turning, and doing tricks. Besides, double kick board design allows your feet to position and ultimate control for tricks and stunts. 

Punisher Cherry Blossom Skateboard Bearings & Trucks & Wheels

Bearings, Trucks & Wheels

The punisher cherry blossom comes with heavy-duty 5-inch punisher trucks painted in metallic red. It ensures you the years of use for being heavy-duty punishers. And, the truck-base colored black is super durable and stable, and offset the deck very neatly. 

The bearings work faster as much as it needed. The punisher skateboard includes ABEC- 7 high-speed bearings which are perfect for beginners. It can use both girl and boy. If they are not pro, there will be no issue to drive it because it runs smoothly. 

The punisher cherry blossom has 54 by 36 mm white Ivory wheels that are made from polyurethane. The wheels are designed to help you enjoy and have a firm ride with ultimate fun. Also, decent for parks, roads, and walk sides. So, it can be an excellent choice for its quality and productivity.

Cherry Blossom Skateboar Heavy-Duty Grip Tape

The punisher cherry blossom includes a convenient black heavy duty skateboard grip. It ensures you the ultimate traction and enough control while skating. Moreover, this grip tape allows you to have the best experiences in racing and to control it any rough surfaces. 

This punisher board has lots of things to be attractive such as punisher skateboard sticker that id designed with full-color graphic images. Besides, the design includes the punisher skateboard logo, which determines the brand as well as charming looks. 



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2. Punisher Skateboards 40-Inch Longboard Skateboard with Drop-Through Canadian Maple Concave Deck, Assorted Styles

Design and Deck

Punisher Skateboards are popular for their supreme quality and unique style range. The 40-inch longboard edition is one of their best quality skateboards to consider if you’re still a beginner.

A combination of Canadian maple structure and a mild concave skateboard deck profile brings out the best in this skateboard.

A remarkable feature of this skateboard is the unique style of attractive graphics in bold colors which will grasp anyone’s attention. It also includes a fit black heavy-duty grip which will give you control over rough areas. With this grip, you can enjoy fair traction and you can safely skate along any surface.

This skateboard is approximately 40-inch in length and 9-inch in width, so it is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. The addition of 7-ply Canadian maple makes the board durable and long-lasting.

Moreover, the presence of a mild concave skateboard deck gives a peerless control when you’re doing tricks and turns.

Punisher Skateboards 40-Inch Longboard Skateboard

Bearings and Trucks

Furthermore, the punisher skateboard comes with heavy-duty 7-inch trucks and bases. It will ensure your ride to be safe and enjoyable especially when you’re attempting for some moves.

More so, the skateboard also includes ABEC-9 high-speed bearings. Such bearings make it suitable to drive the skateboard smoothly and steadily.

Punisher Skateboards 40-Inch Longboard Skateboard



3. Punisher Skateboards Teddy Complete 31-Inch Skateboard with Canadian Maple and Concave Deck


The Teddy Complete 31-inch skateboard is another unique addition to the Punisher Skateboard family. Like other skateboards of the family, this one comes with supreme quality Canadian Maple structure as well.

The provision of full-color graphics with intricate artistic designs on boards attracts riders all the time.

7-Ply Canadian Maple included in the board is extremely durable and long-lasting. A Double Kickboard Skateboard in origin, this one is perfect for beginner to immediate riders for the hard and sturdy base.

There is also a mild concave deck profile which imparts excellent control during riding. It is also suitable for doing swirls and tricks over most surfaces.

Wheels & Trucks

A combination of ABEC-7 high-speed wheel bearings and heavy-duty trucks with bases gives proper safety for different jumps and ollies. ABEC-7 wheel bearings are perfect for beginners to ensure proper control.

The 5-inch trucks are red powder coated and made of alloy. They are cushioned to the drop-through deck.

Another feature of this skateboard is the presence of 54 x 36 mm Polyurethane wheels. These wheels are widely designed and can withstand abrasive wear. They are perfect for taking control when you’re riding over rough surfaces. The flex-life of these wheels is also excellent so you can enjoy rides, tricks, and turns easily.




There are so many skateboards in the market, and I have chosen one of the best brands which are standouts for its quality materials and procedures. Also, it has included all of the things what we search for while buying. So, in my experience, it’s a great skateboard for both girls, boys, beginners, and pros. 

Though it is perfect for everyone what I said, however, it can be an excellent choice for girls and beginners. I hope this punisher cherry blossom review represented all the things that you were looking for, and the crucial information that you needed for buying the Punisher skateboard.  I highly recommend this product if you were looking for the best skateboard on the market.


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