10 Best Skateboard Tricks For Beginner To Expert

Talking about Skateboard wheel reviews or skateboard trucks is doing only a bit. It is a different article today. We will be talking about Beginner Skateboard Tricks in this one.

Learning to skate is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of determination and practice to get hold of the board. However, once you get the grasp of it, you’ll be unstoppable.

Before you jump into skateboard tricks, it’s essentials that you master the basics such as balancing, moving, turning, rolling, stopping, pushing etc. Doing tricks on a skateboard isn’t easy and it takes quite some hard-work to learn it properly. You must ensure that you’ll not give up even after trying it a hundred times. Patience is a must when it comes about beginner skateboard tricks.

Sometimes people tend to skip the basic tricks and jump right into the advanced ones. Don’t! When you’re learning tricks, it’s vital that you start from the core and step up gradually. Let’s take a look at our top ten beginner skateboard tricks.

The good news for you is the fact that we have already prepared an infographic that should solve a lot of problems. Our designers wanted to make sure that you get a visual image which will cater to the Beginner Skateboard Tricks and their solutions. So here, you go.

Beginner Skateboard Tricks

Enjoy the visuals.

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Top Ten Beginner Skateboard Tricks:


The skateboarding tricks are all described below. Read on and practice accordingly.

Chinese Nollie

The Chinese Nollie is a super easy trick to pull when you’re just cruising around the block with your skateboard. All you need to do is to give a gentle push at the front of the board so that it bounces when you pass the crack on the sidewalk. This motion will pop up the board off the ground. If you know how to hop on the board then you’re good to go with this trick.


Once you learn how to balance and control the board, it’s high time you learn to do Tic-tac. It’s a super basic trick that only requires you to move your shoulders and move left and right in a synchronized way. You need to use the momentum from your shoulders then guide them down to the hip and eventually to your feet.


The only pre-requisite of learning Ollie is to know how to ride and balance a skateboard. Yes, it’s that simple!

The foot positioning for Ollie is very straight forward. You need to put your back foot at the tail of the skateboard and your front foot slightly above the center. Make sure your back foot is at the center of the tail so that you can get better stability. For doing the trick you need to kick the tail with your back foot, slide your front foot up and jump at the same time.

Ollie North

Ollie North is quite similar to the regular Ollie. The foot position is similar in both the tricks. The difference between these two is that in Ollie North you need to extend your front foot off the board. It’s important that you have a proper grasp on Ollie to successfully master Ollie North as this is slightly trickier than that.

Hippie Jump

In a Hippie Jump, you make the board go under an obstacle then you jump over the obstacle and land back on the skateboard. For this particular trick, you need to put your feet over all eight screws. Put both of your feet in a sideways position and keep your toes slightly hanged.

The correct way to jump during a Hippie is to jump backward. The logic behind this is that the skateboard will move forward as you jump back. So, bend your knees and jump up, the board will go under the obstacle and help you fall back on it.

Frontside 180

In the front side 180, you Ollie your feet and board at a 180-degree angle. To start off, put your feet in an Ollie position and set your shoulders. Bend your knees and get some speed. Once you have built up the momentum, wind up the opposite way you want to spin. When you pop up, your board is going to follow a similar motion and make the 180-degree rotation.

Kick Flip

The Kick Flip is one of the most fascinated beginners skateboard tricks. To nail this bad boy you need to polish your Ollie and Frontside 180 first. Your front foot needs to be placed behind the bolts of the board and making an angle around 45 degrees and the back foot should be at the tail of the board.

Try to Ollie as high as you can and flick the board with your front foot. Once the board has fully spun around once put your feet back on it.

Heel Flip

For doing Heel Flip, the back foot should be at the edge of the tail and the front foot in the middle of the board. Try to keep your feet in sideways to ensure greater balance. This leg position will give you a slightly slanted position which will help you get the flick and the flick will eventually help you spin the board during the heelflip.

Frontside Powerslide

For front-side power-slide, place your front foot at the bolts and the back foot on the tail. The foot position for this trick depends on how wide your stance is. It’s important to bend the knees and get started with the trick to having better control and balance over the board. Front-side power-slide requires you to turn the board 90 degrees and it’s a kind of a trick that’s usually done on ledges, boxes, and bowls.

50/50 Grind

To master the 50/50 grind, you need to master the regular Ollie first. The foot positioning for this trick is similar to Ollie and it’s a grind on the trucks. Use a ledge which is around 4 inches in height then approach towards the ledge in a motion parallel to your feet and Ollie up the ledge.

Try to land smoothly on the ledge so that you don’t have to land hard. Make sure both of your feet are on top of each truck so that you get a proper balance. When you come at the end of the ledge shift your weight slightly backward and roll down the way.

The Caveman

The caveman is a cool trick that’s pretty easy to pull off. Before practicing it, you must learn to land on your skateboard with a decent amount of forward momentum. Drop your board down on a flat surface, take a few steps backward, then run to it and carefully leap up to the board.

When you land, make sure each of your foot is placed right above the two wheels. This will create a forward momentum that you must allow to continue. Once you’ve got this down, you can finally start training for the caveman. Now, grab your board by its nose using one of your hands and make sure your thumb is on the grip tape.

Once you’ve got the basics of caveman down, you can get more creative!

Wrapping Up

There is no shortcut in learning these tricks and you’ll not succeed unless you practice the tricks regularly. Make sure you are comfortable riding the skateboard and you can balance the board properly. All you need is a little patience and practice to rock the alley this season.


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