Is Snowboarding Like Longboarding Or Not!

Is Snowboarding Like Longboarding

We have been longboarding and skateboarding for a long amount of time. And the thing that we love about this community so much is the hangouts after riding the board together. And as we have been in numerous of them, we are aware of the topics that most of the riders talk about. One thing that came up recently was is snowboarding like longboarding or not. And we were pretty intrigued by the question because none of us really had the proper knowledge regarding the topic.
That is where our curiosity rose the most. So, we decided to do tons of digging and research on the topic.
From our research, we did manage to learn a few of the concrete things that gave us a clear idea regarding two of the sports. And we are here to spill the tea! So, get yourself relaxed, grab a hot or cold cup of beverage and continue reading!

Comparison of Snowboarding and Longboarding!

Is Snowboarding Like Longboarding?

Even though these two sports are done on different terrains, there are plenty of similarities. Likewise, there are significant differences as well.
Nonetheless, knowing about these will help in terms of learning both the sports. So, let us not waste anymore of your time and get right into it!

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Longbard vs Snowboard: Balance and Stance

Is Snowboarding Like Longboarding: Balance and Stance

Let us start things off with a similarity. The balance and the stance of both the sports are pretty much similar. In fact, this factor is one of the things that make these two sports closely related.
No matter which sport you are into, you are going to stand sideways. This standing position is what we refer to as the regular stance.
The rider is going to stand sideways while facing the direction of the travel.
However, there is a major difference in the case of the length of the boards. The snowboards are typically 55 inches to 62 inches, while the longboards are generally 36 inches to 48 inches.
Even though there is a difference in terms of the overall length of the boards, the stance width is going to be roughly the same.
It would be about shoulder width for both. However, the feet will be closer to the tips for the longboards, while they will be a bit away from the edge for the snowboard.
Even though the standing stance or the regular stance is the same for both, things are slightly different for the duck stance. In snowboarding, the feet are pointing to 45 degrees opposite each other. However, for the longboards, the feet will be parallel.
Other than that, for the snowboards, the feet are generally strapped through the bindings. But that is not the case with longboards, is it? The feet are completely free to move around. As a result, the balancing factor on the boards is different.
On that note, it is possible to lean backward and forward on a snowboard without having to worry about you losing the board.
But that is not possible on longboards as the feet are free. Also, the weight of the boots will be a bit different because of the bindings that are present on snowboards.

Longboard vs Snowboard: Basic Skills for Turning and Stopping

Is Snowboarding Like Longboarding: Basic Skills for Turning and Stopping

One thing that you will find similar in the case of both snowboarding and longboarding is that your natural balance will play a significant role in both.
But, in the case of longboarding, four wheels are rolling on the ground. So, you find yourself balancing your body frequently while longboarding.
On the other hand, the motion for carving is pretty much similar. In that, you will find yourself using your shoulders, upper body, and head to make turns for both. And for both, the bodyweight will lean towards the edge while turning. However, leaning will move the wheels for longboards but will turn the edge for snowboards.
That being said, for stopping, riders implement two different procedures for two of the sports. Braking is done by using the foot, outrunning, and bailing in the case of longboarding.
However, for snowboarding, braking is done by making the board skid on the slope. Here, the rider has to ship the bodyweight off as well.
Talking of which, there is a similarity in terms of sliding on two of the boards. Taking snowboards in hand is similar to making turns on longboards.

Longboard vs Snowboard: The Learning Curve

is snowboarding like longboarding:Learning Curve

The factors we looked at earlier are similar for the two boards to some extent. Let us get into one of the major differences between both sports, which is the learning curve.
If you ask a rider who has ridden both of the boards, you will find that person saying that learning how to longboard is more challenging than learning snowboarding.
Before you make any assumptions, certain things can back up that person’s claim. And they are as follows:

  • Stepping on top of a skateboard on pavement will make it roll naturally. And there remains a higher chance of the board shooting in the front under you. As your legs are not tied to the board, you will certainly fall if that happens.But that is not the case for snowboards. The feet are tied to the binding. That means wherever the board goes; you go with it. For that reason, many consider snowboarding safer than longboarding.
  • Another thing that makes snowboarding easy is that you will ride the board on top of the snow. And falling on the snow will not hurt that much unless you are falling with an insane amount of speed.However, it will not be as bad as falling on top of concrete even if the speed is too high.On the other hand, if you fall while longboarding, there is a high chance of getting bruises. Even if the speed is not that high, you will get hurt if you fall off the board while riding.
  • It would be possible for a complete newbie to get on top of the snowboard and toll a bit. Getting all the basics right is where things are going to get difficult. And without learning the basics, it will not be possible to ride for ten seconds without needing any help in longboarding.However, for snowboarding, balance is the key. It will be possible for a complete newbie to ride straight down a small slope if the balance is right. And learning the basics will take about a day or two. But to safely roll down a slope in terms of longboards will require weeks of practice.
  • After getting the hang of the basic skills, it will be pretty easy to ride downhill and do some tricks in snowboarding. But the case will not be the same for climbing uphill.For that, one requires more practice. Without that, the chances of you falling will be reasonably high.On that note, learning how to freestyle on longboards is pretty tough. Some might seem easy, but they will require a lot of patience and practice.

Longboard vs Snowboard: Cost and Accessibility

how much deos snowboard cost

Another one of the major differences that lie between both boards is the cost. It is possible to find a board under $100.
The range for good longboards is generally under $250. And for the safety gears, the highest you might have to spend to get some proper gears is $150. That brings the total cost to a maximum of $400.
On the other hand, snowboards are relatively expensive. The boards are not in the budget range at all. Also, it would help if you got yourself a good quality boot and binding. Those are going to cost good money.
And, you can longboard while wearing shorts and a tank top. But it would be impossible to bear the cold with those.
That being said, let us move into another difference. That would be the accessibility. It is possible to practice longboarding almost everywhere.
From the backyard to pavements to sidewalks, you can ride the board anywhere that is flat. But for riding snowboards, snowy terrain is a must.
You cannot simply ride a snowboard on top of flat ground. It will not move forward. All you are going to do is scratch the bottom of the board. That is why most people dedicate time to going to a ski resort just to do a bit of snowboarding.

Longboard vs Snowboard: Hazards

Is snowbarding harder than longboardig

We have mentioned earlier that the rider’s risk of getting injured while riding a longboard is relatively high. Falling on concrete can hurt you to a significant amount.
And the chances of the injuries becoming serious will be higher if you do not wear the proper protective gear. Even the little falls will hurt a lot.
On the contrary, the chances of you seriously getting injured while snowboarding remain reasonably slim. Severe injuries will only occur if you fall off a slope at a higher speed.
Also, in mountainous environments, if you do not know what you are doing, accidents are bound to happen.
Nevertheless, comparatively, the hazards of longboarding on top of concrete are substantially higher than riding a board on top of the snow.
And the hazards will slowly decrease if you gain enough skills in the case of snowboarding. But the case will not be the same for longboarding.
Considering that, if you are longboarding, you should wear kneepads, a proper helmet, elbow pads, and other protective gear, no matter how skilled you are.

Longboard Vs Snowboard: Tricks

cool snowboarding tricks

You might not know this, but the snowpark environments and the snowboarding freestyles are largely inspired by longboarding and skateboarding. That is why you will find plenty of similarities between the tricks. However, learning the tricks for snowboard is more accessible than longboarding. And there are some specific reasons why.
First of all, the feet are tied to the snowboard, which means there is generally no risk at all in losing the board when performing the tricks.
Secondly, the fact that you are most likely to land on a snow pile and get minor injuries in most cases will boost your confidence and will let you learn them faster.
In comparison, it is not possible to jump with the longboard stuck to your feet. So, if you cannot time things right in the high jumps, your feet might touch the ground without having the board under them. This factor will make a lot of tricks harder to learn.
That being said, if you are a longboarder, learning the tricks of snowboard will not take that amount of time at all. You will find more control over the board, and the movements and the positioning of the body will be perfect in this case.
Similarly, riders who can do a complete 360 with a snowboard will be capable of performing the same trick with the longboard by facing a minimum amount of difficulties.
However, the case is a lot different when it comes to jumping with both boards. With the longboards, you can kick the rear board and lift the front foot to various tricks.
But it will be impossible to lift a snowboard by kicking the rear of the board as both feet are tied.

Longboard VS Snowboard: Skill Transfer

One of the questions that most of the snowboarders ask is whether their skills will transfer from this sport to longboarding or not. Well, this is one thing that we can say for sure that one of these sports is certainly going to help you with the other one.
That means if you are fairly experienced in snowboarding, you will find longboarding easier. And the same thing goes the other way around.
So, the newbie that just learned how to go down straight on a slope using a snowboard will be capable of doing the same on a longboard on the concrete street.
However, this case will not be true for all of the basic skills that are required for both sports.
For example, it will not be possible to properly balance the longboard even if you can adequately balance yourself on a snowboard. The feet are tied on a snowboard, but they are free on the longboard.
On that note, some of the tricks will become easier to do on the other sport if the rider can master them on one of the sports. In other words, if you can do some of the common freestyles on a longboard, it will be easier to carry them out on top of a snowboard.
But it will take a lot of practice to carry out the trickier common tricks on the longboard, as getting used to the rolling wheels truly takes some time and patience.

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Quick Comparison of Snowboarding and Longboarding!

That was the end of the detailed comparison of snowboarding and longboarding. To recapitulate the things that we have gone through, here is a short comparison of the same and different factors in both sports.

  • Balance and Stance

Similar to some degree, but the feet are stuck to the board on snowboards.

  • Basic Skills for Turning and Stopping

Similar for turning and carving but different for stopping.

  • The Learning Curve

It will be hard for a complete newbie to learn longboarding, but snowboarding will be exceptionally easy.

  • Accessibility

You can ride on a longboard on any flat ground, but snowboarding will require snowy terrain.

  • Cost

In comparison, longboarding is relatively cheap. But the boards and the gears for snowboarding will require a good amount of money.

  • Hazards

Longboarding is considerably risky than snowboarding because the chances of seriously getting injured on concrete are higher.

  • Tricks

Some of the tricks are pretty similar. But, some of the tricks are easier to carry out on snowboard.

  • Skill Transfer

There are a lot of similarities in terms of basic skills, but not all of the skills will get transferred from one to another. For instance, you would need to invest proper time to gain some of the basic skills for longboards.

How Similar Is Longboarding To Snowboarding?

When it comes to action sports, most people would say that longboarding and snowboarding are pretty similar. They both involve riding a board on the ground, using tricks to navigate your way around obstacles, and having a lot of fun!

One of the main differences between the two is that longboarding is usually shorter and easier to learn than snowboarding. This is because longboarding is a street sport that is typically done on pavement or a smooth, hard surface like a skatepark. Snowboarding, on the other hand, is typically done in the snow and requires a bit more technique and experience.

Another big difference between the two is that longboarding relies more on balance and control than snowboarding. Many longboarders use ollies and flips to stay on their board and perform tricks. Snowboarders, on the other hand, use their board’s edge to stay on top of the snow and perform tricks like jumps and spins.

Is Snowboarding Harder Than Longboarding?

Not at all. If you are fairly experienced in longboarding, you will find that snowboarding is a piece of cake.
However, for beginners who did not get into either of the sports, both will seem difficult initially. But it will be possible to get used to snowboarding faster.
On that note, even though getting the basics right on snowboarding might be easy, getting the hang of the advanced riding styles will be pretty hard.
The case is the same for longboarding. You can get used to the basics of longboarding relatively easily, but gaining advanced skills will be exceptionally hard.
That being said, one of the primary aspects that make snowboarding easier than longboarding is that you are going to fall on snow instead of concrete if anything goes wrong.
And that aspect can boost your confidence substantially, which is why you will find yourself getting the hang of the basic stuff quickly and easily.

Will Longboarding Improve Snowboarding Skills?

As we have mentioned above, the skills do transfer from one sport to another. Now, if we consider the skills of longboarding, most of the skills will surely transfer to snowboarding.
You will find it easier to balance the body on a snowboard if you have some longboarding experience.
Other than that, learning how to carve on snowboards will be a piece of cake if you can master the skill of carving into turns on longboards.
Also, most of the freestyle tricks will be easier to carry out. So, it can be said that longboarding will surely improve your snowboarding skills.
However, things take a turn if we consider the other way around. No matter how experienced you are in snowboarding, getting on the longboard for the first time will always be hard.
Also, it will take some time to get used to the balancing factor on longboards. Some of the common tricks will be harder to carry out as well.
Let us not forget the hazards. Falling into the concrete will be more painful than falling straight down into a snow pile. And this is something that can have a high impact on the overall mindset of the riders.

The Best Longboards For Snowboarding!

Snowboarding is a fun and thrilling winter activity, but it’s not without its frustrations. Whether you’re making your way up the mountain or trying to make that last turn before the bottom of the slope, snowboarders have to deal with all sorts of obstacles: icy patches in no-man’s land, drifts they can’t seem to get past, and rocks that go from hidden beneath the surface to life-threatening hazards in an instant. With this longboard for snowboard serious riders (and those who are just beginning their journey), these trials become more manageable! The durable design withstands bumps and scrapes while giving you stability on uneven ground; whether it be ice or slushy snow. What’s more, many people find they are able to go farther with less effort when using a longboard as opposed to other kinds of boards. This blog post will take you through some of the best options for riding down the mountain on a longboard whether you’re an experienced rider looking for something new or someone just starting out looking for their first board.

Is It Possible to Use Longboarding Gears for Snowboarding?

It is possible to use some of the longboarding gears for snowboarding, but not all gears will be compatible.
Also, you will need some extra gears to ride a snowboard safely. For example, you can get away with using the helmet, but a proper google is a must.
Also, it would be possible to use the same knee and elbow caps for riding snowboard, but your clothing must be different.
Snowboarders usually cover their whole body with thick clothing to fight the cold breeze. You will freeze if you wear tank tops and shorts while riding snowboards.
On the contrary, you can ride a longboard wearing any clothing. Whether it is a tank top, t-shirt, or full-sleeve, you can wear them all. Furthermore, there is no need to get a proper boot for longboarding, but that is a must for snowboarding.
In addition to that, thick gloves are a necessity. Without that, your fingers will freeze and can go numb at some point. But no gloves are required for riding longboards.
However, you can surely wear them to reduce the fall damage and protect your fingers from scraping the concrete roads.

Longboard that carves like a snowboard!

If you’re looking for a longboard that can carve like a snowboard, then you may want to consider investing in a carve board. A carve board is specifically designed to allow you to carve turns like you would on a snowboard. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are made from a variety of materials, including plastic and wood.

Since they are designed to be used in a similar way to a snowboard, they can be a lot of fun to use. They also allow you to go down hills much faster than a traditional longboard, making them perfect for those days when you want to get out and have some fun but don’t want to deal with the hassle of skating on flat surfaces. If you’re looking for a longboard that can help you to improve your skating skills, then a carve board may be the perfect option for you.

Is snowboarding like skateboarding?

Have you ever wondered if snowboarding is like skateboarding? Snowboarders and skaters have a lot in common. Skateboards can be used on any surface with enough room for the board to roll freely while snowboards need a slope of at least 30 degrees before they will work properly. They both use their feet to propel themselves forward, they both wear protective gear, and they’re both adrenaline junkies who love the feeling of going fast. But there are some key differences too. Here are a few things that set these two sports apart from one another. Snowboarders ride on top of the snow while skaters ride on top of pavement or other surfaces with wheels underneath them Skateboards can be used for tricks and flips while snowboards can only be used for tricks because it’s difficult to balance on them when flipping over (unless you’re using a halfpipe) Skateboards don’t require any special equipment or clothing whereas snowboarders need boots, gloves, goggles, helmet etc. Skateboards are more affordable than snow boards but also less durable – so your board will last longer if you just use it as transportation rather than doing tricks with it all the time! If you’ve been wondering about whether or not these two sports are similar then this article should answer all your questions! Snowboarding requires more skill than skating because riders must learn how to turn by leaning into the turn instead of just pushing against one foot as many people do when learning how to skateboard. This makes it easier for beginners who might not yet have mastered balancing easy skills required in skating such as ollies, flips, grinds etc, which means less falls and injuries! We hope we were able to help clear up any confusion about what sets these two sports apart from one another!


To conclude, if we were to answer the question of is snowboarding like longboarding, in short, we would say that yes, it is somewhat like longboarding.
But there are plenty of differences in both sports that make them unique. And as you now know about them all, you should have a good idea about what you can expect while riding one board or the other.

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