Longboard vs Bike Comparison! Which Is Right For You?

Longboard Vs Bike! Let us face it, traveling a small distance by foot is simply not the quickest option you have in hand. There are other means that will let you reach your preferred destination quickly and effortlessly. And when we got tired of reaching our classes late in university, we did look through those options.

While looking through the different options, we found two viable options. One is the bike, and the other is the longboard. However, we wanted to pick the best one. And for that reason, we dug a bit deep into the topic of longboard vs bike. Also, we even asked around and carried out a small survey to get a clear picture.

From our extensive research, we did manage to gather some valuable and concrete information regarding the topic. And we are here to share them all with you. So, if you are stuck in a dilemma between two of these transportation means, sit back and go through the article.

Bike Vs Skateboard or Longboard

While many of the riders will be able to offer you some basic information regarding the topic and state one is better than the other, you will not be a winner without getting in-depth information regarding the comparison. And that is exactly what you are going to get in this segment. So, let us get things started!

Skills Required (Winner: Bike)

We have found that 8 out of 10 people know how to ride a bike. Well, this is no surprise because it is something that most parents teach to their kids. And the good part about this skill is that you are never going to forget how to ride a bike. It will stay with you till the end of your lifespan.

But one thing that we found quite disappointing is that only 4 out of 10 people knew how to ride a skateboard or a longboard. We expected at least 5, but the thing that we did not consider at that time is the time and effort it takes to get used to the basic skills required for riding one of these boards.

Among the basic skills, trying to get the proper stance is something that most newbies struggle at. Also, the balancing skill is not that easy either. That is why most of the people that decide to learn how to ride a longboard eventually give up for the time it requires to master the basic skills.

However, if you were to compare a longboard with a skateboard, the longboard will win. They have a larger deck, and the wheels are considerably large as well. That makes the learning curve less steep. But no matter which board we consider, gaining advanced skills on these will certainly be harder compared to a bike.

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Longboard vs Bike

Cost (Winner: Longboard)

One of the primary concerns for college and university students is the cost. And this is where the longboard will take a massive lead. You can get away with $80 to $100 for longboards or skateboards in terms of the initial investment. And if you want to go for the high ends, there will be no need to spend more than $250.

On the other hand, if you were to get a decent entry-level bike, there are basically no good options under the $200 range. And if we consider the high-end ones, you would be looking at about $600. Also, it is highly advisable to get a good quality bike because it will last for a long time without showing issues.

Talking of cost, if we consider the maintenance cost, the gap between the bike and the longboards widens up a little more. The parts of the bikes are generally costly. Also, considering that some of the models might use proprietary parts, it can even get hard to source out the required part.

On the contrary, the parts for the longboards will be considerably cheap. Most of them are going to be highly accessible as well. Also, let us not forget how easy it is to maintain and clean a longboard. There are fewer amount of parts to work with. So, there will be no need to invest too much time and effort in them.

But for the bikes, you are looking at at least one hour of your time. Also, you should consider the fact that for maintaining the bike, special skills are required. If you do not have them, there will be a need to spend the extra money and get the maintenance done by a professional.

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Fun Factor (Winner: Longboard)

Now, even though many of the riders are going to suggest that the fun factor is a personal preference thing, we say otherwise. No matter how much fun you have while riding a bike, that amount of fun simply is not as close as riding a longboard or a skateboard.

If you have never ridden a longboard before, think of it like surfing. And instead of the water, the terrain you will be on top of is the form of the wave. Now, surfing and longboarding are not the same things as the waves push you forward, but here, you will need to push yourself forward if the board is not electric.

That being said, the fun factor comes from the riding style. Obviously, you will face obstacles on the road, but those obstacles will make things exciting. Even if the speed is not that much, you will find yourself constantly adjusting the position, carving turns, pushing, doing Tic Tacs, and other things.

On the other hand, riding a bike is a pretty relaxing thing. All you need to do is push the pedal down, look at the road, and steer the handle. You will not find that many challenges while riding one of these. However, there is an exception; we can not deny that riding downhill is highly exciting.

While riding down, you will feel the velocity, which is going to make the heart pump faster. The same thing goes when you are riding at a higher speed. And that thrilling experience is what makes riding a bike a bit fun.

That being said, the amount of fun that those scenarios can offer is not even as close to the challenges you are going to overtake while riding a longboard. Considering that, we can confidently state the longboard as the winner in this factor.

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Long Distance Traveling (Winner: Bike)

If we consider long-distance commuting, the bike will simply take the crown. As we have mentioned above, you will not face that many challenges while riding them as most of them are good for commuting city roads. Also, thanks to the relaxing nature of the riding style, long-distance commuting will be easy.

On the contrary, for short-distance commuting, the longboard would be the one to opt for. With them, it would be possible to ride on top of sidewalks, escape the traffic by getting into an alleyway, and get somewhere quickly on busy days. This is somewhere the bike will fall a bit behind.

Terrain (Winner: Bike)

When it comes to longboarding, a smooth terrain is a must. These boards do not generally have large wheels to tread through uneven and rough roads. That is why you will see the riders going through concrete sidewalks even when the road, which is uneven and rough, is empty.

On the other hand, the bike can go through most of the terrains. Of course, it will be hard to ride them on rough and uneven terrains, but it will not be totally impossible to tread on them. However, with the longboards, sometimes, it can be impossible to ride on some terrains.

Other than that, in the case of hilly areas, bikes are going to excel the most. It is easier to climb up steep roads with them. But with a longboard, you will either have to push yourself with a higher amount of force or need to walk by carrying the board in between the hands.

On that note, riding through the hills is another scenario where a bike is going to take the lead. But if you are fairly experienced in the case of riding a longboard, this lead will not be that much. However, the amount of skills required to safely ride downhill roads is pretty significant.

Brakes (Winner: Bike)

Another factor where the bike is going to take the lead is the brakes. Longboards do not have any dedicated brakes. That means you will need to rely on your foot and skills in terms of stopping them. So, in certain scenarios where the speed is too high, for example, riding downhill, you need to stay extra careful.

On the other hand, most of the bikes will come with one or two dedicated brakes. And most of them will be capable of stopping the wheels within a couple of seconds. There will be no need to use the feet to stop the wheels. That means you can safely ride down a downhill road with a bike.

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Safety (Winner: Bike)

As we have mentioned above, the bike comes with dedicated brakes. And they are what make the bike safer than longboards or skateboards. Also, the good thing about most of the brakes is that most of them are capable of putting the wheels into a complete halt within seconds.

On the flip side, the longboard does not come with brakes. Your feet and maneuvering skills are all you got in terms of putting the wheels to a complete stop. Also, it will get hard to make the wheels stop if the board has a good amount of momentum or speed.

Apart from that, the wheels of the longboards and skateboards are generally small. Smaller than bikes, of course. That small diameter of the wheels means that you are sure to trip over if they get into a hole or cracked surface. Even a simple rock can get you flying. And the board is certainly not coming with you during that.

Additionally, skateboards or longboards are not that easy to maneuver. The amount of control the rider is going to have while riding these are pretty minimal. As there is no handle on the front, carving through the turns will require a significant amount of skill as well.

On that note, while riding through a crowded area, it will be pretty hard to maneuver the board around the obstacles. A lot of shifting of the body and the shoulder will be required. However, by developing proper skills, this task can eventually become a bit easier.

Contrariwise, you will have more control over the wheels on top of a bike. The steering handle will offer better control over the directions, which will make turning easier.

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Stopping (Winner: Bike)

We have already mentioned above that the bikes come with a dedicated brake or brakes, whereas the longboards will not have any. That makes the stopping task fairly difficult for the boards. So, if you can not time things right, you will find yourself getting major injuries.

On that note, the rider is basically on a standing stance while riding a longboard. That means the fall damage will be pretty serious if the speed is relatively high. There are many cases where the longboard and skateboard riders broke their ankles and wrists after falling from the board.

But for the bike, the rider is in a sitting position. So even if the rider can not pull the brake in time, the injury of falling down from it will be a little bit less serious. And if the rider has proper safety gear on, the chances of getting seriously injured after falling from the bike will be pretty slim.

Exercise (Winner: Longboard)

While longboarding, you will find yourself pushing the board too frequently. Within a few miles, the number of calories your body will burn will reach triple digits. Also, you are most likely to sweat a lot while longboarding or skateboarding.

On the contrary, riding a bike can be pretty relaxing. There is no forward pushing required. The rider only has to push the pedals down, and it will get the wheels moving forward. Also, due to the fact you are less likely to face challenges while riding it, the calories burnt while riding a bike will not be that much.

However, the case will be a little different if you were to ride the bike at a higher speed and on uphill terrains. In those, your legs are going to do a good amount of work in picking up the required speed and momentum. But this scenario is something that is not going to occur that frequently.

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Helmet (Winner: Bike)

The helmet is one of the important safety gear that the rider should wear while riding a bike or a longboard. However, both vehicles require a different type of helmet. First of all, for longboarding, a proper and thick helmet is a necessity. Without that, the injuries on the head after an accident can get pretty serious.
On the other hand, you can survive a crash by wearing an average helmet, not saying that you should skimp on the helmet, as the crashes in most cases will not be that serious. And the good thing about most bike helmets is that they are light. So, you can comfortably wear them for a long amount of time.

Race (Winner: Longboard)

Yes, the maximum speed that you can attain on a longboard will not beat the bike. But there is one thing that you need to consider. It will be easy to escape traffic with a longboard. Also, it is certainly possible to skip a long road by going through an alleyway. These are something that will be hard to carry out with a bike.

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Convenience (Tie)

This is a factor where there is no clear winner. Firstly, the bikes are good for carrying stuff. Most of them will come with a rack or a basket, which will allow the rider to carry some groceries, small things, a backpack, or even a skate around. But the longboards do not have anything such as a rack or a basket attachment.

However, it is possible to carry stuff while riding a longboard. But for this, you will need to carry a backpack on the shoulder. And if the pack is heavy, riding the board will get exceptionally difficult.

On the other hand, transporting a bike from one place to another will be a difficult task. You either have to push it around or hire a truck or carry it on top of a vehicle and transport it. But for skateboards or longboards, transporting would be easy. You can simply pack them inside a backpack or carry them in between the hands.

Additionally, it is possible to pack a longboard inside the luggage when you are flying from one place to another. There will be no need to pay extra fees for that. But for a bike, shipping it using a logistics service is a necessity.

On that note, as the rider can keep the longboard with him the entire time if that person wants to, the chances of it getting stolen will be considerably low. But for the bikes, you would have to lock them up on the parking case. And locked bikes getting stolen is not an uncommon case.

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Longboard vs Bike: Differences At a Glance

Let us look at the major differences at a glance in this chart. Talking of which, this chart will also recapitulate all the factors we took a look at.

Skills RequiredThe bike is pretty easy to learn. Also, getting good at riding will not take that much time.It will take a considerably long amount of time to gain all of the basic skills of skateboard or longboards.
CostGetting a proper bike will cost you at least $200. And the high-end models can go up to $100.In comparison, longboards are not that expensive. There will be no need to spend that much money on getting one of these.
Fun FactorRiding a bike is fun, but the fun factor is not that considerably high.Longboarding or skateboarding will require you to go through a lot of challenges. And that is where the fun level gets higher.
Long Distance TravelingBikes are generally the ideal choice to travel long distances. For traveling long-distance with longboards, you need to put in too much effort. And this why they would not be a good pick in this regard.
TerrainIn comparison, bikes have large-sized wheels. They can tread through most of the rough terrains easily.The wheels of longboards are comparatively small. So, they are not ideal for most of the terrains.
BrakesBikes have dedicated brakes.Longboards or skateboards do not have any braking mechanism.
SafetyWhen compared, bikes are safer to ride on roads.Usually, it is pretty hard to maneuver a longboard. So, in tricky situations, you can injure yourself.
StoppingFor the brakes, it will be pretty easy to stop a bike.As the longboards do not have any braking mechanisms, halting the wheels can get tough.
ExerciseRiding a bike is mostly a relaxing task. For that reason, these are not that great in terms of exercising or burning calories.You would burn a good amount of calories when riding a longboard. That is why these are ideal for exercising.
HelmetBike helmets are generally comfortable to wear.Sturdier and tough helmets are required. And most of them are not that comfortable.
RaceIn some scenarios, bikes can get stuck in between obstacles or traffic.Longboards are pretty handy when it comes to taking a shortcut or escaping traffic.
ConvenienceThis is a tie. Here, the bike wins when it comes to carrying stuff, whereas the longboard wins when it comes to portability.

Recommended Models

After going through the comparison, you might have decided which one you are going to opt for. Well, the good thing is that we have ridden out most of the top-rated models of bikes and longboards. And from our intensive testing, we found these worth looking at:


  1. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle – Best for Carrying Stuff

One of the standout features of this model is that it comes with a basket on the back. And the basket is reasonably large and can contain a good amount of stuff inside it.

  1. Mongoose SwitchbackBest for Mountain Tracks

This specific model is born ready for rough terrains. It performs exceptionally well on the city roads as well. And we found that the brakes are reasonably powerful.

  1. Tommaso Imola Endurance – Best for Speed

Among all the bikes we have ridden, this one could gain high speed within a couple of seconds. Also, the build quality of the unit is pretty praiseworthy.

  1. Kulana Lakona Youth – Best Comfortable Bike for Women

This beach cruiser has an ergonomic design, which is going to make the overall riding experience relaxing and comfortable.


1. Magneto 44 inch – Best for Beginners

This board has a beginner-friendly design, which will make it easier for the newbies to learn longboarding. Also, the build quality is pretty stellar.

2. MBS All-Terrain – Best for Rough Terrains

Even though longboards are not that good on rough and uneven terrains, this one performs exceptionally well on them. We even rode on top of uneven soil on this, and the wheels rolled perfectly.

3. NEWQIANG Complete Cruiser – Best for Smooth Rides

The thing that makes this one stand out the most is the bearings. They are high in quality, and we got a pretty smooth riding experience while riding this on the city roads.

4. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle – Best Sturdy for Women

This specific offering from Play Station has a unique overall look. Also, the flexible deck will make it easier to ride it. The deck is also exceptionally durable.

Frequently Asked Questions !

  • Is a longboard as fast as a bike?

If we are talking about going downhill, the longboard can come close to the speed of a bike. However, for uphill and regular roads, the speed will not be close at all. Bikes are faster in that regard.

  • Is a skateboard as fast as a bike?

Not really. It can only catch up to the speed of a bike only when going downhill. In other cases, it will be far behind. Even if you do push yourself to the limit, you will not be able to catch up to the speed of a road bike. However, the case will be a little different if we talk about e-skateboards. Read our detail article about skateboard vs bike.

  • Is Skating harder than biking?

Yes, biking is considerably easy to learn. In comparison, you would need to put in a good amount of time and effort into learning the basics of skating.

  • Is it easier to ride a bike or skateboard?

It is considerably easy to learn how to ride a bike, whereas, for skateboard, it takes a significant amount of time and patience to get the basics right.

  • Is skateboarding more dangerous than biking?

In comparison, biking is safer than skateboarding. The chances of the rider getting injured seriously will be pretty slim for bikes.


As you can see, the topic of longboard vs bike is pretty intense. There are some factors where the longboard is better, whereas the bike wins the other ones. However, the only thing that we are hoping here is that you could get out of the dilemma after going through the article and choose one that seemed right for you.

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