Skateboard Vs Bike Comparison | Which One to Have?

skateboard vs bike

This article is about skateboard vs bike. We have spent plenty of money on taxis, Ubers, and other ride-sharing services for short-distance traveling. And we really did not have that many options in our hands because walking would not get us to the destination that quickly. Well, not until we decided to get a cost-effective, athletic, and eco-friendly means of transportation.

When looking into those means, the two of the things on the top of our list are the skateboard and the bike. And the topic of skateboarding vs bike is still a hot topic. That is where we decided to dig into the topic and do loads of research. And through that, we have finally decided which one to opt for.

Well, as you have clicked this article, there is a high chance that you are in the same dilemma as we were in the beginning. But worry not, we are going to provide all the information we gathered from our research. And hopefully, after acquiring all of them, choosing one will become easier for you as well.

Skateboard Vs Bike Comparison | Which One to Get?

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Skateboard Vs Bike!

The elephant of the room is which one is better between these two transportation means. Well, through this segment, you will get to know exactly that. So, sit back, relax, and read through!

Required Skills (Winner: Bike)

skateboard vs bike

There is a high chance that you already know how to ride a bike. Well, this is not that much of an uncommon thing. Most parents teach their kids how to ride a bike. And the good thing about riding one of these is once you learn it, it will stay with you till the end of your lifespan. That means you will never forget it.

Now, the thing that a kid can learn must be easy, right? Well, yes! That theory is somewhat true. Learning how to ride a bike is comparatively easy. Riders will face a minimal amount of difficulties while learning how to ride a bike. And getting the hang of the basic skills will not require that amount of time at all.

On the other hand, learning how to ride a skateboard will take a good amount of time. It is not easy as it seems. The amount of practice that is required to acquire all of the basic skateboard skills, such as balancing, the stance, and shifting the foot, is comparatively high.

Also, the fact that the bike has larger wheels will make the riding process require less demanding skills.

Considering that, the learning curve for the skateboard is relatively steep. And for the bike, it is not that steep at all. In other words, it will be easier to learn how to ride a bike than to ride a skateboard.

Fun Factor (Winner: Skateboard)

skateboard vs bike fun factor

Riding both the transportation means we have in hand here is fun. But the level of fun for both is not the same. First of all, while riding the skateboard, you will face a lot of challenges. From moving your body in the right direction to turning to balance the body, all of them will be a pretty exciting thing to do.

Let us not forget that the terrain will be a challenge itself. Each of them will have a different type of smoothness, and some might be uneven. And for each of them, you need to change your riding style a bit, or else you will not be able to effectively ride on top of them.

Even when you are going slow on different terrains, there will be a need to adjust the riding style. For that reason, the entire city will become a big playground. This factor is what makes riding a skateboard exciting and a fun thing to do.

On the other hand, riding a bike is a pretty relaxing thing. The fact that the wheels are large in diameter will eliminate the challenges that you will face with the terrain with a skateboard. Also, the handlebar will make it easier to ride one of these as well. That is why it will not be that fun to ride these.

Of course, there is an exception. When you are riding on a downhill road, the fun factor will be as close to a skateboard. However, that feeling that the speed will provide will not be the same when you are commuting through regular straight roads.

Terrain (Winner: Bike)

skateboard vs bike terrain

Even if you are a skateboarding professional, some of the terrains will be exceptionally challenging to tread on. Do you know why? It is because of the wheels. They are relatively small and can not cover that much surface area. For that reason, the non-smoothness of the terrain makes it difficult to ride them.

In fact, for some skateboards, it will be impossible to ride on terrains that are not that smooth. However, if the distance of the commute is not that long and if the roads in between are smooth, a skateboard would be a better pick compared to the bike.

In comparison, the bikes have comparatively large-sized wheels. They can cover a good amount of ground and do not face that much difficulty moving forward when the terrain is not that smooth. Little or small bumps will not be that challenging at all, whereas those can make the skateboarders stop a bit.

On that note, the bikes are better for climbing uphill terrains. Most of them will have dedicated gear for climbing high roads. And after switching, climbing the steep road will not be an issue at all. However, the case is not the same for skateboards. You might have to end up carrying it and walking up.

Talking of which, bikes are better for downhill roads as well. Wondering why? For the brakes. You can safely come down a downhill terrain, whereas, with a skateboard, you would have to be extra careful and maneuver your body according to the road’s speed and condition.

Exercise (Winner: Skateboard)

skateboard vs bike

When it comes to exercising, the skateboard takes a massive lead. As we have mentioned above, you will face plenty of challenges while riding these boards. And while those challenges are what will make the riding session fun, they can make the session a bit tiresome.

After traveling a few miles on a sunny day, you will find yourself covered in sweat. Thus, skateboarding is a good pick for exercising. Also, if you decide to ride a longboard, the riding session can get a little bit less tiresome, but you still have to work on jumping curbs and constantly swerve over the bumps and cracks.

Conversely, biking is something that is pretty relaxing. The handle, the seat, and the large nature of the wheels make it pretty mellow. Yes, you have to work a bit in treading the challenging terrains, but the effort you need to put in will be relatively lesser than what you would have put for a skateboard.

So, if you are planning to do some workout while trying to get to places, opt for the skateboard. You will be sure to burn a good amount of calories.

Safety (Winner: Bike)

skateboard vs bike safety

This is a factor where the clear winner is the bike. And there are a couple of things that make the bike the unambiguous winner here. First of all, the brakes. Bikes will have at least one of them, if not two. And with brakes, stopping the wheels will require about two to four seconds.

However, the skateboards will not have any brakes at all. To stop the wheels, the feet or sliding maneuver is a must. And this stopping maneuver will take a good amount of practice to master. So, tackling different obstacles on the road can get a bit difficult when you are on top of a skateboard.


On the other hand, the wheels of these boards are not that large in size. That means if the terrain has any cracks or unevenness, there will be a high chance of the rider falling straight onto the concrete road. Even a small stone can make the rider fly from the board.

In addition to that, maneuvering the boards is not an easy task. The control that the rider will have over the direction and the speed is pretty limited. Steering the board properly demands an insane amount of skills. Whereas, with a bike, the handle makes the task easy. So, you will have more control over the overall ride.

That being said, while riding a bike, the rider will be in a sitting position. So, even if the rider does fall down the ground, the fall height will not be that high. But while riding a skateboard, the rider will be in a standing position. And falling from a standing position will hurt a lot more.

Let us not forget that you are going to ride these on concrete and hard roads. And with a serious accident, you can end up with bruises and broken wrists.

Convenience (Tie)

skateboard vs bike Convenience

Firstly, for carrying stuff, the skateboard will not be able to come close to the bike. On most of these, there will be a basket attached to the back or the front. And that can come in handy when carrying a good amount of stuff with you on the journey.

However, we are not stating that it is entirely impossible to carry stuff with you while skateboarding. For that, there will be a need to carry a backpack on your shoulder. And that is not the most convenient way of carrying heavy stuff, is it?

Secondly, when it comes to the convenience of portability, the skateboard will be the clear winner here. It is possible to pack one of these boards into the backpack and carry them indoors. And as the board is going to be with you all the time, there will be no need to worry about it getting stolen.

Looking For a Skateboard Backpack?  Check this: How to Attach Skateboard to Backpack

On the other hand, you would have to park and lock the bike up outside the building. And even if you do use a high-quality lock, the chances of it getting stolen still remain reasonably high. Also, you would have to ship them using a logistics or shipping service for transporting the bikes.

Other than that, bikes have another good side that you would be able to ride while being in your work dress. But the thing might not be applicable to riding skateboards. You would need to wear flexible and highly comfortable shoes for pushing the board.

Overall, there is no clear winner in this case. The bike wins in one case, while the skate wins in the other one. So, it is a tie.

Cost (Winner: Skateboard)

skateboard vs bike cost

One of the main concerns that most of the soon-to-be riders have is the cost. Most of them certainly do not want to spend that much amount of money on getting “cost-effective” transportation means. Well, if that is the case, the skateboard will be the ideal pick for you!


The initial investment for a good-quality board will be around $100. However, if high-ends are what you seek, there will be no need to spend more than $250. And the price for decent entry-level bikes starts at $200. Let us not forget that the high-end models will cost around $1000.

This difference in terms of cost will widen more if you consider the maintenance cost. Usually, it will cost you nothing to clean a skateboard. And if some of the parts do require replacement, the cost will not be that much. Also, the parts are highly accessible as well.

On the other hand, if you do not know what you are doing, you can damage the parts of your bike. That is why most riders opt for professionals. Also, the parts are not that cheap either. And considering the fact that some of the models utilize proprietary parts, getting your hands on them can get difficult sometimes.

Helmet (Winner: Bike)

skateboard vs bike helmet

As you know by now, skateboarding is comparatively less safe than riding a bike. For that reason, a good amount of safety gear is necessary. Among all of them, the helmet is the most important. If any accidents do occur, you can get serious injuries to your head without a proper helmet.

That is why you will notice most of professional skateboarders wearing sturdy and thick helmets. And the thing with these is that they are not always comfortable to wear. Some of them are reasonably heavy as well. For that reason, it becomes quite hard to keep wearing them after a prolonged amount of time.

The case is a little different for the bikes. For the brakes and the riding position, the rider’s chances of falling down will be considerably low. That is why for casual riding, lighter helmets are more than enough. And those lighter helmets are pretty comfortable to wear. You can wear them for a prolonged amount of time.

Stopping (Winner: Bike)

skateboard vs bike stopping

The bikes will generally come with one brake if not two. And those will make it easier to halt the wheels. Some of the braking mechanisms are so good that they are capable of putting the wheels into a complete halt in about two to four seconds. So, you would be capable of stopping the bike pretty quickly.

On the other hand, there are no brakes on the skateboard. Your best bud is the feet and the sliding maneuver. And it takes quite a long amount of time to master the stopping maneuver for the skateboard. Also, you might not be able to put the board into a complete stop that quickly.

Considering all of that, we would say that the clear winner, in this case, is the bikes. They come with brakes, and most of them work exceptionally well in terms of stopping the wheels within a couple of seconds.

Race (Winner: Bike)

skateboard vs bike race

When it comes to racing, speed is the only thing that we considered. And in the case of going downhill, the skateboarders can catch up to the bikers. But you will not be racing on downhill tracks all the time, would you? Well, that is why if you are into racing, opt for the bike instead of the skateboard.

On that note, there are some e-skateboards that are as fast or can match up the speed of the bike. At the same time, e-bikes are available as well. They can gain a good amount of speed as well.

Skateboard vs Bike For College (Tie)

skateboard vs bike for college

When it comes to riding inside the campus, our pick would be the skateboards. It will be easier to carry them around. Also, thanks to the lightweight nature of those, you can even pack them inside a backpack.

But if you are thinking of reaching the college from your home, the bike would be the ideal pick. You would be able to reach classes faster, and your body will not be full of sweat even if your home is quite far from the college.

Skateboard or Longboard vs. Bike at a glance!

Now that we are finished comparing the two transportation means in brief let us recapitulate the things in short. And for that, here is a well-put-up comparison chart:

Skateboard or Longboard vs. Bike Chart!

Required SkillsLearning the bike is pretty easy. The basics are not that hard to grab hold of.In comparison, learning the basics is pretty hard for skateboarding. It takes a lot of time and patience.
Fun FactorRiding a bike is something that is pretty mellow and relaxing. The fun factor is not that high.While riding a skateboard, you face a lot of challenges, and those make the whole riding experience pretty thrilling.
TerrainThe wheels of the bike are relatively large. For that reason, they can go through rough terrains pretty easily.As there is no handle and the wheels are relatively small, it can get a bit tough to ride skateboards on some terrains.
ExerciseRiding a bike is pretty relaxing. There is no need to put that much effort into going to a different place with a bike. That is why they are not that ideal in terms of burning calories.You will find yourself putting a good amount of effort into riding skateboards. And that is why these are great to exercise.
SafetyBikes are pretty easy to maneuver. Also, as they have a handlebar and large wheels, you would have more control over the directions.Maneuvering a skateboard is not that easy. It requires a good amount of skill. Also, it can not offer that amount of control over the directions.
ConvenienceThis factor is a tie. For portability, the skateboard takes the lead. And when it comes to carrying stuff, the bike wins.
CostBikes start from $200 and can reach all up to $1000+.Usually, skateboards are relatively cheap.
HelmetThe hamlets of the bike are pretty light and comfortable to wear.Generally, the helmets for skateboards will be heavy and not that comfortable to wear.
StoppingBikes come with dedicated brakes or brakes. Those will let you easily stop the wheels.There are no brakes on skateboards. So, stopping the board will require a good amount of skills.
RaceIn comparison, bikes can reach higher speeds.The speed for the skateboards is pretty limited.
Skateboard vs Bike For CollegeIt is a tie. For reaching the college, the bike would be ideal. However, for cruising inside the campus, we would suggest getting the skateboard.

Some Recommended Models

Here are some of the models that we have found worth purchasing for the performance that they offer. Do note that we have chosen these through extensive testing, and the recommendations are from the entire team. 


1. EuroMini Zizzo Campo – Best Foldable Bike

Storing and transportation are some of the issues with the bike. Well, those tasks become a bit easier with this offering from the Euro mini. It has a foldable mechanism, which will allow you to convert the bike into something that is small and easy to carry around and store.

2. Sirdar S-900 29 inch 27 Speed Mountain Bike – Best for Rough Terrains & Mountain Biking

The thing that makes this one worth getting is the tires and the gear mechanism. It even has good shock absorbers. Those are going to do a proper job in offering a good riding experience on rough and mountain tracks.

3. Hiland Aluminum Mountain Bike – Best for Smooth Rides

While cruising around the city roads, we found this one to offer an exceptionally smooth riding experience. an ideal choice for new trail riders or anyone looking for a comfortable, stable commuter with the ruggedness of a real mountain bike. Also, the tires are capable of going through multiple types of terrains.

4. Huffy Woodhaven Cruiser Bike – Best For Both Men & Women’s Bike for Carrying Stuff

This one has good overall construction. Also, it has a basket on the front. That will make it easier to carry stuff from one place to another. And thanks to the comfort-forward nature of the bike, it will be highly ideal for women riders.


1. CCS SkateboardBest Durable Board for Beginner To Adults!

One of the things that most skateboard brands are going to skimp on is the build quality. But that is not the case for this one. The deck and the parts of this unit are of high-quality materials. It should be capable of withstanding heavy usage pretty easily.

2. Happybuy MountainboardBest for Rough Terrains

Even though skateboards are not that capable of riding tough and rough terrains, the wheels of this one make it fairly capable of treading those terrains. Also, the tires are inflatable and can absorb impacts exceptionally well.

3. Tony Hawk 34″ Complete Cruiser Skateboard– Best for Smooth Rides

The thing that makes it capable of offering a smooth overall riding experience on top of roads is the high-quality bearings. Even the wheels are pretty high in quality. We experienced one of the smoothest skateboard rides on this.

4. WhiteFang Double Kick ConcaveBest for Beginners

This board has a beginner-friendly design. Also, thanks to the design, women would be capable of riding it pretty easily.
Read our article about a longboard vs a scooter. I think it will help u with this topic.


1. Is a skateboard as fast as a bike?

On downhill roads, these boards can catch up with the pace of the bike. But in other cases, the bike is faster than the skateboard.

2. Is Skating harder than biking?

Yes, skating is considerably harder than biking. Getting the basics right and learning how to skate takes a good amount of effort.

3. Is it easier to ride a bike or skateboard?

It is fairly easier to ride a bike. There is a handle and seat, which offers good control over the ride. Not to mention, bikes have brakes, and skateboards do not have them.

4. Is skateboarding more dangerous than biking?

Yes, biking is safer than skateboarding. The skateboards do not have any brakes. Also, you ride a bike in a sitting position, whereas the skateboard is ridden in a standing position. So, if accidents do occur, the fall damage will be relatively greater for the skateboard.


After going through the entire article, we hope that you now have a proper idea regarding the topic of skateboard vs bike. And now that you know all about the topic, choosing one should be that much of a big deal for you. No matter which one you choose, make sure you wear all of the gear while riding them.

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