Best Electric Skateboard Under 500 USD: A List From An Expert!

best electric skateboard under 500

Electric skateboards have been a thing for way longer than you can think of, dating back to the ’90s! However, their mass popularity began not too long ago, and it is not going to die anytime soon.

As companies keep bringing out new innovative ideas and features to grab everyone’s attention, the price keeps going up too, and it gets harder to know which ones are truly worth the money.

Although it is a tough question to answer, the best electric skateboard under 500 is a great place to begin. But along with that, you might want to know what other things to look for to be sure of your decision, all of which you can find in our comprehensive article, so keep reading ahead.

How Hard is it to Ride an Electric Skateboard?

It depends entirely on your experience with a regular or traditional skateboard. If you know how to ride one quickly, it won’t be hard for you to ride an electric version. But if you don’t have any experience riding one, it will be pretty tricky but nothing impossible.

Benefits of Electric Skateboard

You can probably already guess a few, but electric skateboards serve many benefits, from our health to caring for the environment, but here is why you might want to consider getting an electric skateboard.

Easy to Ride

With the skateboard running by the motors, you don’t need to push it with your legs constantly. This gives it an effortless riding experience. It brings more fun to ride as you can explore and look around you without getting tired.

As a result, it is great for people who are not into the sport but want a comfortable, affordable, and portable means of transportation.

More Speed

This one should be obvious, but with an attached motor, you will be getting more speed than you could most of the time be capable of ever doing yourself with the board. However, it could also entirely depend on the motors.

Some very powerful motors can provide you with up to 20 miles per hour speed! This makes it an excellent travel buddy.


Skateboards have always been one of the best transportation means for the environment. It doesn’t use fuel or gas, and with the addition of the motor, that doesn’t change either.

In fact, an electric skateboard is probably one of the few best options for you if you care about our earth but don’t want to compromise on the speed and efficiency of most transports. You don’t have a lot to lose with it.

Good for Health

Since an electric skateboard almost takes away the way a skateboard works, it might seem you are also losing the physical benefits of riding a normal one. But think about it.

Like any other, you will be standing while balancing your body for a long period of time while on the board. It gives you the same benefits of boosting your leg muscle mass while also improving your nervous system.

Not to mention the refreshing feeling of riding at such speed in the open air! It certainly increases those dopamine levels, relaxing and improving your mood.

10 Best Electric Skateboards Under 500 USD

If you are confused about which brands or models to look into, here are some of the best ones in the market right now. Each of them offers something different than the other, so you might find what you are looking for.

1. URBANPRO Electric Skateboard: Fastest Electric Skateboard

URBANPRO Electric Skateboard

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Special Feature:

  • COOL & FUN

Among the electric skateboard brands, URBANPRO is definitely a well-known brand. Their skateboards are great for beginners and pros alike. With a powerful motor, modes, and a remote, there really isn’t anything to complain about.

Firstly, it is a longboard 35 inches long. It uses a 400 watts brushless motor with a cruising range of 10 miles and can take you to a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour! Thus it gives you amazing speed to travel short and long distances.

Besides, the board fully charges in about 3 hours thanks to the powerful 4.0 Ah lithium battery. It has an 11-ply deck made of maple and fiberglass, giving it a sturdy and flexible build. This makes it possible to hold up to 265 pounds or 120 kilograms, perfect for people of all ages.

On the wheels, they have a high-quality PU or polyurethane build. These 3.55-inch wheels give them an excellent grip on any kind of road while helping distribute gravity evenly. Thus it also provides a smooth and stable riding performance even with maximum speed or fast mode.

Moreover, as we mentioned, it has three modes or speeds ideal for beginners, intermediate to pros. You can easily control the speed using the remote for going from low to high slowly, which is a great start for beginners.

Along with that, thanks to its high torque motor, you can ride up hills and or go downslope hills up to 20 degrees! The powerful motor, along with the wheels, and remote, ensure a smooth and safe break as well.

Riding Instructions of UrbanPro Electric Skateboard

  1. Carefully read the user manual before using UrbanPro Electric Skateboard.
  2. Never leave your children to use a motorized skateboard alone without an adult guardian.
  3. Before it uses every time, please check the condition of the electric skateboard with the remote to see if everything is okay. Check the location of the charge. Also, use good quality helmets (such as triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet), good quality knee pads, elbow pads, and other protective gear while riding. Check out a combo set of protective equipment here.
  4. Before using, consider travel distance, climbing ability, the top speed of the electric skateboard, rider weight, and pavement quality, as this can change the riding style.
  1. It is specially requested that; please do not use this board on the following roads: oily surfaces, high steps, frozen surfaces, in the rain, bumpy pebble roads, or signage works.


  • Has a maximum mileage of 20 miles per hour
  • Comes with a remote controller and three modes
  • A durable, sturdy, and flexible board
  • Great for beginners and pros alike
  • Can ride up or down a 20-degree hill with ease


  • Battery capacity drops quickly over time

2. AZBO C5 Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard Longboard

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Special Feature:


If you are an adult or young adult looking for an electric skateboard as a means of easy transportation, then this is a great one for you that you should check out. Its sturdy longboard measures 35 inches in length and 8 inches in width and is great for long cruises.

The board has an 8-ply northeastern maple construction, which gives it a durable and light body. It can support weights up to 265 pounds or 120 kilograms, so weight is not an issue here. Its unique shape also helps in performance and balance while riding.

It has a dual-hub 800 watts motor. This cutting-edge technology helps to provide a speed of 17 miles per hour maximum. Along with its 4.4 Ah lithium battery, you are getting fast charging that completes in just 2 hours, letting you ride up to 9 miles on it.  

Moreover, it has a wireless remote controller that you can use to run the skateboard, control or switch the speed, brake, change directions, move forward and backward, etc. It also comes with a helpful battery indicator on the remote to avoid getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Besides that, its PU or polyurethane wheels perform well on any terrain and at speed. The wheels are 2.8 inches in diameter and have shock-absorbing technology to avoid accidents and friction, in other words, proving a firm grip and the smoothest ride you can imagine.

Furthermore, the aluminum trucks add to the lightweight nature of the skateboard. And adding to the convenience, the board has a carrying handle at the side, so you don’t need to carry it under your arms all the time.

Here are some of our recommended AZBO electric skateboards for different budgets-


  • Has a powerful dual-hub 800 watts motor
  • Two hours charge takes up to 9 miles
  • 17 miles per hour maximum speed
  • 17 miles per hour maximum speed
  • Lightweight and sturdy


  • The battery might die randomly sometimes

3. SWAGTRON Swagskate NG-2: Electric Skateboard for Beginners Under 500

SWAGTRON Swagskate NG-2 Electric Skateboard for Beginners Under 500

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Special Feature:

  • Look Ma, No Hands!
  • The Need for Speed 
  • Full-Featured Remote Control
  • Built for Flexibility & Strength
  • Expertly Built to Perform
  • Ride More, Charge Less

A motorized skateboard minus the use of a remote, this A.I-powered e-skateboard is exactly what it sounds like! It uses Artificial Technology to control the speed and basically everything else. Sounds complex? Let us tell you more about it and why it is on our list.

Along with the motor, the board’s bottom also has intelligent weight and balance sensors also called the A.I-powered somatosensory navigation system. Leaning forward will alert the sensors, causing the motors to increase speed, and decreasing speed and or braking is as simple as leaning backward.

However, if you are uncertain or nervous about going remote on such a mechanism for the first time, it also comes with a remote. It is a great safety measure in case you lose control.

When it comes to speed, it is not behind either. Thanks to its pair of brushless rear motors of 450 watts each, you can ride up to 18 miles per hour with the e-board. Thus it gives you enough speed to cruise or use it as a means of transportation.

The board is very durable, along with being quite flexible as well. It is an 8-ply board with 6-ply premium maple wood with a 2-ply of bamboo in between, giving you the true premium quality longboard or even the best electric skateboard under $500!

It is 38 inches long and holds up to 220 pounds or 99 kilograms max. The 3.1 Ah fast-charging Li-ion (LFP) or lithium-ion battery takes around 2 hours to finish charging.


  • 8-ply premium quality board
  • A.I-powered but comes with a remote for safety measures
  • Uses a pair of powerful brushless 450 watts motors
  • Fast-charging Li-iron battery
  • Flexible and durable


  • Brakes at high-speed mode may cause accidents
  • Too heavy to carry

4. SKATEBOLT Tornado II Electric Skateboard


SKATEBOLT Tornado II Electric Skateboard

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Special Feature:

  • Powerful 500W Hub Motor
  • Tail Lights for Safe Riding
  • Heavy Duty Truck for Stability
  • Skatebolt’s Best-Seller
  • High Speed & Long Range
  • Multi-Function Remote Control

This one just might be your ultimate choice if a skateboard or e-skateboard is your ride-or-die buddy, wherever you go. Its stunning design, great speed, and other useful features rightfully earned a spot on our list.

It comes with two main riding modes: the normal mode and the sports mode. As the name suggests, the normal mode is for transportation and casual cruising around town. It has a maximum speed of 13.75 miles per hour.

On the other hand, with the dual 500 watts hub motors, the sports mode offers an impressive speed of 25 miles per hour! Thus both modes are perfect for commuting to school, college, or workplace as well as cruising through a small city.

The board can also go up a 25% steep hill. Don’t worry if you are thinking about brakes; it went and passed EMC, ROHS, LVD, and FCC’s quality authentication tests. Even at high speeds, you can put your trust in it.

Besides, as with all e-boards, it has a wireless remote controller for you to be in full charge. And speaking of charge, it has a 7500 mAh battery, which lets you ride up to 24 miles in medium mode on full!

For more convenience and safety, it has two red taillights on the board. You can turn it on with the remote when you are in a dark area or at night on the street to avoid accidents. The board supports up to 280 pounds or 127 kilograms of weight.


  • Has a normal and sports mode
  • Can go up to 25 miles per hour max
  • Passed multiple quality authentication tests
  • Large 7500 mAh battery
  • Has two red taillights for safety


  • Speed differences between slow and medium modes are very big
  • Quite heavy

5. Meepo Mini 2: Best Mini Electric Skateboard 

Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

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Special Feature:

  • M4s Remote Shows Everything You Need To Know
  • 8 PLY Canadian Maple
  • Shredder Truck
  • 2 * 540 Hub Motor
  • PU Wheels
  • Only 32 Inches

Another great addition for beginners, it comes from a brand very well-known and popular in the industry, especially for their e-boards. And this shortboard from them is no different.

The board is 30 inches long, so it is not too long to operate or turn. Along with that, it weighs 17 pounds or 7 kilograms, just the right amount of weight to be easy to carry around. Plus, the shorter length also helps.

Its pair of 540 watts hub motors helps to boost the performance by having a standard range of 11 miles on one charge. For beginners, there is a convenient manual mode for you to get used to or start with.

Other than that, you can go with the pro mode for the experienced, which is an incredible 28 miles per hour! It is also the maximum speed you can go with the board. It takes about 2 hours for the battery to finish charging.

Moreover, the deck, made of 7-ply Canadian maple wood, is steady and reliable. And thanks to that high quality, it easily holds up to a maximum of 300 pounds or 136 kilograms of weight! So there is no worry about breaking the board, whether you are riding it like normal or doing tricks.

And yes, it comes with a remote, an M4 screen remote to be specific. Besides that, the package includes a 2A charger, a DC cable, stickers for the skateboard, a manual, and a USB cable for the remote.

The Meepo Mini 2 is considered the best mini electric skateboard under 500 for the above reasons.


  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Pair of powerful 540 watts hub motors
  • Maximum weight limit of 300 pounds
  • High-quality Canadian maple wood deck
  • Comes with accessories


  • ESC might be buggy

6. Teamgee H5 37 Inch: The Thinnest Electric Skateboard on The Market

Teamgee H5 37 Inch: Best Lightweight Electric Skateboard

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Special Feature:

  • High-Speed Motor
  • High Elasticity PU Wheel
  • Wonderful Performance
  • Maximum Load of 220 Pounds
  • Great Entry Level e-skateboard
  • Intelligent Two-way Remote Control
  • The Thinnest Electric Skateboard

With this one, at first glance right off the bat, you will notice how thin the board is. Yes, it is apparently the thinnest electric board on the market! And it is only 0.59 inches or 1.4 cm thick.

Now a question you might have is, doesn’t that make it liable to breaking easily? Not really. The board is a 10-ply Canadian maple with a 1-ply fiberglass build, which gives it medium flexibility along with a sturdy and durable body that you can put your weight on without worries.   

Besides that, because of its thinness and because the deck is 15 to 20 mm lower in height than the average e-skateboards, it becomes hard to see the motor underneath. So it gives one the illusion of an ordinary skateboard. It also weighs less, being only 14.6 pounds or 6.6 kilograms.

As a result, you are getting an ultra-thin and lightweight electric board like never before! It has both the good points of an ordinary and an e-board. With the 760 watts dual motor, it gives you a range of 11 miles.

Other than that, its maximum speed or the fastest mode gives you 22 miles per hour speed. With its ultra-lightweight nature, it is an excellent e-skateboard for commuting, traveling, skateboarding, or just cruising around your city.

However, since it is a longboard, it is 37 inches long, not a compact size for sure, but the weight makes up for it. Its weight limit is 200 pounds or 90 kilograms, so the majority of people can ride it safely. It also comes with a wireless remote.


  • Ultra-thin and lightweight
  • Sturdy and medium flexible deck
  • Has a range of 11 miles
  • The fastest modes give 22 miles per hour speed
  • Weight limit up to 200 pounds


7. Blitzart 38-inch Hurricane: Best Bamboo Electric Skateboard

Blitzart 38 inch Hurricane Best Bamboo Electric Skateboard

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Special Feature:

  • Premium Deck Design
  • Easy and ready to go
  • Wireless Remote

Among all e-boards, this is the most budget-friendly. If you are not sure about spending a lot on an electric skateboard, especially your first one, this one is a great choice without compromising the quality.

Its 7-ply maple deck sandwiched between a layer of bamboo gives it the excellent finish that you can find in other premium e-boards on the market at a much higher price. It also comes with premium grip tape for a firm grip on the board.

Hub motors are the go-to best choice when it comes to e-boards, as you can ride them normally if the charge runs out. And this one has a brushless hub motor of 350 watts, which provides a smooth, almost noiseless fast ride. The board holds up to 250 pounds or 113 kilograms.

The board’s regular range speed is around 6 to 10 miles with a maximum speed of 19 miles per hour. You can control the speeds and modes with the remote, along with other necessary functions as well. It is possible to consider it the best electric skateboard under 500 dollars, among others.

Moreover, you can create a fully customized look with their accessories. You can easily replace the tires as well.

Besides, Its 4 Ah and 144 Wh lithium-ion battery pack charges fully in 3 hours, and you can ride 10 miles on it. The e-board comes fully assembled at your doorstep.


  • Budget-friendly without compromising on the quality
  • Has premium grip tape for a firm, steady grip
  • Possible to create an entire customized look
  • Comes fully assembled at your doorstep
  • Provides a smooth and noiseless ride


  • May wobble sometimes

8. RazorX Electric Longboard Review

RazorX Electric Longboard Review

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Special Feature:

  • Designed For Cruising On Flat Smooth Surfaces
  • Lithium Ion batteries

From one of the most notable brands of skateboard sellers, this longboard is full of features and quality. Plus, with its maintenance-free setup, it could possibly make this board your new best friend.

The e-board uses a 125 watts motor on the rear wheel drive for a kick-to-start performance. And in addition, thanks to the lithium-ion battery, it has a ride speed of 10 miles per hour. You can ride the board continuously, or it has a battery life of 40 minutes.

For the deck, they used a high-quality 5-ply bamboo for a tough and durable body that is capable of handling up to 220 pounds or 100 kilograms of weight. Along with that, it has a perforated grip tape on top that helps to provide a smooth and controlled ride.

Besides, the hand-held remote also comes with a wrist strap, so you don’t have to worry about dropping or losing the remote while riding ever. The wireless digital remote is 2.4 GHz, so you will never lose its connection with your board, providing more safety and security on the road.

Moreover, its urethane wheels provide you with ground-gripping firm control of the board. Other than that, the reverse custom kingpin trucks deliver a smooth turn preventing wheel bite. And their rear-wheel-drive motor technology eradicates any alignments, chain, or belt issues, making it “maintenance-free.”

You will receive the board totally pre-assembled, saving you time and being ready to ride out of the box. The recommended age to use is age nine and above.


  • Has a solid 5-ply bamboo deck
  • Perforated grip tape provides a controlled and smooth ride
  • The Remote comes with a wriststrap
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Mechanism setup makes it virtually maintenance-free


  • Doesn’t give much speed compared to others
  • Makes noise

9. Motion 38 Inches: Best Kicktail Electric Skateboard

Motion 38 Inches Best Kicktail Electric Skateboard

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And lastly, on our list, is an old-school design Kicktail e-board. After all the long and shortboards, this one has the typical old-style deck design but with motors to speed things up.

It provides an incredible 2400 watts of power with its unique 90A double barrel bushing motor design. Because of this, it makes it possible to go up hills like a breeze. You won’t feel any resistance, nor will the speed slow down with it.

The three different riding modes or levels are great, starting from beginners to experts. Its level 1 provides a basic speed, comfortable and safe for people who are experiencing riding an e-board for the first time.

Starting level 2 is where things take off. It is the casual riding speed that goes up to 16 miles per hour. But if the rider is less than 198 pounds, it might go even faster. Level 3 is the expert mode, which provides a maximum speed of 23 miles per hour.    

Besides that, it has a maximum range of 10 miles on one full charge. It has Samsung 25R 18650 batteries, and they are popular for their high battery capacity and long life. The board’s weight capacity is 265 pounds or 120 kilograms.

Its deck, made of bamboo and 4-ply fiberglass, is very tough and flexible, making them long-lasting and durable. It also enhances the quality of the ride and makes it more comfortable even at the highest speed.


  • 2400 watts motor makes going up hills look like a breeze
  • Three modes for beginners, casual riders, and experts
  • Uses high capacity and long-lasting batteries
  • Has a tough and flexible deck
  • Provides a smooth and comfortable ride even at top speed


  • Replacement parts availability is lacking

10. KYNG 38″: Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard

KYNG 38": Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard

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Special Feature:


With an IP54 waterproof rating and a strong and sturdy body, the KYNG is that electric skateboard you will have around for years. It is definitely worth checking out if you are buying for yourself or your kid.

The deck of the board is 7-ply with 5-ply Canadian maple and a 2-ply bamboo. It gives it the durability and sturdiness to carry weight up to 250 pounds or 113 kilograms. This also has a fiberglass layer on top for protection against scratches and other damages.   

Besides, its powerful 4000 mAh lithium battery charges in just 2 to 3 hours and can go on a range of 12 to 15 miles. It is excellent for commuting to school, college, etc. However, with such speed, safety equipment is essential, especially if kids are using it.

Using the remote, you can switch between 4 modes of speed, which are suitable for both beginners and experts. It uses two brushless dual hub 450 watts motors, and the fastest speed it can offer is an impressive 24 miles per hour.

To jump into the modes’ details, it delivers 12 miles per hour speed at low-speed mode, medium mode: 15 miles per hour, high mode: 19 miles per hour, and max mode: around 23 or 24 miles per hour. But your weight does play a big factor in the mileage.

It is important to note that the heavier someone is, the less speed they will experience than promised. Its wireless LED remote is ergonomic and has a battery indicator as well.


  • Has a 4000 mAh powerful battery
  • Four-speed modes are great for beginners and experts alike
  • The Ergonomic LED remote has a battery indicator
  • A protective fiberglass layer on top prevents scratches and damages
  • Waterproof deck


  • The wheels might be a bit stiff

Things to Consider Before Buying!

Electric skateboards

Now that you know what the most popular in the market are, you may understand that not all of them are a great choice for everyone, even if they are great individually. So it is time to get into all the things you need to remember for finding the right e-board for you.

Budget and Prices

The first thing you need to consider before checking out the board is to make a budget. How much are you willing to spend? If you got a number in mind, you would surely find some in that range.

It also makes the search easier and faster as the market for e-boards is not small at all, and it is better not to dive into it headfirst without a plan. After you have set a number, you can search for the bests in that price range.

But what if you find one you really like that is over your budget? The simple answer to the question depends on how much you are planning to use it. If you are going to be taking it everywhere, then it might be worth the money.

However, if you are not going to use it often or buy one for the first time, it is wiser not to spend over your budget. But one other thing to remember is the pricier it is, the better performance it is likely to offer.

Then again, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a high-performance budget-friendly e-board. Now that confuses things, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, that is why you need to consider the following matters as well to make it easier for you to come to a decision.

Motor Types and Power

Motor Types and Power

Motors are the base of an electric skateboard. Without the right type, it might just feel like you wasted all your money on an overpriced skateboard. But it can be hard to tell which motor is good, especially if you have little to no knowledge about them.

Generally, electric skateboards use one of two motor types: hub motors and belt drive motors.

  • Hub Motor

Hub motors are very popular right now among e-boards, and most of the products on our list have hub motors. They are quieter and provide a good balance between performance and price.

Meaning that e-skateboards with hub motors typically tend to be less expensive than one with belt drive motors. However, one big downfall is that replacing the parts is not that easy, which most of the time leads to buying a new one.

  • Belt Motor

On the other hand, belt drive motors are much louder than the hub. But that is due to its mechanism that delivers a very high speed compared to the other type, although some hub motors do provide really high speeds similar to the belt drive.

That said, as you can probably already guess, e-boards with belt drive motors are much more expensive. They usually have the most power, which makes them the best for riding up hills and steep slopes.

Also, having two motors is better than one as it can clearly improve performance a lot. Associated with the motors is the power or watts the motors have. It gives it the boost of speed and also the highest mph or miles per hour it can deliver.

The Deck

electric skateboard deck

The deck is the board and the platform you stand on. So it is crucial to check the quality and durability of the deck, especially if you are planning to do tricks, ride on challenging or different surfaces, etc.

Maple wood is one of the most common and popular deck choices of all time. It is sturdy and great for going at high speeds. Bamboo is the most commonly used out of all, and when layered with maple wood, it offers great performance and stability in the ride.

Flexibility is essential if you are going up or down hills, rough, uneven paths, performing tricks, etc. And for that, decks with fiberglass layers are quite popular. However, on the other hand, a flexible board wobbles a lot at high speed.

It becomes difficult to manage, and you could easily fall off, which is very dangerous, especially at that speed. So if you are planning just to use your e-board for speed, then go for a stiff board.

Also, longboards usually perform and balance better at higher speeds. That is partially due to their bigger wheels and because most longboards have a much stiffer deck. The ply is also important as it determines how solidly built the deck is. 

Most boards or decks have a total of 7 or 8 ply or layers. Any lower than that can potentially break, crack, or suffer damages easily. They are also the least flexible. But also depending on the type of material they used, 6-ply could be a great lightweight e-board.

Battery Life


E-skateboards are popular because you can use them for commuting without having to drive one yourself. So that makes the battery life a big factor to consider before buying.

The larger the battery or mAh, Ah, etc. the better the capacity it usually has. If you are going to use your board for commuting to and from places like your school, college, or work, then a bigger battery is the way to go.

However, the downside is that a bigger battery makes the board heavier, making it harder to carry. These e-boards are not the most portable but offer the best battery life for you to travel long distances.

So if you don’t have a problem carrying an 18 or 20 pounds skateboard around, don’t hesitate to prioritize the battery capacity. But there is another big downside, as you can’t take e-boards with bigger batteries or power on the airplane.

Usually, more than 200 or 300 watt-hour is where they will not allow you to carry your board. So that is something to keep in mind if you travel via planes often and want to carry your e-board along with you.

But if portability is your priority over long battery life, then the ones with a smaller battery are usually the most lightweight and portable.

Speed Range and Modes

Speed Range and Modes​

Understanding and considering the speed range and the modes the board offers is crucial, depending on your experience in using an e-skateboard. It is important to remember that a regular skateboard and an e-board are different experiences.

So chances are you won’t be comfortable riding at high speed on an electric board. Controlling and keeping the balance at a higher speed needs practice, especially when you are handling it all with a remote.

One wrong move or a sudden break, and you could quickly end up with painful scars or worse in a hospital. So be aware of your limits and don’t get one with a high mileage range or mph just because of the speed.

The best choice is to go with one that offers different speed modes starting from a beginner-friendly speed range to get used to the feeling. Mileage of around 10 to 12 miles is a great start. After you are used to riding and balancing yourself, you can amplify the speed slowly.

When it comes to the top speed, the highest on the market is around 30 miles per hour. And you don’t really need to spend thousands of dollars to get that speed. Many affordable budget-friendly e-boards offer a close range to that, and you can find some on our list as well.

Weight and Size

Electric skateboard Weight and Size

The entire weight of the e-board typically centers on how easy it is to carry. A heavier weight leads to portable issues, even if it is small in size. 

Similarly, a bigger size can be troublesome or hard to carry, even if it is lightweight. It is a very important detail to consider. If you often travel or use it to commute from your work or school, then a compact size is better as you can carry it in your bag.

However, it is not hard to find a good compact and lightweight e-skateboard on the market. You might have to spend a few extra bucks depending on your choice, but it will be worth it in the long run.

If you are buying it online, be sure to check the weight and size of the product. It is usually listed clearly in the description and, if not, check the company’s official site. A little Google search could also get you the answer.

On the other hand, one other thing to keep in mind is that a lightweight and small e-board will typically deliver a much higher speed range than others. If you are up for that, then there is no room for hesitation.

The Wheels


If the deck is the base, then the wheels are the backbone of any skateboard. So it is crucial to understand the types and what might be the right one for you to get the most smooth and comfortable ride.

Rubber wheels offer the firmest grip, thus delivering a smoother ride. PU or polyurethane wheels are quite common these days, and you can find them on our best e-boards list a lot too. They are smoother and noise-free as well.

On the other side, if you often travel or ride on different terrains, bigger wheels are your best bet. They are also, as we previously mentioned, great for high-speed riding.

However, bigger wheels will add weight to your overall board. Smaller wheels, on the other hand, are lighter and also contribute to making the board much lighter. So you can perform tricks, try different styles of skating, etc. better with it.

That means if you are into technical skating, then smaller wheels are right for you. But if you need the speed and comfort at that speed and on different terrains, larger wheels are the way to go.

It is also great to look for a board that allows fitting different sizes and types of wheels. You will need that flexibility if you want or do both speed and technical skating. In that case, e-boards with belt drive motors usually offer such flexibility.

Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Over time the wheels of your board will wear out. As you can already guess, they are usually the first ones to wear out due to their constant contact with the ground. The motors could also wear out fast over time, depending on your board.

On the other hand, if the wheels are loose, they could easily come off, and you could lose the screws. Or if the board crashes, the deck could get damaged or scratched. You get the deal.

The point is, it is nearly impossible to go years with your e-board without needing any replacement parts. It is, especially if you bought an expensive one as it is wiser to get new parts than buy another.

That makes having easy availability of replacement parts that much more important! If you want to ensure you can use your e-board for years, make sure to check if they offer replacement parts or not and what parts they are.

Weight Capacity

Weight Capacity

Lastly, check what the weight capacity or limit of the board has. If you are going to do tricks, it is better to go with one that can handle a lot of weight, like having a 250 pounds capacity.

Your weight is also important to keep in mind, and if you are on the heavier side, you might want to end up with an e-board above 250 pounds limit for sure. For lighter people skateboarding, having an e-skateboard with a higher weight limit is also vital for handling the pressure.

If you are just going to be riding it casually, then there is no need to think that critically. However, a higher weight limit also usually means a sturdier body, and an e-skateboard above the 200 pounds limit is ideal.

Electric Skateboard: Important Safety Tips!

An electric skateboard isn’t just a toy. It can pose many safety hazards if you are not careful, so remember these tips and follow them often to prevent any unfortunate incidents.

Safety Equipment


Just like skating, while riding an e-board, always wear safety equipment. Prioritize using a helmet if you don’t want to gear up all the way.

Going at high speed, especially on the road, can be extremely dangerous. So make sure to wear all of the safety gear, including a knee and elbow pad, and of course, the helmet whenever you are riding at top speed.

Speed Limit

how to ride a landyachtz dinghy?

We understand that going at high speed on an e-board can feel amazing and fun. However, it is also the easiest way to lose control and end up with grave injuries. So it is crucial to stay within your speed limit.

There is no rush, and the speed is definitely not worth a broken arm or leg, is it? We hope not. If you are a beginner at riding an electric board, then start with the lowest speed until you are used to the feeling and then move on to the next.

Make your riding experience fun and not something you regret.


Just like all other machines, you need to maintain your e-board too. It will not only ensure a better performance but also make sure you can ride it for a long time.

Make a habit of checking your board regularly before riding. Check for any damage, loose screws and wheels, and that the brakes work. If you find any broken or damaged parts, get a replacement part as soon as possible, and don’t ride it for the time being.

Also, make sure to clean your e-board as often as possible. Sometimes dust and dirt accumulation on the wheels and motors ends up being the cause of them getting worn down quicker.

Warning Lights

Weight Capacity

E-boards are a great way of commuting, which means going through traffic and busy streets and roads. And when it comes to the nighttime, you want to make sure you are as visible to others as the other vehicles on the road.

For this reason, warning red lights or taillights are a very useful feature to have on your boards. Many e-skateboards on the market these days have such a feature built-in.

However, if those ones are out of your budget, then you can also DIY and attach the light on the back of the deck yourself. You can find many ways to do it by searching the internet.

Be Cautious

While riding on the road, always be cautious of your surroundings and look out for vehicles. Check the traffic lights and don’t ride recklessly. The absolute worst-case scenario that could happen is ending up under a car or truck.

E-boards can be extremely dangerous if underestimated. So it is always safer to stay in your lane and wear safety gear.


Before buying your kids an e-board, make sure to get one that doesn’t have a speed range and top speed higher than 10 to 15 miles. With a new gadget, the kids’ excitement may lead to them overdoing it or going beyond their limit, which is a recipe for disasters.

So keep an eye on them and teach them how to ride one properly and safely. The same goes for if your kids want to try riding yours, don’t let them go solo, especially without all the safety gear.

Which Electric Skateboard Is Best For Beginners?

There are many different electric skateboards on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. To help make the decision easier, we have put together a list of the best electric skateboards for beginners.

The first electric skateboard on the list is the Boosted Board. This board is perfect for beginners because it is easy to use and has a small size that makes it easy to maneuver. It is also lightweight and has a battery that lasts for up to 25 miles.

Next on the list is the Razor E-Skateboard. This board is perfect for those who want a more advanced electric skateboard that is sturdy and can handle a lot of abuse. It also has a high-speed motor that makes it easy to go fast. Finally, the Razor E-Skateboard comes with a dual battery system that allows you to go longer without having to recharge.

Different Types Of Electric Skateboards!

There are a variety of different types of electric skateboards on the market, but some of the most popular include downhill boards, longboards, mini-longboards, and cruisers. Downhill boards are designed for speeds above 25 miles per hour and can be used for both flat grounds as well as hills. Longboardboards are perfect for those who want to explore more urban areas and have increased stability while cruising. Mini-longboard decks typically feature smaller wheels that make them ideal for navigating tight spaces or flowing through water obstacles. Cruisers provide an easy way to get around town without having to worry about getting stuck in traffic or struggling with heavy gear.

Top-Rated Brands on the Market: Best Electric Skateboard For The Money!

Here are some of the top-rated brands of e-skateboard on the market. Consider checking them out if you are not sure where to start. All of them are on the list of our best as well.

There are many factors to consider when buying an electric skateboard, including the price and features. However, one of the key things to look for is a board that is comfortable and easy to use. Many Electric Skateboards come with adjustable handles and seat heights, which makes it easier for taller riders or those who have Parkinson’s disease or other mobility issues to use them comfortably.

Other important features include good grip tape (to prevent slipping), quiet motors (so you can’t hear them while cruising), and durable decks (which can take a beating). It’s also important to remember that safety should always be your number one concern when using an electric skateboard – make sure you wear protective gear such as kneepads and elbow pads and know how to use safety brakes if needed.


Among portable long and short boards, Meepo serves some of the best in the market right now. They also offer great overall performance and style, making them quite the favorite among buyers.


Another reliable and popular skateboard company they are well-known for its range of great and useful features that contribute to safe and confident riding. They are also one of the brands that offer built-it infrared LED lights in their e-boards.


Blitzart has been one of the most popular skateboard brands on the market for a long time. With their consistent delivery of great quality and powerful boards, they have become one of the top-rated brands there is. They are definitely worth checking out.


The company’s X series or better known as the RazorX series won over the riders’ hearts with its performance, urban design, and maintenance-free mechanism. Apart from that, their other models and series also provide great speed and a level of comfort.


Teamgee is better known for its revolutionary thin e-boards, which give a traditional skateboard feel but with powerful motorized speed. But that is not all; they serve one of the most affordable e-boards and offer great performance and speed, thus making it to our list. Read another article about the best teamgee electric skateboard to know details about the best electric skateboard in this brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Which motor should I go with?

It depends on your need. Hub motors are better if you want a quiet ride. It is also easier to manually ride when out of battery. Belt drive motors are better than hubs if you wish to have high speeds, but they are challenging to ride manually.

2. What are the best materials for an e-skateboard?

Generally speaking, based on overall favorability, for trucks, it is aluminum; for the deck, it is Canadian maple wood and bamboo, with a mix of fiberglass; for wheels, it is rubber or polyurethane.

3. Are they all waterproof?

Some do come with a waterproof or IP rating, and they are genuinely waterproof. Other than that, most of them are water-resistant are won’t get ruined by them.

4. Can the board catch on fire?

Yes, but only if the board is from a shady never-heard-of company, then the chances are high. But most popular or trusted brands of e-boards on the market go through multiple tests for quality checks, so they are safe.

5. Is it safe for kids to ride on e-boards?

Yes, there are many kid-friendly e-boards for kids that are perfectly safe for them to use. However, apart from those, they typically have a complex and higher speed, which can be dangerous for kids to ride on. The recommended age to start is usually ten and above.

6. How hard is it to ride an electric skateboard?

It depends entirely on your experience with a regular or traditional skateboard. If you know how to ride one easily, it won’t be hard for you to ride an electric version. But if you don’t have any experience riding one, it will be quite difficult but nothing impossible.

7. Is braking on e-boards dangerous?

Not if you do it properly. Most braking accidents happen when the rider pulls the trigger for braking too fast, causing it to come to a stop, and throwing the rider forward suddenly. It would help if you always hurt the motivation backward slowly to come to a halt gently.

8. How long do they last?

With proper care and maintenance, they could last for more than five years. It also includes replacing parts when needed.

Final Words

E-boards completely changed the way we view skateboards. It is not that people didn’t DIY and put motors before it became a thing, but undoubtedly they are much more reliable coming from actual companies. And from our comprehensive article, you can indeed find your best electric skateboard for under 500 USD.


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