Shark Wheel Review & Buying Guide!


If you’re looking to get some wheels to get your skateboard up and running, it’s completely understandable to not have a clue about where to begin. Today you are going to read our completely Shark Wheel Review.

There are a couple of technicalities here and there that one may need to understand but let me guess; you really don’t want to do that, do you?!

If my guess is correct and you’d just want a good product handed to you, I have just the thing. The shark wheel review that I will be going over will hopefully meet what you need.

Shark Wheel Review

Amazing Features of Shark Wheel:

Though this unit didn’t make it to our best longboard wheels guide, it still has some quality features. Let’s have a look.

  • With the appearance of multiple wheels stacked together, these sidewinder longboard wheels are quite a bit bulky in size and the shape and texture are such that it should let you get very good contact with the surface of the ground. The extra grip will make it very suitable to let the board move on surfaces that are not necessarily the best and even more slippery grounds than the conventional wheels.
  • The size and stature of the sidewinder wheels are such that they will be a bit big for trucks with a small gap between the ends of the handles. If I haven’t emphasized this enough, they’re quite big! If you want to fit them well into your board, you’ll probably need a truck on the board that is quite long between the handles.
  • While we’re on the subject of this, you’ll probably also be much better served with a much bigger deck too. This is not going to fit in well in a deck that isn’t long enough so you might be best suited to getting these wheels if you have a deck that is a good size for this as well. Even though there are no real general guidelines for this, you will want to look at what other users of this particular wheelset are using to get a feel of how much length you’ll want.
  • The wheels are 70mm in diameter, which is about the average size of the wheel but you also need to factor in the thickness of the wheels due to the sidewinding shape of the wheel. The thickness of the material as a whole will also let the wheels take more bumps without damage. The bump endurance will let you enjoy certain benefits such as going over speed bumps. To do so, all you need to do is approach the bump at an angle and you should be able to go over it with relative ease.
  • In addition, the triple-wheeled build of the wheels are quite streamlined and despite the extra grippy nature of these wheels, is a shape that prevents the surface from obstructing the motion of the wheels too much. So you get the added benefits of better grip to all-terrain and in addition, reduce friction from movement and get better speeds. Can’t ask for much more than that now can ya?!
  • The build quality is also quite good and the wave pattern on the wheels will let the wheels take a lot of hits from the terrain. It can run through the water as well if that was of concern to you. Can’t have too much coverage for terrain!
  • The all-terrain nature of these wheels means that it is going to be a good fit for you to stake on a variety of different types of terrain, including sand, dirt, and water. Don’t hesitate to take your board along if you’re going to travel to the beach! I can tell you, very few things will feel as good as the sea breeze hitting your face while you run down the beach in your skateboard. Just imagine the scene!
  • Finding good wheels for longer, pintail decks can be quite a bit difficult and especially long-drop skateboards, which are quite a unique type of skateboard and will not be something most people have. So for a use case, it is going to be for a very select group but it does have a decent amount of flexibility in regards to general use. Long-drop longboards as a general rule are going to go down a very long slope and this will provide the additional grip to support moving down at high speeds.
  • The design of the wheels, with the right deck type, can also be a very good wide configuration, which will let the skateboard get very good control and stability on the surface. This is going to come in handy to let you turn despite the wide configuration. They will not necessarily be the sharpest and smoothest turns but they will definitely be turning all right. The design of the wheels is also quite an interesting addition to the mix. When you are sliding in one side, the wheels look like they are coming apart to allow you to turn easier in that time but as soon as you have completed the turn, the wheels come together again. So it has that added bit of flexibility in turning but maintains all the benefits of the build for straight movements.
  • Although the design isn’t the prettiest, it comes in a whole variety of colors. It certainly won’t tingle your most sensitive aesthetic senses but the different color combinations can be matched with that of your board and trucks in order to make for a piece of engineering that looks quite easy on the eye. The wheels aren’t that bad either! They have a wavy feel to them and they will definitely go well in different settings, such as the beach. And since it is going to run quite well there, you’re in luck!
  • Because of the shape of the wheels, one issue that is likely to be faced by users is that the ride is not as smooth as one could get on flat, concrete surfaces. The wheels are a bit flat and rectangular-is and although it is a good design to run the skateboard through all sorts of terrain, it isn’t going to be the best in terms of providing a smooth ride. If you only want to skate in and around your city or only on roads and pavements, this is definitely not the best option out there for you and you’ll get better service for more well-rounded wheels with a harder core.
  • The design of the layered wheels, however useful it might be because of the turning functionality, is also not the sturdiest. The three wheels that make up the whole wheel was reported to get split from each other and as a result, break down. Whatever it is that is holding together the different layers clearly isn’t doing a good enough job!
  • The build does not hold up for too long. Even though the build is sturdy, it is not time tested and if you ride around a lot with it at places with unfriendly terrain, it might not last you for a long time. It is going to hold up with the occasional off-terrain work but you might not want to overdo it.
  • A problem with the material used is that a lot of users complained about finding bubbles in their particular shipment. This is likely to be a quality control issue more than product design but in a sense, this could be an indication that the material used to make the wheels are somewhat problematic. Even then, it doesn’t seem like something that is too difficult to manage.

Let’s Watch a Video Review!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Yes, even though they are square in appearance, the core of the wheels themselves are spherical.

The particular shape of the shark wheel design is a crossover between a sphere. and a cube and they should be good enough to roll on the ground. This design has advantages in terms of going around in unconventional terrains.

Although it looks a bit like rubber, the material is actually high-rebound polyurethane. It is a harder substance than rubber and rolls quite well on the floor. It’ll hold up reasonably well I imagine!

Unfortunately not, you are going to have to purchase the bearings for the wheels separately. Apparently, the manufacturer sells the bearings at a discount to buyers if they are in need so you can order that one as well.

Conclusion Of Shark Wheel Review:

So there you go, How was the Shark Wheel Review? That was a comprehensive enough Shark Wheel review of what is definitely quite a unique product that I hope, by the time you come here, have reached a conclusive decision about whether this product is for you.

It has its flaws, needless to say, but it is not the worst by any means and there is also so many different scenarios where the wheels can be quite useful so you definitely shouldn’t be disregarding it completely.

Give it a go and see for yourself how well these gimmicky and wave-like Shark wheels perform in different types of unfavorable conditions. You might be surprised by what you experience!



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