Shark Wheel Review & Buying Guide!


If you’re looking to get some wheels to get your skateboard up and running, it’s completely understandable to not have a clue about where to begin. Today you are going to read our completely Shark Wheel Review.

There are a couple of technicalities here and there that one may need to understand but let me guess; you really don’t want to do that, do you?!

If my guess is correct and you’d just want a good product handed to you, I have just the thing. The shark wheel review that I will be going over will hopefully meet what you need.

Shark Wheel Review

Amazing Features of Shark Wheel:

Though this unit didn’t make it to our best longboard wheels guide, it still has some quality features. Let’s have a look.

Let’s Watch a Video Review!

Shark Wheel 72 mm 78a Longboard Wheels | DNA Formula | 4-Pack

The next product on our list is all about a new formula named DNA formula. When you will appreciate the super speed the ride gains with this wheel, you will understand what magic the formula is performed. What’s also fantastic is the bearing setup it offers. It doesn’t fail to make your riding convenient.

The wheels will be durable as that is one aspect this brand doesn’t seem to compromise for. What’s also great is that the wheels you let ride for endless hours without making you push the ride.

And when I tell you that such consistency pairs with amazing smoothness, things get a whole lot better, don’t they?

We were having fun going through the customer reviews of this item and we came across one review that says that it’s “smoother than butter”. Another one says that it “throws” the rocks out of its way. They were delighted with the stumble-free and trips-free rides it had to offer.

However, things would’ve been nicer if one user didn’t feel completely let-down. And another customer wasn’t happy to find bubbles in 2 out of his 4 wheels. So, apart from this minor issue and the obvious major one before that, there were stories of happy purchases all around.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Yes, even though they are square in appearance, the core of the wheels themselves are spherical.

The particular shape of the shark wheel design is a crossover between a sphere. and a cube and they should be good enough to roll on the ground. This design has advantages in terms of going around in unconventional terrains.

Although it looks a bit like rubber, the material is actually high-rebound polyurethane. It is a harder substance than rubber and rolls quite well on the floor. It’ll hold up reasonably well I imagine!

Unfortunately not, you are going to have to purchase the bearings for the wheels separately. Apparently, the manufacturer sells the bearings at a discount to buyers if they are in need so you can order that one as well.

Conclusion Of Shark Wheel Review:

So there you go, How was the Shark Wheel Review? That was a comprehensive enough Shark Wheel review of what is definitely quite a unique product that I hope, by the time you come here, have reached a conclusive decision about whether this product is for you.

It has its flaws, needless to say, but it is not the worst by any means and there is also so many different scenarios where the wheels can be quite useful so you definitely shouldn’t be disregarding it completely.

Give it a go and see for yourself how well these gimmicky and wave-like Shark wheels perform in different types of unfavorable conditions. You might be surprised by what you experience!



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