How to Ride a Hamboard: Step by Step Beginner Guide!

how to ride a hamboard: hamboard surfskate review

Is Hamboard Riding Too Hard? To be honest, many people look at hamboards riding with scary eyes, which is why it seems so difficult to many. I often see many related questions. In my opinion, this question has arisen in your mind at least once.

But I will not lie to you; you must first learn the balancing of the hamboard.

Once you have mastered the balance, you can easily apply all the hamboard tricks efficiently in a few days. However, in this article, we have shared the complete beginner guide of how to ride a hamboard, where we have covered all the essential steps, which will help a lot in the field of your learning at the beginning level.

Learning to Ride a Hamboard

Before starting Hamboard riding, you need to master 4 skills very pleasingly, and they are;

  • Pushing
  • Balancing
  • Steering/Correcting
  • Stopping

You must have these 4 skills to master the hamboard riding skill smoothly. Once you learn efficient pushing, balancing and stopping, every step you take will become easier.

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How to Ride a Hamboard: Step by Step

In this section, we will give you a basic idea about riding the hamboard. So read the steps properly from beginning to end. Then, if you don’t understand, read reaped. 

First Get Your Protective Gear

Safety is first and foremost. Whether you learn longboard or hamboard, you must wear all the protective gear properly in the beginning because it ensures your safety. In the first case, you are more probable to have recited accidents while riding. You will need;

  • Good Quality Helmet
  • Flat Bottomed Shoes
  • Knee Pads (Optional)
  • Elbow Pads (Optional)
  • Slide Gloves

Step 1: Choose a Flat Surface and Riding Around a Couple of Times

First, try to choose a smooth and flat surface area for your riding because you can not easily control the balancing on the rough surface.

Then try riding a few times on a flat surface and feel the smooth flow as well; try to keep your lower one at the center of gravity as much as possible for a better sensation. Finally, calm yourself and feel comfortable as possible.

Step 2: Get the Basic Stance Down

Stand with your feet in the centre of the truck, a slightly longer than shoulder-width. Then turn your forelegs slightly forward at a 45 degrees angle, and try to keep your hind legs slightly to the side, perpendicular to the direction the body is moving.

Step 3: Practice for Balancing

You need to practice adjusting yourself to the hamboard; try as much as possible to find out what it feels like to be on top of the hamboard. Use your arms to balance efficiently and turn your knees slightly.

If you feel out of control again and again while trying to keep your balance, use peripheral vision to guide you. This will help you to gain control naturally.

Step 4: Practice Moving Forward

With your front foot on the board, try to push forward with the back foot. In the first case, go ahead with a slight push, when you can balance perfectly, then go ahead with a prominent push.

Step 5: Practice Turning or Curving

The turning part is a lot easier part. When you want to ride around, you must practice turning. For this, you need to create pressure on one side of the board and remember to give direction for turning.

Step 6: Stop or Slow Your Hamboard

Another essential part of hamboard riding is the skill of slowing it down and stopping it frequently. You need to slowly create friction on the ground with one foot for foot braking.

Avoid sudden brake as much as possible. Because there is a high chance of an accident as a result of braking suddenly, by doing this you will be injured, along with your hamboard, there is a chance of damage in a terrible way. So slowly position one of your feet on the ground and create friction.

Step 7: Practice More and More

One thing you must keep in mind, you can never master the hamboard riding skill in one day. You will need to take some time. So you have to continue the practice. Besides, you can learn to apply different skating tricks; you will feel a lot of fun while riding it.

Be sure to purchase a slide glove to learn the different sliding tricks, and always try to wear all skating gear for proper protection.

Final Verdict

Riding a Hamboard is very similar to a standard skateboard longboard. However, there are differences in some techniques, all the essential things we have highlighted in this how to ride a hamboard guide. Yet, there are also some common factors that you can understand while learning to ride.

Hamboard riding is relatively simple compared to a standard skateboard. Once you have mastered hamboard riding, you can easily master skateboarding. Hopefully, our complete learning guide will help you a lot in your field of learning and help you understand. If you are thinking of buying the hamboard, you can read out this hamboards review guide.

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