Are Penny Boards Good For Tricks Or Not?

Are Penny Boards Good For Tricks?

Amongst all the types of skateboards out there, a penny board is the most suitable for beginners because it is so easy to operate. However, you might be willing to learn skateboarding to do tricks on it mainly, and wonder if penny boards are good for tricks or not.

The short answer to this question is: that penny boards are not designed for tricks. Although the primary purpose of penny boards is not to do tricks, there are other things you can do very well with them.

However, you can still practice a few minor simple tricks using a penny board.

Here, we will discuss what you need to know before buying a penny board for doing these simple tricks.

Are Penny Boards Good For Tricks?


Why Are Penny Boards Not Good for Tricks?


If you don’t know what a penny board is, it is essentially a skateboard but built with mostly a plastic deck and cruiser wheels.

There are also skateboard trucks included with some penny boards. The wheels are thicker and heavier, and they come in smaller sizes compared to other skateboard wheels.

If you compare them to traditional skateboards used for tricks, you will see that they are not ideal for them. A few reasons are –

Are Penny Boards Good For Tricks Or Not

  1. Lack of Mobility

As stated before, penny boards come with plastic decks and large chunky wheels, whereas skateboards made for tricks come with slim wooden decks and thinner wheels. That is because it gives those skateboards mobility to move more freely.

  1. Size

Shape and size are probably the most important factors to consider in skateboards for doing tricks. The size directly affects how well you will be able to execute the maneuvers. It also comes down to personal preference in some cases.

As penny boards are considerably smaller and different in shape than other skateboards, it is harder to do tricks with them.

  1. Build

Since penny boards are made of plastic, experienced skaters don’t recommend them for tricks. It’s not as though a plastic deck will decrease its durability, but a wooden deck will always glide better, feel better and last longer.

What Are Penny Boards Good for?

Penny boards are not made for tricks, so it’s not a big deal if they are not good at it. However, the boards have their sole purposes and selling points. They have also become increasingly popular. Penny boards are mostly known for the following:

Are Penny Boards Good For Tricks?

  • Portability

These boards are notoriously known for their easy-to-carry size. Since they are pretty small and compact,  putting them in your bag or carrying them around in your arms isn’t a problem at all. They are also very lightweight, which adds more to the portability factor.

That is also why you will see penny boards at random places because people love carrying them around. It serves as a pretty big advantage to people who are not into doing tricks and want to move their board to different places.

  • Commute

Traveling short distances are a prime purpose of penny boards. The board features larger wheels and a smaller footprint, which allows the rider to gain momentum and speed with minimal pushing. It also makes it easier to travel rough roads thanks to the large wheels.

A penny board is perfect for going to places where you will use the board for some time, then carry it around for the rest of the time—for example, going to your school or a bus station.

  • Style

Regardless of what people might say, the main reason penny boards started getting so much attraction was their style. It features colorful and rich designs, and it also comes with many different shapes that attract various people.

These designs were new at the time and thus succeeded in gaining attraction from all over the community. It is also one of the reasons why they are still so popular.

Simple Tricks You Can Do with a Penny Board

A penny board might not be perfect for doing advanced tricks, but it can certainly pull off some basic and simple tricks that don’t depend on the board. These are pretty easy to do, and you can learn them very quickly.

Are Penny Boards Good For Tricks?


  1. Flip-on

It is where you put your board upside down on the top of your feet and then do a jump to flip the board and get on it simultaneously. It is one of the first tricks you could learn as a beginner with the penny board.

  1. Tic-tac

In this trick, you use your back foot as the pivot and just constantly change directions (left and right) to gain momentum and speed. You do this by twisting your hips.

  1. Nose Revert

You place one of your feet on the nose of the board to lift it. Then do a 180-degree spin with your upper body. If done correctly, your board should follow you along with the spin.

  1. Manual

This one is a very well-known trick you’ve probably seen people do. Here, you apply pressure on the back of the board to lift it from the front and then drive it on two wheels. It can be a bit hard to balance at first, but it is pretty easy to learn.

  1. Hopping Curbs

The hopping curb is a very useful trick for getting around streets or small obstacles like ledges. For this, you want to approach the ledge with a decent speed.

Just before hitting the ledge, do a manual. Once most of the board has crossed the ledge, put force on the front of the board, and you will skip right through the obstacle.

Should You Get a Penny Board?

Should You Get a Penny Board?

Penny boards are not for everyone. If the main reason you want to buy a skateboard is to learn tricks, then a penny board is not something you should consider.

On the contrary, if you prefer portability, ease of use, and style while skateboarding, a penny board is definitely the way to go.

These boards can also be found at very affordable prices, which could be another reason to consider them. They are also quite popular among kids. Overall, a penny board is definitely something to consider while shopping for skateboards.

Easy Penny Board Tricks!


So, are penny boards good for tricks? They are not. But with everything being said, there are definitely reasons to consider penny boards. If you’re looking for style and versatility, they are your go-to choices.

We hope we’ve shared enough knowledge for you to decide now on whether you want them or not.

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