Eggboards Mini Longboard Review In 2021


If you’re looking for a cheap and quick way to maneuver around the city, avoiding the traffic, pollution, and congestion, then a skateboard becomes an obvious choice. However, skateboards come with a wide range of issues; they’re large, cumbersome, difficult to store, and must be kept an eye on. To tackle these issues, a few people came together and completely revolutionized the skateboarding market. These people created a feasible option that allowed almost everyone to consider purchasing and using an eggboard.Here we put up Eggboards Mini Longboard review to discuss the longboards made by Eggboard.

But to understand why the eggboards mini longboard became a revolutionary longboard in the skating industry, we must dig deep! Here you find out the differences between longboard vs sakteboard !

Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser

Before we get into why an eggboard could be the most economical and convenient method of transportation. You can opt for,we’ll give you a short look into what an eggboard is.Thushelping you understand its features better.

An eggboard is just like a conventional skateboard. It features four wheels and a deck board and all the other essentials.

All these features present means the board is no different than what you usually ride with, except the simple twist when it comes to size. It’s an oddly-shaped skateboard with more power than what you could derive from your regular type of skateboards.

Even though the riding experience is similar, you may have a short learning curve to get over. However, once you’ve crossed this skatboard learning phase, you’ll be able to utilize the board as the daily driver it’s meant to be.

Additionally, there’s also the fact that you can enjoy the freestyle board at a truly affordable price point, making it a cruiser for everyone.

Therefore, the next time you’re looking at an expensive Uber ride that’s going to cost your entire days earning. You can easily pull out your eggboard and take a quick and smooth ride to your destination. If, however, you’re still not convinced and need some proof, these features mentioned below should be enough to cover it.

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Eggboards Mini Longboard Review

Size And Weight

The one significant factor that helps the eggboard to outshine the other in the skating industry is its size. This small board is only 9-inches wide, 19 inches long, and has a somewhat regular wheelbase of 12-inches. Its small size, yet sufficient ground clearance makes it perfect for city use, and optimal for rough terrain as well.

Apart from that, the small size of the board makes it extremely convenient to carry around. If you’re a student trying to save some cash or a traveler who loves to explore, the board will be able to cover it all.

You can easily place the board inside a backpack, or even attach it with some straps, giving you a carryable/storable product.

Another factor that helps significantly to put the board in your favor would be its weight. Carrying around a heavy, cumbersome board everywhere would be nothing but a complete waste of time.

Instead, the eggboards’ light form factor, weighing in at only 22 pounds, and natural carrying ability should allow quick useability of the board. So, if you’re looking for a transportation device that’s quick to use and makes moving around more convenient, then this is your product.

Eggboards Mini Longboard Review & Its Functionality

Eggboards Mini Longboard Functionality

Many of you would wonder before buying a small skateboard if it would be able to power through just as well. The surprising fact about the eggboard is that it’s designed to exceed expectations.

To power itself, the board uses extra-large 69mm wheels. These large wheels are paired together with high precision ABEC-9 bearings, thus allowing the user to reach high speeds, with minimum force having to be applied. When talk about the speed and smooth ride you should check our best electric sakteboard review.

Furthermore, since the wheels aremade using soft density rubber, they also ensure smooth riding conditions.

However, for a skateboard, speed is never everything, its functionality depends quite a lot on the skateboard’s ability to balance its user as well. A stable board allows for better and quicker movement, and also ensures that the rider can have a safe and comfortable ride.

To make sure the riders receive stability, the company has designed its board in quite a peculiar style. The oval shape of the board, or as the name suggests it, the egg-shaped board, allows the rider to have a more significant footing place.

The full footing area available on the board allows the rider to have a much better grip of the board and ensures more effortless movement. Furthermore, the wide 7” aluminum trucks on the base give the wheels a wide-angled position and extra stability.

Eggboards Mini Longboard Review


An important factor associated with the skateboard would be how much durable the board is. Being designed mainly for on the go usage, it’s more than likely that the board is going to face some challenging situations.

Plus, moving around in the city always puts you at the risk of bumping into things, making it a dangerous place for your board to survive.

To be able to take on almost every challenge, the skateboard has been equipped with the most durable material available. The eggboards central plank is built out of extremely thick and sturdy bamboo wood, designed to prevent any form of flexing under heavy loads.

Then you also have the aluminum built trucks; these do their job effectively while also being very lightweight. The aluminum makes the trucks extraordinarily sturdy and able to take on heavy-weights and rough terrain quite easily.

Lastly, you have the large rubber wheels designed using soft density material; these make sure the wheels provide a bit of suspension. The soft density rubber used on the wheels also keeps the wheels safe from breaking down/cracking up due to falls or debris.



Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Being built using 100% bamboo wood and having such a thick cut used as a board, allows the skate to bear quite a heavy load. This model of the eggboard can easily handle around 250 pounds of weight force.

Tricks are a fair bit of an issue for the eggboard; the oval-shaped design presented on the board means it lacks the back tail. This back tail is an essential part that’s needed for completing tricks. However, there isa bunch of alternatives you can try with the board to make traveling on the streets more fun.

The eggboard was designed, keeping in mind that it would be used by all, regardless of their experience. For this reason, even if you have zero experience with riding a skateboard, there’s no need to worry. The wide, stable board and substantial footing available should allow you to make through the learning process quite easily.

Riding on wet surfaces is an issue that all skateboards are unable to truly address. The slippery condition presents a wide range of errors that could occur both on the user’s end and at the end of the skateboard. Even then, it is possible to ride your board in light of wet conditions; however, the rider’s experienceplays great importance.

Yes, changes can be made quite easily.Since the board has a universal fitting, most aftermarket parts will fit onto it. However, you must be aware that the parts complement each other, as the factory configuration is built to ensure anoptimal riding experience.

Final Verdict

As we mentioned before, the Eggboard is quite the product in the skating market, and its unique design gives the board extraordinary abilities. We’d recommend the Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser to those who love to ride the board as a daily driver to get from one location to another.



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