Volador 40inch Basic Longboard: Best For Cruising!

volador 40inch basic longboard: best for cruising

So you are planning to buy a Volador basic longboard? But are a little bit confused about the quality of the Volador longboard, essential parts’ durability, and graphics. Also, thinking about is Volador a good longboard and worth it for you? Then you don’t have to go anywhere else; you have anchored in the right place; this complete guide is for you.

Volador is a very trusted brand name in the longboard industry, and there are several reasons behind its popularity. Preferably, its durability and easy-to-ride benefits have made it highly appreciated by all experts to beginner riders.

In the market, Volador has several popular longboard models, and the Volador 40inch basic longboard is a very popular one of them. This is a great choice, especially for novices who have already analyzed hundreds of longboards online but have not yet found a suitable option.

Do Volador Basic Longboards Use Cheap Parts?

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Volador is known as a budget longboard brand. That’s why questions may arise in the minds of many if Volador makes their longboards within budget, are they using cheap components for their longboards?

This query is not an unusual one that comes to your mind! But you will be happy to know, basically keeping in mind the beginners; Volador builds most of their longboards within the budget. Most of their parts are very durable in terms of quality. Their trucks and bearings are highly acclaimed, but you may need to replace them to get efficient performance.

Also, according to consumers, Volador’s bushings and pivots are not the most useful in terms of quality. Mostly they use Chinese-made polyurethane, though it will not have that much effect. Because if you want to get a better riding experience, you can replace them later and put them in higher quality.

Below we have discussed the deck, bearing, wheels, and various essential parts in detail, which will help you to understand better whether it is worth it a selection for you.

Special Feature: 

  • Canadian Hardrock Maple Deck
  • Adjustable Truck Engineering
  • Supreme Performance Urethane Wheels
  • Artworks And Digital Print
  • Top-Notch Materials
  • A Good Option For Beginners

Volador 40inch Basic Longboard Complete Guide

There are so many advantages and drawbacks to the Volador 40inch basic longboard. 

However, in this section, we will discuss almost all aspects of the Volador 40 inches maple longboard part by part, which will help you a lot to get a detailed idea about this model and decide whether it is a suitable option for you. Let’s see.



The longboard and skateboard deck is the first important component that will catch the eye of anyone at first.

If we look at the deck construction aspect of this Volador longboard, then we can see that it is made using 8 layers of hard rock maple, which is made from the highest quality wood. As a result, it is not only natural but strong enough to handle almost any weight rider.

This longboard model is capable of carrying a weight of around 250 pounds. Any longboard deck needs to be flexible, as it enhances the smart design, deck’s capacity, and incomparable strength.

The deck size is 9 inches, which is quite long and a great option for newbies and kids to get a good grip and enough space to comfortably place the feet, making the perfect cruiser.

Wheels and Bearings



After the deck, the three most important parts of the longboard are wheels, bearings, and trucks. The complete stability and smooth performance of the longboard depend on them.

Their wheels are relatively large in dimensions, which are 70 mm and 80 durometers. These size wheels help in riding, especially on terrain and rocky roads, as well as the best option for cruising for hardness.

This Volador longboard has extremely high-quality wheels and ABEC 7 Precision grade bearings. It is made of chrome steel, which makes it highly corrosion and rust-resistant. In addition, these bearings help to move the wheels fluently on one side and last for many years.




The trucks are also another important component for longboarding, especially when you are trying to learn or apply some skateboard tricks; the trucks are playing a great role here. 

Volador has designed these 40-inch maple longboard trucks with aluminum alloy, which makes them comparatively much higher in strength and resistance. Besides, the trucks have been placed at 7-inch and 45-degree angles to perform at their finest performance.

These 7 inches reverse kingpin trucks are adjustable up to 45 degrees to 50 degrees to provide great maneuverability and an unsurpassed smooth ride.

Artwork and Design

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Volador’s different types of longboards are made of different artworks, as well as each model has several different graphics preference options, so you have the opportunity to choose as you like. Basically, there’s some geometric art that consumers like because these arts are comparatively more durable and last for many years.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Volador Basic Longboard!

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of this Volador maple longboard are briefly presented below. 



It came in a reasonable price range.Wheels are not durable enough; you should change them to get great performance.
The highest quality 8 Ply maple deck efficiently handles most heavy ridersThis longboard is only great for beginning-level riders, not great for PRO riders.
The deck is enough wider for comfortably placing your feet 
It comes with 70mm 80A PU wheels for smooth riding 
7 inches large reverse kingpin trucks are adjustable from 50 to 45 degrees 
Great longboard for cruising 
Attractive graphics artwork attracts anyone 
Overall great selection for newbies and beginner riders 



1. Is the longboard better for beginners?

This question is usually heard more and more, ‘are longboards easier to ride?’ The answer is “Yes.” Longboard’s wider deck and softer wheels not only provide better balance during beginner’s learning but also make riding easier.

After learning longboard riding, anyone can learn the tricks also. Therefore, longboarding has several advantages; it is especially easier than skateboarding.

2. What kinds of longboards should a beginner get?

Undoubtedly, cruiser longboards like Volador basic longboard are a perfect selection for beginners.

In order to get better balance and learn easily, I recommend selecting at least 30 inches to 40 inches long and 8.5 inches wider longboards.

Also, be sure to select the soft and large sizes of wheels and bearing. Soft and larger wheels are more suitable for bumps, cracks, and rocky terrain.

3. Is Volador a good longboard brand?

In the market, you can see the best longboard brands list; Volador always occupies the list’s first row. Because Volador’s most longboards are designed with quality components and at a very budget-friendly price, an ideal option for any beginner.

Though their bearing and trucks can be praised as well as criticized, if you are an experienced rider, then you must change some components after purchase to get better performance.

4. What size longboard should I get for my height?

Most beginner riders are confused about the size issue. However, the perfect size longboard not only provides great cruising but also makes your riding more relaxed.

You can usually see different lengths of longboard from 28 inches to 46 inches+ for cruisers. If you are below average height, then 28 inches to 32 is suitable for you, and if you are of average height, then a 32 to 42 inches longboard is a great option for you. Lastly, if you are relatively tall in height, then you must choose a longboard of 38 inches+.

5. Is The Volador Longboard Good for Cruising?

The Volador Longboard is perfect for cruising because of its durable construction and soft ride. This board features a 7-ply maple deck that is prepped with wax to create a smooth surface. It also has Abec 7 bearings that are precision tuned for riders who want consistent, quick turns. Moreover, the truck provides plenty of support so you can handle big hills with ease. The Volador Longboard also comes equipped with dual mountain trucks and 70mm Smooth Wheels (60A), which makes it ideal for downhill riding as well as street skating or cruising. So if you’re looking for a versatile longboarding board that can handle both pavement and dirt trails, then the Volador Longboard may be just what you’re looking for!

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, considering durable construction, size, graphics, and other essential components, Volador basic longboard is the best option for a cruiser and undoubtedly the best longboard for beginners.

After researching the consumer’s feedback and other necessary things, we confidently say that you will be disappointed after buying this Volador 40inch basic longboard. Also, this volador longboard will be a worthy selection for you.

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