Is The Volador Longboard Good for Cruising? Know the Truth!

is the volador longboard good for cruising:volador longboard review

Today we discuss is the volador longboard good for cruising. When anyone plans to get a longboard, the first thing that comes to mind is cruising. It is natural for everyone to come to mind first because everyone wants to ride on the longboard relaxing and fluidly. Basically, cruising is a pleasant way to get from one place to another by slowly riding on city streets.

I recently saw a query in most longboard forums, is the volador longboard good for cruising or not? This is a very straightforward query, but in our guide, we will discuss the answer to this question as well as many other things related to the volador longboard review, which will help you to know many more unknown things. So without wasting time, let’s get started.!

Is The Volador Longboard Good for Cruising?

is the volador longboard good for cruising:volador longboard review

Volador longboard is already widely prevalent with skaters for its high-quality layout, affordable price range, and unique graphics. But the thing that attracts me the most is easy to riding features because there are very few best longboards in the market for beginners because accessible riding features are not available on all longboards.

However, Volador Longboard is very popular for providing a better riding experience. You can also use it at great speed anywhere and use it for cruising, carving, commuting, and downhill riding. So you can ensure that Volador Longboard is suitable for cruising.

What Longboard Shape is Good for Cruising?

This is a very natural query; often, this question can be heard from skaters. According to most experts, the square longboard wheel is the best longboard for cruising and carving. There are many reasons for this.

Square wheels provide better contract and turn along the road. It is also much better for downhill and carving as it has more traction and sliding resistance.

What Makes The Volador Longboard Different for Cruising?

There are a number of reasons why the Volador longboard is best for especially cruising, as well as some of the adequate reasons for it to be great for beginners to experts.


is the volador longboard good for cruising:Volador 46-inch Longboard Deck

The deck is one of the most important parts of any longboard or skateboard. Volador Longboard expended special attention to their deck and tried to make it the highest sturdy. 8 Ply Maple has been used to make the deck, which is of the highest quality and capable of handling any rider.

In addition, the deck is 9 inches long and highly flexible, so beginners get enough space to get a good grip and provide the perfect cruiser feeling.


One of the most acclaimed standard parts of the Volador longboard is its geometric artwork, which will allow you to pop out while riding on the road. You can also see the various colors option on the Volador longboard, which will help you choose the one you like as well as the artwork is long-lasting quality easily any scrapping or other regular things that do not occur.

Wheels, Bearings, and Trucks:

is the volador longboard good for cruising

Wheels, bearings, and trucks also play an important role in making the deck run smoothly. According to experts, the larger wheel size means you will get a better running experience, especially on rocky terrain.

With all these aspects in mind, Volador Longboard has tried to give their wheels 70mm to 80 durometers, which provides perfect measurements for cruising riding for any rider and better cruising for the hardness of the wheels.

Volador longboard bearings are highly durable and made with high-quality chrome steel, and these bearings are ABEC-7 precision, which helps the wheels move fluently enough.

Genuine aluminum alloy has been used to make the truck, which has been placed at an angle of 45 degrees to get the most pleasing performance. Also 7 inches large in terms of size. The most significant thing is that it comes with excellent maneuverability, which means it can be 45 degrees to 50 degrees adjustable.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Are Volador Longboards Good?

According to experts, Volador Longboard is a great and worthy option for any skater. One of the reasons for this is their outstanding built-in quality and high-quality components, which last for many years. 

For beginners, Volador Freeride is the most popular because it provides complete control over the rider as well as provides a high-speed riding experience. Another great aspect of Volador is that it is very affordable, which is why it is contained in almost everyone’s budget.

2. What is the difference between cruising and carving on a longboard?

There is no major difference between carving and cruising longboard. Basically, carving decks are 35 inches to 40 inches long, and the cruiser longboards are 40+. Carver longboard decks have some flex, which includes heelside push power to your carving impulses.

3. Can you cruise on a freestyle longboard?

Freestyle longboards have many special advantages; especially its shape variety is most suitable for riding style. It also provides better control than a standard longboard while you are going downhills. Freestyle longboards are also excellent choices for relaxed riding, dancing, carving, dancing, and many more style of riding.

4. Does the longboard shape matter?

Undoubtedly shape is a significant factor to get good longboard performance. Most Longboard manufacturers experiment with concave so that new concave shapes can be developed to provide users with the next level of skating performance. You may see that most concave shapes provide more foothold than flat skateboards, which has a notable impact on rider performance.

5. Is Volador’s 46-inch Longboard good for dancing?

The short answer is “Yes.” One of the unique features of this longboard is that it is wide enough to get enough space on the deck to keep your feet so that you can ride entirely freely. In addition, the Volador 46 inches longboard is dancing and smoothly carved. Overall, Maple Dancing Longboard is a great option.

Final Thought!

Undoubtedly Volador Longboard is the top and decent option for cruising, carving, dancing, or doing any type of skating. However, if you are looking for the best longboard for beginners in the affordable price range, then you must pick the longboard that is suitable for you from your Volador Longboard.

In the Volador Longboard list, you can see various types of different styles from beginner to expert, so you can read our Volador Longboard Review to find the perfect preference easily.

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